Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #125

This is video number # 125 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. FoxyMama2

    FoxyMama2Hace 23 días

    I only have one question in regards to the woman who hit a young child and then drove off leaving said child in a heap in front of a driveway. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!? That child, who easily appeared to be in her single digits, should have NEVER been left outside without a parent’s supervision. Especially when riding a bike up and down a well traveled road! This, my friends, is why you don’t speed through neighborhoods. I just hope she’s okay.

  2. Melissa Phillips

    Melissa PhillipsHace un mes

    Me: *calls cat by name* Cat: Me: pspspspsps Cat: 6:41

  3. Lasanga Slut

    Lasanga SlutHace 2 meses

    6:44 my dude u brake checked him:[

  4. Motoanna

    MotoannaHace 2 meses

    Rajo: either a bad driver or unlucky

  5. Rolf Larson

    Rolf LarsonHace 2 meses

    changing lane while making a turn ILLEGAL

  6. Rolf Larson

    Rolf LarsonHace 2 meses

    mANY OFTHIS HYDRAPLANE is worn out tirescheck you tires or go to somethat can

  7. k_froggy

    k_froggyHace 2 meses

    Anybody else notice the levitating truck wheels at 8:09 ?

  8. NocturnalistV

    NocturnalistVHace 2 meses

    Clearly this cop in Romania is doing his fucking job lmao hahahah

  9. Raheel Virk

    Raheel VirkHace 3 meses

    Cops busy on his phone

  10. CaptainArt777

    CaptainArt777Hace 3 meses

    So what happen to that white Van that hit you as he moved into your lane.

  11. Alex Wright

    Alex WrightHace 3 meses

    6:40 this tesla driver is so far up his own ass its sad. Nobody gives a fuck you drive a certain car. He’s special ed if anything

  12. Baby Driver

    Baby DriverHace 3 meses

    Mr. Tesla failed to STOP. 6:30

  13. Peter P

    Peter PHace 3 meses

    4:47 Perfect example of why you should steer where the spinning car WAS (left), not where it's going (right).

  14. Chris B

    Chris BHace 3 meses

    I wished they would show the damn interaction between the drivers. That would be better than just the wreck.

  15. Itzcami ‘

    Itzcami ‘Hace 3 meses

    2:13 omg 😂

  16. Marcelo Machado

    Marcelo MachadoHace 3 meses

    08:55 Wait, wait, wait...lemme get that straight: the guy not only survived a fall from who knows how much meters, but he also had barely a scratch (he seems to move quite fine) and, even more, had enough strength to try to climb a wall !? Who the buck is that !?

  17. Schumifannr Eins

    Schumifannr EinsHace 3 meses

    I don't like the banners (?) acting as spoilers at the beginning of each clip. Take away the surprise.

  18. Captured With Nexar

    Captured With NexarHace 3 meses

    Thanks for sharing ;)

  19. allwomn1

    allwomn1Hace 3 meses

    Anyone who hits a child and leaves not knowing whether or not the child is injured, deserves to burn in Hell!

  20. china thailand

    china thailandHace 3 meses

    3:11 i am so glad that noah had a camcorder as this loser was just being an asshole and a danger to society.

  21. Sean Wilson

    Sean WilsonHace 3 meses

    Seriously when will people learn YOU DONT NEED 2 LANES TO TURN IF YOUR NOT TOWING A TRAILER. I mean come on people think they need to wide turn for no reason fuck take away their license

  22. Register To Vote

    Register To VoteHace 3 meses

    I wonder how many of these drivers watch these videos?!! 🤔

  23. Jeff

    JeffHace 3 meses

    0:20 - that sucks. why did Cammer pick that spot? it's also right off the entrance lol shitty design layout for the parking spots...

  24. Troy Eppstein

    Troy EppsteinHace 3 meses

    Most of the road rage would be prevented if people would stop cruising in the passing lane. If you are not actively passing other traffic, get out of the left lane!

  25. Rebecca Campbell

    Rebecca CampbellHace 3 meses

    8:30 and yet another truck driver who doesn’t know who to drive! Started to turn the wheel before moving, causing the truck to turn over the left lane. This is 100% the trucker fault... if only he or she knew how to, I did from the start back when I drove bigger vehicles that that Truck drivers are getting more pathetic every year 9:15 geez! Prison! That is negligence homicidal intent Like always the “but I can’t see well what’s coming behind” is not an argument, just the excuse of fools and irresponsible morons These actions from truck drivers should mean the same punishment as DUI, and if they hurt someone they should go to prison accordingly. DUI? My bad... almost all truck drivers are driving like that! Companies and corporations supply the drugs to make them drive for 40 hours straight

  26. Dr. Etzor

    Dr. EtzorHace 3 meses

    Cops should start to take away driver's licenses if they find someone using their phone while driving. And if they're found driving without a license after that, take away the car.

  27. timothylegg

    timothyleggHace 3 meses

    3:30 - Safety glass is truly remarkable stuff. The truck basically got stabbed with knife made of ice at a collective velocity of about 25MpH

  28. Boom Box

    Boom BoxHace 3 meses

    9:18 That tree

  29. GoForIt

    GoForItHace 3 meses

    If you pause this clip at 4:36 you can see the dumb bitch on her cell phone, driving with one hand, never even looking to see if ANYTHING is coming!!!!!!!

  30. Marco Asbach

    Marco AsbachHace 3 meses

    Why you can drive without insurance in the US?

  31. Roy Crosby

    Roy CrosbyHace 3 meses

    Glad the guy in the truck wasn't driving a convertible.

  32. Antaeus

    AntaeusHace 3 meses

    OK, so Romanian cops don't give a sh*t about traffic violators?

  33. HighwayTroll

    HighwayTrollHace 3 meses

    #highwaytroll #hearthetrain

  34. Battle Angel

    Battle AngelHace 3 meses

    @6:15 You can add just about every hybrid owner out there as well. Had this wonderful waste of brain cells pull up next to me at a light in this absolutely beautiful cherry red Ford F150. He honked and indicated to me to roll down my window. I thought this guy needed directions, instead he shouted 'F**K YOUR PRIUS!". I drive a 2011 Honda Insight, I respond "It's a Honda Insight.", he replies "F**K YOUR F**ING HYBRID YOU F**ING TREE HUGGING A**HOLE!", to which I simply reply, "You've got a great looking truck.". Light turns green and I take off in my aging hybrid. Truck owner lags behind for a moment then accelerates past me bathing my Insight in black exhaust. Sure Teslas are a target, but so can hybrid owners. Personally I don't hug trees. Scratchy bark, sap, and that evil sunlight. I LIKE saving money. If I can go two weeks or more on a single tank of gas I WILL. If some buttermilk biscuit butt badger with a truck as big as some current president's ego disagrees they can take it up with the local police and my dash cam. Oh yes, they'll owe me a car wash.

  35. DontEverGrowUp

    DontEverGrowUpHace 3 meses

    I don't know what's worse - the driving, or the spelling

  36. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace 3 meses

    1:50 Yes, you could have left the house 15 minutes earlier. 7:01 Did he not realize that this was probably a bad idea?

  37. Shawn McQuade

    Shawn McQuadeHace 3 meses

    9:12 What a shame... everybody was okay 😔

  38. Da Hu

    Da HuHace 3 meses

    2:28 that cop though lol

  39. Graves Clayton

    Graves ClaytonHace 3 meses

    6:15 It's not the Tesla car that people hate, it's your self-righteous attitude about being a Tesla Owner that people can't stand. It's almost as if you are competing with BMW owners to be the most narcissistic pricks on the road, lol!

  40. Ovidiu Ciuparu

    Ovidiu CiuparuHace 3 meses

    9:24. Is good that nobody went to the hospital. I hope both those idiots got a free ride to jail!!!

  41. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace 3 meses

    9:14 you mean idiot street racers meet idiot truck driver with his hazards lights and not his right turn indicator on...

  42. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace 3 meses

    Exactly. He also doesn't even stop before making his turn. That could have been anyone who was hit...street racers or not.

  43. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace 3 meses

    3:22 Holy shit! Get a better mount for your camera.I got nauseous just watching that.

  44. Thomas Gleason

    Thomas GleasonHace 3 meses

    First clip - I see a lot of videos that say "Crosstour" ... I always thought that people named their camera that because it was in their Honda Crosstour. I was beginning to think that car was a lot more popular than I believed.. but that certainly doesn't sound like a Crosstour... I don't think Honda makes a V8.

  45. Sarah Barton

    Sarah BartonHace 3 meses

    Rajo Dashcam your car seems to be a twat magnet 🧲 lol 😆

  46. Greg Chavez

    Greg ChavezHace 3 meses

    9:11. Two dumb-a$$ drivers AND a tree. Ha!

  47. M.A Bukhari

    M.A BukhariHace 3 meses

    @4:11 Did he even give the plate info to the guy that was hit though? Doesn't seem like it

  48. joeslowy

    joeslowyHace 3 meses

    0:17 Reverse lights come on 0:20 SUV starts reversing (brakes lights come off) 0:23 LeT mE pUlL rIgHt BeHiNd ThIs CaR aNd HoNk

  49. Ronald van Kemenade

    Ronald van KemenadeHace 3 meses

    Cammer is an idiot. Plenty empty spaces around, so why park right next to someone else anyway? I´ve had several instances, where I parked in an almost empty lot, and some jackass has to park right next to my door so I can hardly get in.

  50. Noah W

    Noah WHace 3 meses

    Great complation!! Thank you for including me. BE SAFE OUT THERE!

  51. Kevin Perdomo

    Kevin PerdomoHace 3 meses

    Last clip really got me f&$ked up, like yeah I have no insurance so I must leave.LOGIC

  52. Lunatic Fringe

    Lunatic FringeHace 3 meses

    7:20 I saw solid green not an arrow, YOU should pay attention.

  53. Steve Pseudonym

    Steve PseudonymHace 3 meses

    You either need a better monitor or better glasses. Not only is it obviously an arrow, you can also clearly see the red light for traffic going straight.

  54. Lunatic Fringe

    Lunatic FringeHace 3 meses

    Tesla douche, that was ALL on you and it was hilarious.

  55. Brummie In Bradford

    Brummie In BradfordHace 3 meses

    8:12 i am always worried of this happening when dickheads come aggressively speeding down narrow streets with parked cars!! Just slow tf down and if there's a gap on your side then pull in to it!!

  56. Christian De Jongh

    Christian De JonghHace 3 meses

    Why the f**** are people thinking when they drive around without insurance. If you can’t afford it, you can’t drive a vehicle. Period.

  57. Jay Bee

    Jay BeeHace 3 meses

    “I encounter Tesla haters every day” ugh fucking cringe

  58. D Say what

    D Say whatHace 3 meses

    Clip 3 not a Ford Ranger! Not even a Ford! It's a Tahoe

  59. Minnesota kid

    Minnesota kidHace 3 meses

    6:00 motorcycle hits a car. Music plays: I think I’m loosing my mind.

  60. No Nonsense

    No NonsenseHace 3 meses

    8:10 Again, cars parking on 2-lane roads tuning them into 1-lane squeezers. Fucking genius.

  61. drh3b

    drh3bHace 3 meses

    9:11 truck driver didn't help here with his emergency blinkers on, instead of his right indicator.

  62. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace 3 meses

    He also didn't even stop to look before making his wide turn. I have a CDL, you're always supposed to check before making an especially wide turn (even when you aren't driving an 80,000lb vehicle). The street racers are partially to blame, but the trucker fucked up by not doing a simple check in the mirrors before turning. Would have been able to easily see the cars coming.

  63. Tracy Nation

    Tracy NationHace 3 meses

    Incredible. ♡ T.E.N.



    Driving school??? They need brains to drive first!!!!!LOL



    Cop texting - wow - FIRED!!!!!

  66. Nathan Burshtein

    Nathan BurshteinHace 3 meses

    9:42 - if that was my daughter,i would track her down and break every bone in her legs

  67. Alex M

    Alex MHace 3 meses

    European signals make no sense for the most part. One small one on the left side of the road even though traffic may be on the right side. Are there some laws maybe that prohibit them from putting up larger gantries for visibility? I heard that once about Italy in any area that's older than 60 years old can't have it.

  68. Infinite Monkey

    Infinite MonkeyHace 3 meses

    The Tesla might have been a bit aggressive in his pass but all fault of that impact goes to the truck. There wasn’t any brake checking, there was decent distance between them until the end. That is a turn lane, you usually brake to make a turn. Nothing the Tesla did excuses the trucks behavior.

  69. Mike T.

    Mike T.Hace 3 meses

    3:50 “street racing gone wrong”. Nope, that was street racing gone right! Want to be a dumbass and drive like that, then you should smash your car into a wall or a divider. Hope the police saw the vid and arrested the dumbass. And his cohort.

  70. you suck

    you suckHace 3 meses

    1:53 even the cops need to do their dailies. need all those daily gacha summons! #dqs #dragalia

  71. Crazy Clips

    Crazy ClipsHace 3 meses

    Last asshole needs to go to jail. What a POS. If you can't afford insurance don't fucking drive it's not that hard to understand. Didn't even check up on the poor kid ☹️

  72. zayron

    zayronHace 3 meses

    9:10 reminded me Burnout 3: Takedown

  73. bonotheist

    bonotheistHace 3 meses

    Women as bad drivers? Whose ever heard of such an obvious statement?

  74. bonotheist

    bonotheistHace 3 meses

    @Brummie In Bradford Cunts say what?

  75. Brummie In Bradford

    Brummie In BradfordHace 3 meses

    Did you miss the fact that most of these accidents were caused by men? As are most traffic accidents in general? Fool

  76. Dr. Kevorkian

    Dr. KevorkianHace 3 meses

    7:34 is not impatient. The cammer is in the wrong. They have a horn, use it. Let mf's know its time for cars. Hit the button if u wanna cross. I remember when it was the fault of the person for stepping foot in the street, not the driver. Now its the drivers fault for some dumbass who gets hit when they shouldn't have 1 toe on the road.

  77. John Due

    John DueHace 3 meses

    Tesla-haters, - is that a new religion in USA?

  78. Dr Chan

    Dr ChanHace 3 meses

    that's a bloody low act knocking a little girl of her bike and not stopping to help her - ya f@cken heartless pricks. OK she should have checked before crossing - drivers need to pay attention when driving threw housing area's ( watching this made my blood boil )

  79. billyBbad mollyholly

    billyBbad mollyhollyHace 3 meses

    @9:20 Loved it both cars destroyed so bad they couldn't leave, and a video to show what happened!!

  80. billyBbad mollyholly

    billyBbad mollyhollyHace 3 meses

    @Likeable Human They were racing each other, saw the truck move out so he could swing in and the two inexperienced drivers, rather than slowdown, maintained their excessive speed and caused this crash destroying all three vehicles? You can bet the posted speed wasn't 160 kph or 100 mph the dark car had his breaks locked up with smoke pouring out from his tires when he entered the picture? Too busy looking to see if he was ahead of the other car to notice the Semi with his 4 ways, which means caution not shoot the gap were racing?

  81. Likeable Human

    Likeable HumanHace 3 meses

    @billyBbad mollyholly it was three lanes he could've been in the middle lane 😐

  82. billyBbad mollyholly

    billyBbad mollyhollyHace 3 meses

    I know semi turns like smart car, right? If it wasn't for the excessive speed, they could have safely stopped, but no, lets try and shoot the gap?

  83. Likeable Human

    Likeable HumanHace 3 meses

    You mean like how the truck driver turned without looking? Just cause you have your blinker on doesn't mean you have control over the whole road. He is at least 80% at fault

  84. julissa

    julissaHace 3 meses

    i love these videos because sometimes they help me to always be on the look out when driving to expect the worst but to be prepared when it does happen

  85. Hellefleur

    HellefleurHace 3 meses

    9:12 Damn! Is the tree going to be ok??

  86. Pedro Conejo

    Pedro ConejoHace 3 meses

    9:14 - excellent scum-bag take-down by the truck driver. And then there's the last clip. Hit and runners, especially if they hit a kid, need to be rolled naked in poison oak for a week then laughed at.

  87. Han Solo

    Han SoloHace 3 meses

    I wanna know more about this case 3:06 I'm so pissed.

  88. Arcamean

    ArcameanHace 3 meses

    Hits child, runs way... claims fear is lack of insurance!? I hope she had her license yanked permanently, unless you're running for your life (see crazed rioters) there is no excuse for NOT stopping if you've hit someone!

  89. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace 3 meses

    At 9:35, people like that need taking off the road - PERMANENTLY! Wiping out a kid on their bike is bad enough, scarpering afterwards is even lower, then trying to deny it all is truly sickening!

  90. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace 3 meses

    Amazing how people walked away without serious injury at 9:11. At those speeds....just hope police dished up some justice.

  91. John Doe Jr.

    John Doe Jr.Hace 3 meses

    2:48 if someone cuts you like that and then moves out of the way, what do you think is gonna happen when you try to pass them? Driving isn’t just about scanning your surroundings. It’s about thinking and analyzing, preferably within seconds.

  92. John Doe Jr.

    John Doe Jr.Hace 3 meses

    Captainllama you have to avoid accidents whether it’s your fault or not. The van was obviously not a safe driver and was to be avoided.

  93. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace 3 meses

    Nice victim blaming there. What the van did was stupid and unexpected even given his prior cut-off.

  94. Nick The Knike

    Nick The KnikeHace 3 meses

    Looks like COVID is taking out the wrong people.

  95. king de tomix

    king de tomixHace 3 meses

    The more i watch this videos the more i get nervous while driving..

  96. Alexandra Madrigal

    Alexandra MadrigalHace 3 meses

    Didn’t realize there was a thing as Tesla haters

  97. -Heavy Metal Wolf-

    -Heavy Metal Wolf-Hace 3 meses

    Tesla drivers are the christians of the automotive world, huge victim complexes. No body cares you drive a Tesla. You might but nobody else cares. Plus that dick in the Tesla was break checking.

  98. Dji-Pilot

    Dji-PilotHace 3 meses

    Yeahr 9:16 Fucking Carma !!!!

  99. Tucker Latham

    Tucker LathamHace 3 meses

    Know the Tesla owner by its obsessive need to tell you that it drives a Tesla, even though it's always irrelevant. Great; you grossly overpaid for a vehicle with a dozen paint flaws and autopilot AI from SkyNet so focused on the destruction of humans that it will drive you off a cliff. 👍 #winning

  100. Johnny Gonzales

    Johnny GonzalesHace 3 meses

    Last video took place in my neighborhood. Crazy

  101. TheSeasiders

    TheSeasidersHace 3 meses

    4:42 Nice testicles.

  102. Allan C-B

    Allan C-BHace 3 meses

    5:55 it isn't City of Toronto who puts the port-a-potties up, it's the construction companies. However, you could call 3-1-1, since YOU know the intersection, they can contact Metrolinx, who can contact the company.

  103. Steve Pseudonym

    Steve PseudonymHace 3 meses

    The problem is still the moron who made the turn without checking for traffic.

  104. MotoCob

    MotoCobHace 3 meses

    I dont have insurance soo just lay there and dont die..

  105. Thelonious Monk

    Thelonious MonkHace 3 meses

    3:00 Not the first time he/she do that. Look the left rear bumper...

  106. Thelonious Monk

    Thelonious MonkHace 3 meses

    @En Lighten this time it didn't turn out the way he wanted

  107. En Lighten

    En LightenHace 3 meses

    probably the reason why he tried a insurance scam? ,-)

  108. Nick

    NickHace 3 meses

    0:33 yes Johnny Diaz the road rager is next to you. But wait, check your vanity mirror! There he is again!

  109. pete smyth

    pete smythHace 3 meses

    yep..his response is to illegally speed up the emergency lane instead of backing off.

  110. pete smyth

    pete smythHace 3 meses

    0:22 ignoring the crap music, why did this idiot stop instead of continuing into the empty parking space?

  111. Brummie In Bradford

    Brummie In BradfordHace 3 meses

    I wondered the same thing! Obviously the car that hit them was at fault for not looking but my instinct would have been to quickly scoot forward in the hopes of avoiding the collision.

  112. Some Dude

    Some DudeHace 3 meses

    7:08 clearly you both were paying the same amount of attention since you didn't at least honk at them and you both hit brakes at the same time. Not looking at your phone doesn't constitute"paying attention."

  113. Darth KEK

    Darth KEKHace 3 meses

    People who drive without insurance should get a 10 year mandatory sentence.

  114. Some Dude

    Some DudeHace 3 meses

    4:05 what a dick, you could have given a copy to the person that was hit.

  115. Miss L Walker

    Miss L WalkerHace 3 meses

    Last video: 😳😨😱 Glad the child was all right!

  116. avb.spotter

    avb.spotterHace 3 meses

    That's a nice 488 GTB Ferrari @ 3:18. Plain spec but still cool

  117. Steven Penny

    Steven PennyHace 3 meses

    6:18 Tesla drivers are giving motorcyclists a run for their money. He probably won’t go to the police, it’s extremely clear he was brake checking them.