Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #140

This is video number # 140 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

For more driving tips visit :
Stay safe on the road
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  3. Just Another Aviator

    Just Another AviatorHace 2 meses

    @you suck nope, 😱

  4. you suck

    you suckHace 2 meses

    @Just Another Aviator he did. you saw a commercial, right?

  5. Just Another Aviator

    Just Another AviatorHace 2 meses

    You should find a sponsor with a dashcam manufacturer

  6. you suck

    you suckHace 2 meses

    @RR&BD Driving School i get ya. id rather have yall spend time getting more Sblyat videos out. im sadly a grammar nazi, and i get annoyed many times per video. no big deal. crash>grammar

  7. Antoila80

    Antoila80Hace 2 horas

    1:33 & 6:43 Pick-ups = what real a$$holes prefer to drive 😏

  8. Loganlm10

    Loganlm10Hace 8 horas

    I just turned 18 and left for college, my last semester of highschool my shitbox of a car my parents bought me when I was 16 went out on me(I am grateful for it but you get what you pay for when it cost $1000) ive been working and saving and had enough to buy myself a nice car for college, 2015 Kia Optima with 42,000 miles, I’ve had it no less then 6 months and I’ve already been cut off twice, and someone backed into me in a parking lot (a screw on the license plate broke off and after drilling it out and putting a new one in it’s fine) this never happened with my old car and I feel like I really need to get me a dash cam now

  9. Duot Panchol

    Duot PancholHace 9 horas

    That spin out was smooth asf

  10. 『Blank』

    『Blank』Hace 10 horas

    So wheres the video of the wrecked cop car?


    PICKLE CREWHace 14 horas

    4:04 I wasn’t even riding the bike and I myself shit my pants

  12. Mad Bro?

    Mad Bro?Hace 18 horas

    4:02 why I hate bikers. They saw 5 signs and still was flying. 99% there fault for everything that happens. They say watch out for bikers because of how many accidents they cause not us

  13. Kris S

    Kris SHace un día

    Everyone was very lucky to have not sustained major injuries in this video.

  14. alan _

    alan _Hace un día

    So were jus not gonna talk about the guy at 8:36 taking a piss at the dumpster

  15. Funnagle Jump

    Funnagle JumpHace 2 días

    where's the cruiser at

  16. RefleX

    RefleXHace 3 días

    2:42 *Lamborghini*

  17. Smerferlerf

    SmerferlerfHace 3 días

    how the hell do brakes slip.

  18. Eun Soo Young

    Eun Soo YoungHace 3 días

    7:51 Wait.. Wait the minute I can hear the sound but that is car or bikes? Where? It that ghost rider?.

  19. Chris Davis

    Chris DavisHace 3 días

    That one suspected hit and run sounded like a tie fighter 😂🤣

  20. Frumplecock .McMuffin

    Frumplecock .McMuffinHace 4 días

    8:57 thats the same noise i make!

  21. Fred Jaminson

    Fred JaminsonHace 4 días

    I come here to feel like my IQ is off the charts.

  22. frakius

    frakiusHace 4 días

    The guy in the last clip crashing into the Police Cruiser 10.14 Matthew Lyvon Paul of Denver went on to shoot and kill a 27 year old in a Carpark a few months later and then be shot dead by Police. Mad to think he wasn't in jail after an accident like that. He already had been done 5 times for DWAI/DUI and arrested 38 times.

  23. Jeremy Hill

    Jeremy HillHace 4 días

    they see a wheel fly off that Oldsmobile (well, it kinda looks like one) but they decide to go around it & keep on driving...

  24. bill billy

    bill billyHace 5 días

    I like how most of these end right before dude does something ignorant back...


    DEDS3C CH4NNELHace 5 días

    2:43 Caddy? (Cadillac) That's A Lamborghini Huracan You Idiot

  26. planet earth

    planet earthHace 6 días

    The last vedio of the police cruiser getting smashed, it just shows how even with the over head flashers going, its a false sense of security that law enforcement vehicles precieve they have, law enforcement vehicles are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road.

  27. Geordie Joe

    Geordie JoeHace 7 días

    8:31 I've been to that Wilkos

  28. Skyler MacDonald

    Skyler MacDonaldHace 7 días

    3:55 this guys an actual idiot like the signs are in bright orange and everything but he continued to speed

  29. Scott Cook

    Scott CookHace 8 días

    Morons on bikes

  30. sexyred tablet

    sexyred tabletHace 8 días

    2:08 learnt how to drive in the need for speed games

  31. Legitzombieguy

    LegitzombieguyHace 9 días

    1:20 rutherford is basically right next to nyc and nobody seems to know how to drive in the city. Always an accident around there on rt 3

  32. ChrisAndCats

    ChrisAndCatsHace 9 días

    0.56 was obvious from way back what was going to happen. Why carry on at same speed to the car then be surprised?

  33. Jeff E

    Jeff EHace 12 días

    7:47 if you close your eyes you can hear a defective tie fighter.

  34. Handsome Longshanks

    Handsome LongshanksHace 12 días

    Well, I knew that Seattle clip at around 3 minutes looked familiar. Used to drive that all the time

  35. aVoap

    aVoapHace 13 días


  36. Nikita Antropov

    Nikita AntropovHace 14 días

    U here for 10:08, I save u 10 minutes of ur life)

  37. Dennis Lopes

    Dennis LopesHace 14 días

    NY licenses should only be valid in NY

  38. Slane

    SlaneHace 15 días

    Brakes slipped my arse, too fast not paying attention into a round-about in the rain.

  39. Donnie Robertson

    Donnie RobertsonHace 16 días


  40. SMGJohn

    SMGJohnHace 17 días

    Most puzzling thing to me is the pathetic reaction and awareness of the cam drivers, like I could have had 20 dashcam videos in my life if I drove like them, completely oblivious, no respect, no awareness and thinks they are number one on the fucking road. Drive with your fucking eyes open, if there cunts that look just the slightest suspicious on the road you do not drive 10kph extra and closer to him, you take measures to avoid a potential fuck up. 90% of people should never have a right to drive, should sit in a bus that smells like piss.

  41. Glitter

    GlitterHace 18 días

    1:12 People with cameras in their cars and on their wittle bikey helmets are almost always the problem.

  42. Albert Gilbert

    Albert GilbertHace 19 días

    Called it a caddy lmfao its a lambo 2:45

  43. Spencer Enyart

    Spencer EnyartHace 19 días

    Man what a bad driver, how did he not expect his wheel to fall off, do what the title says and learn to drive scrub, jeez

  44. Shane Lewis

    Shane LewisHace 20 días

    These videos need to be cataloged by date time and location for the people involved to find!

  45. Randell Darky

    Randell DarkyHace 20 días

    There are so many jerks in a hurry, to get 1 or 2 car lengths ahead.

  46. duffeldoffer

    duffeldofferHace 22 días

    Very simple, People are fucking STUPID !

  47. X.xspamzzx.x Player

    X.xspamzzx.x PlayerHace 23 días

    For the first time in for ever someone can drive ❤️

  48. frost bite

    frost biteHace 24 días

    Lmaoooo i drive to calgary every now and then. I live in okotoks and i always say i that i fucking hate calgary driving and that just proves my fucking point lmao that is a tipical calgary driver lmao

  49. Axis

    AxisHace 26 días

    I love how most of the people didnt stop to see if they were ok its kinda sad you couldnt take time out of your day to help someone In need

  50. Dennis Sprole

    Dennis SproleHace 27 días

    Motorcyclist at 4:00 is an idiot. Sees the construction still speeds up. Lucky he didn't kill himself or a construction worker.

  51. Luccas Lacerda

    Luccas LacerdaHace 28 días

    Americans don't know how to drive

  52. Yamaha SR650

    Yamaha SR650Hace 29 días

    8:36: Yaaaaa, I'm peeing!

  53. Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    Theldras PneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosisHace un mes

    8:05, there is a certain kind of driver who would absolutely try to argue that this somehow was the trams fault.

  54. Hidakaku56

    Hidakaku56Hace 22 días

    clearly the tram should have used a defensive driving maneuver instead of just continuing on lol

  55. Cordrick Anderson

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  56. Johnathan Barker

    Johnathan BarkerHace un mes

    I've said it before I'll keep saying it some fucking people should NOT be allowed to drive or own a motor vehicle!

  57. Pedro Oregel

    Pedro OregelHace un mes

    Yono se como ai jente tan pendeja para manejar amen libranos de un pendejo asi

  58. Jupjowt Singh

    Jupjowt SinghHace un mes

    2:10 wall riding 101

  59. Great White Shark

    Great White SharkHace un mes

    #2. Just. What. The. Fuck.

  60. هلا مرحبا

    هلا مرحباHace un mes

    ذلا مين علمهم السواقة

  61. Jacobi Sparks

    Jacobi SparksHace un mes

    That sure looks like an expensive Caddy...and Italian...and obviously a Lamborghini. But I guess I can't expect normies to know a supercar from grandpa's sunday cruiser...

  62. John Sinclair

    John SinclairHace un mes

    I hope the last driver was banned for life. Never drive drunk.

  63. C_Dubbzz *

    C_Dubbzz *Hace un mes

    0:24 "uhh... I meant to do that! Haha!...."

  64. ShocKTeX

    ShocKTeXHace un mes

    6:50 i cant be the only one who sung along?

  65. Kitty Genji

    Kitty GenjiHace un mes

    Two things that annoy in dashcam videos: 1. Loud gasps 2. “I got it on dashcam.”

  66. Kitty Genji

    Kitty GenjiHace 2 días

    @San exactly!

  67. San

    SanHace 2 días

    Also honking more than 5 seconds

  68. Aimee Molina

    Aimee MolinaHace un mes

    Alright let me solve this so u need driving License and u need to pass so u can start driving so how did they pass it it makes no sense

  69. Hencat2k

    Hencat2kHace un mes

    7:40 hey, who put that car there?

  70. Autumn S

    Autumn SHace un mes

    At 8:35 a dude is taking a mpiss on a dumbster to the right

  71. Catherine Yu

    Catherine YuHace un mes

    2nd clip Im pointing this out he did do a clean 360 tho!

  72. Shocking Bunny

    Shocking BunnyHace un mes

    First guy see wheel fall off car, speeds up

  73. A Starrlyfe

    A StarrlyfeHace un mes

    Trying to get my subscriber's up, subscribe 2 me and I'll subscribe 2 you.

  74. Khawaja Atif

    Khawaja AtifHace un mes

    Please drive safe and somoothly Love u for them who employment safe travels go to home 🏡 safely Love ❤️❤️💖💕❤️🐱💓💞😘❤️💗❤️💖 goooooood Arif khawaja from pakistan enjoy life love life Yours family member who waiting for you 💖 plz safe ❣️ driving 💗 Life is very important u and your family

  75. хаи

    хаиHace un mes

    this dude seeing 3 car crashes a day

  76. TrickshotSensation

    TrickshotSensationHace un mes

    3:30 is in Calgary, I know the story. Driver was drunk.

  77. Shelby Sigouin

    Shelby SigouinHace un mes

    to get a licence i feel like people need to go to a school for a year and learn how to actually drive because it is becoming more and more apparent that people in mass do not know how to actually dive, they only know hot to operate the vehicle which any child can do

  78. Nacho Miranda

    Nacho MirandaHace un mes

    2:04 Forza drivers

  79. GrandMasterLynx

    GrandMasterLynxHace un mes

    10:07 for Thumbnail

  80. Fredo

    FredoHace un mes

    Isn't it funny and annoying when the bad driver shifts the blame to the good driver and thinks he'll get away with it but in the end, He doesn't..? Lmao

  81. Tiny Me

    Tiny MeHace un mes

    Idiot , the guy on the motorcycle and than have the nerves to show the video here ?!!!

  82. Sabrefire916

    Sabrefire916Hace un mes

    How many other people wonder after watching these videos how did these people get licenses in the first place

  83. Ollie Reid

    Ollie ReidHace un mes

    7:01 BTS!!!

  84. Jpdst29

    Jpdst29Hace un mes

    Some of these cammers need to go back and retake drivers-ed as well.

  85. JJ Watt

    JJ WattHace un mes

    I live in Knoxville haha

  86. Van Jones

    Van JonesHace un mes

    #2 was a pro move

  87. muhammad charikari

    muhammad charikariHace un mes

    2:41 "Wrecked Caddy" looks suspiciously like a Lamborghini. But maybe I'm confused

  88. Ur Mom

    Ur MomHace un mes

    6:50 is just me that notice bts - Not today playing 🤔🤔

  89. Arielle Hooker

    Arielle HookerHace un mes

    I heard it too

  90. Meg_97

    Meg_97Hace un mes

    Thought my music started playing but it was this lol

  91. The Official Sikris

    The Official SikrisHace un mes

    7:45 Was that a Ford Expedition or a Tie Fighter?

  92. Mike Green

    Mike GreenHace un mes

    About 7/10 drivers in these vids are in the left lane. Merge right. Learn to spell brake.

  93. Chaelo G

    Chaelo GHace un mes

    The miata had nos

  94. radicalron65

    radicalron65Hace un mes

    Only in New South Wales because that crap would never fly in Virginia.....Insurance company would be cited and forced to pay here....

  95. Jordan Eggerman

    Jordan EggermanHace un mes

    There's no way that 2007 Honda Accord was on "autopilot". Cruise, maybe, but the idiot behind the wheel was the one steering the car. Unless it had some extra sensors that I wasn't seeing...yeah. Not even sure the modern Accords have any self-driving features...

  96. DaFluffIty Fluff

    DaFluffIty FluffHace un mes

    Haha I like how they put up Driving School after the video. It was well needed 😌

  97. Jacob Ryan

    Jacob RyanHace un mes

    Anyone else had the feeling that until it's pretty much the only way to drive for the most part that autopilot should be only tested on tracks simulating highways and all that. I don't think people can handle autopilot right now on highways and neighborhoods.

  98. Jakob Tudor

    Jakob TudorHace un mes

    It amazes me Americans are allowed to just keep driving when they witness an accident.

  99. Jakhi HILTON

    Jakhi HILTONHace un mes

    I love how in 3:50 the motorcyclist realizes his mistake and say I’m gonna crash then narrowly winged his way out of an accident bravo

  100. Saul Brown

    Saul BrownHace un mes

    Bro the one where the guy hit the police cruiser and he had no injuries or minor ones wtf

  101. Steven Pangilinan

    Steven PangilinanHace un mes

    6:20 just looks like hydroplaning, not insane reckless driving.

  102. LGB LGB

    LGB LGBHace un mes

    5:35 This is actually a tricky approach to the east end of the Roslyn Viaduct (recently reconstructed to make traffic move more easily - used to be much worse). What is hard to tell is that this is a very steep approach (from the highest natural point on Long Island) that drops down to where the viaduct crosses Hempstead Harbor. If you are in the right lane the exit can come up suddenly, especially if you have picked up speed coming downhill and are unfamiliar with the area (treacherous enough as it is short, ends in a T intersection, and the brick bank opposite has been hit countless times). Halfway down the hill is a cut through for those who wish to go to a huge medical building and a Mercedes Benz dealership - I’m guessing the “scammer” overshot that, or meant to dross the viaduct. FYI: Trinity Church on the right was designed by Stanford White.

  103. Bostonian Newyorker

    Bostonian NewyorkerHace un mes

    Why do people have the time to just immediately press on the horn instead of grabbing the steering wheel for invasive maneuvers

  104. Old Dirty Guru

    Old Dirty GuruHace un mes

    So who's the one that doesn't know their cars that "caddy" looks nothing like a Cadillac

  105. Brett Rowley

    Brett RowleyHace un mes

    Bigfoot Brian needs to relocate his dash cam.

  106. Milan Mckinney

    Milan MckinneyHace un mes

    the person named brian kim i give credits to for have a taste in culture lol stan kpop

  107. Maximus Lockhart

    Maximus LockhartHace un mes

    I saw the crash at 1:55 coming, where I am it's taught that even if you can make it through an intersection or around a corner between a bus and a semi, it's allways safer to wait until you can see past them because there's allways a good chance of an inpatient person on the other side that you can't see, and can't see you swing in behind them and hitting you exactly like what this person in the white car did to the cammer.

  108. Logan Walker

    Logan WalkerHace un mes

    I hate how the people stop to help the idiots that caused the crash

  109. Mr T rex

    Mr T rexHace un mes

    Not only the cause of accidents are drivers who miss traffic but also idiots who get so mad they have to get back and almost causing another incident as the one on 1:20


    THRASH METAL & FUN RIFFSHace 2 meses

    On all their Tombstones it shall be written: "It was closer than it looked"