Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #123

This is video number # 123 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. satinwhip

    satinwhipHace 10 días

    When in doubt (and when your driving skills suck) blame it on the Range Rover.

  2. kayak traveler

    kayak travelerHace 18 días

    3:00 mayyyyy have been on purpose lol

  3. Ninja Tortoise

    Ninja TortoiseHace un mes

    0:31 sure it was another cars fault you all were following eachother too closely

  4. Charlie Angle

    Charlie AngleHace 2 meses

    3:00 I love how you can tell when he knows he is going off road

  5. Nuff Sed

    Nuff SedHace 2 meses

    Golf clubs don't scare me, i'm elite.

  6. dan hemmerling

    dan hemmerlingHace 2 meses

    That Kalgoorlie one was a beaut. How many ppl watching that clip realise how much Kalgoorlie means to the world? Where it is? What it's famous for?

  7. Charles Stockton

    Charles StocktonHace 2 meses

    LMAO do people have slow reflexes where they can't fully brake before they crash or do they continue driving in hopes for a settlement?

  8. Elaine Soto

    Elaine SotoHace 3 meses

    0:16 it looks like that mustang is throwing it back (twerking)


    STREETRACEN4UHace 3 meses

    2:25 well thats one way to do it!😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Red Heart

    Red HeartHace 3 meses

    9:02 Nah dude, you caused that problem. You both pulled out at the same time except you wanted to go faster. If there had been a problem you would have been held responsible.

  11. Kev Ro

    Kev RoHace 3 meses

    2:40 what a choad

  12. John Stigers

    John StigersHace 3 meses

    5:52 dont tell me he hadnt seen that car ...

  13. Mocking69

    Mocking69Hace 3 meses


  14. Bob Button

    Bob ButtonHace 3 meses

    Funny how most of these people see the crash coming for 3 seconds and do nothing to avoid it. Must be why I 250k miles with zero crashes

  15. Graves Clayton

    Graves ClaytonHace 3 meses

    0:15 I never saw a bumper doing push-ups before! What did he get charged with, "looking absolutely stupid at 65 MPH"? LOL!

  16. F

    FHace 3 meses

    5:27 - 5:38 *HOW?! That has to be a lie. That red car had no right to turn first. The traffic had the right of way.*

  17. Ross S

    Ross SHace 2 meses

    all way stop the white sedan stopped second so the red car that had already completed their stop would have the right of way. That's what it looked like to me.

  18. Nicholas Eure

    Nicholas EureHace 3 meses

    5:53 dude you literally drove RIGHT INTO HIM. You had plenty of time and space to stop/move.

  19. Charliegone

    CharliegoneHace 3 meses

    8:50 drives away from an accident, runs over a sign, tries to run over a person..they better get their license suspended and arrested.

  20. Thchyymah29

    Thchyymah29Hace 3 meses

    They probably don't have a license at all 🙄

  21. alfred leys

    alfred leysHace 3 meses

    Brand new BMW tailgating?

  22. Jay Bee

    Jay BeeHace 3 meses

    That Philly accent gets me every time.

  23. Mark Mangaliman

    Mark MangalimanHace 3 meses

    2:37 The guy is not a bad driver. The Wrangler was in it's natural element. That was more of a shortcut than a driving fail haha.

  24. Dean Cole

    Dean ColeHace 3 meses

    I don't always crash, but when I do I clip a tow truck to speed up the towing process.

  25. Dave Olson

    Dave OlsonHace 3 meses

    2:30 What IS it with you Aussies putting those dual whip antennae on the fronts of your vehicles?

  26. Dave Olson

    Dave OlsonHace 3 meses

    1:22 That Fusion driver sure got more than a feeling that day. (SWIDT?)

  27. Freedom Sky

    Freedom SkyHace 3 meses

  28. Sun High

    Sun HighHace 3 meses

    Thoses who do not have a path Make them 4:08

  29. JoeNathan1938

    JoeNathan1938Hace 3 meses

    @2:00 an this is what happens when you use cruise control during the rain

  30. Werner der Champ

    Werner der ChampHace 3 meses

    0:34 and that is how traffic jams start. One has to break because of an asshole, the next car has to break harder, at some point you come to a full stop, for seemingly no reason.

  31. Spencer Hammond Jr

    Spencer Hammond JrHace 3 meses

    eyyy.. checkout that mustang booty twerk!

  32. Left Blank

    Left BlankHace 3 meses

    3:11 Holy F-ing cow! gas is 1.89???? 3.80 here.....

  33. Mark S

    Mark SHace 3 meses

    "I pulled up and they were fighting already" "Oh, and let me throw in there what they were fighting about"

  34. Abraham Perez

    Abraham PerezHace 3 meses

    Its a jeep thing

  35. mattdamonism

    mattdamonismHace 3 meses

    iM eLiTe

  36. Taco Squad

    Taco SquadHace 3 meses

    3:10 says look here, naw look at those amazing gas prices

  37. Andrew B

    Andrew BHace 3 meses

    0:06 - That's a Cyclist...not a biker.

  38. RodMan DealerMan

    RodMan DealerManHace 3 meses

    Yeah, his relative's plates read something like this: IMABYRD, IMAHOGG, IMAJOKE, IMAAHOL hehehehehe

  39. Fire Ride

    Fire RideHace 3 meses

    nice my friend

  40. d john

    d johnHace 3 meses

    I'm elite.... yes, but are you single? no married.... that works too.

  41. Jay Shastri

    Jay ShastriHace 3 meses

    4:10 If Someone was behind you I understand but if no one was there you could have backed up

  42. LolabeansVlogs

    LolabeansVlogsHace 3 meses

    I have a recomendayshun. Please only include videos that are from American car crashes. When U put crashes that are from places like London or Europe, Uganda, whatever, it is unrealistic to the viewer. Roads and cars are different in other countries. Other wise love it

  43. pacluv

    pacluvHace 3 meses

    7:50 at the end of the video was the kid gonna try to stop the car like his father ( I’m guessing) was trying to??? Why is he even out there, I guess he wants to get hit by this nut job trying to flee the scene of the accident.

  44. A Day In The Life of Richie Gillham

    A Day In The Life of Richie GillhamHace 3 meses

    I've noticed in ALOT of these videos, the accident is avoidable by AT LEAST one of the cars involved

  45. Steel City Dashcam

    Steel City DashcamHace 3 meses

    6:33 And she wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill, be loooooooove.. tapped.

  46. don simpson

    don simpsonHace 3 meses

    the vast majority of bikers are ignorant of the rules of the road

  47. Elizabeth Ross-Watson

    Elizabeth Ross-WatsonHace 3 meses

    As soon as the fisty cuffs start, the video ends, grrrr.

  48. SoullessOne 1911

    SoullessOne 1911Hace 3 meses

    6:16 did that lady just try to blame the accident on someone else?

  49. Aj Maxey

    Aj MaxeyHace 3 meses

    8:50 hope they get charged for assault on top of hit and run.

  50. Will Nuessle

    Will NuessleHace 3 meses

    When you’re elite, you have to fight

  51. Capt. Irk

    Capt. IrkHace 3 meses

    6:53 If you honk the horn and you're nowhere near the imminent crash, you're not helping. You're only making things worse. Stop doing that.

  52. Robby T.

    Robby T.Hace 3 meses

    7:32 take the dang radio off 100% max volume (on a commercial too) and maybe you can pay better attention... driving !

  53. John

    JohnHace 3 meses

    0:34 every single one of these morons NEEDS to learns what MINIMUM safe stopping distance MEANS. ffs ~face palm~ you should NEVER have had to swerve to the shoulder like that even with an emergency stop ahead.

  54. Noél

    NoélHace 3 meses

    Amerikaner sind einfach die schlechtesten Autofahrer

  55. John Denning

    John DenningHace 3 meses

    It seems that the only criteria for some drivers is to have the IQ of zero.

  56. mixwell1983

    mixwell1983Hace 3 meses

    5:53 cammer was itching to get some footage to submit to the channel 😁

  57. Karl Hungus

    Karl HungusHace 3 meses

    0:16 Who thought it wasn't a mustang?

  58. brikhouse22

    brikhouse22Hace 3 meses

    @5:04 why would you put your full name out there and admit lying to cops? Dumb dumb.

  59. Francis Abarca

    Francis AbarcaHace 3 meses

    2:50 If that jeep rolled over would that seat belt do any good?

  60. Craig Best

    Craig BestHace 3 meses

    The one near the end about braking hard, I got hew rotors and pads last year, was not told this and shortly after left on long road trip.

  61. Fauna the Deer

    Fauna the DeerHace 3 meses

    People get killed over a honk. Like that's the world we live in now.

  62. Ben Barhyte

    Ben BarhyteHace 3 meses

    Usher playing on the radio at 4:44- DJ Got Us Falling In Love. Right before swerving away from cop SUV

  63. Gam3kid

    Gam3kidHace 3 meses

    Drive if shame at 2:50

  64. Ian Morris

    Ian MorrisHace 3 meses

    What is so hard to understand about the concept of adjusting speed to the prevailing weather/road conditions?

  65. WarioWareProductions

    WarioWareProductionsHace 3 meses

    what is the song on the radio at 6:03

  66. Cheepchipsable

    CheepchipsableHace 3 meses

    9:10, what kind of brakes did he get? "Not supposed to brake hard for the first 200km"?

  67. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace 3 meses

    At 5:52, the cammer had AMPLE time to dodge that one.... were they TRYING to have an accident, and thinking of what injuries they could invent to bolster the insurance claim?

  68. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace 3 meses

    At 4:40, what would police likely have done, if a civilian motorist had done THAT to THEM??

  69. flipmode00 squad

    flipmode00 squadHace 3 meses

    is it only me that think @1:35 is almost like an insurance scamm ? @5:54 cammer cold of stopped

  70. J. Matthew Phipps

    J. Matthew PhippsHace 3 meses

    9:01 I lived in Caracal, Romania, I saw this all the time. No reason for the horn.

  71. rwes2940

    rwes2940Hace 3 meses

    That wasnt a biker in the first clip, that was a cyclist

  72. Robert MacDonald

    Robert MacDonaldHace 3 meses

    2:00, You know the speed limit is not mandatory, if it's pissing down rain you can slow down.

  73. Garrett Burrows

    Garrett BurrowsHace 3 meses

    4:40 so did the cop pull over and give him or herself a ticket? or did the other police car see this traffic infraction and pull him or her over? or did the cop that ran the person off the road pull over the car he ran off the road?

  74. J. Matthew Phipps

    J. Matthew PhippsHace 3 meses

    5:51 You may have the right of way, but insisting upon it caused damage and time you won't get back. Classic Delta Alpha.

  75. Henry Rodgers

    Henry RodgersHace 3 meses

    9:34 Is the guy in the Mercedes a snob, or just really good at playing Elite: Dangerous?

  76. Cosmonnor

    CosmonnorHace 3 meses

    All those talking about 5:51 don't even know if it was a blind spot or the whole story. Stop "backseat driving" and assigning blame from the comfort of your couch. Bunch of keyboard warriors lel. Maybe it was a blind spot, maybe he wasn't paying attention to the right turn because gee, he has the right of way. Chill out y'all

  77. LAWLDX

    LAWLDXHace 3 meses

    4:38 some cop drivers do dumb things too oh nvm the guy should have slowed down

  78. Kasey Stevenson

    Kasey StevensonHace 3 meses

    Who even cares what's going on in the corner. Where the hell do you have gas, at a Chevron for crying out loud, for $1.89?

  79. robert watts

    robert wattsHace 3 meses

    There are so many of these "I slept through driver's ed class" video compilations, every channel that deals with them should just name all of the vids "Retards of the Road #_____". It's amazing that so many people in the world got their driver's license as a prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. Dumbasses.

  80. Aprilsauce

    AprilsauceHace 3 meses

    5:55 why?

  81. John Jesus

    John JesusHace 3 meses

    California is such a Shit hole

  82. Pedro Matilla

    Pedro MatillaHace 3 meses

    I’m I the only one to really see the name on the top left at the 3:00 minute mark? If that’s his online name than it’s kind of funny but if that’s his birth name than his parents didn’t think it all the way through lol

  83. GalapagosPete

    GalapagosPeteHace 3 meses

    First video is of a _bicyclist_ running a red light, not a _biker._

  84. dave Chef2

    dave Chef2Hace 3 meses

    Trying to read the shit and watch the video sux. Just play the video.

  85. Linda NWFirefighter

    Linda NWFirefighterHace 3 meses

    9:35 the dude who thinks he is all bad ass in the Mercedes has a license plate that says “I’m Elite” 🤣🤣🤣 What a Putz!

  86. Nicky D

    Nicky DHace 3 meses

    8:55 what a asshole parent with a kid there stupid parenting

  87. Linda NWFirefighter

    Linda NWFirefighterHace 3 meses

    I got a helmet cam for my fire helmet after I arrived at a MVA and the driver admitted he was driving. When the police arrived he lied and said his 17 year old daughter was driving. 😡 What parent blames their child? He was drunk and didn’t want to get charged for DUI! Their vehicle had plummeted down an embankment and caught fire. At first we thought the driver was still in it until they walked to our engine a few mins later. I got the cam to capture evidence!

  88. Chris Rockwell

    Chris RockwellHace 3 meses

    People need to stay off their damn phones, there is no reason to run blatant red lights especially at night. Or running into the back of someone else's car in traffic.

  89. Chris Rockwell

    Chris RockwellHace 3 meses

    2:46 looks to me you took the ramp too fast

  90. Dr Chan

    Dr ChanHace 2 meses

    it was because his last name is Gaylord hahaha... I bet he got picked on at school

  91. ladycplum

    ladycplumHace 3 meses

    5:01 Dude, really not very smart

  92. ayanahmaddd

    ayanahmadddHace 3 meses

    I got my drivers license like a month ago but like i dont get how people crash like at 4:00 would you see the black sedan coming?

  93. Tony Facebook

    Tony FacebookHace 3 meses

    3.26 Saw that coming..That's a paddling....

  94. pmailkeey

    pmailkeeyHace 3 meses

    9:11 - "I was not supposed to brake hard..." People have such funny ideas!

  95. pmailkeey

    pmailkeeyHace 3 meses

    @Yonatan.b If braking efficiency is not up to acceptable levels, the vehicle should not be on the road. The moment the vehicle is used on the road, all the brakes should work perfectly; to standard - and that basically means able to stop the wheel rotating.

  96. Yonatan.b

    Yonatan.bHace 3 meses

    It's because he said he changed brakes! You shouldn't brake hard right after having new brakes, seems like you never had to change brakes before

  97. scoundrel

    scoundrelHace 3 meses

    4:02 car was made of legos

  98. jeff robinson

    jeff robinsonHace 3 meses

    @3:10 A $1.89! I am being screwed .

  99. Dan Dan

    Dan DanHace 3 meses

    Here in SoCal is $3.10 today. :-/

  100. pmailkeey

    pmailkeeyHace 3 meses

    4:21 Taken to hospital due to low blood sugar. !!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, sugar is so hard to find, innit !

  101. dygardion 91

    dygardion 91Hace 3 meses

    3:18 you peep at those gas prices??

  102. Chris Rockwell

    Chris RockwellHace 3 meses

    Texas gas is always cheaper

  103. Darcy Kampe

    Darcy KampeHace 3 meses

    5:50 Neither one of those 2 should be driving. One runs the red light, doesn't even stop to let the pedestrian cross. And the other one who hit him.

  104. Fordbert

    FordbertHace 3 meses

    5:50 is the cammer blind??

  105. Caressa

    CaressaHace 3 meses

    5:50 so freaking avoidable. Joke.

  106. iangrassby

    iangrassbyHace 3 meses

    At 5:53 you could see for 5 seconds what he was doing but yet you still crash....

  107. lo1bo2

    lo1bo2Hace 3 meses

    6:03 I'm going to take a wild guess and say that woman was looking at her phone.

  108. Chris Rockwell

    Chris RockwellHace 3 meses

    Had to of been. There is no reason to hit someone like that. I'm trying to figure out what she said though, something about another car in front of them.