Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #149

This is video number # 149 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
Special thanks to :
The 4K Guy - Fire &
johnny five

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

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    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Donnie Robertson

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  3. Bill Olsen

    Bill OlsenHace un mes

    Somebody with no cash or assets driving a BMW...people are nuts. They probably have bought all the luxuries in life all their life to impress people they know and don't know. A wealthy friend here who drives an 12yo Ford Fusion was recently rear ended by a young dude in a BMW 323 with store-bought "M" badges and the impact injured the girlfriend who was riding in the Beemer with him, young dude took off and ran because registration was 2 years out of date & he had no insurance. My buddy was glad he had money in the bank & in bonds. He just let it go & bought an 11yo Fusion.

  4. Matt Klinger

    Matt KlingerHace un mes

    2:00 this kind of behavior is what causes road rage

  5. Some guy

    Some guyHace un mes

    3:07, there is a Swift truck that is not actually causing an accident for a change.

  6. vk flynn

    vk flynnHace un mes

    Car insurance must be as crappy as the rest of America. Have visited the USA and had a good time, but I wouldn't live there for quids.

  7. b C

    b CHace un mes

    How can I get in contact with the guy in monmouth county nj?

  8. Lesnoy Mushchina

    Lesnoy MushchinaHace un mes

    At 5:30, why would a guy on a motorcycle put his foot down on asphalt? No understanding of mass and velocity.

  9. Miss Wonnykins

    Miss WonnykinsHace un mes

    6:50 And that, ladies and germs, is why DUI checkpoints are a thing at all. You can thank people like THIS dipshit for that. Don't drive under the influence you fucking hobknobs.

  10. Flóki Vilgerðarson

    Flóki VilgerðarsonHace un mes

    Anybody breakchecking, then this should be put in place: 6 months in prison with a 5 years driving ban after release. Any accidents, 1-3 years in prison, 5 years ban. Each time the ban is over, they must be forced to take 10 driving lessons, and retake their theory and driving test , in which they should pay in full. Any death, 10-15 yeard in prison, life ban for driving. Caught driving again, with no accidents, 1 year in prison. Accident, 3 years. Death Life in prison, never let out again.

  11. Spectacular Spaghetti

    Spectacular SpaghettiHace un mes

    6:11 Good christ that impact was HARD! :(

  12. PhoenixUltraMotive

    PhoenixUltraMotiveHace un mes

    "brake checkin's illegal" "no it's not!" **insert dumb blonde stereotype**

  13. Robby T.

    Robby T.Hace un mes

    2:05 That toy truck has a bed way too small to hold a kayak, or about anything else.

  14. Axsmith the Blacksmith

    Axsmith the BlacksmithHace un mes

    6:08 That's part of why I'm a bit skeptical about dui checks. Although I do get it to some extent. The main reason I'm skeptical is because I got pulled over for "evading the dui check". I simply turned left onto another road to get to my house. I really wanted to say to that cop "No you dickhead! My house happens to be right before the checkpoint. If you idiots didn't get mad at people for doing something that's not illegal (turning into my neighborhood), then people would respect you! Nobody ever said fuck the fire department. Obviously I never said that...

  15. donald d day

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  16. AlphaRomeo-OneFive

    AlphaRomeo-OneFiveHace un mes

    There was some really bad cash cam drivers in this one 🤦‍♂️

  17. Erin Sherman

    Erin ShermanHace un mes

    While driving in New Jersey the other day, I pulled up to a traffic circle and yielded to the driver who was in the circle (who actually came to a dead stop because the cars in front of me failed to yield). The lady behind me laid on her horn and flipped me off. Calm down and learn to drive, NJ.

  18. _Purge

    _PurgeHace un mes

    Could he say “got a runner” a few more times? Lol

  19. RDCST

    RDCSTHace un mes

    3:00 Somebody is overcompensating something.....and probably the truck is not the only that is high.

  20. En Lighten

    En LightenHace un mes

    7:45 SUV 1 : BUS 0

  21. Herman Gentry

    Herman GentryHace un mes

    The Jeep in Geary (San Francisco) too many no insurance accidents happening. NC requires insurance and still happens. Need stiffer penalties and preventive screening of vehicles to make sure the law is being followed. Just saying.

  22. Key West Steve

    Key West SteveHace un mes

    05:25 That's why you never see people towing motorcycles, it doesn't work well. As soon as you're off-axis with the direction of the vehicle it'll pull your front tire right out from under you.

  23. A C

    A CHace un mes

    I loved that someone was listening to wolf gang gartner.🤟😎🤟

  24. tudorjason

    tudorjasonHace un mes

    I wish brake-checking was illegal in the US. It's a deliberate act to cause potential harm.

  25. Verne Bowers

    Verne BowersHace un mes

    I enjoy the videos, but.... a suggestion; why not place the narrative in still frame long enough to allow us to read it before missing part of the clip (pun intended) action????



    @ 1:55, as much as i hate jackasses that say "I had my blinker on", it pisses me off to no end when drivers stomp on the accelerator pedal to rev the fuck out of the engine while the guy ahead is changing lanes.

  27. Matt Dorfman

    Matt DorfmanHace un mes

    that coach bus flipping was sweet

  28. entertained

    entertainedHace un mes

    2:55 might as well have had "pussy wagon" plastered on the back...

  29. kdario1000

    kdario1000Hace un mes

    wow, australians learn driving with russian teachers ...

  30. Rebecca Campbell

    Rebecca CampbellHace un mes

    2:50 Robert: IT WAS YOUR FAULT Both merged crossing solid white lines, but the other vehicle merged in front so you should have yielded I forgot the article of traffic law but being in front has its privileges since it also has blind spot looking behind. And you clearly kept moving forward closing the gap. If you can't drive a big rig safely, you shouldn't. To be honest I quieted before 10 years doing so, with accidents 😎

  31. Rebecca Campbell

    Rebecca CampbellHace un mes

    0:55 someone pulling a boat (medium trailer) should know better than not using mirrors to change lanes cutting off innocent Cadillacs Geez, you turn and then merge to the left with out a clue... no wonder the faster approaching Cadillac already there got angry. Quite pathetic to post this video

  32. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace un mes

    2:43 How was that unpreventable? You stuck your snout out into her lane. There was no reason for you to be changing lanes anyway. You were in the right lane already which apparently could go straight at the light. Lastly, You attempted to change lanes over a solid white line, which I'm fairly certain is illegal everywhere. Seems like not only was this completely preventable it was 100% your fault.

  33. Ocean Lover

    Ocean LoverHace un mes

    The skank in the audi with the gross stomach. Hysterical

  34. DC Steve

    DC SteveHace un mes

    Uh first, tunedis95 why are you failing to signal, towing in the left lane, and cutting across the solid white lines? The guy in the CTS-V was clearly angered by your idiotic lack of common courtesy of the road, however you're not going to have the power to "pit" a 640hp car if he doesn't want you to get near him

  35. jtyree0226

    jtyree0226Hace un mes

    1:22 looks like a bunch of idiots tailgating at same time

  36. truesonic33

    truesonic33Hace un mes

    3:28 that dude is dodge ram is a maroon. what's the rush anyway? I hate when people are on my ass. I just break check there ass. and they get the message, and go in the other lane.

  37. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace un mes

    5:55 I can see why johnny five o is a photographer but not a reporter. "We got a runner. We got a runner. We got a runner." (Car slams into another) "We got a runner. We got a runner. We got a runner. We got a runner". Seven times.

  38. CRT Mojo

    CRT MojoHace un mes

    3:10 camo does not make your truck invisible. It does make it highly identifiable by the police.

  39. CRT Mojo

    CRT MojoHace un mes

    1:02 after you cut across a solid line to enter the highway illegally; while pulling a 19 foot boat.

  40. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace un mes

    At 7:00, that is the most compelling evidence for equipping oneself with a dashcam. Audi drivers in UK are stereotypically "I WILL be in front of you, loser" mentality, and the dangerously late merge to get one car in front is not unusual. The brake-check is just petulance on her part, and rightly shows how dangerously stupid it is. Dashcam has just shown it in all its malignant glory, and is an unanswerable defence against the claim of "YOU rear-ended ME!". I would never be without mine.

  41. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace un mes

    At 1:56, that is a pathetically poor excuse for NOT letting a driver in...! If matey has been tailgating you, and you are concerned for a 'brake check', be ready for it; your dashcam will likely exonerate you if it should happen. If you choose to try to hold them off, you will be poking a demonstrably aggressive character, and therefore increase the likelihood of their doing something even MORE dangerous in 'retaliation'. Your choice (legitimate as it may or may not be) is escalating a problem...

  42. Sherloid Bai

    Sherloid BaiHace un mes

    1:09 Time to re-think your life's decisions and perhaps look in the mirror.....really look at yourself. 3:00 Ah yes...the proverbial Ram Twat back at it again

  43. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-RayHace un mes

    5:25 Good to see that the rider of that (unregistered?) dirt-bike being towed was wearing all the necessary safety-gear!

  44. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-RayHace un mes

    1:20 Another bloody Toyota driver probably playing with his mobile! (Recognised that it's on Victoria Rd, Rydalmere, heading towards Parramatta.)


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace un mes

    5:20 This what happens when you don't have a trailer! Always towing your motorcycle on a trailer!

  46. Da Vinci

    Da VinciHace un mes

    6:13 LMFAO! Cops literally running after a moving vehicle is like bringing a knife to a gun fight!!!

  47. rgrndu

    rgrnduHace un mes

    3:40 empty load? Sounds like an oxymoron. 😁

  48. Tundra Charger

    Tundra ChargerHace un mes

    0:04 I know its a Subaru not because of the hood or sound but because that pathetic horn that they've been using for FOREVER.

  49. LuvableJack

    LuvableJackHace un mes

    ik exactly where 8:04 is thats crazy smh

  50. Jeff H

    Jeff HHace un mes

    3:58 YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!

  51. qazxsw21000

    qazxsw21000Hace un mes

    “We got a runner. We got a runner. We got a runner. We got a runner. We got a runner.” Guys, do you think we got a runner. I think we got a runner

  52. Devoldo

    DevoldoHace un mes

    "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" "We got a runner" yeah dude, we know. Shut the hell up.

  53. Filipe Bernardino

    Filipe BernardinoHace un mes

    0:53 you are to blame. In no moment or time you had any reason to be on the far left lanes, even rushing and going over solid line just to be on the left lane for no damn reason when no one was in front of you. Especially driving with a 19' boat.

  54. Jock Marshall

    Jock MarshallHace un mes

    @1.09. Doesn't the cammer break the law by merging onto the road by crossing the unbroken lane markers?

  55. Gary Sakamoto

    Gary SakamotoHace un mes

    7:10 That is one stupid b-word.

  56. TrainsOnGoPro 2015

    TrainsOnGoPro 2015Hace un mes

    07:03 Karen of the Day!

  57. pilotrobroy

    pilotrobroyHace un mes

    TuneDis25, while in the merge lane, you made an early, improper lane change across not one ,but two solid white lines. The merge lane hadn’t even joined the other lanes of travel. Then you made an aggressive change for multiple lanes. I say aggressive considering you were towing a boat.

  58. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace un mes

    4:00 It didn't roll over and crash, it crashed and rolled over. Big difference.

  59. MissSmudge78

    MissSmudge78Hace un mes

    Thank you for the clear descriptions in each video. So much easier to read than other channels.

  60. Pheurbel VLS

    Pheurbel VLSHace un mes

    Some great videos. 💚💚

  61. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace un mes

    2:31 It looked like you possibly made a shady lane change.

  62. Steve 'o

    Steve 'oHace un mes

    The brake check blonde should be additionally charged because of the pedestrians she endangered.

  63. GodzUnit01

    GodzUnit01Hace un mes

    0:42 That was a bunch of Looney Tunes.

  64. Charles Huse

    Charles HuseHace un mes

    Audi drivers the world over are total asses, thinking they are better than everyone else just because they have the ability to buy a more expensive piece of shit car. I have personally seen so many brake checks and other moving violations committed by Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, and Corvette drivers. You would never see me crying over the global disappearance of these brands.

  65. Robert Dietrich

    Robert DietrichHace un mes


  66. picoaga

    picoagaHace un mes

    U r guay.🤡

  67. Matt B

    Matt BHace un mes

    You don't really need the plate for that camo wrapped bro dozer. I'm sure it'll be easy enough to find.

  68. Nishkid641

    Nishkid641Hace un mes

    3:45 I hate that type of crash because now the whole street gonna shutdown for hours. 5:33 not really an accident but so satisfied. 7:48 Super SUV knocked out the bus. Wow.

  69. RDC Tarantula

    RDC TarantulaHace un mes

    NYC is SOOOO disgusting.. ewwww 8:11

  70. Guy Schellinck

    Guy SchellinckHace un mes

    1:01 when a cammer is so desperate to show on youtube that some unknown guy made a mistake that he provides evidence of his own stupidity Really ? he drove over 2 white lines, crossed 2 lanes to go immediately for the left lane and all that while pulling a boat

  71. Chris L

    Chris LHace un mes

    Me: "WTF, Karen." Everyone watching the video who knows who I'm talking about: "Yes."

  72. Nathan Burshtein

    Nathan BurshteinHace un mes

    4:25 - she could sale her brain. She obviously dont use it anyway

  73. ivandpink

    ivandpinkHace un mes

    I agree. What she said barely made any sense 😂🤣

  74. Chris L

    Chris LHace un mes

    5:30 *LET THE BEAT DROP* ...and the bike too.

  75. xXSHAWNXx420

    xXSHAWNXx420Hace un mes

    round abouts have been in north america for over 100 years, how the fuck do ppl still not know how to use them?

  76. RKelly Pullin

    RKelly PullinHace un mes

    1:08 Idiot crosses solid line while merging.... she has no creditibility....

  77. Glen Strong

    Glen StrongHace un mes

    Jashley Valentino, did the person get charged with no insurance? What happens with that in Cali?

  78. ECO dom

    ECO domHace un mes

    Thanks for that stellar description @4:08. "It was her fault". Which one's her? And you got a "brand new piece of junk"?

  79. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace un mes

    Exactly my thoughts - except it's a brand new "beat up" piece of junk!

  80. Dashcam Riprock

    Dashcam RiprockHace un mes

    2:48 It was totally preventable: You're not supposed to change lanes over a solid line.

  81. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    2:31 Should be your fault. What's the point of changing lanes unnecessarity while traffic isn't moving? You wanted to be in the lane that has one car less than your current lane. You're driving a big ass truck. What's the point?

  82. Dr Powell

    Dr PowellHace un mes

    Aiman - Doesn’t matter what cam driver was doing or why. The car that hit his truck was not completely in her lane. She was over the white line, in his lane, and hit him. Look at his left side corner mirror as several cars pass. The line remains visible. It disappears as she comes through. Her fault!

  83. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    1:57 He was tailgating you, while you are driving close to a car in front of you. Obviously he would be aware that there is traffic in that lane. So why in the hell would he want to come in front of you... and BRAKE CHECK you? Obviously you did something that pissed him off, and you are aware of it and don't want him to come in front of you, because you know he is gonna brake check you. You're full of shit sir. You did something to piss him off, and you KNOW that he wants to come in front of you and drive crappy just like you. Gosh... I would be a very good investigator. But other people jump to wrong assumptions and conclusions. Just because I love smoking that glass pipe, doesn't mean I'm stupid like the majority of those specific people. 😂😂😂 There's the very low rare percentage of people who are smart when they do mind altering substances. Hahaha, but it's okay. Barely anyone studied advanced mathematics, and people choose to be ignorant. So I help promote those crappy traits that people present. 🤣🤣🤣

  84. Key West Steve

    Key West SteveHace un mes

    @Infinite Monkey You're not disputing the teachings of the self-proclaimed glass-pipe genius are you?

  85. Infinite Monkey

    Infinite MonkeyHace un mes

    The cammer would be at fault for inciting the feelings in another driver. The cammer would be innocent of whatever decision the other driver decides to make because of them. It’s not illegal being an ass. It is illegal to put others in danger because someone was.

  86. Lord Stinky

    Lord StinkyHace un mes

    don’t be a stinky driver

  87. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    1:46 No shit that there's no update; You drove away. How the hell are you gonna get any news about anything about that accident at all?? 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  88. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    0:11 Stop signs don't apply to you? Well, they don't apply to the other person either. 👍👍👍

  89. Alan Beumann

    Alan BeumannHace un mes

    2:07 one of the stupidest people I've ever seen. Should not be allowed to drive.

  90. Fabian Kaupert

    Fabian KaupertHace un mes

    tunedis95 you're pulling a 19' boat and you're sitting in the passing lane (not the fast lane, nor the lane you should be towing anything in), crossing two lanes to get there, no wonder they don't like you. doesn't excuse them brake checking, but learn the basics of driving etiquette before you start towing boats. (left lane: passing, second lane: driving, third lane: merging/exiting)

  91. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Bad Drivers Of The IllawarraHace un mes

    7:00 I love that he rammed the dumb bitch a second time for good measure. lmao Can't blame him.

  92. mrmsteck

    mrmsteckHace un mes

    @0:54. I’ll tell ya what might happen @Tunedis95. You would fill out a report. They would see your grammar and tell themselves that your an idiot and look into it further. They would then review the video and see that you illegally crossed the solid white line and illegally changed multiple lanes in your attempt to redeem your ego. Then, confirmed that you’re an idiot, they would probably issue you some citations. Keep your trailer in the slow lane. NO ACCOLADES FOR YOU!!!

  93. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Bad Drivers Of The IllawarraHace un mes

    4:20 "She was at fault" Was "she" in the Jeep or the BMW? Im not a fuckin mind reader.

  94. mindyschocolate

    mindyschocolateHace un mes

    Do ThEy HaVe A rUnNeR????

  95. Les Reed

    Les ReedHace un mes

    I wonder if you know that many of your viewers have an IQ in three digits, and can see rather well? The reason I ask is that I'm curious as to why you needed to explain about all the situations: perhaps you think we're all a little dim?

  96. Les Reed

    Les ReedHace un mes

    @Lo Ca The uploader - who seems to think we need step-by-step viewing instructions!

  97. Lo Ca

    Lo CaHace un mes

    Who are you talking to?

  98. thumperjdm

    thumperjdmHace un mes

    @3:40 When truckers decide to take a midday nap. ;-)

  99. Ernst J. Oud

    Ernst J. OudHace un mes

    I behave anti-social to avoid a brake check. Huh? Idiot!

  100. Lo Ca

    Lo CaHace un mes

    4:06 (The 4K Guy) Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil or in English Notre-Dame-of-Good-Advice 😂

  101. Lo Ca

    Lo CaHace un mes

    1:07 (tunedis95) - It's on you, you didn't even enter the highway properly cutting right over solid lines but that you were hauling a traitor is insane that you made that move.

  102. Giles Brown

    Giles BrownHace un mes

    Dirt Bike crashes, I like how not one of them stopped for the red light.

  103. Gibbs1966

    Gibbs1966Hace un mes

    4:09 Dont understand that it take 21/2 years to settle this. One of them runs a red light. And USA needs to do something about car insurance so that its mandatory to have it when you buy a car like here in my country.. Heavy fines and you will personally be held accountable reagrdless your situation private. But you just pay your deductible if the other part has no insurance and your insurance company fix everything for you....

  104. Kenneth Meadows

    Kenneth MeadowsHace un mes

    Maybe you should do a little research before running your mouth and proving yourself to be a fool. With the exception of New Hampshire, you are required to have insurance on your vehicle, including a car that you just purcahsed in the USA. I guess you are just lucky that everybody in your country follows the law. Must be wonderful to have no crime whatsoever in your entire country. Unfortunately, people here are not like that. However, when they are caught, the penalty is quite often some pretty hefty fines, is usually accompanied by a loss of driving priviledges, and yes, they are held personally liable. I know this will just blow your mind, but here in the USA, if the narrator had decent insurance himself, all he would have to do is pay his deductible, and lo and behold, his insurance company would fix his damages and he would not have had to wait 2.5 years and involved 2 lawyers. However, there is an old saying that "You cannot get blood from a turnip" which probably also plays a part in the time frame.

  105. bobthebeat2008

    bobthebeat2008Hace un mes

    The clip at 7:00, thats Northam, Southampton, England. Just sayin.☺👍

  106. Lexie marie

    Lexie marieHace un mes

    4:20 should have just lost her license for good. People who don't have insurance and a license or just one or the other an they cause a wreck, shouldn't be allowed to ever drive again!

  107. Keith Casey

    Keith CaseyHace un mes

    2:40 Truck is clearly driving over a solid white line. Completely preventable if they stayed in their lane and followed the laws. Was not turning right to make a wide clearance. White solid = no cross.

  108. Steven Juris

    Steven JurisHace un mes

    shreddder999 it’s usually legal as long as you don’t impede traffic flow. Cars in the other lane don’t have to slow down or allow you in.

  109. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace un mes

    That's far from universal.

  110. Kristen Sorensen

    Kristen SorensenHace un mes

    Some of these recorders are real idiots too.