Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #126

This is video number # 126 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
Special thanks to :
Coffeyville Science
Crazy DashCam

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. buddyzmama1

    buddyzmama1Hace un mes

    The clip at 2:36 ... There is so much signage in the various lanes saying which ones are "NO TURNS" and people *still* try and turn where people are coming up behind them at 45mph+! Then get p**** when someone lays into their horn at them. smdh

  2. Τάσος Δ.

    Τάσος Δ.Hace un mes

    Seems like cars are pretty easily "totalled" in America!

  3. donald d day

    donald d dayHace 2 meses

    every time i watch a crash video it makes glad that i retired from driving a semi's early and how the human race has LASTED THIS LONG ON THE PLANET

  4. donald d day

    donald d dayHace 2 meses

    one good truck driver saves more lives in month then 100 cops do in a year

  5. m b

    m bHace 2 meses

    My favorite part of the videos is hearing what people are listening to

  6. Anirudh

    AnirudhHace 2 meses

    0:20 Car throttle! Epic

  7. _FAB Brandon & Atarah

    _FAB Brandon & AtarahHace 2 meses

    At 3:04 you can see the license plate clearly. Send it in for a police report. He won't get away for long.


    ITBOILSMYBLOODHace 2 meses

    I love the last clip @ 9:04 which is SO-O-O-O-O satisfying when the dumbass in the VW Beetle thinks just because the car is small, they can needle thread through the tightest of traffic jams and escape unscathed! How WRONG they were!

  9. Gordon Heaney Guitarologist and Flatulist

    Gordon Heaney Guitarologist and FlatulistHace 2 meses

    That's a word you don't see often - ambulatory

  10. Kevin MacLeod

    Kevin MacLeodHace 3 meses

    6:54 Update on the Explorer that hit the bus and the person; the 24 year old pedestrian died on scene as emergency crews arrived, and the bus had no passengers, thankfully. Charges are pending against the 30 year old woman that committed the murder.

  11. Tracy Nation

    Tracy NationHace 3 meses

    Another ex©ellent video. ♡ T.E.N.

  12. Jack LINDEN

    Jack LINDENHace 3 meses

    Amazing morons trying to put the blame on someone else.

  13. paramedic1210

    paramedic1210Hace 3 meses

    I’m telling you, after watching these videos, I believe some people purposely hit other vehicles, because they are so avoidable, yet they still hit

  14. Kiyoncé Kartier

    Kiyoncé KartierHace 3 meses

    5:20 why do people insist of doing dumb ass maneuvers around 18 wheelers? Do people think the truck is always found at fault and they’re going to get a check from the company or something? Play stupid games with an 18 wheeler, you will win a stupid prize. Guaranteed.

  15. Firemann32

    Firemann32Hace 3 meses

    Some people just shouldn't be driving.

  16. Peter Pyka

    Peter PykaHace 3 meses👍

  17. WhiskersMcTabby

    WhiskersMcTabbyHace 3 meses

    8:23 Dropped your cigarettes? Yeah, they fell right onto the text you were trying to send. -_-

  18. Jazmin R

    Jazmin RHace 3 meses

    The accident at 7:05 minutes what happens whit the person in the corner ¿

  19. American G.D.A.

    American G.D.A.Hace 3 meses

    If Your Video Starts out with "Almost", Make a different video, with all Your "Almost"s in it! Because almost doesn't count for anything in my book!

  20. Tm Kapp

    Tm KappHace 3 meses

    This is what we have since we no longer have manuals in most cars -- 2/3s of drivers who can't drive.

  21. Graham Porter

    Graham PorterHace 3 meses

    the woman walking after her vehicle is the most frustrating video on there.

  22. Beerbrewer737

    Beerbrewer737Hace 3 meses

    At 0:45 When two boneheads cross paths.

  23. Mehrgguts

    MehrggutsHace 3 meses

    8:56 was complete idiocy in my opinion. I understand having hella kids in a hassle but wtf that kid doing behind the car and running out like that??

  24. Thomas Elms

    Thomas ElmsHace 3 meses

    always avoid semis: they don't usually use their mirrors. If I'm in their area I speed up or slow down to avoid being next to them.

  25. tha grumbie

    tha grumbieHace 3 meses

    4:54 that caption I SWEAR I saw that same EXACT caption in another video about the driver being worried about his sleeping elderly mother...

  26. ChristopherInIL

    ChristopherInILHace 2 meses

    These clips end up on different channels. I've seen that clip in three other videos.

  27. Brianna Michelle

    Brianna MichelleHace 3 meses

    3:49 "C'mon people!" (feels guilty immediately after words leave his mouth)

  28. cswtx

    cswtxHace 3 meses

    7:55 omg that woman was insanely lucky that she did not get run over

  29. Bruce Coleman

    Bruce ColemanHace 3 meses


  30. dwalmop2

    dwalmop2Hace 3 meses

    0:25 What do you mean refusing to cooperate - there's a video! No need to "wait" for the other driver to cooperate.

  31. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace 3 meses

    8:10 I don't care what you dropped, it doesn't take that long to get them off the ground, and you should pull off the road if you're going to do that. Looks more like the driver fell asleep! The way the message was done, I though it would be a very abrupt wreck, but the camera showed that the driver rolled up on it with more than 10 seconds to react, not to mention stop. Dumb.

  32. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace 3 meses

    If you're going to steal a car, steal something worth stealing... not a crappy yellow sedan. Steal a Lambo or Ferrari or Porsche or something better... why risk getting caught for a POS?

  33. TheRedTiger

    TheRedTigerHace 3 meses

    If I see a street racing crash I wouldn't care cuz it's their own risk that they take when being an retard

  34. David

    DavidHace 3 meses

    The bug at the end 🙁

  35. Alfredo Ruiz

    Alfredo RuizHace 3 meses


  36. Darrell Struth

    Darrell StruthHace 3 meses

    The accident at 6:54 (video time) in Edmonton. The pedestrian did not survive.

  37. ballybunion9

    ballybunion9Hace 3 meses

    3:24:"What is literally happening right now?" An idiot who doesn't know to make _horizontal_ videos is making fun of someone else's intelligence. That's what is literally happening right now.

  38. AtrumNoxProductions

    AtrumNoxProductionsHace 3 meses

    Here is more info for 6:51 Sadly, the pedestrian, 24, lost his/her life.

  39. Guis Larcia

    Guis LarciaHace 3 meses

    0:42 I bet both drivers thought to themselves while looking at each others car “what an idiot” lol

  40. 2541968joey

    2541968joeyHace 3 meses

    It takes a lot of work & luck to get old

  41. Thelonious Monk

    Thelonious MonkHace 3 meses

    5:30 I cannot affirm that it's the fault of the driver because the biker was traveling at twice the speed allowed in that section. I'm also a biker but I do not drive with that recklessness, because sooner or later the same thing will happen to me as to that biker if I drive at those speeds

  42. furyofbongos

    furyofbongosHace 3 meses

    Regardless of fault, you have to be very stupid to ride a motorcycle thru and intersection at that speed.

  43. 배나오리

    배나오리Hace 3 meses

    운전 면허증을 취소시켜야 함.

  44. Kyle Okiec

    Kyle OkiecHace 3 meses

    Two bad drivers for the price of one! Limited time only at :42 seconds.

  45. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace 3 meses

    3:11 Philip D "What is literally going on right now?" If you would just film it competently someone could watch it and tell you. r/killthecameraman.

  46. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace 3 meses

    @Rachel E How else? Really? Ok, assuming you're sincerely asking and not just trolling: first off he is filming a _landscape_ not a portrait so should be holding the camera in *landscape* not portrait format. Secondly you say "pretty steady cam". Umm, no. Just no. No it's not steady. It's shaky. And thirdly, you say "followed the car." What? Again no! He follows the car, shakily, for a few moments, then unaccountably _stops_ following as the car drifts out of frame followed by the chasing woman and we are left staring at the intersection while a collision is heard. The cammer swings around and zooms to the aftermath. We can surmise that, off-camera, at least one car has taken evasive action while the runaway car has hit another. We have to surmise, can _only_ surmise, because, although the incident is in plain view, the cammer didn't film it. Cammer _could_ have filmed differently, _could_ have held the camera on its side, _could_ have held it steady, _could_ have filmed what happened instead of, you know, not. Tl:dr short answer to your question 'how else could they film it?' - _By_ _actually_ _filming_ _it._

  47. Rachel E

    Rachel EHace 3 meses

    How else could they film it? Pretty steady cam that followed the car

  48. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace 3 meses

    0:45 Jose Lozano "I save somebody's life today..." Puhleeze...

  49. John Doe

    John DoeHace 3 meses

    8:30 I'll bet that kid DOESN'T do that again! For a week anyway.

  50. Janis S

    Janis SHace 3 meses

    I don't watch ESdos videos with subtitles. You have to watch them once to read the subtitles and then again to see what you missed the first time reading the subtitles.

  51. Kevin Keeper

    Kevin KeeperHace 3 meses

    Anyone else just hate the super long narratives? Either 5 words or just show the damn clip smh

  52. Kevin Keeper

    Kevin KeeperHace 3 meses

    Only in Indiana do you see someone taking their car for a walk

  53. Ivan Olsen

    Ivan OlsenHace 3 meses


  54. Ivan Olsen

    Ivan OlsenHace 3 meses

    4:33 probably distracted by item hanging from mirror . ( ILLEGAL !) you one day

  55. FoxIt Productions

    FoxIt ProductionsHace 3 meses


  56. Ivan Olsen

    Ivan OlsenHace 3 meses

    fell out of car ..... unlicense bok chaw

  57. Rebeca Grieg

    Rebeca GriegHace 3 meses

    0:44 2 bad drivers in one clip *INSANE*

  58. Ron White

    Ron WhiteHace 3 meses

    7:38........the right lane was so good I named it thrice.

  59. festung Kourland

    festung KourlandHace 3 meses

    man the road markings at 517 are kind of deceptive.

  60. JAEMS

    JAEMSHace 3 meses

    0:45 I guarantee you both drivers were all.. "What in the HELL was that idiot doing??" No. You are both absolute idiots.

  61. iamlsusam

    iamlsusamHace 3 meses

    Driving shirtless is s clear sign of low class status! We should be allowed to give them an ass whipping without consequences!

  62. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace 3 meses

    0:42 Happens all the time at the I-5N split with the CA14N. They had those reflective orange tubes mounted between the two freeways and in short order people knocked every one of them down. Day in and day out idiots stop in the #1 lane of the CA14N because they suddenly decide they want to be on the I-5N. 5:10 So many times I've heard police officers say, "Don't worry! That's why they call it an accident." I think it stops being an accident when your actions are so careless and oblivious that it's more likely than not a bad result will occur.

  63. Paul Grieger

    Paul GriegerHace 3 meses

    For "themurph1966" the license on that golf is XY62 XGV

  64. Shirley boy

    Shirley boyHace 3 meses

    I have just got to say... Why the fuck do Americans just drive in any lane they want???? Lack of lane discipline is the cause of most of these accidents....and lack of respect for other drivers...

  65. IKhan

    IKhanHace 3 meses

    1:13 that was satisfying to watch. Reminds me of when a car made a left turn in front of a dump truck driver and the dump truck driver just said fuck it and pushed the car for almost a kilometre down the road to teach the dumb driver a lesson.


    ITBOILSMYBLOODHace 2 meses

    X-D Awesome! I LOVE it when dipshit self-entitled drivers total out their cars in a crash. It's even MORE rewarding when reckless drivers wreck their OWN CARS! You DAMN well know that dipshit was on the hook for THOUSANDS of dollars in damages! $15,000 for his OWN car, $500 for the sign, and at least $5,000 plus labor to replace the hydrant.

  67. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace 3 meses

    4:25 Awesome cammer and family

  68. Diamond be laughing

    Diamond be laughingHace 3 meses

    They really fucked up that clean ass beetle. What a bunch of bums.

  69. Rogelio Vela "Roger"

    Rogelio Vela "Roger"Hace 3 meses

    3:13 too much grand theft auto games lol driving without a seatbelt and door unlocked

  70. china thailand

    china thailandHace 3 meses

    7:25 police chases in city streets are stupid and dangerous. cops should not be able to pursue these idiots as it is always too dangerous and not worth the risk.

  71. china thailand

    china thailandHace 3 meses

    2::59 themurph1996 the plate on the silver vw is 5Y62 XGV

  72. CW

    CWHace 3 meses

    4:25 The cammer is on point and aware, love how his family is calm during the whole thing too..

  73. FoxIt Productions

    FoxIt ProductionsHace 3 meses

    Thank you here is a longer clip

  74. Kiyoncé Kartier

    Kiyoncé KartierHace 3 meses

    I would’ve been in the passenger side screaming. I’m shocked at how calm everyone was.

  75. AusPearlJammer

    AusPearlJammerHace 3 meses


  76. Walrus

    WalrusHace 3 meses

    when you have too many damn fucking kids and there's always this one being left out crossing the street.... this kid hits hard like it's the year of 2020....

  77. nzburger

    nzburgerHace 3 meses

    The wanganui driver was going too fast for the conditions...lucky it wasn’t USA or she’d have been sued for hundreds of thousands

  78. Jinajon

    JinajonHace 3 meses

    @nzburger Lol YT troll

  79. nzburger

    nzburgerHace 3 meses

    Jinajon nonsense...she was still going way too fast for the conditions

  80. Jinajon

    JinajonHace 3 meses

    Don't be ridiculous - the speed limit was 50, she was doing 30. She was being more than cautious.

  81. Ronald Rogers Jr.

    Ronald Rogers Jr.Hace 3 meses

    0:14 That's common.

  82. Dodge Man

    Dodge ManHace 3 meses

    8:15 makes me glad I quit smoking

  83. GordonGEICO

    GordonGEICOHace 3 meses

    Did that guy say a time machine showed up for one microsecond?

  84. Roc790

    Roc790Hace 3 meses

    8:10, Don't smoke cigarettes...

  85. 70TruckGuy

    70TruckGuyHace 3 meses

    0:40 - "the company is refusing to cooperate"? Are the laws different in the left-side-driving world where that is an option?

  86. Anony mous

    Anony mousHace 3 meses

    ugh 8:45, reminds me of a kid here that ran across a chuck e cheese parking lot and got killed by a car.

  87. HighwayTroll

    HighwayTrollHace 3 meses

    #HearTheTrain #HighwayTroll

  88. Soupbone 10 olgathecat

    Soupbone 10 olgathecatHace 3 meses

    I have no sympathy for those assholes drag racing! Pieces of shit have no remorse whatsoever for the people they hurt or kill!

  89. yan denis

    yan denisHace 3 meses

    Stupid humanity !!!

  90. JC130676

    JC130676Hace 3 meses

    4:09 Can somebody explain to me why there's no safety interlock on those things? As in, the moment you drive more than 10 km/h or a distance of more than 100 meters with the bed up, a siren starts blaring or it just refuses to drive? Apparently the drivers aren't bright enough to check before driving or noticing that their truck behaves differently.

  91. HeelsOnWheels

    HeelsOnWheelsHace 3 meses

    03:00 If he were 2 seconds later the person on the crosswalk could have been dead or at least severely injured now. 😲

  92. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Bad Drivers Of The IllawarraHace 3 meses

    6:56 Little did that poor guy standing on the corner know those were his final moments. Man thats tragic. Explorer driver needs to be thrown in a cell & left there.

  93. Alfredo Ruiz

    Alfredo RuizHace 3 meses

  94. Robby T.

    Robby T.Hace 3 meses

    Wow, they post warnings when deer are about to be hit but we see two pedestrians being mowed down, with NO warnings to the viewer!

  95. Tom Black

    Tom BlackHace 3 meses

    First video, "Almost caused 5-6 cars to pile up" and :55 "I saved someones life today". Why the overly dramatic statements ladies? Perhaps three cars in first video but most likely only two and the one at :55 all that would have happened was a low speed sideswipe. No one would have died.

  96. Mike Sokolow

    Mike SokolowHace 3 meses

    Hopefully corona will take these idiots out.

  97. boohoosob

    boohoosobHace 3 meses

    8:09. If ever there was a kick up yhe backside excuse to quit smoking, surely this is it.

  98. Jo Blow

    Jo BlowHace 3 meses

    8:42 knocked that kids face loose.

  99. Adam Scott

    Adam ScottHace 3 meses

    3:04 Plate is SY62 XGV

  100. Michael Moore

    Michael MooreHace 3 meses

    @0:44 This is exactly my prediction/hope that all idiot drivers take each other out _en masse_ in 1 single fortuitous day; and the pokey lane cloggers/ ADL or Anti-Destination League all congealed together in each others way, unable to move saying, "What-ma goin' do now?" Then we can just build a fence around them and pave a new road.

  101. moyadapne

    moyadapneHace 3 meses

    2.24 we don't need no steenkin' crash helmet.

  102. Antonello

    AntonelloHace 3 meses

    0:44 ''the testicles always go in pairs'' Ancient Venetian saying

  103. Branski C

    Branski CHace 3 meses

    10:10 Smokings bad for you.

  104. Jeff Manier

    Jeff ManierHace 3 meses

    5:39 hope the biker is alright, but its actually nice to see so many people wanting to help, theres still a lot of good people out there despite what the media tells us

  105. Stephen Bustos

    Stephen BustosHace 3 meses

    This is why we have to be careful going through intersections on our motorcycles even when we have a green light. You never know if someone will go right on a red.

  106. D.E. Waters

    D.E. WatersHace 3 meses

    you blurred the boys face, at first I thought there was something wrong with it.

  107. Sniper Tube

    Sniper TubeHace 3 meses

    5:31 the bicker is death (look for your self pause see it in slow motion look again there is nothing ok in that accident )

  108. abnormaltoy

    abnormaltoyHace 3 meses

    "what is literally happening right now?" what a goober

  109. TheRealDeal

    TheRealDealHace 3 meses

    0:44 Haha BONUS 2 for 1 deal

  110. pete smyth

    pete smythHace 3 meses

    5:30 people running across the road to help..a lady I know was killed running to help an accident victim.

  111. Maureen Berls

    Maureen BerlsHace 3 meses

    At least U.S.police are out on the roads.In Canada the RCMP do nothing so it's a free for all on the roads.

  112. Harry Forbes

    Harry ForbesHace 3 meses

    @0.25 So the company is refusing to cooperate with the police....hmmmm. So does that mean the driver could hang a shotgun out the window, blow someones head off and "the company won't tell us who was driving so there's nothing we can do about it". Yeah, right! Surely the UK has a law that imposes the penalty on the transport company, for traffic infringements, if a driver isn't nominated.