Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #144

This is video number # 144 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. Dropped Boez

    Dropped BoezHace 9 días

    And here comes the a$$hole of the video, Mr I drive a Tesla and you don't so automatically you have lil money,no registration and insurance.........try sticking that hole car up your butt!

  2. ickisandoblina

    ickisandoblinaHace 18 días

    8:30 - Mopar guy, the van didn't cut you off. At best, they TRIED to cut you off, but didn't succeed; but, really, they didn't even do that - they weren't paying attention and drifted into your lane by accident. One of the things that bothers me about a lot of these is cammers take it personally when someone else simply makes a mistake (not that mistakes on the road are acceptable), or the other driver is just being impatient or oblivious; taking it personally only makes it worse.

  3. ickisandoblina

    ickisandoblinaHace 18 días

    5:40 - this, to me, was ideal. I'm sorry the oblivious moron in front of you couldn't get into the offramp lane earlier - it made zero sense, but then that's par for course these days. But what was brilliant, IMO, is you making the other impatient oblivious moron miss their exit. One would hope it's a lesson learned, but I doubt it. And props for being a cammer that didn't do anything moronic to exacerbate the situation, like most of the cammers seem to do for some reason.

  4. PestesTesties

    PestesTestiesHace 27 días

    Ya killed a FOOKING ROO

  5. Donnie Robertson

    Donnie RobertsonHace un mes


  6. Linda Peters

    Linda PetersHace un mes

    Red Corvette, R.I.P glad to see the driver is ok . my x had one , let his brother drive drunk at 80+mph into house . both were injured pretty bad , both were over 6 ft tall an big ........i was laughing , cause i told him not to take the car , the brother thought the gas was brake

  7. Matthew

    MatthewHace un mes

    They saved the best for last.

  8. Thibault Esquevin

    Thibault EsquevinHace un mes

    Those clips are getting way too much text. And now video is also paused at each one... I like your videos but this is becoming boring AF to watch.

  9. Chad Wiggins

    Chad WigginsHace un mes

    I heard that 16 mile road in Clinton is cursed cus there's a lot of accidents happen on it

  10. Lesnoy Mushchina

    Lesnoy MushchinaHace un mes

    That noise pollution at 7:35 would make me have a car accident.

  11. Michael Brucker

    Michael BruckerHace un mes

    Drivers Ed

  12. Levi Laraki

    Levi LarakiHace un mes

    9:31 I pass under that bridge a loooooot and there is a lot of crashes there. I can tell you the name of the road and there is a honda dealership on this road XD

  13. 666 Unaided Beast

    666 Unaided BeastHace un mes

    Video starting at 4:02 looks like Hilton Parkway here in Baltimore on our West side. People speed down it all the time.

  14. Ashleigh Witherspoon

    Ashleigh WitherspoonHace un mes

    That’s so stupid to have no fault states cause if you don’t have the money but it’s the other persons fault and you can’t get that insurance it’s trash that should be abolished

  15. LV 426

    LV 426Hace un mes

    7:57 song?

  16. Jordan Neff

    Jordan NeffHace un mes

    Angel City Gamble by As Blood Runs Black

  17. Jason F

    Jason FHace 2 meses

    8:00 idk whether its funny or just plain sad that some people actually listen to random guttural noises without rhythm laid over a headache of a track.

  18. Jordan Neff

    Jordan NeffHace un mes

    @Jason F I get you don't like this style of music. I don't like country but I'm not going to bash people for liking it because in not a douchebag

  19. Jordan Neff

    Jordan NeffHace un mes

    @Jason F I would love see you play any of those instruments or do vocals like him without fucking up your voice

  20. Jason F

    Jason FHace un mes

    @Jordan Neff you calling that talent... makes me sad. Its just plain sad.

  21. Jordan Neff

    Jordan NeffHace un mes

    Some people actually enjoy talent

  22. Noob Boob

    Noob BoobHace 2 meses

    6:15 No wonder Ls swaps are popular, u can find an engine about anywhere :D

  23. Regally Lola

    Regally LolaHace 2 meses

    Love your channel and have nothing but encouragement to continue to upload this content, but I wish you would put a warning before a clip of any animal potentially getting hit it sends a icy pang of dread in the pit of my stomach when it sneaks up on me. But like I said I do absolutely love your channel thank you so much 😊

  24. chrissso25

    chrissso25Hace 2 meses

    5:11 Every time you drive at night in Australia.

  25. tetra7billy

    tetra7billyHace 2 meses

    What was Greien218 @7:36 listening to?

  26. Jordan Neff

    Jordan NeffHace un mes

    @tetra7billy it's all good. I was curious myself lol

  27. tetra7billy

    tetra7billyHace un mes

    @Jordan Neff I really appreciate that effort, especially for a stranger. Thanks again!

  28. Jordan Neff

    Jordan NeffHace un mes

    @tetra7billy when I first heard it I knew it was As Blood Runs Black but couldn't figure out the song lol had to go through all their songs haha

  29. tetra7billy

    tetra7billyHace un mes

    @Jordan Neff I love you

  30. Jordan Neff

    Jordan NeffHace un mes

    Angel City Gamble by As Blood Runs Black

  31. Ali Swanson

    Ali SwansonHace 2 meses

    Sad for kangaroo. :(

  32. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace 2 meses

    2:49 Wouldn't it be better to just use the paved on ramp? 4:24 He's trying to drive on grass again. 7:34 *Finally,* some decent music on one of these dashcam compilations. 9:23 If you'd had a Tesla, then maybe we could have gotten a decent view of the crash.

  33. NinjaGoatX

    NinjaGoatXHace 2 meses

    4:22 the lift off oversteer gottem good 🤣 And that last one was so satisfying. 🔥

  34. Magne Mathisen

    Magne MathisenHace 2 meses

    The Russians make better movies, more bang for the bucks...

  35. Mark8675332

    Mark8675332Hace 2 meses

    If you are ever wondering if someone is driving a Tesla, don't worry they will tell you.

  36. Mark8675332

    Mark8675332Hace 2 meses

    @3MTA3 I agree with you on that one

  37. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace 2 meses

    Kinda like vegans and people who do Cross Fit

  38. Sarah Barton

    Sarah BartonHace 2 meses

    If Wacky Races came back most of these drivers could audition.

  39. Member?

    Member?Hace 2 meses

    Well gawd it's about fricken time somebody recorded a clip with Rush playing in the background

  40. Gabrijel Pezelj

    Gabrijel PezeljHace 2 meses

    10:05 love it, finally someone not giving a fuck to these morons on the road. Lesson given, thumbsup

  41. Will4May

    Will4MayHace 2 meses

    4:03 looks to me like the cammer and the white car were speeding, maybe a race or dik measuring, but they were both catching the cars infront on a bend, cammer having to cut the bend to stop himself from drifting out aswell.

  42. Jayce Smith

    Jayce SmithHace 2 meses

    In the second clip the person turning totally could’ve let that person over but instead gassed it piss off

  43. bikehunter82

    bikehunter82Hace 2 meses

    6:48.... .... LOLOLOLLOOL! Everyone can sadly look at this and see the whole story.

  44. you suck

    you suckHace 2 meses

    5:07 not sure on legality in aus, but in usa, we euthanize them ourselves so they dont suffer while waiting. and no, i dont live in texas. or the south, for that matter. you live in aus, dont you have a "knoife" (rip paul hogan)

  45. SpunkySouthernGirl

    SpunkySouthernGirlHace 2 meses

    Rules for the road: 1) You can't fix stupid. 2.) Stupid is *everywhere*.

  46. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace 2 meses

    1:18 Holler - Dodge slid into the trucks ahead of him...which were avoiding a wheel lost from a truck going the other way. Surprised it wasn't mentioned in the description, or did Holler not twig what was going on?

  47. JoeyLovesTrains

    JoeyLovesTrainsHace 2 meses

    The guy in the last clip is going to kill someone... canner would be at fault for not letting him in.

  48. JoeyLovesTrains

    JoeyLovesTrainsHace 2 meses

    RoTTTiIN well, at least don’t do what this guy did, he could’ve easily avoided this accident by letting him in..

  49. RoTTTiIN

    RoTTTiINHace 2 meses

    Don’t have to let someone merge

  50. you suck

    you suckHace 2 meses


  51. Paul Rodrigues

    Paul RodriguesHace 2 meses

    The last one!!!! He best be careful who sees this. Was it worth being a dickhead and wreck 2 trucks???

  52. Clare Ravenwood

    Clare RavenwoodHace 2 meses

    3:33. No, you drove into the side of her car, she did not drive into you. Watch your own video again. LOL If you read the story on 5:27, it sounds like they euthanized his daughter! Not written well.

  53. truesonic33

    truesonic33Hace 2 meses

    4:16 was that guy shut face? looks like something from a movie.

  54. Kristian Vandehei

    Kristian VandeheiHace 2 meses

    Last one should be 50/50

  55. Neomis 01

    Neomis 01Hace 2 meses

    5:10 you didn't have to swerve, just had to slow to a stop, he was running away, you could have avoided, either not paying attention or slow reflexes. don't be scared to use the brakes, that's what ABS is for.

  56. sonts1423

    sonts1423Hace 2 meses

    Have a look at the information on the bottom of the display, she did slow down and gasped before you could even see the roo. She couldn't account for the roo changing direction.

  57. Dr Chan

    Dr ChanHace 2 meses

    poor skippy R.I.P

  58. Prayudha W

    Prayudha WHace 2 meses

    you Australians have made good example of what a driver should do when dealing with wildlife on the road.. there's only one you, i agree. salute!

  59. Emerson Davis

    Emerson DavisHace 2 meses

    That last one was so satisfying. Fuck that truck

  60. Double RD

    Double RDHace 2 meses

    0:42 very good taste in music

  61. TiffYG2133

    TiffYG2133Hace 2 meses

    3:13 oh Hello Colorado

  62. tok kot

    tok kotHace 2 meses

    good to see some australian footage for a change aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi

  63. tok kot

    tok kotHace 2 meses

    shout out to the tesla who was man enough to overlook the dumbass who scratched his car good on you mate

  64. Jason Lloyd

    Jason LloydHace 2 meses

    Uh... That last clip, the cammer was 100% at fault. Zipper in like a normal human being and stop being a dickhead.

  65. Nigh Darke

    Nigh DarkeHace 2 meses

    That last one was actually more the cammer's fault than the other guy because the cammer could have easily avoided that accident and he simply chose not to.

  66. you suck

    you suckHace 2 meses

    @shreddder999 3 buddies pretending a road rage type thing happened so they could get likes and on dashcam compilations.

  67. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace 2 meses

    I don't really understand what was going on in that video.

  68. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace 2 meses

    I agree. It looks like it was a "Who has the bigger dick" contest.

  69. you suck

    you suckHace 2 meses


  70. TheRealDeal

    TheRealDealHace 2 meses

    6:58 Just because you drive a Tesla Model Cunt doesn't mean you're psychic. Assuming they have little money, registration or insurance.

  71. mustanguy102

    mustanguy102Hace 2 meses

    That fuckstick in the dildorado at the end, glorious.


    SWAGCOWHace 2 meses

    3:11 RIP Baja :C

  73. cloud ix

    cloud ixHace 2 meses

    6:20 when you have 300 ping reaction time.

  74. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace 2 meses


  75. Bill House

    Bill HouseHace 2 meses

    I just love witching these an wondering what they were really thinking when they left there homes that morning ?

  76. Jeff H

    Jeff HHace 2 meses

    Last one, in NSW Australia, cam car is at fault. Lane ended to an unmarked merge.

  77. Matthew w

    Matthew wHace 2 meses

    The guy in last video was being a bit of a jerk too cause they're lane was ending and had to get over they should have let them in not nearly killed someone

  78. Lastman Standing

    Lastman StandingHace 2 meses

    I have a Tesla model 4. Did I tell you I have a Tesla model 4?

  79. Doug Burch

    Doug BurchHace 2 meses

    6:19 this is what happens when every time you start out you have to show how small your dick is by taking off fast.

  80. Option Z

    Option ZHace 2 meses

    I wish I never saw the kangaroo clip :"-( broke my heart

  81. GordonGEICO

    GordonGEICOHace 2 meses

    The last clip is the trifecta of stupid... brake-checking, tailgating, and road-hogging

  82. Dr. Etzor

    Dr. EtzorHace 3 días

    I'm guessing that since the front car did not budge either, that the one that went off from the road was doing some BS even before the clip started.

  83. kingda117

    kingda117Hace 2 meses

    @Hless421 I know who they voted for!

  84. Hless421

    Hless421Hace 2 meses

    Three dumb hicks

  85. Justin Fincher

    Justin FincherHace 2 meses

    bikehunter82 also I should add welcome to Mansfield Texas, we also have meth.

  86. Justin Fincher

    Justin FincherHace 2 meses

    Welcome to Mansfield Texas where it’s the Wild West of stupidity and road rage.

  87. Kevin Pugh

    Kevin PughHace 2 meses

    Maybe next time, dont drive like its a race track 6:18. You would still have it.

  88. IKhan

    IKhanHace 2 meses

    Phew! Good thing the Tesla driver let us know they had a Tesla.

  89. mindyschocolate

    mindyschocolateHace 2 meses

    IKhan and it was a Model 3, just so we were all clear on which one. I can continue on about my day now that I know.

  90. Lastman Standing

    Lastman StandingHace 2 meses

    Was it a model 3?

  91. Lunatic Fringe

    Lunatic FringeHace 2 meses

    That ladies dress could have covered your tesla🤣

  92. Lastman Standing

    Lastman StandingHace 2 meses

    Wait, did somebody have a Tesla? Was it a model 3?

  93. Lunatic Fringe

    Lunatic FringeHace 2 meses

    A little less testosterone cammer, and the car turning in front of you would have been out of your way.

  94. Krafty

    KraftyHace 2 meses

    Last clip the cammer is definitely at fault.

  95. abyssalguy

    abyssalguyHace 2 meses

    Gotta love the US.... First reaction when someone may be in critical condition due to crash "huh huh I got it on dashcam !!" Then speed up to leave the scene without helping. Country of degenerates.

  96. macarde10

    macarde10Hace 2 meses

    As degenerate as making a wide ranging assertion as yours. :)

  97. Alan Beumann

    Alan BeumannHace 2 meses

    and we have a TESLA mention! 6:49!

  98. Alan Beumann

    Alan BeumannHace 2 meses

    give the Corvette guy a break....I hear it's tough to drive one of those with a little dick.

  99. The other Dave

    The other DaveHace 2 meses

    so..the usual. people driving too fast. Cammers and other drivers are all impatient and, the cammers must...MUST tell people "i got that on dash cam". Got it...yep...great.

  100. Sean Ball

    Sean BallHace 2 meses

    Very rarely do I recognize the area these are in but I saw Midlothian in the second clip and immediately knew

  101. Radionut R

    Radionut RHace 2 meses

    Couple of questions. What kind of screaming Mimi music with that guy listening to in the Netherlands? Question number two what the heck was that guy doing with the white truck in the last clip the white truck and he paid the price. Why not just let emerge. Great video thanks for the upload

  102. Estam Nar

    Estam NarHace 2 meses

    White truck was driving like a twat, brake checking and intentionally blocking traffic, then trying to cut the cammer off on a lane ending. In most US states, a blinker gives zero rights, and its the responsibility of the person merging(the one whos lane is ending, in this case) to do so safely. Drivers in the lane being merged into have no legal obligation to make way for them, though it is considered curteous. Ergo, in my opinion(and the cammers, obviously), someone driving like a fking knob for no reason(ego, likely) has already lost all chance for courtesy, and as such must fuck off to the back of the line if your lane ends. Try to force it if you want, ive got no legal obligation to let you have the lane. Any accident that occurs is your fault, and will judged as such by both the police, and the insurance companies. Also, damage to my vehicle will likely be minor and repairable. Yours, will likely be much worse, as PIT is almost assured. TL;DR, the law says im allowed to say "Fuck around and find out."

  103. Wulfstan Æðelstan Heade

    Wulfstan Æðelstan HeadeHace 2 meses

    I own a ford ranger and also have owned other ford cars and trucks even a mustang. & have not had any problems keeping them on the road and away from crowds of people. It's sad how others make the few safe drivers look bad.

  104. Aiman

    AimanHace 2 meses

    2:53 Entering the freeway... Badass Style.

  105. CaMoTiMe

    CaMoTiMeHace 2 meses

    Poor kangaroo... he didnt even know wut hit em

  106. Jeff E

    Jeff EHace 2 meses

    Wow, Canadians listen to Rush?!?

  107. Jason Pharis

    Jason PharisHace 2 meses was just what was on the radio. 😁

  108. Rob W

    Rob WHace 2 meses

    @Jeff E , Juuuuust checking, lol.

  109. Jeff E

    Jeff EHace 2 meses

    Rob W 😉

  110. Rob W

    Rob WHace 2 meses

    This is a joke, right?

  111. Anriandor

    AnriandorHace 2 meses

    Sweet sweet satisfaction at the end. I haven't had that much satisfaction in a LONG time!

  112. Lastman Standing

    Lastman StandingHace 2 meses

    You need to find yourself a girlfriend! 🙄

  113. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Bad Drivers Of The IllawarraHace 2 meses

    3:18 Its so weird seeing a crash from my city on a compilation like this.

  114. Nishkid641

    Nishkid641Hace 2 meses

    1:50 I think we have an idea of sometimes why people moved their cars after getting hit. They dont want to "preserve the crime scene" since if other people look at it, they would obviously be able to conclude who will be at fault. 2:55 I didnt see that pickup till it was right in front of cammer. It's a common sense when most of the time we're behind the wheel, we keep staring straight ahead without noticing whatever is coming from left or right. 3:33 lol, they really censored the word. I mean most of the viewers are probably not from Czech Republic so we dont know what is the "F" word in Czech so there's no need to censor. 4:25 "call 911". Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so we do need the cops. Remember, shoot DEAD any fool who want to "defund the police".

  115. Nishkid641

    Nishkid641Hace 2 meses

    @n u but that guy crossed into the other side. He/she could had backed up to where he/she pulled out.

  116. n u

    n uHace 2 meses

    anyone can already reconstruct the scene from skid marks and debris, as well as damage. its the law to move out of the roadway when you get into a collision, not to stop in the roadway and cause another one + traffic.

  117. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace 2 meses

    In most states, you're required to move off the road if you can do so. Crime scene? lol... most are fender benders, not crimes. BUT this is why we use dashcams... It's no longer my word against the little old lady. It's my camera that speaks for me now. GET ONE and don't worry about moving off the road or disrupting the 'crime scene'. You've got it recorded.

  118. boofaloo aloo

    boofaloo alooHace 2 meses

    There is places in Australia where you just try avoid driving at night , it's not if you are gonna hit one it's when . And they will fuck your car.

  119. Liz eth

    Liz ethHace 2 meses

    0:23 The driver didn't cut you off, you GAVE them the chance! 🤦‍♀️

  120. Rob W

    Rob WHace 2 meses

    Lol, no.

  121. Michael Murray

    Michael MurrayHace 2 meses

    The intersection at 2:20 looks like a crazy one. If anyone knows where it is for me to look it up on google maps can you please let me know. I'd like to check it out.

  122. Echizen

    EchizenHace 2 meses

    it says New York Ave NE and Montana Ave NE, Washington DC

  123. Rob Bernath

    Rob BernathHace 2 meses

    1:50 - "You deserve a "brake" today (well, you should have) at McDonald's..." 🎶

  124. Bob Lalonde

    Bob LalondeHace 2 meses

    Mental disability with a drivers license is the same as a license to kill !!!

  125. kjadfhgioaudbfvilaeu

    kjadfhgioaudbfvilaeuHace 2 meses

    1:17 Love that lime green Ranger, though. XD


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace 2 meses

    7:35 A song name please?

  127. Jordan Neff

    Jordan NeffHace un mes

    Angel City Gamble by As Blood Runs Black


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace 2 meses

    Whatever you said...

  129. Rob W

    Rob WHace 2 meses

    @TAXI DASHCAMERA , LOL! Oh I love internet tough guys.


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace 2 meses

    Rob, you gonna have a last warning! Before I gonna fuck your shit off!


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace 2 meses


  132. Flavored Monitors

    Flavored MonitorsHace 2 meses

    At the last part of the video it was sad because that poor truck

  133. leaa bergeron

    leaa bergeronHace 2 meses

    dont show animals accidents

  134. James Andrew

    James AndrewHace 2 meses

    The video at 6:35 is not me, but I've had that happen to me before too.

  135. mike smith

    mike smithHace 2 meses

    That last one might have been an insurance scam (or robbery). One truck slowed him down and then the other one crowded up and blocked him in. The way they were pacing each other seemed suspicious. Then the guy followed him until they got to the police station and then took off. If the other guy thought that he was in the right he would be glad to talk to the cops. Should have slowed down and then turned off as soon as possible.

  136. macarde10

    macarde10Hace 2 meses

    I don’t think the last one is a scam. Just two idiots with a third person who, probably upset with the cammer tailgating him, chose to maintain speed with the other pickup. I will agree that the pickup who was pitted, was most definitely an ass. However, so was the cammer.

  137. Thunder Truck

    Thunder TruckHace 2 meses

    Just remember if you drive a tesla model 3 u need to say that in your comments when something happens to the car.......we don't care that u drive a tesla🥱🥱

  138. Lastman Standing

    Lastman StandingHace 2 meses

    Sounds like Thunder Truck has a man crush on Tesla model 3's...and he doesn't want to admit it.

  139. Bob Cardinalli

    Bob CardinalliHace 2 meses

    That last cammer in the gray truck was being a dick. He was overly aggressive and caused the incident.

  140. Neutral Commenter

    Neutral CommenterHace 2 meses

    6:58 I parked my Tesla model 3 and was walking back to my Tesla model 3 and noticed someone standing next to my Tesla model 3. After looking at my Tesla model 3 I noticed there was a ding in the rear door of my Tesla model 3. I then questioned them if they opened their door into my Tesla model 3 and they said, no, we did not open our door into your Tesla model 3.

  141. TurnTimeTable

    TurnTimeTableHace un mes

    ​@Rachel E Yeah, and maybe they just want douche bags to know if it's a Tesla it's bristling with cameras so they're going to get caught.

  142. Reb

    RebHace un mes

    @you suck the median age of a tesla owner is like 54 or something, but I guess most of them were bought by their 90 year old parents.

  143. Reb

    RebHace un mes

    @Rachel E Big babies who hate Teslas love to pretend like they overstate what car they drive, even if they say it once.

  144. mindyschocolate

    mindyschocolateHace 2 meses


  145. Clare Ravenwood

    Clare RavenwoodHace 2 meses

    @Lastman Standing l don't have Tesla envy. Rather ordinary looking car really.

  146. Nikki Fernandez

    Nikki FernandezHace 2 meses

    No offense but if you have to put an arrow to show where the accident occurs, then maybe you shouldn't have uploaded the video, because you can't even see the accident happen!!

  147. Robert Dietrich

    Robert DietrichHace 2 meses

    4:29 "Au revoir, dummy." 😂😂😂

  148. andz1995

    andz1995Hace 2 meses

    10:05 what a fucking jackass. The lanes merge together and the guy was already ahead of you, you’re a reckless idiot. Just because you technically have the right of way doesn’t mean you should nearly kill someone trying to properly merge at a zipper lane merge.

  149. Neutral Commenter

    Neutral CommenterHace 2 meses

    6:35 That is the reaction (both timing and braking) of a driver that is paying attention. Even though it is often time the other driver's fault, so many cammers are obviously not paying attention and get into the accident because they either don't react or react way too late.

  150. Neilor Holanda

    Neilor HolandaHace 2 meses

    7:34 "...Break away, from those who impede, cut all the ties, break away, and follow your dreams. Risk it all Find solace in uncertainty Now is the time To make a move, defy de odds..." Angel City Gamble by As Blood Runs Black

  151. Jordan Neff

    Jordan NeffHace un mes

    This album and Allegiance are their best stuff then they fell apart with Ground Zero ☹️

  152. Aaron Irick

    Aaron IrickHace 2 meses

    I was wondering if anyone else noticed it, I have that very album on disc still. It unfortunate they are no longer making music.


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace 2 meses

    *Thanks for that song name.*

  154. andz1995

    andz1995Hace 2 meses

    Anyone else think the camer’s rate of acceleration at 6:15 contributed? Both drivers had enough time to brake and the Lexus shouldn’t have turned but you can clearly hear his car engine revving and higher RPMs than what I’d say is normal

  155. Rob W

    Rob WHace 2 meses

    It is still up to the left turning vehicle to ensure that the turn can be made safely. They didn't even have a safe distance to turn even if a Geo Metro was coming. The "rate of acceleration" is irrelevant.

  156. Russian Account

    Russian AccountHace 2 meses

    It obviously contributed. From the turning driver's perspective, he sees a car slowly turning right at an intersection. The cammer revs up and speeds all guns blazing as fast as possible (likely with the intent of going over the speed limit) and careens into a dangerous situation.

  157. D Ole

    D OleHace 2 meses

    The last one is the cammers fault, it was a zipper merge and he didn't give way.

  158. Rob W

    Rob WHace 2 meses


  159. USCmusic10

    USCmusic10Hace 2 meses

    Zipper merging is not law.

  160. Dopravní Poradce

    Dopravní PoradceHace 2 meses

    10:09 I hope the camera guy got arrested. He clearly could have avoided the crash and decided not to and the car he crashed into endangered oncoming traffic. Very stupid, very dangerous.

  161. Laffy1969

    Laffy1969Hace 2 meses

    Rob W well I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one 😉

  162. macarde10

    macarde10Hace 2 meses

    Joe Greene failure to maintain proper following distance is wrong and a ticket. Failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident is wrong and a ticket. There are aggressive driving laws and penalties for a reason. Both drivers were wrong.

  163. Rob W

    Rob WHace 2 meses

    @Laffy1969 , you mean as he's fighting back and forth to keep steady as the truck pushes into him, he moved ever so slightly to the right!?!?.... Still not a PIT, lol.

  164. Laffy1969

    Laffy1969Hace 2 meses

    Rob W actually - if you watch the end of the clip closely, you will note that the cammers vehicle moves from the yellow line to about 1/2 lane to the right. He turned into the Chevy and kept turning til he dumped him. Whatever. That pair of idiots deserve each other. Totally preventable by both meat heads.

  165. Rob W

    Rob WHace 2 meses

    @Laffy1969 , lol, no, he held his vehicle steady as to not be spun out. PIT is a very specific thing, you could almost call it a "Precision" like "Technique".