Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #153

This is video number # 153 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

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    Thanks for taking the time to provide interesting videos!

  4. RR&BD Driving School

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    @MusselmanMedia98 dashcam owners send them Like that, I didn't cut any action.

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  6. Bob bing

    Bob bingHace un mes

    00:38 cammer is the idiot!! Driving with road rage intention. Drives too fast in small town. Cuts in front of driver then pulls off just to follow. Jack ass moves.

  7. PhoenixUltraMotive

    PhoenixUltraMotiveHace un mes

    8:13 Noooooo not the 240

  8. Miguel López

    Miguel LópezHace un mes

    00:54 that’s on you...the other driver did cut you off but you started driving all over the place after that

  9. Sean Mckenna

    Sean MckennaHace un mes

    5:20 XD

  10. mark99k

    mark99kHace un mes

    5:01 caption: "Car was totaled but repaired..." I don't think that word means what you think it means.

  11. ickisandoblina

    ickisandoblinaHace 23 días

    Totaled just means it will cost more to restore it to the pre-crash condition than it's worth. Just because it's totaled doesn't mean it's unusable; I know people that got their settlement, then bought back their cars for a lot less, and had the repairs done to make it usable again - they just lived with the cosmetic damage because they didn't care as long as they had a working car. For a lot of people it beats getting into having to start making payments on a new(er) car.

  12. Shanavas

    ShanavasHace un mes

    Amazing parking skills..

  13. MTDriver Driver

    MTDriver DriverHace un mes

    I think Uber needs to be convinced to reactivate

  14. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    10:09 I love the fancy outro to the videos. 😂😂😂👏👏👏 But maybe you can organize it a bit clearer: 1) This has nothing to do with any "Driving School" 2) What is "RR & BD"? You can write the whole words out. I'm sure they would fit using that font size. 3) I'm not trying to be rude, but it would be nice to see it designed more professionally. Just some constructive criticism. 👍👍👍

  15. Aiman

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    @RR&BD Driving School Sounds good bro! And please keep in mind that I wasn't trying to be rude. I just wanted to try to say things that could be helpful. But I completely understand. I want you to follow ESdos's guidelines. And I love your channel. You put great compilations together! You're a good man. Bravo 👏👏👏

  16. RR&BD Driving School

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    1. This has everything with a driving school because that is the only way I can monetize my videos (educational channel) 2. Road rage and bad driving was my channel name 2 years ago. ESdos didn't like it, so I can't use the full version. 3 I agree. I have a real job (48 h/week) and this youtube channel. So I don't have much time and I try to spend it only on content (on clips, not an intro, outro, etc..).I know it is bad I should make better outro and I agree with your criticism. Thank you for watching my channel

  17. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    9:28 I guess if you took the turn just a little bit faster, a wheel would've fell off your car? 😂😂

  18. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    8:05 I wonder what your nephew got distracted by. Maybe next time you can say that your nephew looked away from the road by looking down at his phone. I hope he learns from this.

  19. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    7:25 Good that the police let him go. 1) I see you in that last millisecond swerving right into him 2) You see a car coming into your lane. Didn't even strike you the idea to *press brakes* at least? The police did his job correctly. Good for him. 👏👏👏

  20. James Patrick

    James PatrickHace un mes

    Agreed. Karma rewarded maxthrust280 for their refusal to try and avoid the accident.

  21. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    @Ethan Poole I know a thing called: 1) Watching the video multiple times 2) Playing it frame by frame Why didn't he press brakes? He obviously saw the car coming into his lane. Using big words doesn't work when the video shows proof that this cammer didn't want to be a defensive driver.

  22. Ethan Poole

    Ethan PooleHace un mes

    She did not turn right, the other vehicle impacted the right front end of her vehicle, the added mass from that vehicle pivoting in front of her vehicle around the right corner of her vehicle then slows down that side of her vehicle relative to the unobstructed vehicle side resulting in a change of direction that was NOT commanded by the driver (the same reason vehicles always pivot around a common axis in offset collisions due to one side suddenly slowing relative to the other), which she then promptly corrected by steering even harder to the left to correct for the impact and staying within her lane to avoid other traffic. You can’t be condemning drivers for abiding by the simple laws of physics.

  23. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    7:01 LOL this cammer is a joker. He sees a brawl so he joins right on in! 😂😂😂

  24. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    6:32 Really? You're an Uber driver and you drive like this? You didn't have your eye on that car when it started accelerating? You put your passengers at high risk by the way you drive. You should've noticed when that car started to accelerate and *you should've immediately reacted by pressing brakes.*

  25. pmailkeey

    pmailkeeyHace un mes

    Instead of the accelerator you mean :) Cammer managed from a standing start to crash at 25 mph !

  26. Lexie marie

    Lexie marieHace un mes

    6:35 sorry dude but u had time to react. U had time to stop and obviously you were distracted enough to not see her pulling out. So even tho she a hit and run, this is 50 50 fault for ya both

  27. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    4:21 I see you *intentionally* over-swerving on that last millisecond before you hit that car. Also, you go your left blinker on, and slow down while you should've turned left since there were no cars coming from the opposite direction. You just wanted to piss off that truck that drove by you on the right side. Choosing to become ignorant while driving has consequences. Even though that other car that turned left should've waited until you turned, yet you should get a ticket for intentionally over-swerving to hit that car. I hope your insurance saw that video and a smart insurance agent saw your video.

  28. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    4:10 That's one lame way to cut in line.

  29. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    2:52 Thank you God for making the person in the white truck crash. Well deserved. Obviously he was 1) *looking down* at his phone, which he shouldn't have been doing, and 2) Accelerates to run a yellow light. A yellow light means that you *should stop* if you aren't already going at such a speed that makes it impossible for you to stop at the light. I hope the police gave him all the penalties on this one. Also, that silver looking SUV, coming out of left field, which has nothing to do with anything, on the left side is running a red light. tf? He needs a ticket for running a red light.

  30. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    0:35 You see A LOT OF things going on near you. Slow down!

  31. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    0:22 It's so weird how people don't think correctly. To the cammer, you see a vehicle heading towards your lane at a very slow speed. Obviously you can at least start to press the brakes because what if it comes into your lane? Why don't people think right? Honestly, I wake up from a traumatic brain injury into a life full of people who cannot think. I honestly think that I died. This world seems like it's full of non-sense BS.

  32. Alano T.Adriano

    Alano T.AdrianoHace un mes

    5:35- My Biscuits are Burning...

  33. LL Guerra

    LL GuerraHace un mes

    At 6:36, with the white car that pulled out in front of them. The hospital has cameras everywhere. However, you're going to need a lawyer to subpoena the hospital for the camera footage. I hate hit and run drivers!!

  34. TheRealDeal

    TheRealDealHace un mes

    5:10 No your tire didn't blow. You were driving on snow covered roads in the wheel ruts of previous cars. You drifted out of the rut and the snow covered road pulled you to the right.

  35. Gropax

    GropaxHace un mes

    in almost everyone of these videos there is someone that say i was hit by a uninsured driver and lost my car and now i can't work. get uninsured under insured motorist it doesn't cost much extra and hell for me it didn't cost anything extra on my insurance. don't just by the cheapest insurance you can find Flo, The General and the Gecko will not drive you to work.

  36. ickisandoblina

    ickisandoblinaHace 23 días

    I thought uninsured motorist was required. Maybe it was a state law.

  37. Sarthak Bansal

    Sarthak BansalHace un mes

    7:35 is the clip from the title

  38. Hellefleur

    HellefleurHace un mes

    8:33 I still find it strange and cool how the car can see ahead even when we can't.

  39. Hellefleur

    HellefleurHace un mes

    5:14 Except for that bump on the ditch, that was a pretty smooth slide!



    At 2:47, all you need to do to avoid that type of crash is wait making a left turn in the middle of the intersection, wait for traffic to safely clear or when the light cycles to red, and proceed with said turn.

  41. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    Anyone notice how MOST of these clips come from California? That tells you something.

  42. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    Gordon the Joker has clearly never experienced road rash before.

  43. Carl Bruschnig, Jr

    Carl Bruschnig, JrHace un mes

    Clearly, Gordon the Joker doesn't try to ride beyond his abilities either.

  44. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    2:58 Happened in Florida. White truck was at fault for not yielding the right of way to the dark truck. In Florida, you don't have to stop for yellow light. Just a warning it's about to turn red. You can pass through the yellow in some states. Need to check before commenting.

  45. Matt Dorfman

    Matt DorfmanHace un mes

    my favorite one here is the beetle in the parking garage

  46. Mike Phillips

    Mike PhillipsHace un mes

    "Car was totaled but repaired." Has the definition of totaled changed? I thought totaled meant that insurance paid maximum for car and sells it for scrap or salvage.

  47. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    @Mike Phillips Car is not worth much if the bumper being ripped off totals it.

  48. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    Totaled only means it will cost more than the vehicle is worth to fix it. Insurance companies will not pay more to fix a vehicle than what the KBB is. Doesn't mean it's not fixable. There are plenty of vehicles people buy cheap that were in accidents, fix them up, and sell them as salvaged.

  49. Mike Phillips

    Mike PhillipsHace un mes

    Again, later in the video; the bumper cover gets ripped off..."It was a total loss." WTF? Loss of the bumper cover I guess.

  50. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Bad Drivers Of The IllawarraHace un mes

    8:05 That 240SX looked so clean! Nooooooo!

  51. Nick The Knike

    Nick The KnikeHace un mes

    4:17 Two dickheads for the price of one! COVID is not taking out the bad drivers 🙄

  52. john Baldock

    john BaldockHace un mes

    5.24 That poor guy Broke His ARSE Bone!!😱🤣

  53. SuperPhotographic

    SuperPhotographicHace un mes

    5:21 ja ja, da brennt der hintern. Lektion gelernt. Fahre nie ohne Leder.

  54. Gordon the Joker

    Gordon the JokerHace un mes

    Ich habe dir zugestimmt

  55. TexasSpectre

    TexasSpectreHace un mes

    Prk Grbrg: Your nephew needs to *not* be driving.

  56. JDM Crew

    JDM CrewHace un mes

    8:05 that sweet 240 is gone now :(

  57. Shane Cheatham

    Shane CheathamHace un mes

    punker4Real clip... Yeah the guy was an idiot, but cammer had plenty of time to see him, slow down, and stop...

  58. indycoltssbxli

    indycoltssbxliHace un mes

    4:26 I couldn’t tell for certain, but it looks like that Tahoe had truck nuts hanging from the hitch receiver. It would make sense, because clearly there is a dick behind the wheel.

  59. Dennis Danner

    Dennis DannerHace un mes

    5:30 I never wear a "hamet" when I ride either 🤣

  60. Khulania Frost

    Khulania FrostHace un mes

    BLU3 GH057: Impatient people. Sorry this happened to you.

  61. brian70Cuda

    brian70CudaHace un mes

    The main things I have learned from your vids, there are just too many people, they are stupid people, and they need just slow down, is the drive a race to see who dies first? Thank you RR&BD for another great vid.

  62. brian70Cuda

    brian70CudaHace 23 días

    @ickisandoblina About what I see too, I'm yet to why everyone is in a hurry?

  63. ickisandoblina

    ickisandoblinaHace 23 días

    Something I already knew: the vast majority of people out there follow too close. Two seconds, people - it's not rocket science, just defensive driving. Nearly all t the cammers are guilty.

  64. brian70Cuda

    brian70CudaHace un mes

    The plus side, saw no cool cars get hurt.

  65. Khulania Frost

    Khulania FrostHace un mes

    58 Deluxe: I'm seeing so many accidents like this. Be patient people.

  66. Joseph Crowder

    Joseph CrowderHace un mes

    8:04 Accidents always look better when they are pitcher framed out.

  67. jdsim9173

    jdsim9173Hace un mes

    6:33 Uber cancelled you because you didn't try to avoid the accident, you actually sped up according to your dash cam

  68. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    That and if they know a vehicle has damage, the driver's account is deactivated until there's proof it was fixed.

  69. ladycplum

    ladycplumHace un mes

    5:31 Pardon me, what's a "hamet"?

  70. Jay Stringer

    Jay StringerHace un mes

    @50 looks like it is the cammers fault. passed on the left using the turn lane then pull around abruptly.

  71. it's me

    it's meHace un mes

    2:39 made me laugh I'm sorry the way the little buggy just went hitting the other car and the dashcam owner with his what the f reaction

  72. CRT Mojo

    CRT MojoHace un mes

    Don’t put long ass commercials in your videos. I hate that shit. It’s the whole reason I don’t watch cable tv.

  73. quemeese

    quemeeseHace un mes

    5:00 FallingPandas - totaled means it will cost more to fix than it is worth and insurance companies won't pay for repairs. did you pay for repairs yourself?

  74. ickisandoblina

    ickisandoblinaHace 23 días

    It's possible. If the damage is cosmetic, and you don't care about it, you can take the settlement, buy back your car for less, and avoid having to get into a new car payment, and actually come out ahead. If the accident wasn't your fault, you can even get reduced insurance rates since the car isn't worth as much. Even if you have to make minor repairs to make it usable, you don't have to make the cosmetic repairs, and you can come out ahead, financially. I happen to like my car, but it's only a few years old. When it's 10 years old, if it still works, I won't care so much if it's got dents.

  75. Mary Winning

    Mary WinningHace un mes

    "If you look at the beginning up ahead, you'll see a guy crawling out the window". NO, we DON'T see the guy because you're too stupid to turn on your windshield wipers!

  76. Pheurbel VLS

    Pheurbel VLSHace un mes

    Road rage fighting is so ridiculous!💚💚

  77. truesonic33

    truesonic33Hace un mes

    6:42 that Uber driver i am sure does not have a commercial policy. her , claim, will be dined. or canceled.

  78. truesonic33

    truesonic33Hace un mes

    0:30 Chinese people should not be driving.

  79. Stockton Drivers

    Stockton DriversHace un mes

    It was an OLD couple.

  80. Very Complex

    Very ComplexHace un mes

    my mom was turning, the light turned yellow, and a guy in a brand new ford ranger sped up to try to make the yellow light, but then hit my mom who was turning, and she didnt see him, and she didnt have a dashcam or anything, but they both had to pay for damages

  81. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    Depends on the state you live in. Some states you can go through the intersection legally on yellow. Some you can't. Just have to look at the laws where you live.

  82. KelRom

    KelRomHace un mes

    Incompetent drivers like the clip at 4:17 is what really causes road’s because drivers are angry at the stupidity like what’s displayed in the clip. Why the fuck are they stopping and stalling for a left turn that’s blatantly clear to proceed with?! STAY THE FUCK OFF THE ROAD.

  83. Jill m

    Jill mHace un mes

    I wonder if someone will come up with a system that disables mobile phones/tablets while the car is running. The driver has to pull over to check their phones. I'm dreaming, no doubt.

  84. Al Piers

    Al PiersHace un mes

    6:40 why did Uber deactivate your car? Seems like it was only a fender bender.

  85. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    Because if Uber knows there's damage to a driver's vehicle, they do that until it's fixed. They don't want drivers going around with damaged vehicles. That's why they do inspections every year.

  86. David Lessner

    David LessnerHace un mes

    1:13 That's not a "close call". That's you being a drama queen cammer. By the way - Do you also talk to people on the TV? Here's a helpful hint: People on TV can't hear you... Neither can people in other vehicles.

  87. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    Dash cams record in wide angle, making it look further away than it really is. That's why. It actually was close, and she just stopped in the middle of the road. If you don't believe me, watch this video:

  88. punker4Real

    punker4RealHace un mes

    huh it's impeding traffic flow, unsafe left turn , failure to signal , 6x failure to yield to right away traffic.. I had to slam on the brakes dude this is a 50mph section .. while accounting for the car behind me.. what if i was not paying attention her car would have been crushed and she is dead remember i'm going 50 mph... in a 3.5 ton SUV( including my self and stuff inside) 2006 Chevrolet Equinox is only 3700-3800(curb weight) maybe 4000 with her self and other junk that might be inside side airbags were optional good chance it did not have any yeah you are dead it barely got Marginal on the side impact so that suv would have crumpled also FYI she nearly clipped my bumper as well when she was making that turn THIS is a wide angle lens so objects are closer then they appear I have see many side impacts here where i live most of the time they leave in body bags what she did was very dangerous.. just to save a few pennies in gas. I have seen a double side impact ( both side got hit at 50-55MPH) and the car was crushed into 2 foot width in the middle of the car( basically the car got hit on one side then the car was thrown to the other side where it got hit again ) you bet the person left in a body bag... I have to deal with a lot a shit faced drivers every time i got out esp those people who use the right turn lane to go straight If I have a feeling they are going to try and cut me off or go straight from right turn I gun it I all ready trapped two people into crashing into the light pole honestly they get what they deserve .. I don't want to put my self is a position to rear end them.. so if they side swipe me it's on them. i have hybrid SUV it has a lot of power at the starting line 0-50mph is 5 seconds, 7.5 second 0-60mph (ICE engine lag ). the last person caused 3,000-5000 damage on their car busted axle, busted rim, blown tire, busted bumper fender, under body damage, control arm and cracked headlight. in all to save 3 seconds of time so it cost you 1,000$ per second to save that time also you had to wait 30min-1hour for a tow truck and pay them too

  89. Meredith Benjamin

    Meredith BenjaminHace un mes

    Enjoy your labor day weekend RR&BD. Thanks for the video ☺️😂😊

  90. Mark Wagner

    Mark WagnerHace un mes

    Right away or not the honker had plenty of time to stop to let the other driver complete their turn It’s call being courteous and not be a dick head

  91. James Gatzke

    James GatzkeHace un mes

    7:42 I was rear ended on Hodges, waiting to make a left. Complete stop, turn signal on... WHAMMMM rear ended by a "SO CALLED" lady. No insurance, no valid drivers license and SUSPENDED!!! you guessed it. NO TICKET, NO IMPOUND of her car. My 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye was Totaled.

  92. Anthony Holmes

    Anthony HolmesHace un mes

    I had a close call with someone passing me on the left as I was turning left

  93. Clare Ravenwood

    Clare RavenwoodHace un mes

    Got nailed by a guy who tried that. Wrote his nice Mercedes off. Said he thought he could pass me before I made my turn and he was late. I asked him how much time he gained by rear ending my car. At least I got satisfaction as that old tank of a car I had was repaired courtesy of his insurance company while his went to the boneyard.

  94. 55in 1

    55in 1Hace un mes

    Oh my Godd. Why can Alien drive a Car :-)

  95. Will4May

    Will4MayHace un mes

    5:19 THIS is what I hope happens to every idiot biker that I see doing this or speeding in built up areas on the road, I am a biker myself and really hate these effers, we have a bad enough rep as it is and these are not helping, I live in hope they turn into roadkill asap, this clip made my day.

  96. Michael S.

    Michael S.Hace un mes

    4:26 cammers were rude af. Automatically at fault.

  97. indycoltssbxli

    indycoltssbxliHace un mes



    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace un mes

    5:31 Gordon the Joke - What a good funnt joke! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  99. Liam Morris

    Liam MorrisHace un mes

    So many videos feature Americans who just roll on by a serious accident even though they could help, what makes it worse is they have dash cam to give a victim. SO glad i don't live in the USA. Shameful

  100. Cheyenne butterflies

    Cheyenne butterfliesHace un mes

    Jesus Christ is the cure to eternal life! He's coming back soon so be ready and repent! Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand! Turn from sin and turn to God! Seek him and read the word of God! #ALL LIVES MATTER

  101. Kika K

    Kika KHace un mes

    You're in the wrong place. You need to go to the bible thumper channel. You'll probably find more sinners there (*cough* mike pence).

  102. ffjsb

    ffjsbHace un mes

    7:35, how the fuck is a cop going to let someone go with no ops and no insurance??? Either the cammer is mistaken, or I'd INSIST that a supervisor come out immediately and deal with that incompetent cop.

  103. KeeperOfSolitude

    KeeperOfSolitudeHace un mes

    First cammer is listening to Haken - Affinity - The architect - around min 6

  104. Jay D

    Jay DHace un mes

    Honking for no damn reason, he was looking to clear the road. What is with the dman honking? Is that gonna accomplish anything plus there was a red light up ahead of him

  105. JimCTSCLO

    JimCTSCLOHace un mes

    8:33 Actually on I-580 in Livermore.

  106. Artem Lokhovitskiy

    Artem LokhovitskiyHace un mes

    8:07 Park Grbrg - please, forward mine "FCK YOU!" to your nephew. Does he even know what car he rear-ended????

  107. Allen Martin

    Allen MartinHace un mes

    :25... Crossing solid line is illegal everywhere but he also made an unsafe lane change.

  108. Stockton Drivers

    Stockton DriversHace un mes

    3 lanes and not looking to see if it was safe, crazy

  109. Rob W

    Rob WHace un mes

    Probably best to just delete the silly comment

  110. Allen Martin

    Allen MartinHace un mes

    Just read another comment stating that it is legal to cross a solid line to move to a hov lane but lane change was still done unsafely.

  111. Lyle Waller

    Lyle WallerHace un mes

    As long as they all vote, everything will be ju-u-ust fine!

  112. Glen Strong

    Glen StrongHace un mes

    Magickfirewolf, they're leaving a hospital, all hospitals have cameras all over their parking lots, flirt with the security guard, find the car, get the plate, and most hospitals have paystations where they need credit cards to pay, if you can trace the driver of the car back through footage, see if the hospital can help with whoever manages the parking pay machines. Or get the plate, tell the sobbiest story ever to the police and maybe they'll help you out a little extra. If you get the investigation a jump start like the plate number or the date and time they used the paystation, the police may be more inclined to help.

  113. Marshall Loveday

    Marshall LovedayHace un mes

    RE: Clip starting @ 04:17. Cammer making left turn, white Chevy Tahoe cuts in front of cammer on the turn, they collide. Question to cammer: Why did you STOP before making your left turn? There was no traffic control for you, and no oncoming vehicles. To me, you contributed somewhat to this accident.

  114. J. Matthew Phipps

    J. Matthew PhippsHace un mes

    1:27 "I am a right of way douche bag, listen to my horn announce it." Yes, the guy was sitting across your lane but you are not helping, and the continuing blowing of your horn is against the vehicle code in California. You are allowed to use it as a warning, but not continuously, and certainly not to warn people that you are a douche. "ARTICLE 1. Horns, Sirens and Amplification Devices [27000 - 27007] ( Heading of Article 1 amended by Stats. 1978, Ch. 1306. ) 27001. (a) The driver of a motor vehicle when reasonably necessary to insure safe operation shall give audible warning with his horn. (b) The horn shall not otherwise be used, except as a theft alarm system which operates as specified in Article 13 (commencing with Section 28085) of this chapter. (Amended by Stats. 1977, Ch. 993.)"

  115. Salty Crack

    Salty CrackHace un mes

    videos too short, we want to see the boxing match

  116. J. Matthew Phipps

    J. Matthew PhippsHace un mes

    0:25 Actually, the driver's big infraction was crossing the gore point. But, the solid line for the HOV lane can be crossed. Non-crossable HOV markings are a double white line.

  117. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    @nanrod Yup. The signs there make it very clear.

  118. nanrod

    nanrodHace un mes

    This clip is California I think so I don't know Cali rules but where I am In BC the Motor Vehicle Act is very specific. You may only enter or exit the HOV lane where the lane line is dashed.

  119. zzz

    zzzHace un mes

    Whoever was driving at 4:18 should no longer be on the road. I don't know why they thought it would be a good idea to submit that footage when they look incompetent.

  120. Team Awesome

    Team AwesomeHace un mes


  121. Matthew F

    Matthew FHace un mes

    They basically were doing insurance fraud

  122. Pandemic4444

    Pandemic4444Hace un mes

    Ive been hit twice by 2 people in the span of a month (second one not even 2 weeks after i get my car back from the first repair) who think their turn signal or not looking gives them right way into my lane. Or maybe they think magically space is there for them. News flash, you're wrong. These are some of the worst drivers imo. To add insult, my insurance has to go after this second guy because his insurance are fuckwads so im still waiting on getting my car repaired. Im not paying for something that is the other persons fault. Look before you merge people. Its not hard.

  123. ShaedTheMoron

    ShaedTheMoronHace un mes

    I think they might be leaving. I think they might be leaving.

  124. Anthony Bronson

    Anthony BronsonHace un mes

    I got into a car accident last week in our 2018 black Chevy Malibu we got rear ended I was in a lot of pain be careful out there

  125. J JBud

    J JBudHace un mes

    Have to laugh at those dudes fighting at the intersection. They look like a bunch of roosters. Totally ridiculous.

  126. Jill A

    Jill AHace un mes

    Nothing drives me nuts more than when I see a cammer put on their blinker to turn left n slow down n then an idiot passes them on the left to speed around them bc they can't possibly b like any normal human being n wait till the cammer safely turns left n then obvi the cammer turn into them. Ugh who does this crap seriously😡Am I the only one who gets so mad at this??

  127. Matthew F

    Matthew FHace un mes

    4:18 you completely were trying to cause a crash on purpose by slamming your brakes when there was no one coming, you just didn’t get hit by the car you were trying to get into a crash with. Total Neanderthal behavior. you should be charged for dangerous driving and insurance fraud you complete fucking moron. Driving isn’t a game.

  128. G E

    G EHace un mes

    Wait a second......Girls use their phones while driving?!....NO way.

  129. albert7139

    albert7139Hace un mes

    @8:04 dudeeeee he rear ended a Nissan 240!! Such a shame!

  130. Acosta G

    Acosta GHace un mes

    Sad times 😢

  131. Kiana Law

    Kiana LawHace un mes

    I don't understand why the woman at 6:50 didn't make more of an effort to get details for the other driver. The dash cam records audio. She was close enough to describe the car, the driver and read the license plate.

  132. Shino San

    Shino SanHace un mes

    5:57 , dude im fucking DYING laughing , only cause i know EXACTLY as he feels

  133. Kelly Edwards

    Kelly EdwardsHace un mes

    First 90 seconds are just adults being children with no crashes whatsoever. “I was here first!” “No it’s my turn!” “I was standing in line to wash my hands first!” “I’m telling!”



    @D G The problem is the asshats that drive like they own the road, more often than not, get away with it because no police were present to witness the situation. So what does that mean? They'll keep doing it until they crash, or get caught and fined, or get caught and fined so often they can no longer afford to drive.

  135. Stockton Drivers

    Stockton DriversHace un mes

    @D G No need to get mad but its OK to hit them and not get hit from the rear.

  136. JayWard413

    JayWard413Hace un mes

    D G Jesus christ ESdos is truly the scum of the earth. What is wrong with you people? Do you seriously just hate your life so much you have to take it out on random people? Please quote the part in my comment where I said any of the dog shit you just implied I said. I dare you. OP said the first couple clips were just people acting like children - I disagreed and simply said that people cutting you off going significantly slower is a huge issue and often causes accidents. So to dismiss dangerous maneuvers as “just people acting immature” is ridiculous - that was my entire comment. I never once eluded or remotely commented on the conduct of the cammers. Get a fucking life dude. For real. You’re pathetic.

  137. D G

    D GHace un mes

    Kelly De, you're EXACTLY right.

  138. D G

    D GHace un mes

    @JayWard413 how stupid. So, because you were cut off you think it's okay to just go ahead and hit someone or start road raging? You shouldn't be on the road either.

  139. mindyschocolate

    mindyschocolateHace un mes

    So your car is totaled...but they were able to repair it and get it back on the road? 🤔

  140. Skyfire The Goth

    Skyfire The GothHace un mes

    With insurance companies they declare a car totaled if any of the airbags deployed, being "totaled" today doesn't mean what it used to 5, 10, 15 years ago. (edited for typos)

  141. Pedro Conejo

    Pedro ConejoHace un mes

    @you suck True, but 3 weeks is a very quick turnaround for that. Most insurance companies haven't even got out of bed by then.

  142. Nigh Darke

    Nigh DarkeHace un mes

    They may "total" the car but you can still take the insurance money and repair it if you want. I was given this option when my car was rear ended years ago but the repair would have exceeded the payout so it wasn't worth it to me since I'd have had to have sunk nearly 1k of my own money into it on top of the ins payout.

  143. you suck

    you suckHace un mes

    lots of cars get totalled then bought, repaired and sold with salvaged titles.

  144. Pedro Conejo

    Pedro ConejoHace un mes

    Probably doesn't understand the term.

  145. DJJumpdancer

    DJJumpdancerHace un mes

    2:48 the only Problem here was the white truck not yielding

  146. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    Thank you. People need to learn the yellow light laws where they live before commenting. In Florida, where this took place, you are correct. White truck did not yield. Had he/she waited until after the red, would have been fine BUT for the fact they were waiting behind the line instead of in the intersection.

  147. Stockton Drivers

    Stockton DriversHace un mes

    No credit for not hitting this guy? People always calling me a scammer. LOL

  148. Glen Strong

    Glen StrongHace un mes

    (Unintelligable) "No, you just see nothing, I go" that wasn't unintelligable, it was actually pretty clear.

  149. Fordbert

    FordbertHace un mes

    0:59 i dont get what was the issue? There is no scene shown to flee off?

  150. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    The white SUV cut the cammer off. When there was room to go into the left lane and continue on, the cammer took it to go around the white SUV. The SUV then tried cutting the cammer off again. THAT was the issue. Yes, the cammer was being a little impatient, BUT remember, the dash cams record at a wide angle, making things seem further away than they really are. So when he/she got cut off the first time, it was really close. The cammer's impatience the second time was his/her own fault. At :45 you can see the cammer's vehicle get bumped by the Jeep. Sounds like the Jeep tried to leave the scene instead of pulling over.

  151. D G

    D GHace un mes

    @Dave Goodloe yes indeed!

  152. Dave Goodloe

    Dave GoodloeHace un mes

    To me it looked like the cammer was being a very impatient driver.