Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #147

This is video number # 147 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
Special thanks to :
Steel City Flatbed 4U LLC

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

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    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Do you have any comment on thumbnail on this video?Good or bad? Thank you for watching

  2. World War Will

    World War WillHace un mes

    Great video as normal, but I gave up half way through because there are too many adverts.. I didn’t give a thumbs down though lol.

  3. Jay Jolley

    Jay JolleyHace un mes

    I love it when I get what type of accident is going to happen wrong, because most times you can just tell. You’re looking at one spot but the accident happened somewhere else 😂😂

  4. BroadbandTV Corp.

    BroadbandTV Corp.Hace un mes

    I like seeing this videos but I have one problem. There isn’t enough of my fellow Canadians in here :( I would love to see more Canada please and thank you! Have a wonderful day


    NᱛГШЕGІАN AF ッHace un mes

    I like the thumbnail😊

  6. Saviour Machine

    Saviour MachineHace un mes

    That tree had a distinct Aussie accent.

  7. Invictus 30

    Invictus 30Hace un mes

    8:50 was due to the speed limit change from 100 to 40 kmph in Australia and the small white car had just stopped dead and the B-double that hit the tilt tray truck couldn't stop or change lane luckily they have changed the law in NSW if your on a freeway or motorway you just have to change lane and/or slow down.

  8. Chris R. Nielsen

    Chris R. NielsenHace un mes

    Olivia J: Yes, you were pushing the YELLOW but the car that pulled in front of you is at fault for failure to YIELD. The guy behind was just a fool for blindly following too.

  9. Denis Marecik

    Denis MarecikHace un mes

    A lawnmower hits a 5000 lb camper and totals it? WTF? I know its late and im drunk BUT WTF?

  10. indycoltssbxli

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  11. Frank B

    Frank BHace un mes

    1:55 We all know that you can’t drive for 💩! It was clear that could have avoided the situation and chose not to.

  12. Cosmic Catnip

    Cosmic CatnipHace un mes

    Yeah I'm not sure the other car even hit him I think he just got scared and ran into the curb

  13. Lauren Thompson

    Lauren ThompsonHace un mes

    8:52 " Wow great save.... nvm"

  14. jrcannaster

    jrcannasterHace un mes

    2:10 no way that civics light was green if the cammers yellow didn’t even go away yet.

  15. CZX2020

    CZX2020Hace un mes

    @1:35 I've had the misfortune of hitting a kid (about 13yo) on a bike. I was crossing near an intersection, when a kid came from behind a building and I hit him doing about 35mph. He and his bike went flying across my hood and down the passenger side of the my car. He was not paying attention to lights, as mine was green, and I had no chance to see him until he was in the lane. He was carrying a bag of shakes in one hand and burgers in the other. He wasn't hurt, but scared the shit out of me. Called 911, and there was no concern to get anyone there. Once Fire and police arrived, I learned the kid was the son of the Fire Chief. And he read his kid the riot act - I overheard him say it was the third "accident" that month while on his bike. I completely feel for this driver and it rocks you to the core. When I got home that evening, I took it out on my kids and reminded them to always be smart of their surroundings.

  16. Jackson Nutt

    Jackson NuttHace un mes

    Nice of the guy at 3.36 to stop and leve the video

  17. Juergun Magerkinsquirter

    Juergun MagerkinsquirterHace un mes

    2:11 the cammer is initially at fault for running an orange light. It was already orange well before you approach the intersection meaning it was red during it. the turning grey honda civic assumed poorly that the cammer wouldn't have driven through the intersection, stopping from being involved in a terrible t-bone accident. Instead got rear ended by the impatient car behind it who clearly ran a red light. So the accident's blame should be shared by all 3 4:37 the cammer in the truck should have his license revoked. If you are passing an on-ramp you get over to the overtaking lane thereby allowing the on ramp traffic to merge. Thats just naive and stupid driving by the truck driver, lucky noone was hurt As for the final scene 8:50 on the M7 in Sydney, its like clockwork that every single 8.30am news update there is a broken down truck or a truck has caused an accident on this stretch of road. Its nearly as bad as the M5

  18. mowieboy

    mowieboyHace un mes

    Never understand why idiots who are just about to miss their exit try these dumb last second moves. Drive to the next exit and backtrack. A lot less time than trashing your car...and some other poor person who was driving responsibly.

  19. Nina Lee

    Nina LeeHace un mes

    The biggest problem I've observed is drivers that don't seem to be aware that there are other cars on the road!

  20. Nina Lee

    Nina LeeHace un mes

    PLEASE learn to drive by a competent trainer. When my dad was teaching me I was learning to be agressive and failing to be defensive. Thank goodness my highschool was offering driver's education.

  21. John Bolton

    John BoltonHace un mes

    A MASSIVE SHOUTOUT to “BRAD ROBINETTE” for his superb video, maybe he will sponsor the channel.

  22. Tony J

    Tony JHace un mes

    Is overtaking on the inside legal in the US of A???

  23. drh3b

    drh3bHace un mes

    3:33 Nice of you to stop, and offer your dashcam footage. Oh, wait, you didn't. Asshole.

  24. jake_run

    jake_runHace un mes

    4:21 And that is why you never, ever, ever stop your car in the middle of an intersection. You reduce the visibility of the other cars. Add a couple of idiots in the mix and you have a grave accident.

  25. Jay Stringer

    Jay StringerHace un mes

    2;09 your fault you could have stopped for the amber

  26. Seth Ranney

    Seth RanneyHace un mes

    @2:13 everyone in the intersection is at fault. Light turns yellow, you slow down. Dash cam driver had plenty of time to stop. Same with other side.

  27. Outcast Redeemer

    Outcast RedeemerHace un mes

    2:13 driver with the camera was responsible. Tried to pass when light was turning yellow. Second turning car that rammed the first turning car was also responsible due to entering the intersection on yellow. First turning car was already committed but should have been more aware of oncoming traffic but due to the actions of the other two drivers isn't responsible.

  28. Michael Wilson

    Michael WilsonHace un mes

    I would have given two tickets in the Pasadena crash, one to the grey car for failure to yield to oncoming traffic (the camera car) and the second to the car that rear-ended him for following too close. Camera car had the right of way and was already past the stop line when the light changed from yellow to red. Not sure about California but in most states that would not constitute running the red light.

  29. elmhurst86

    elmhurst86Hace un mes

    This is why Brake Mitigation Systems need to be installed in ALL vehicles.

  30. mja music switzerland

    mja music switzerlandHace un mes

    Wrong time at the wrong place 🤔 😄😄👍🎶🇨🇭

  31. Tom Kennedy

    Tom KennedyHace un mes

    2:10 BOTH vehicles ran the red light! You can not enter an intersection on a yellow unless it remains yellow until you exit. The cam car clearly drove into a very stale from far back, and the turning car tried to squeeze through on the yellow. The light was red when they hit

  32. Van Monroe

    Van MonroeHace un mes

    I've always considered myself a defensive driver, but these videos remind me to take ordinary precautions to the next level. You really never know what might happen, so you might as well drive like it's going to.

  33. Bernard Carll

    Bernard CarllHace un mes

    I don't take chances. My car was going to make a left turn at a stop sign. This vehicle was at the other stop sign going to go straight. On coming traffic has right of way. This vehicle that was going straight flashing his lights signal me to go ahead. Refused. Waved him on. He did that several times, then went across angry at me. Don't know him. Don't trust anyone that will give you ghis right of way. They are out for insurance and you will be at fault. That mean paying for damages and many points taken off your record along with insurance increase.

  34. LadyHeathersLair

    LadyHeathersLairHace un mes

    What is with the smiling woman in the captions?

  35. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

    Wrong channel

  36. sensualeye

    sensualeyeHace un mes

    1:33 I would’ve pulled that adult to the side and read them the riot act. Unacceptable.

  37. Nicholas GQ

    Nicholas GQHace un mes

    Porsche barely hit you, why would you go to town on their insurance company? 🤔

  38. Lexie marie

    Lexie marieHace un mes

    2:10. Yall at fault for trying to get through the yellow so fast. Just cuz it's yellow doesn't mean u should fly threw the light. After watching these videos, I stopped at the yellow and wait a second when light turns green.

  39. ruacrazybitch123

    ruacrazybitch123Hace un mes

    At the time of 9:49 Dash Cam car runs a yellow light they should of stopped even if they had to screech the brakes. Dash Cam car at fault.

  40. china thailand

    china thailandHace un mes

    4:45 the only way that someone misses a big rig is either they are on the phone or blind. how ridiculous.

  41. Danijela F

    Danijela FHace un mes

    135. OMG I would of pulled over and puked and then went to beat the shit out of that person. How dumb can you be? And he didn't even react! No screaming to kid to stop....nothing! This soccer should of steered left and hit that idiot.

  42. Holly & Whit

    Holly & WhitHace un mes

    9:20 ... EASY - Left turn driver at fault. Even though the ROW driver could've and should've stopped. Why can't people just wait another second to make sure they're gonna stop?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ It sure beats the possible 1 hr and a half it could take, and save some trouble not to mention a very possible Hit and Run....🤦🏼‍♀️.

  43. Harry Forbes

    Harry ForbesHace un mes

    Re the second video....what is "value depreciation?"

  44. Harry Forbes

    Harry ForbesHace un mes

    @David Wise Thanks. Very interesting. We don't have that in OZ. How do they assess the amount of the depreciation, given that the vehicle is repaired and for all intents and purposes should look like it's never been involved in an accident? At re-sale is a declaration re accidents required?

  45. David Wise

    David WiseHace un mes

    the loss of resale value an accident has on your vehicle.

  46. Evin Leigh

    Evin LeighHace un mes

    8:00 the blue car seemed like he was trying to collide with the white car from the side they had previous dmg to try to claim it on insurance or something. At least that’s what it seemed like to me. Idk. Just odd driving behavior in some people. I swear!

  47. Ryuka Hashima

    Ryuka HashimaHace un mes

    0:12 I take it your brake pedal is broken? Yes, he did a stupid move but, if you even attempted to read the driver and anticipate what he was going to do, you would have seen he was going to make the stupid move beforehand

  48. Mike B

    Mike BHace un mes

    6:55 Australia is so dangerous that the trees really DO jump right out in front of your car

  49. Invictus 30

    Invictus 30Hace un mes

    Gives a new meaning to Branching out

  50. Crash Lane

    Crash LaneHace un mes

    Heavy Crash during DRIVING LICENSE EXAM -

  51. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace un mes

    3:32 Erickson Phoenix. Cammer captures road traffic accident on camera. Cammer doesn't stop to see if everyone is ok and offer the footage. Cammer accelerates away with the evidence. Cammer is a douche.

  52. Thabang Magana

    Thabang MaganaHace un mes

    Kid on a bike, cammer I salute you for paying attention to the road.


    CHILLY MANHace un mes

    I'm so happy that guy was paying attention. I'm glad the little kid didn't get hit, parents should really be careful with their kids cause all it takes is just one mistake and their gone.

  54. sk31370n

    sk31370nHace un mes

    7:50 a detail: building on the left is police headquarters :D

  55. Greg Tremblay

    Greg TremblayHace un mes

    I saw bikers teasing a driver.

  56. YamiSphinx

    YamiSphinxHace un mes

    Olivia @2:10 should NOT have been entering that intersection, the light was clearly yellow before the line was crossed.

  57. ivy evans

    ivy evansHace un mes

    You know it's a Tesla ... Cause the Driver will ALWAYS tell you.

  58. Sarah Barton

    Sarah BartonHace un mes

    2:34 at least Michael Clayton’s twat radar was working. 😆

  59. David Basham

    David BashamHace un mes

    If drivers applied the brakes as much as they honked their horns, this would be a very boring channel.

  60. Salty Crack

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  61. Salty Crack

    Salty CrackHace un mes


  62. Jake M

    Jake MHace un mes

    2:23 hopefully cammer is at fault but more than likely it will be the one who rear ended the civic

  63. fred freed

    fred freedHace un mes

    I can’t believe that the only problem the guy at the train crossing had was one car went around the others instead of waiting to blow through a lit crossing signal!

  64. Gabe Barker

    Gabe BarkerHace un mes

    Country Roads, bad bad Leroy brown nice Playlist 👌🏽👌🏽

  65. Dawn

    DawnHace un mes

    1:22 It's not necessary to chase someone down after a hit and run like that because your camera caught the drivers license plate. Submit a claim with that footage and there's no way the driver can dispute it. There'll also be evidence of recent damage or even repair work. Regardless, you're covered because you have solid proof.

  66. IKhan

    IKhanHace un mes

    Not true. The owner of the vehicle that drove off can just say their vehicle was stolen or that they weren't driving at the time. At that point they have no liability. ALWAYS chase them down IF your car is driveable. I had to chase someone for 35 minutes while on the phone while hitting triple digit speeds.

  67. Barbara Clarke

    Barbara ClarkeHace un mes

    1:34 I would have stopped and got out to shout at child and especially the PARENT.?????what would they have said if you ran the child over!!!!!!

  68. Paul Lake

    Paul LakeHace un mes

    It's very common to see Politically Leftist "Children" playing in the roadways

  69. kaleb Powell

    kaleb PowellHace un mes

    6:15 Mercedes driver deserves to be charged as a felon with assault with a deadly weapon and have her license suspended for life

  70. - Nathrob -

    - Nathrob -Hace un mes

    Olivia its you

  71. Al Piers

    Al PiersHace un mes

    First clip cammer exaggerates, you can literally hear the tires screeching from him speeding up so he can honk at the Scion.

  72. R O

    R OHace un mes

    No, my tires squeal whenever I turn. Parking garages are the worst. Sounds like I'm drifting around corners.

  73. Athiest Praying Mantis

    Athiest Praying MantisHace un mes

    8:50 that white hatch back is a fuckwit and caused all of that accident. Maybe don't come to a complete stop on a highway if you need to change lanes?

  74. dwalmop2

    dwalmop2Hace un mes

    8:19 Pro tip: When you see a car that is all smashed up and has duct tape holding half of it together, you stay as far away from it as possible. 1) obviously they don't care about their car, 2) I HIGHLY doubt they even have insurance, and 3) they're probably terrible drivers. And bonus: They might even be insurance scammers.

  75. Arthur Leighton

    Arthur LeightonHace un mes

    1:30 what was that dad thinking

  76. C_Dubbzz *

    C_Dubbzz *Hace un mes

    2:20 All of you idiots. Yellow doesn't mean hurry up before it turns red.

  77. C_Dubbzz *

    C_Dubbzz *Hace un mes

    1:30 parent of the year award

  78. Henry Rodgers

    Henry RodgersHace un mes

    6:47 Ta3kwondo? More like... Treekwondo. I'll see myself out, no need to throw shoes.

  79. Finn R

    Finn RHace un mes

    1:13 you can see his license plate!

  80. Josh Brayley

    Josh BrayleyHace un mes

    What kind of knuckle dragging fucktard slams on the brakes in a 100 zone? Just fucking slow to 80 and move to the right of the lane, don't stop, he doesn't need you to open his door and walk him to the car he's pulled over.

  81. Nathan Burshtein

    Nathan BurshteinHace un mes

    1:45 - i probably would beat the shit out from the oldest biker

  82. Species1571

    Species1571Hace un mes

    2:10 Hard to tell if you would have been able to stop for the amber light, but the other 2 must have come through red? If you go into the back of someone, it's almost always going to be your fault.

  83. Marcus Cook

    Marcus CookHace un mes

    It was obvious at 1:48 what was going to happen. All you needed to do was to back off a little, and no, they didn't "push you into the curb". That you possibly had the legal right of way is of no consequence.

  84. Jeff H

    Jeff HHace un mes

    Thew last one, the cop was not wearing his compulsory dayglow jacket, naughty naughty.

  85. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    Note to self: do NOT ride with, or drive anywhere near stilettorebel

  86. TheSpaceGazer

    TheSpaceGazerHace un mes

    4:37 maybe if the asshole truck driver got in the other lane by the on ramp instead of blocking the white car in??? Another asshole trucker who thinks he owns the road

  87. Ahren Scholz

    Ahren ScholzHace un mes

    5:55 nice 370Z I know that rear window shape 😜

  88. JGFXDK

    JGFXDKHace un mes

    8:53 White car takes ALL the blame here. Under NO circumstance do you come to a complete stop in an active highway lane. The cop knows what he is doing and if the driver of the white car has presence enough to see him and stop he should have presence enough to keep right and just give him a wide berth. The two cars in the emergency lane could arguably have pulled further in, even one set of wheels onto the grass. I don't think any other vehicles were keeping unreasonable distance as noone expects (and shouldn't have to) traffic to come to a complete halt.

  89. Michael McLachlan

    Michael McLachlanHace un mes

    I can't see a see a timestamp but road laws in NSW (Australia, where this was taken) were amended a while back requiring motorists to slow down to 40kph when passing emergency vehicles. Speed limit on most of the M7 is 100kph. They were amended again, probably after a few incidents like this, to slow as much as reasonably possible on roads with a 100/110 speed limit. Wisdom of hindsight.

  90. Fred Nutz

    Fred NutzHace un mes

    Here in Melbourne we have to slow to 40kph when passing emergency vehicles with their lights flashing. This is what can happen under those circumstances and in my opinion is a dangerous law. I drive a truck & often can't slow down fast enough when I see their flashing lights & Iv'e seen trucks lockup their brakes trying to slow down. I'm not saying this happened here but it is possible.

  91. Ahren Scholz

    Ahren ScholzHace un mes

    I love how it never fails that they have to tell you it's a "Tesla" in the video , no one cares they're soccer mom cars especially in California

  92. Richard

    RichardHace un mes

    2:55 I had to watch this one about 12 times to figure out what happened. I'm still not 100% sure, but it looks like white station wagon tried to change lanes, tapped a black car, which overcorrected smashing into the wall at the side of the road, bouncing back, hitting the white station wagon that hit them ... then the station wagon was deflected into the white pickup truck, which was deflected into the silver car. Holy pileup Batman!

  93. Christopher Digital

    Christopher DigitalHace un mes

    Didn’t know Honeywell had operations in Australia.

  94. Justin Guarino

    Justin GuarinoHace un mes

    2:20 All.

  95. Neomis 01

    Neomis 01Hace un mes

    4:03 you're narrating was to nice, instead of "conflicting reports from people involved" you should tell it like it is and say something like, the piece of shit liars who tried to blame the guy who had the actual right of way was shown the video, Justice was served so everyone could see them for the lying pieces of shits they are. something along those lines would suffice. unless they didn't realize and made a mistake, but they probably knew what they did. I now have a dashcam after dealing with 2 of these myself.

  96. Anom Amos

    Anom AmosHace un mes

    @2:22 depending on the local road rules the driver going straight is at fault for running a RED light even though it was yellow unless he was too close to the intersection to stop safely. The driver that rear ended the other is also tripley at fault, running a red, entering an intersection when it was not clear to proceed and negligent driving. The only one not at fault was the guy who got hit

  97. Danny Tran

    Danny TranHace un mes

    @Anom Amos okay so this will be my last reply to this. I understand not every states/country have the same rules/laws. When you drive in a state/country that you’re unfamiliar with, you have to understand the rules/laws of that place because it may differs from international standards and you will be ticketed for violating that local rules/laws even though international standards allows it. I have driven all around this country and can easily say this intersection has protected arrows for turning vehicles. Both sides get protected left green arrows while straight traffic have the red. After about 10 seconds the protected arrows will just turn to a regular green that has a signed next to it that says “left turn yield”. If you watch this again, you see the cammer traffic has 4 total lanes,[1 left, 2 straight, 1 right]. Then you see the traffic bound on the right side of the camera also have 4 lanes as well[1 left, 2 straight, 1 merge/yield into traffic]. So common sense would be the cars that actually turned left and got hit probably have 4 lanes as well. EVERY SINGLE time I’m at a intersection just like this with that MANY LANES, they always have a protected green arrow that turn to regular green after. The leos do know how much revenue stream it can be but they also know how much more dangerous if they start policing yellow light runners because now everyone will slam on their brakes because they are scared to get a ticket and will cause accidents behind them. It almost like when they first had red light cameras where I’m from, it caused so many accidents because if your front tires roll past that solid line, it will ticket/flash you. Also, people can always FOIA request the dash cam of the cruisers or police body cams to prove that they didn’t run the red light but the yellow instead(again, which is legal in Cali and other states.) you have your opinions and I have mines. Good night to ya.

  98. Anom Amos

    Anom AmosHace un mes

    Danny Tran . Not every intersection has multiple lanes with turn lanes and arrows and not every state or country has the same rules as California. I don’t know the rules in California but if they comply to the international standards they’re probably written in a similar way to what I stated. The fact that most people run the yellow simply means that the leos have not realised what a revenue stream it can be or don’t know the rules themselves but without redlight cameras and dashcams it is hard to prove in court that the individual could have safely stopped for the yellow which is the requirement for issuing a citation for running a red. After watching in slomo I reaffirm my opinion that the vehicle going straight was the one in the wrong, the light changed to yellow well before he got to the intersection and the silver car would have had the right of way unless he was running a red arrow. Because the white car made the turn the camer should have expected others to do the same, also because the white car was in his path when the light started to change the intersection was not clear so he should have decided to stop not risk running a red. I ride motorcycles and the number one rule I follow is expect idiots. Whenever I approach anywhere where some moron to cross my path I am not only looking for that moron but his dozens of idiot companions who will follow him off a cliff just because he did. On numerous occasions I have gone around the back of someone turning in front of me to hear the idiot that was tailgating me slam into him. The only times I run a yellow is to make a turn or I have an idiot behind me.

  99. Danny Tran

    Danny TranHace un mes

    @Anom Amos In a lot of states, if not all, intersection like these (8 total lanes, 2 going every directions and that’s not including turning lanes) will almost always have green arrows, if not then the traffic will be backed up during rush hour. What state are you from?? It’s weird that left turn can run yellow light while straight traffic can’t? You clearly see all parties involve sped up to beat the light. And In California, where this video is from, you can run yellow light...just not after it changed to red(duh) and left turn must yield to oncoming traffic unless the turn is protected by green arrow. “Unless you’re making a left turn, if so you’re not to enter the intersection if it’s not clear of other traffic etc etc or it will not clear before the light turn red and it is safe to complete the turn.” Well clearly its not clear and it wasn’t safe. He started that turn not knowing if the oncoming traffic has a yellow or green or red.

  100. Anom Amos

    Anom AmosHace un mes

    Danny Tran . I said depending on the local rules. Where I drive the rules state that you must stop behind the stop line at a yellow, Amber light if safely practicable, unless you’re making a left turn, if so you’re not to enter the intersection if it is not clear of other traffic etc etc or it will not clear before the light turns red and it is safe to complete the turn. Had the camer not run the yellow the car that had to stop to not hit him would have safely completed the turn as the intersection was clear when he started. The rules are written this way to allow people to make left turns safely especially when there is no special provisions made such as the turn arrow on the light cycle.

  101. Danny Tran

    Danny TranHace un mes

    So if you noticed in that clip, 3 cars made a left turn. Now watch it closely and at a slower speed rate. The first one was a white sedan that made a left turn RIGHT AFTER a car passed thur the intersection. Right when he start his left turn, the light turned yellow so by your standard, the second car, which was the silver car that got hit, should have stopped at the light since he was at a complete stop already waiting for the first car to turn left AND he had to YIELD to oncoming traffic since he is turning and the straight traffic had right of way. If it wasn’t for the second car(the one that got hit), the driver that was going straight would have completely crossed over to the other side before it turned red. At least we all can agree, the third car that actually hit the second car is at total fault.

  102. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-RayHace un mes

    How was the tree afterwards? Hope it was hospitalised & looked after by a good tree-surgeon!

  103. Rude Valve

    Rude ValveHace un mes

    Certified Gold!!!!!

  104. D Ole

    D OleHace un mes

    2:20 both of you are at fault the light was yellow which means you stop unless unsafe to do so.

  105. Michael McLachlan

    Michael McLachlanHace un mes

    Unless it's in law then no. In my country yes, stop unless unsafe to do so, for most or all of the USA no.

  106. D Ole

    D OleHace un mes

    @Marc M Yes it does, that is so that the intersection can clear for the next light change.

  107. Marc M

    Marc MHace un mes

    Yellow does not mean stop. That's not what a yellow light means.

  108. Raul P

    Raul PHace un mes

    What do you have to be a world record Olympic fast reading champion to read these darn descriptions, cheese and rice!

  109. guamacho tobertuo

    guamacho tobertuoHace un mes

    I do not owe anybody anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  110. Lyle Johnston

    Lyle JohnstonHace un mes

    2;13 I think the gray car was in the intersection first.

  111. CrimFerret

    CrimFerretHace un mes

    2:09 All three drivers were driving like crap. The cammer should have stopped at the light which is what the first left hand turning car thought they were going to do. Had those two collided, the left turning driver would have been at fault. barring arrow signals, vehicles turning rarely have the right of way at a traffic light controlled intersection. As it was, they didn't, the second left hand turning vehicle is at fault entirely and shouldn't even have started the turn in the first place.

  112. seri katil

    seri katilHace un mes

    2:11 Cammer and both turning vehicles should all be equally at fault

  113. J. van der Knaap

    J. van der KnaapHace un mes

    7:48 Not much is known, but that specific bit of road is a phone distraction hotspot? How do you know? Why that road? How are such things measured. How does it compare to other roads? Indeed not much is known.

  114. Ryan C.

    Ryan C.Hace un mes

    There are two vehicles at fault at 2:15. The first driver who fails to yield and the vehicle behind it. Left turn traffic must yield to oncoming traffic if it's not turning on a protected arrow. The driver behind the left turning vehicle was following WAY too close. The reason that you leave space in front of your vehicle is for cases like this. Although the cammer should have slowed at the yellow, the cammer is not in the completely in the wrong in regards to the actual accident--the cammer did not cause the rear driver to hit the left turn offender. As a driver, you must assume that other drivers will try stunts like this all the time. It appears that the cammer wasn't trying to beat the light. They were still driving a consistent speed up to the incident. By the way, there is a sign by the light and I've seen that sign before. It says, "Left turn YIELD on green."

  115. mindyschocolate

    mindyschocolateHace un mes

    Biker and his kid are a bunch of morons. Cross at a crosswalk! At the least look both ways!!!!! 5:20 oh thanks god for telling us it was a Tesla Model 3!!! I couldn’t continue life until I knew!!! Thank you!

  116. mindyschocolate

    mindyschocolateHace un mes

    Well, that second one that driver everyone on the road is going to know he did a hit and run with that light dangling. 3:20, take the next exit, loser. You should have gotten into that lane a lot earlier.

  117. Steve Rogers

    Steve RogersHace un mes

    TicTac6295 - No need to chase him. White GMC Yukon SUV with plate AEK R38 from Colorado?

  118. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Bad Drivers Of The IllawarraHace un mes

    8:50 So lucky that officer wasn't killed. Almost identical to the one that happened in Melbourne a few weeks prior which killed 4 officers. Terrible.

  119. tom bates

    tom batesHace un mes

    @GERdogge1988 Yes, everyone around a stopped emergency vehicle has to slow down - it's the law. It was only introduced (i think) last year, to make it safer for emergency workers on the side of busy roads. Originally, all traffic had to slow down to 40km/h. Many people, including emergency workers, predicted that would lead to more danger as idiots slam on their brakes causing accidents. It has since been changed to only require passing vehicles to slow down to that speed if the speed limit is 80km/h or less (so it doesn't apply on most highways).

  120. GERdogge1988

    GERdogge1988Hace un mes

    @Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra Well, i assume you have to slow down to let them pass, right? not everyone has to slowdown near such a vehicle, right? (obviously you have to be careful around them, there can be suddenly ppl on the road or else)

  121. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Bad Drivers Of The IllawarraHace un mes

    @GERdogge1988 In Australia you have to slow down for emergency vehicles. Evidently the moron in the Corolla panicked & just stopped.

  122. GERdogge1988

    GERdogge1988Hace un mes

    Why would the other cars stop too? There is no reason...just because there is a copcar that has the lights on? WTF

  123. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Bad Drivers Of The IllawarraHace un mes

    6:50 That was a bad storm that night, Another driver was killed when a tree also fell on his car. Cammer is so lucky they didn't join him.

  124. THEFIRE360

    THEFIRE360Hace un mes

    1:33 goes perfectly on r/kidsarefuckingstupid

  125. Dave

    DaveHace un mes

    Last clip: cop pulls someone over, and a passing car comes to a complete stop for no reason whatsoever, causing a complete shitstorm.

  126. Michael McLachlan

    Michael McLachlanHace un mes

    I can't see a see a timestamp but road laws in NSW (Australia, where this was taken) were amended a while back requiring motorists to slow down to 40kph when passing emergency vehicles. Speed limit on most of the M7 is 100kph. They were amended again, probably after a few incidents like this, to slow as much as reasonably possible on roads with a 100/110 speed limit. Wisdom of hindsight that someone standing on their brakes in heavy traffic might cause a problem.