Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #152

This is video number # 152 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

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  2. kondor7070

    kondor7070Hace 4 días

    Good Jesus , what's wrong with them ?!?

  3. T K

    T KHace 8 días

    sorry but any driver from the east is just so bad that you better trust your 4 year old of doing the task. #fuckeasterneuropedrivers #westendriversaremorescilled #easterndriversarebad

  4. satinwhip

    satinwhipHace 18 días

    Back in the seventies my next door neighbor installed an air horn from a semi under the hood of his F-150 with an air tank mounted under the seat. We had a lot of good times with that.

  5. 2Str0k3

    2Str0k3Hace 19 días

    6:25 Intentionally causes the crash and then whines about the $900 damages on his car. No matter if the other driver cuts in front of you i still dont see any reason to intentionally cause damage.

  6. Mike Iltshishin

    Mike IltshishinHace 21 un día

    0:45 and 8:30 those idiots can NOT drive and should be at home under their mama's skirt instead of causing trouble due to idiocy. 🤔

  7. Vangie LaVelle

    Vangie LaVelleHace 22 días

    That one at 7:54 was El Cajon Cali on 2nd st... I grew up not far from there

  8. jack st. clair

    jack st. clairHace 26 días

    Did that guy honestly think that jumping out of his semi and waving at the train would make it stop?

  9. R Pro

    R ProHace 28 días

    Yo some people love their horns. i dont think ive used my horn more than 10 times in my life.

  10. pam daniel

    pam danielHace 28 días

    I have never heard so many people using their horns for an extended time as when I started watching these types of videos. In my experience here in Alabama we just toot toot and go on. At least I've never heard someone lay on the horn and decide to set up camp there. LOL

  11. Roberto Ortiz

    Roberto OrtizHace un mes

    Speed limit does not mean safe for all road conditions.

  12. Super SafariSurfer

    Super SafariSurferHace un mes

    Stop using repeat content to fill up the videos.

  13. Julian 7160

    Julian 7160Hace un mes

    The air horn guy needs it shoved up his ass haha

  14. Rexamus 75F

    Rexamus 75FHace un mes

    At borh times the sun must have been in the eyes of the drivers who punched you in the rear end then 1:12.

  15. Hugh Truex

    Hugh TruexHace un mes

    Guy with the air horn needs it shoved! What an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Eryushidēta

    EryushidētaHace un mes

    1:13 he knows hes fucked lol, theres no excuse for that on a clear bright day unless he was distracted. Goodbye license

  17. Anthony P

    Anthony PHace un mes

    4:10 - What does it matter if the driver was Polish? Are you racist of Poles? What if it was a woman? Your "school" teaches nothing.

  18. Orion

    OrionHace un mes

    Zacksbys is nasty anyway, so there really was no casualty other than your hard earned money.

  19. Jessica MG

    Jessica MGHace un mes

    The poor guy with the air horn, I would quit driving or start anxiety meds like yesterday! As I tell my daughters Its is not MY driving I am worried about, it is the other idiots!!! ALWAYS STAY ALERT!

  20. Mike K4ISR

    Mike K4ISRHace un mes

    5:50 if it is raining, drop speed to 60-65mph regardless if you have new tires or not. If not then slow down even more.

  21. Abah anton77

    Abah anton77Hace un mes

    preferably fellow motorists on the road must understand each other and understand emotions 🙏

  22. Phillip Helms

    Phillip HelmsHace un mes

    If you see someone pull out in front of you and you have time to slow down or stop do it!!!!!!! I see this on these cams all the time and mostly in other countries and the U.S. The guys on motorcycles zigzagging and riding between cars is got to be some of the most dangerous things you can do!!!!

  23. Michael Snyder

    Michael SnyderHace un mes

    5:45 Speed limit is if conditions are ideal. Just goes to show all the money in the world cannot buy skill. I either go 10-15 under til I can find a place to stop. I do not like driving in the rain because you have to worry about everyone else.

  24. Marc Tompkins

    Marc TompkinsHace un mes

    Time stamp 4:40, somebody give John Mc some sex...... he’s really horney.

  25. EaastonCams

    EaastonCamsHace un mes

    4:46 all the bitches that cant see she needs her license removed 😂 her ass should not be driving

  26. Mauricio D

    Mauricio DHace un mes

    Hahahaaa... trucker picks up toilet rolls for King Kong.

  27. 1uch1n11

    1uch1n11Hace un mes

    Red Toyota Camry, you hit the brakes as you hydroplaned, dont do that.

  28. paul smith

    paul smithHace un mes

    That one 7:14 just looks intentional. I hope they did get prosecuted.

  29. Slixious

    SlixiousHace un mes

    I feel like a good amount of these situations would have been better if the drivers were considerate towards one another. They would much rather be both right and assholes.

  30. Ryosuke Takahashi

    Ryosuke TakahashiHace un mes

    5:48 guessing the car is RWD

  31. Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & LashesHace un mes

    Honestly that guy at 5:20 honking his horn can stop having(what is that called?) Car rage? He's just so impatient and has no courtesies towards others on the road. He drives like he ownes the road. Honking at everyone. Because of him there's probably so many accidents.

  32. Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & LashesHace un mes

    Seen Ellice and Smith Street in Winnipeg. I miss my hometown. Now I'm stuck in a small city with a bunch of crooked dick heads who have lead feet.

  33. James98224

    James98224Hace un mes

    For the train hitting the truck. I know that they take a while to stop. But it seemed that the train stopped on a dime so why couldn't stop a head of time if that's the case

  34. Clayton Morris

    Clayton MorrisHace un mes

    6:25 why wouldn't you let him merge dickhead?

  35. Clayton Morris

    Clayton MorrisHace un mes

    2:23 wicked

  36. Nature and Physics

    Nature and PhysicsHace un mes

    2:08 Tornado hit that town Aug 27, 2020. 8:55 Is that a nun?

  37. indycoltssbxli

    indycoltssbxliHace un mes

    7:14 If you are a violent criminal and you find yourself in prison with the driver of that black pickup truck, feel free to rip his asshole without lube.

  38. indycoltssbxli

    indycoltssbxliHace un mes

    People who drive alone while wearing a mask are too stupid to be driving.

  39. Alloneword

    AllonewordHace un mes

    7:38 The attempted murder. The guy handed himself in a few days later and the motorcyclist is fine and recovering at home after surgery

  40. Alloneword

    AllonewordHace un mes

    1:57 ahhhhh so that's why he steered into him. "...I already had a new bumper ordered so I didn't really care". Dick head.

  41. Register To Vote

    Register To VoteHace un mes

    I can watch these videos ALL DAY LONG!!🤦🏽‍♂️

  42. Garioch Hörthmann

    Garioch HörthmannHace un mes

    8:15 "I don't know what happened" - The obvious answer is: "you moron entered the main road without looking and yielding to oncoming traffic" ... hard to believe that he could miss the other car in clear day light

  43. Sophie N.

    Sophie N.Hace un mes

    My fiance started a youTube channel. This is his newest video: His name on ESdos is Donvato. He makes "Idiots in cars videos" and also a lot of other videos like "animals being jerks". It would mean a lot for him if you check out his channel.

  44. Jerry VanNuys

    Jerry VanNuysHace un mes

    9:27 ~ That's why I drive a beater car. If someone throws something at me like that drink, I can swerve into them without hesitation, smashing the fuck out of their car, and blame it on "being startled" by them throwing a drink at me. Btw; throwing any object at a moving vehicle IS a felony in ALL 50 states because it CAN cause severe accidents... so BONUS... the asshole will get arrested, too. The final salt in the wound is that since the accident occurred during the commission of a crime, his insurance is NOT liable to cover the cost of repairs to his vehicle.

  45. Jerry VanNuys

    Jerry VanNuysHace un mes

    Dude loves his air horn! Wish I had one.

  46. Terrormopp

    TerrormoppHace un mes

    7:10 What is this pole made of :D In Germany there wouldn't be a scratch on that thing and this one is falling down by a little push :D

  47. Nathan's Nonsense

    Nathan's NonsenseHace un mes

    8:32 literally the second I saw this hori car I knew this was in NZ lol, exact type of car some loser will go 80 down a residential side street at 2am with because they have no life. It's fine though because I know their parents failed them and they only went to school to hang out with their dumb mates who only made sure his life ended up that bad. (sorry for the rant but it's low key true tho)

  48. Clayton Morris

    Clayton MorrisHace un mes

    There's trash in every corner of the world

  49. Clayton Morris

    Clayton MorrisHace un mes

    Only at 6:30 but now I can't wait to get to this clip after the picture you've painted

  50. Imperial Valley

    Imperial ValleyHace un mes

    3:54 " get the fck out the way!"

  51. raceflags

    raceflagsHace un mes

    I wouldn't give time of day for Alseon tires they're accident waiting to happen people here Canada people always risk family at risk because won't buy proper tires,also ceramic brake aren't any good on a car they shine in heavy load on trucks towing because won't warp rotors,they are the shits in rain as they don't have heat

  52. Mark Meadows

    Mark MeadowsHace un mes

    Here we go again with the cammers being douches. Never fails right?

  53. Clarence Hamm

    Clarence HammHace un mes

    Would have liked but way to many commercials

  54. Big Bill

    Big BillHace un mes

    5:35 It's funny how people don't understand brakes, yet rely on them every time they drive. Ceramic brake pads serve a function; when brakes are used to the point where they heat up a LOT, normal pads can fade, whereas ceramic pads won't. So, if you're braking a LOT, they can help. Problem is, though, they really need to be hot before they work to full potential. Luckily, power brakes let you push them hard enough to work as well as normal pads when they are cold. Pro tip: if you want good braking performance, put good tires on your car. Power brakes let anyone apply the brakes hard enough to activate the ABS (or make the tires skid if no ABS). What actually makes you stop quicker is tires with more traction. So if you're buying tires with longer life, you're giving up traction, and thus braking performance. In that case, you can put on the best brakes money can buy, but the tires still won't stop you quickly. You want a traction rating (it's on the tire) of at least A. Yes, you'll replace tires more quickly, but that's cheaper than the alternative.

  55. dave swinfield

    dave swinfieldHace un mes

    At 4:20... At that point, do you call the cops?

  56. Cowboy Frank's Personal Videos

    Cowboy Frank's Personal VideosHace un mes

    Wow. That one of the motor cycles near Castle Rock, CO was right behind the house I used to live in until 2018.

  57. Grnfinger

    GrnfingerHace un mes

    Douche bag with the air horn needs to get a clue. Fucking twat sent the video in thinking he was a hero 🤣

  58. Joseph Crowder

    Joseph CrowderHace un mes

    0:05 I don't think it came from the convertible, looks like it came from the side lines. A public service announcement went out a few months back warning people not to turn on windshield wiper when this happens. Because hijackers and thieves are targeting drivers with eggs on windshields, because the eggs smear with the activation off the wipers hindering your visibility leaving you blind and unable to drive away.

  59. Tracy Hall

    Tracy HallHace un mes

    John Mc is displaying some serious LDE. 🙄

  60. Michael S.

    Michael S.Hace un mes

    Wow that man John MC tooted his horn THREE times! Back when I had a car before I lost mine due to an accident that wasn’t my fault but resulted into a total loss, I only beeped my horn ONE time! Just once! I was taught to not beep the horn for no reason. John MC, I wanna say bad things to you. @ ME

  61. Arcamean

    ArcameanHace un mes

    5:19 DUDE, It's a WARNING device not a "GTFO I WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW LOUD I CAN BE", 2-3 second burst 2 maybe three times max.

  62. Nancy Hammons

    Nancy HammonsHace un mes

    Well Ronnie, just because the speed limit is 70 does NOT mean you should drive 70. Use the brain God gave you, twit.

  63. 2stroke4me

    2stroke4meHace un mes

    4:57 Holy cr@p, look at her turning the wheel like she's maneuvering a cargo ship, lol!

  64. Bob Cardinalli

    Bob CardinalliHace un mes

    What is a "Zackbys?"

  65. Tracy Hall

    Tracy HallHace un mes

    😂😂 I noticed that, too.

  66. Thomas Beckett

    Thomas BeckettHace un mes

    Why do people lay on their horns so long? Is it helping the other driver get out if the way faster?

  67. HumanStone

    HumanStoneHace un mes

    I see some cammers that prefer to speed up and make contact rather than, not even braking, but lifting the foot off the accelerator.

  68. El catrachito06

    El catrachito06Hace un mes

    I recommend you watch this video of bad drivers:

  69. Dustin Boord

    Dustin BoordHace un mes

    4:31 John MC is an asshole. Common courtesy eludes him. You can see and hear him accelerate when he sees the first car pulling out from the left, and if he would've let up just a little, or jump into the right lane, the second car could've made the center lane before he got there. It looks to be a busy road, people have to pull out in tight windows. Show some consideration.

  70. Dustin Boord

    Dustin BoordHace un mes

    and the last 5:17 one was completely unnecessary. he was across the center line way before "Horny John" got there

  71. 70TruckGuy

    70TruckGuyHace un mes

    5:22 - 5:33 - what did I miss? Traffic is moving smoothly, then it freezes as an explanation of "what happened" appears. I saw nothing amiss whatsoever.

  72. BILL S

    BILL SHace un mes

    Other side of the road. Rear end collision with car flipping over.

  73. Love DashCam

    Love DashCamHace un mes

    Love the video 🧡 🚘 keep it up, I'm with you just continue your work 👍

  74. Sam Aguirre

    Sam AguirreHace un mes

    I really hate to admit that I used to drive a little tipsy as I was I’d drive very very carefully however a friend dying in front of me (I was the passenger this time, car pooling) made me realize the dangers of drive even a little tipsy (a single beer 12oz was all we’d had) could do, I lost my friend, my job, and a my dignity. The lucky thing was that we didn’t kill the family in other car a expecting mother with two children ages 4 and just turned 2 , we’d ran a red light an hit them almost squarely head on. Being a independent trucker meant I would’ve still gotten a ticket at the least what I got was a revolution of my license permanently and seven year prison term this however being my first offensive was reduced to two years prison term and 15 years probation to which I’m already completed, but will probably never drive legally ever again.

  75. Sam Aguirre

    Sam AguirreHace un mes

    Kika K I was the one blamed and I was the only one with a commercial driver license and had a lot more to lose than some random D class licensed driver (I think that’s what happened) didn’t really have a say anyway was too stunned to respond to questioning so I took the blame.

  76. Kika K

    Kika KHace un mes

    Why did you get your licence permanently revoked, two years (down from seven) in prison and 15 years probation if you were the passenger?

  77. MIKE M

    MIKE MHace un mes

    Is it just me, or are too many of these clips from CA

  78. Lunatic Fringe

    Lunatic FringeHace un mes

    6:26 nice slow speed, you could have avoided that moron, don’t feel bad for you at all. Hope that little clip of “fame” was worth $900.

  79. Lunatic Fringe

    Lunatic FringeHace un mes

    5:38 sounds like your car was in perfect working order..... your driving skills are lacking... skill.

  80. Mocking69

    Mocking69Hace un mes


  81. Mike Phillips

    Mike PhillipsHace un mes

    Truck & train: "Hmmm should I pull ahead (or back up) and break the crossing gate or should I allow my truck to get hit by a train?" Then decides that he can get out and flag the train down to stop.

  82. EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos

    EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response VideosHace un mes

    sometimes the trucks can really stuck with the gates not being the problem; We had a fatal accident due to a truck from the US Army being stuck at a level crossing here in Germany, and at another location in Germany an articulated bus got stuck on a level crossing as well; Couldn't go back or forth

  83. greenmanjph

    greenmanjphHace un mes

    Why do people think it's ok to throw things at other people's cars? Would they throw things at actual people when they walk by them?

  84. Kika K

    Kika KHace un mes

    Yes, those kind of people probably would.

  85. Ravaniscool

    RavaniscoolHace un mes

    It was really nice of that motorcyclist to stop and help move that car and ask if everyone was okay.


    SHAYAN ABBASIHace un mes

    its gta

  87. Mike Messina

    Mike MessinaHace un mes

    Why was John Mc driving like a Douchbag. I have a Air Hornand and Small Penis . I speed up at people makke a turn in front of me. Blow my Air Horn.

  88. Doug Burch

    Doug BurchHace un mes

    4:09 if the truck was not broken down he should have just pushed through the RR barrier and reported it. it would have saved a lot of damage.

  89. Thabang Magana

    Thabang MaganaHace un mes

    Biker that stopped to help the old man to remove his car I applaud you sir, not a lot of People do that these days.

  90. Thabang Magana

    Thabang MaganaHace un mes

    Red sedan that hydroplaned, driver lacks experience. That’s an amateur driving.

  91. Thabang Magana

    Thabang MaganaHace un mes

    Guy with the air horn, you are a lunatic and you shouldn’t be on the road because you lack patience.

  92. Dwayne Delung

    Dwayne DelungHace un mes

    That NEXAR fellow gets in a lot of accidents.

  93. Elder1

    Elder1Hace un mes

    John Mc at 4.40... you’re awank*r mate.

  94. Diz Dee

    Diz DeeHace un mes

    5:37 ... *DUH* ,sorry but your mistake is a very very um well 🤦🏼‍♀️... did you really have to find out the "hard way" what *Hydroplaning* is because you would think its comon knowledge to *slow down in bad weather conditions* , I guess not?!

  95. Jonathan Denton

    Jonathan DentonHace un mes

    Serve the truck drivers right

  96. Roy Thorne

    Roy ThorneHace un mes

    9:28 I wouldn't call something you can wipe off with some shampoo and a sponge, 'damage.'

  97. Roy Thorne

    Roy ThorneHace un mes

    @Jeff Lyons I would call it an inconvenience. A reason to visit a car wash, and to buy a bottle of upholstery cleaner. Half an hour and next-to-no cash. Judging by the amount of residue on the window in the pictures, it couldn't have been open very much.

  98. Jeff Lyons

    Jeff LyonsHace un mes

    Roy Thorne What would you call it? The law certainly does not agree with you. The window was down and the fabric seat was stained as well, which was much more difficult to remove-does that meet your standard for damage, or is vandalism/assault on one’s property okay as long as the victim only has to waste time fixing the problem?

  99. KACE

    KACEHace un mes

    3:49 so let me get this straight. he would rather get his Rig T-Boned by a train than break the barrier that came down on his idiot a$$.

  100. Michael McLachlan

    Michael McLachlanHace un mes

    5:10 Incessant horn blowing and poor driving aside, why is the trunk lid open?

  101. jordan denton

    jordan dentonHace un mes

    I always think why do drivers who stop or breakdown on the train tracks think standing next to the vehicle and waving your arms is going to do anything. Trains don’t just stop. Just get away from the vehicle.

  102. EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos

    EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response VideosHace un mes

    it would work if they'd walk some distance away from the truck to give the train operator a chance to come to a stop

  103. maynardsmoreland

    maynardsmorelandHace un mes

    4:05 No wonder there's a TP shortage.

  104. CreatureOTNight COTN

    CreatureOTNight COTNHace un mes

    3:26 One less Nissan Juke/Joke on the road..

  105. Barrabbus Shibooboo

    Barrabbus ShiboobooHace un mes

    4.15... that officer would have done some advanced driver training as well. What was that move anyway??!

  106. Kika K

    Kika KHace un mes

    It's called the "Oh Fuck" move.

  107. john Baldock

    john BaldockHace un mes

    8.11 Who knew Father Christmas drove a Honda??🤣

  108. TiffYG2133

    TiffYG2133Hace un mes

    Dude has got a shitty car that smokes, that doesn't make him a bad driver just poor or cheap

  109. Neil Perry

    Neil PerryHace un mes

    The old dear in the Toyota, she could hardly see over the steering wheel, let alone what was over her shoulders or in front of her.

  110. n u

    n uHace un mes

    9:00 why were you going so slow? you were doing it to piss the driver off behind you and cause them to honk at you. you literally had to speed up your own video to prove how slow you were going. you probably deserved that.

  111. n u

    n uHace un mes

    @Jeff Lyons eh, without front footage i am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

  112. Jeff Lyons

    Jeff LyonsHace un mes

    n u This happened in a parking lot, hence the slower speed. The speed limit on the street outside the lot is 40k (about 25 miles per hour) where, as one can see, you immediately approach a large roundabout in a major shopping area. Also, I did not speed the video up. The uploader, RR&BD did that to shorten the video.

  113. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Bad Drivers Of The IllawarraHace un mes

    1:10 I will say in the drivers defence, at that time of day on that road you are entirely blinded by the sun.

  114. Landen Grunwald

    Landen GrunwaldHace un mes

    5:45 Is no one going to talk about how this guy put ceramic pads on his stock Camry?

  115. Amzar Nacht

    Amzar NachtHace un mes

    Ceramic pads are like... $5 more than standard pads. It's not much of a stretch. Whenever I change my brakes after the factory ones wear down I slap on high performance pads and decent rotors - because the price difference is negligible and the overall braking performance is much better.

  116. abnormaltoy

    abnormaltoyHace un mes

    4:30 John Mc...the first incident you over reacted...just 'cause you have a camera doesn't mean no one can pull onto the road ahead of you. The second had reason, they were wrong...yet you had to go to twatville laying on the horn for far too long.