Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #106

This is video number # 106 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. Leila Pereira

    Leila PereiraHace un mes

    Cyclists can be some of the most entitled assholes on Earth. I'm not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed that dose of instant karma.

  2. tarwash

    tarwashHace 2 meses

    10:08- excellent

  3. tarwash

    tarwashHace 2 meses

    3:38-and of course no turn signal

  4. David Cantor

    David CantorHace 2 meses

    Pedestrian should NOT have the right away, even when going against the light.... if that’s allowed then why can’t I just ignore traffic lights for my car?...

  5. R

    RHace 2 meses

    Omg number one makes me embarrassed to be a girl

  6. joatmon101b

    joatmon101bHace 2 meses

    Taxi tail ending pickup in Newport News, VA, @ 4:00 doesn't surprise me. Taxis here don't signal, make turns from wrong lane and speed all the time. They're the worst drivers on the Peninsula. Watch out for American, North End and Orange.

  7. GoodTimeTraveler

    GoodTimeTravelerHace 3 meses

    6:30 WTF? That pedestrian just appeared out of nowhere. efing weird.

  8. Jonis326

    Jonis326Hace 3 meses

    3:10 Pedestrians do not always have the right of way, but you're also not allowed to just run them over if they're in the middle of the street. That's why states have jaywalking laws, and a lot of people don't realize that they can be ticketed for it.

  9. Jonis326

    Jonis326Hace 3 meses

    Also, of you look up pedestrian laws in Tennessee, it does state that: TCA 55-8-111 - Pedestrian-control Signals (2) Wait or Don't Walk. No pedestrian shall start to cross the roadway in the direction of the signal, but any pedestrian who has partially completed crossing on the walk signal shall proceed to a sidewalk or safety island while the wait signal is showing. He could have been ticketed for causing an accident.

  10. ezzz9

    ezzz9Hace 3 meses

    2:51 no seatbelt on. Then she puts it on after the hit. How stupid.

  11. Eric Tysor

    Eric TysorHace 3 meses

    WTF is that a turtle in the road at 8:33?

  12. Bob Cardinalli

    Bob CardinalliHace 3 meses

    Most bikers are nice but there quite a few who feel entitled.

  13. Chris Rockwell

    Chris RockwellHace 3 meses

    It's crazy to think of how many people have been screwed over by the insurance company because they didn't have a dashcam or a witness to an accident because the other driver lied about what happened.

  14. Chris Rockwell

    Chris RockwellHace 3 meses

    People should start saying out loud the license plate of the person who hit them since most of the time the cameras never get it, that way if they run they know who to look for. Too many drivers get away after hitting someone and taking off.

  15. Chris Rockwell

    Chris RockwellHace 3 meses

    Hit and run drivers deserve to die

  16. tinknal

    tinknalHace 3 meses

    6:49, unforced error, seriously shitty driving.

  17. Baby Driver

    Baby DriverHace 4 meses

    That truck was NOT making a wide turn, he cut the corner. 50-50 blame.

  18. EliteFireSaint

    EliteFireSaintHace 4 meses

    1:02 The road rash? Painful. The wheelie? Still paying it off in 2023. 2:48 No seatbelt? Then putting it on after the rear ending? That's why she flew so far forward. Useless.

  19. Joseph Cote

    Joseph CoteHace 4 meses

    3:43 a merge notorious for heavy traffic, been through there hundreds of times. It's just slow, and being impatient earns you absolutely nothing. Dark SUV at fault, it's a zipper merge spot.

  20. Flóki Vilgerðarson

    Flóki VilgerðarsonHace 4 meses

    7:50 in, is very typical Tenerife parking.

  21. Mark S

    Mark SHace 4 meses

    the last clip needs to be put to yakety sax.

  22. pacluv

    pacluvHace 4 meses

    Oops 😬 never mind about the back comment. I think that’s when she was reaching for her seatbelt to put it on.

  23. pacluv

    pacluvHace 4 meses

    This lady @ 2:40 is getting ready for a lawsuit. As soon as the car is rear ended she whips around really quickly, then when the guy says are you okay, she says oh my neck. Then it looks like she was reaching for her back ( I’m guessing she’s gonna have back injuries). Then she conveniently remembered to put on her seatbelt. She’s thinking ching ching let the cash register ring. 💵💵💵💵💵 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  24. J. Blook

    J. BlookHace 4 meses

    People that ride bikes on the road should pay taxes and have a license just as a car on the road.Please don't think that you own the road you are driving a 50 lb bike and being careless when a 2 ton car is approaching you.As Red Foreman would say"DUMB ASS".

  25. M

    MHace 4 meses

    The Last one was hilarious 😆

  26. keanchundia

    keanchundiaHace 4 meses

    0:43- 0:45 🤣

  27. YHRIM

    YHRIMHace 4 meses

    6:30 how many people had to reply the video to see the actual accident because they were more intent on listening to the radio about how chicken wings were dropped on the ground, rinsed off, and served at some restruant?

  28. pmailkeey

    pmailkeeyHace 4 meses

    3:18 Text mentions the ped. The ped wasn't relevant. As stated inattention by 2nd motorist.

  29. Mark Henderson

    Mark HendersonHace 4 meses

    2:52 she put her seat belt on after the accident 🤣

  30. Eric Laska

    Eric LaskaHace 4 meses

    Where's the learning part?

  31. Mike Allmon

    Mike AllmonHace 4 meses

    a green light doesn't mean its safe to go!

  32. Jhee Toe-Bee

    Jhee Toe-BeeHace 4 meses

    In many states, the clip starting at 3:29 would be worthless because we need to know which car arrives at their stop-sign first. For all we know, the truck arrived before the cammer and the latter is at fault.

  33. cliff corbitt

    cliff corbittHace 5 meses

    black weman are the worst drivers. sad but true in the usa.

  34. akuapiatas

    akuapiatasHace 5 meses

    3:07 are you okay? - woman: oh damn (holds neck) calmly puts seat belt on lol

  35. Daynox1st

    Daynox1stHace 5 meses

    3:01 Gets into accident, THEN!... puts on seat belt. Huh.

  36. ChaoChromeMessor

    ChaoChromeMessorHace 5 meses

    So a pedestrian can walk out into traffic, get hit by a car, and it won't be their fault?

  37. Carter Williams

    Carter WilliamsHace 5 meses

    5:34 - I have epilepsy and ,when i can actually drive ( a year seizure free) I hope this never happens to me. (I highly doubt 'll ever drive though) I really feel for this person. To have epilepsy,and FINALLY drive,but to only have a seizure at some point,or to not know they have epilepsy,and to out this way,and not be able to drive.

  38. Nathan Burshtein

    Nathan BurshteinHace 5 meses

    5:35 - epileptic...and car driving... who is the f@cking idiot that gave them lisence?

  39. Linda NWFirefighter

    Linda NWFirefighterHace 5 meses

    If the fat lady in the back of the Uber car had been wearing her seat belt I bet she would have felt better.

  40. middle england dash cammer

    middle england dash cammerHace 5 meses

    you have a superb channel, absolutely full of new content that I've never seen anywhere else :)

  41. Adrion Baker

    Adrion BakerHace 5 meses

    Put yur Titty back up Adele!

  42. James Mitchell

    James MitchellHace 5 meses

    Please vote for Joe Biden

  43. smokeythebear99

    smokeythebear99Hace 5 meses

    8:05 Liiiike a glove!

  44. Jeff DeWitt

    Jeff DeWittHace 5 meses

    Am I missing something with the cyclists at the end? It seemed like they were pretty much staying on the shoulder and the car went past. Then the car slowed up and kept pace with them. From what I could see the cammer was instantiating something, not the bikers.

  45. Nerd Musk

    Nerd MuskHace 5 meses

    0:48 -- Hehe. These are the best because trailers have a sticker on the back with this _exact_ situation. lol.

  46. Richard Bullock

    Richard BullockHace 5 meses

    Instant karma! "I'm a cyclist. I'm environmentally conscious, so the rules of the road don't apply to me! I can ride like the true CUNT that I am, but the consequences of MY actions are NEVER EVER my OWN fault!" WANKERS!!!

  47. ROC 585

    ROC 585Hace 5 meses

    2:55 - huge women with NO SEAT BELT obvs taking an Uber sees the lawsuit of a lifetime and immediately grabs her neck and back. Notice how she turned almost all the way around with no problem though, to see what was going on. I hope she thought it through.... (and at the end PUTS ON the seat belt after stopped...smh)

  48. from the dark side of the moon

    from the dark side of the moonHace 5 meses

    stupid cyclist!👎👎👎👊😅😂

  49. Robert Phillips

    Robert PhillipsHace 5 meses

    That first one happened to my boss at the car wash I worked at in junior high school. He accidentally left a ladies car in gear and it took off through the length of the building stopping in the street. Luckily no one was hurt and there was only minor damage done to the car and the car wash. He was so upset that even though I wasn’t the person who was responsible he fired me anyway to calm the cars owner down.

  50. babydragonboy

    babydragonboyHace 5 meses

    3:17 Wait so if some guy runs into the middle of a road (but is on a cross walk) and gets hit the driver is at fault? Even if the driver had a Green Light? (Sorry I'm not a driver)

  51. CoreyCutYou `

    CoreyCutYou `Hace 5 meses

    The large woman not wearing a seat belt because it's probably not comfortable. Decides to put it on after being involved in an accident, a little late there ding dong.

  52. South Bay Dave

    South Bay DaveHace 5 meses

    LMAO at the bike nazi's

  53. Thorston333

    Thorston333Hace 5 meses

    Dude seriously fuck cyclists.

  54. Ovidiu Ciuparu

    Ovidiu CiuparuHace 5 meses

    9:39 since you don’t know the rules of the road you are 100% at fault! They have the right to be on that lane. You had plenty of time to,pass them on the left lane.

  55. Cakes

    CakesHace 5 meses

    I agree about the bikers there actuall douche bags that's why I carry a carton of eggs Haha

  56. Marcus McNall

    Marcus McNallHace 5 meses

    10:03 now I can wake up and enjoy this glorious day.

  57. chris dunaway

    chris dunawayHace 5 meses

    What a min I want to know more about the 400 chicken nuggets they was talking about

  58. Brian skibbs

    Brian skibbsHace 5 meses

    5:15 that was impressive. Aware of your surroundings, great vision, and reaction. That's how you avoid an accident and drive. Good job.

  59. P

    PHace 5 meses

    the last clip is so satisfying haha, dumb cyclists thinking they're Lance Armstrong

  60. P

    PHace 5 meses

    also cammer proof of lady not wearing her seatbelt 2:48

  61. P

    PHace 5 meses

    1:11 and bikers wonder why we fucking hate their cocky asses

  62. JimBobthe Impaler

    JimBobthe ImpalerHace 5 meses

    I do Public Transpo. Not that fake shit... And the first thing we tell em is Seat belt?...... No belty.... No drivey.... this here is an example of why.... big sexy here at 2:50 as worried more about updating her FakeBook status than securin herself in the ride.... get ass ended by another assclown driving and updating their FakeBook status .... all the sudden her big ass head is whippin around like someone just tossed Motorheads The Ace of Spades ! on the radio!!!! now the poor drivers insurance is most likely gonna cough up some bread for some trumped up fuk yo couch charges all because of her being a massive dumbass......

  63. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace 5 meses

    5:31 Epileptics are allowed to drive?!?

  64. macarde10

    macarde10Hace 4 meses

    3MTA3 I didn’t take it that way, was just explaining scenarios, I guess those that I’m aware of, of how someone could be behind the wheel. No worries, be safe.

  65. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace 4 meses

    @macarde10 I wasn't mocking, I was genuinely curious. Sorry if I came off that way.

  66. macarde10

    macarde10Hace 4 meses

    Yes, so long as the issue is under control. You never know, that could have also been the first seizure that person ever had, or made aware of.

  67. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace 5 meses

    1:14 Fucking dumbass!!

  68. JayBlaski45

    JayBlaski45Hace 5 meses

    So satisfying watching the last clip... Stupid ass cyclists thinking they are a "vehicle" with their tin can bikes and that they can act like a car on the road... Well, Karl, let's hit each other head on, you with your 14 pounds of aluminum foil and me with my 3000 pounds of metal, and see who the kind of the road is now! I don't feel bad at all when these guys get hit lol They are asking for it. go ride your bike on a trail unless you want to get killed on a road that isn't yours.

  69. Furry Mike

    Furry MikeHace 5 meses

    4:41 Listen to the radio then see what happens. Kind of freaky actually.

  70. Dimitrios F

    Dimitrios FHace 5 meses

    8:02 Guarantee that's a Democrat/Hillary voter!

  71. Studio G

    Studio GHace 5 meses

    “Van crashing into an 18-wheeler”... uh... no. Other way around.

  72. Jon Booth

    Jon BoothHace 5 meses

    Couldn't stop laughing at the idiot cyclists teaching themselves about karma . Love it .


    EL ZORRO MXHace 5 meses

    10:03 = Instant karma for the bicyclists. Totally loved it since the car driver didn't have to do anything anymore.😂

  74. mawalt_52

    mawalt_52Hace 5 meses

    That last clip xD

  75. natalie trusky

    natalie truskyHace 5 meses


  76. Karate Joe

    Karate JoeHace 5 meses

    That's bullshit, it's not legal to intentionally strike a pedestrian but they don't have the right of way when crossing against the light anywhere ever

  77. marcus alejandro

    marcus alejandroHace 5 meses

    Last clip is crap so the cyclist was abusing the road but then you Park you vehicle in front of them forcing them to go into the street had you not done that and just kept driving there wouldn't be any further incident

  78. CharlieBitMyFinger!

    CharlieBitMyFinger!Hace 5 meses

    - That one from Tennessee with the pedestrian running out into traffic - if that's true that the ped 'always' has the right-of-way, even if illegally, then they need to get their shit together down there. -

  79. Sherry Wyllie

    Sherry WyllieHace 5 meses

    Pedestrians DO NOT always have the right of way! A vehicle can violate a pedestrian right of way, but a pedestrian can violate a vehicle right of way. CA vehicle code.

  80. ꧁Cat G꧂

    ꧁Cat G꧂Hace 5 meses

    The Ontario Bikers. LMAO!

  81. Brookelyn

    BrookelynHace 5 meses

    if you can’t put your car in neutral you have ZERO business in the driver seat

  82. alch3myau

    alch3myauHace 5 meses

    that dumb bitch parks the same way she lost her virginity, just kept pushing it in

  83. deepsquat600

    deepsquat600Hace 5 meses

    At around 3:25 or The pedestrian ran in front of traffic caused another guy to get rear-ended... Statement was officer said pedestrian always has the right of way... the officer is 100% wrong.. but at the end of the day that part didn't matter because the car that struck the other car by re-reading him was at fault....I defy anybody to show me a law that says The pedestrian always has the right of way in the middle of the road...

  84. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace 5 meses

    3:21 Well, the responding officer was wrong. 5:31 Yeah, nice try... and everyone on Live PD is a diabetic.

  85. Nishkid641

    Nishkid641Hace 5 meses

    the last one involving the bicyclists: I'd never been so satisfied

  86. MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible A*holes

    MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible A*holesHace 5 meses

    5:25 great song and camera! 👍🏽👍🏽

  87. Dmitri K

    Dmitri KHace 5 meses

    Lol. I love that video with bicycle riders. Hysterical 😂

  88. Nick The Knike

    Nick The KnikeHace 5 meses

    0:00 another woman driver 🤣 So many bad women drivers.

  89. Jakescott222

    Jakescott222Hace 5 meses

    7:40 of course it was a woman.. 🤦‍♂️

  90. acoow

    acoowHace 5 meses

    9:35 Millions of cyclist in the country are making that one good cyclist look bad.

  91. Knossos

    KnossosHace 5 meses

    9:34 Those types of cyclists makes everyone else who rides look bad. You got a wide shoulder, doesn't appear to be debris ridden either. No excuse to be in the middle of the road as if its your own personal lane in front of traffic.

  92. Martin Richardson

    Martin RichardsonHace 3 meses

    What is 'traffic'? My understanding is that it is a line of vehicles on a roadway. Bicycles are vehicles. They are not in front of traffic, they are part of it.

  93. 11scarymonster

    11scarymonsterHace 5 meses

    1:40 the truck driver seems to just be an @sshat.

  94. NorthernCommando

    NorthernCommandoHace 5 meses

    That "parking job" at 7:40.... W. T. F.

  95. Bad Drivers Of Augusta Georgia

    Bad Drivers Of Augusta GeorgiaHace 5 meses

    "I got it on film" is becoming one of those phrases like "roll up the window" that people say without knowing what it used to mean.

  96. Bad Drivers Of Augusta Georgia

    Bad Drivers Of Augusta GeorgiaHace 5 meses

    Who are these people who are smart enough to know how to upload video from their phones but not their computers?

  97. Zilla Deliva

    Zilla DelivaHace 5 meses

    Man glad i live in ontario, you jaywalk or cross against the light it's your fault

  98. Storm Angelus

    Storm AngelusHace 5 meses

    00:10 - Karen, I want a fucking divorce. 2:57 - Notice she didn't act like she was hurt until AFTER he asked if she was okay? That bitch was fine. I hate people some days. 10:08 - Okay, admit it - you laughed your ass off, too. I'm sorry, but the guy came nowhere near the damn bicyclists, and if you're abusing the fucking road, you get what you fucking deserve. And that crash just proves how much they weren't paying attention. FOCUS ON THE ROAD, ASSHOLES.

  99. Scared Donut

    Scared DonutHace 5 meses

    3:18 so if a retard runs a cross the highway and I hit him I go to jail? (obvs this wasn't a highway sceneiro but just a what if. Fuck peds and their right of way, that's why we have traffic lights. I'd get a $300 ticket and probably like 4 points for running a red but a ped will get like a $15 ticket... which is like enforced 0.00000000001% of the time)

  100. L Jamesy

    L JamesyHace 5 meses

    10:58 His bike crashed into 2 pieces! How did they return home when there were three of them and only two bikes?

  101. Cheepchipsable

    CheepchipsableHace 5 meses

    Nah, the front wheel usually have a kind of quick release mechanism so you can remove it and chain it up with the bike, up hide it somewhere to prevent a thief from riding off.

  102. Steve Fick

    Steve FickHace 5 meses

    10:05 Karma's a BITCH, eh? Had an idiot on a bike yesterday riding in the middle of the two right lanes. Gives ME a dirty look when I try to get by him. Share the road, A__ Holes!

  103. Sarah Barton

    Sarah BartonHace 5 meses


  104. asepos

    aseposHace 5 meses

    8:00 what an idiot

  105. Register To Vote

    Register To VoteHace 5 meses

    Safety 1st EVERYONE!!

  106. Kole

    KoleHace 5 meses

    9:28 🏳️‍🌈G🏳️‍🌈O🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈W🏳️‍🌈O🏳️‍🌈W🏳️‍🌈 whats with dudes voice

  107. macarde10

    macarde10Hace 4 meses

    You didn’t watch the whole clip, that was his wife.... I think, ....the driver responds to her at 9:30.