Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #154

This is video number # 154 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Paul Bartley

    Paul BartleyHace 5 días

    1:25 you admit you lost it because of your excess speed. But then floor it away again, is this something people do in an embarrassing thing like this. I see it way too often

  3. Amira Brown

    Amira BrownHace 15 días

    0:40 brakes from heaven because most would have hit at that speed

  4. kelly forbes

    kelly forbesHace 24 días

    because of videos like these, not just this one, has made me more aware of the mistakes people make everyday. and when im driving its almost clairvoyance when i see something about to happen cause of similar situations on these videos. almost ninja intuition like. dash cams are a must get one if you can. its worth the peace of mind.

  5. Angela Buteau

    Angela ButeauHace 28 días

    @2:54, the motorcyclist is there dick that ran the red!

  6. Left Blank

    Left BlankHace 29 días

    2:46 Who's at fault? Did you not see the green arrow.

  7. Jay Eccleston

    Jay EcclestonHace un mes

    Holy nice recovery at 1:18


    SWAGCOWHace un mes

    0:57 - OFC it's a 1J plate. If you ever come to or near Idaho, keep your distance they ALL drive terrible.

  9. ODST

    ODSTHace un mes

    I was I had a dashcam had someone almost got rearend because they didn't look both ways when backing up

  10. Albert Veenstra

    Albert VeenstraHace un mes

    Reflexes like a cat because she has eyes I the back of her head from watching her kids

  11. JerJerBynx

    JerJerBynxHace un mes

    No insurance? No knees caps

  12. David Attanasio

    David AttanasioHace un mes

    1:25. Spins out in rain. Proceeds to redline it in every gear after...

  13. farm life channel Y T

    farm life channel Y THace un mes

    3:55 why do people say dodge instead of ram

  14. Clive derp

    Clive derpHace un mes

    what dashcam model is that from garmin that has voice commands?

  15. Craig

    CraigHace un mes

    No insurance should have a mandatory year(min) ban on driving, immediate loss of car and garnishment of wages/savings to pay for damages to others. Ridiculous that people pay exorbitant prices for insurance for what? nothing basically.

  16. Pat Baringer

    Pat BaringerHace un mes

    So the moral of the story is that you are better off not having a license or insurance.

  17. Miguel López

    Miguel LópezHace un mes

    2:50 the motorcycle of course, the truck has the green arrow to go, the Morton just tried to beat the light and almost got ran over

  18. Балчий Ол

    Балчий ОлHace un mes

    Отсталая техника у вас ребята😁. У нас видеорегистраторы от любого матерного слова ролики сохраняют. 😀

  19. Nature and Physics

    Nature and PhysicsHace un mes

    Brush bars on a vehicle that never leaves the city or freeway. Okay.

  20. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace un mes

    2:51 Who's at fault? What kind of stupid question is that? Clearly the pickup had the green arrow. The douche on the motorcycle was 100% at fault.

  21. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace un mes

    :25 Camry and Corolla drivers are the worst on the road. No contest. Fucking morons.

  22. Dizzy1743 Gamer

    Dizzy1743 GamerHace un mes

    At 0:41 that a good braking

  23. Deadbäss

    DeadbässHace un mes

    2:45 - Biker is easily at fault, as the Ford pickup had a green light LONG before the biker even crossed his stop line

  24. Mike K4ISR

    Mike K4ISRHace un mes

    2:45 motorcycle failed to clear the intersection before other side had green, motorcycle at fault.

  25. dustybroom16

    dustybroom16Hace un mes

    2:50 what do you mean whos at fault? the guy in the truck could have popped the motorcyclists head like a zit for all i care

  26. ScriptoMatt

    ScriptoMattHace un mes

    1:17 - OH GOD OH FUCK OH GOD OH ...... YES

  27. Sarah Barton

    Sarah BartonHace un mes

    Some of these drivers should have gone to specsavers.

  28. Ocean Lover

    Ocean LoverHace un mes

    Whys it almost always some broke person in a piece of garbage that causes the wreck? Is it their stupidity their whole life that makes them be poor and drive trash to begin with?

  29. Leumas

    LeumasHace un mes

    2:47 the jackass biker is would be at fault. you can clearly see the green arrow for the truck.

  30. Mark Coppin

    Mark CoppinHace un mes

    3:48 Princes Hwy not Princess Hwy

  31. N3utr0N

    N3utr0NHace un mes

    3:25. People who press the gas instead of brake for any reason scare me to death. This is part of the reason why manuals are safer!!!! #savethemanuals

  32. Jasmine Dawn

    Jasmine DawnHace un mes

    I live in El Paso. That’s nothing compared to the rest of the damn city. People drive like shit here. And if they have NM plates.. they only know two speeds and one lane. Left at -20 under the speed limit or -25 under the speed limit.

  33. Giles Brown

    Giles BrownHace un mes

    "I don't know what is wrong with that guy," right after doing the same thing themselves.....

  34. Bruce Fread

    Bruce FreadHace un mes

    Lots of retards driving pickups.

  35. M C

    M CHace un mes

    There’s a lot of cars on the road without drivers! Just disinterested passengers holding the wheel.

  36. M C

    M CHace un mes

    I’ve been to fast as well, it’s a great place if you don’t go too fast.

  37. Crazy Arnold

    Crazy ArnoldHace un mes

    I love watching idiots

  38. camaroiowaguy23

    camaroiowaguy23Hace un mes

    my biggest peeve is when idiot cammers have to state that somethin is closer than the camera shows. that is false!! i have a dashcam too. actually on my 5th one. your camera isnt a fcking telescope. wide lense doesnt mean its zoomed in either. when you can count the road dash lines between your hood and the car ahead.. you look stupid saying its closer.

  39. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace un mes

    1:12 Lemme show y'all how to do an "alternate lane change".

  40. JagFan Hilton

    JagFan HiltonHace un mes

    @ 0:44 what the hell is that idiot honking back for when he almost caused himself to get T-Boned? And the clip right after that features an identical truck doing the exact same thing. These guys in their big pick-ups think they're invincible until they get killed in their stupid trucks.

  41. Kelly Johnson

    Kelly JohnsonHace un mes

    That's my x she is got one good eye and she always leaving it at home but now she does drive with her left foot but it does fall off some times and she's only got two fengers. On her good hand 😁😁😁😆

  42. TiffYG2133

    TiffYG2133Hace un mes

    People who mistake the gas for the brake should have their license's revoked because that is not a mistake you should make period

  43. Lexie marie

    Lexie marieHace un mes

    7:43 OMG I laughed so hard.

  44. Kckazdude

    KckazdudeHace un mes

    8:32 - Every time I come through that interchange (daily), it's always the same thing. Usually from the left lane trying to make the ramp

  45. xXSHAWNXx420

    xXSHAWNXx420Hace un mes

    If anyone EVER mistaken s the gas and brake, they need to have their license revoked and banned from driving. Its the thing you first learn about, if you can't remember your left and your right you should be allowed to drive

  46. xXSHAWNXx420

    xXSHAWNXx420Hace un mes

    @2:55 Who's at fault? The biker running a RED light derp

  47. Jared Harris

    Jared HarrisHace un mes

    8:21 - forget "Rock the Casbah", more like "Rock the Asda"!

  48. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace un mes

    Had anybody else noticed at 1:30 the cammer admits to driving too fast (70mph, according to the screen), aquaplanes, and then rapidly accelerates again past 58mph before the clip cuts out? Has the silly sod not learned at all; SLOW THE HELL DOWN!

  49. Nick Stamper

    Nick StamperHace un mes

    You should see the full video. I only sped up to keep from being rear-ended or causing a multi car accident. After I got some distance that would allow me to pull off the road safely I did. Very busy highway in Florida especially around 5pm when everyone is going home from work

  50. Carmen Brandt

    Carmen BrandtHace un mes

    7:20 "WhAt WaS gOiNg On WiTh ThAt GuY" Uh huh as if you didn't just do the same exact thing he did

  51. Spiritus Sanctum

    Spiritus SanctumHace un mes

    like Russia in the nineties. nobody stops to help. you are going the right way, comrades!

  52. jeepnutnh

    jeepnutnhHace un mes

    0:15 "not worth forcing your way over"?? Dude just lift your foot off the accelerator and slide in behind the guy. It's not that difficult. 1:25 "no damage so bla bla bla...." Give it time Grasshopper, you just keep being you!

  53. Angel Mendez

    Angel MendezHace un mes

    Back pain from this 6:23 ?I always get back pain after I crap my pants too ☝️

  54. HJW018

    HJW018Hace un mes

    lmao i know the back pain is kind of a... hmmm sure you do.

  55. Paul Smallriver

    Paul SmallriverHace un mes

    2:20 tweeker

  56. Ernest Bywater

    Ernest BywaterHace un mes

    Considering how much the USA legislators love making laws on everything and having cops enforce minor laws, I'm surprised that driving a car without insurance is NOT a felony that has the people automatically locked up. Where I live you can't take a car on the road unless it's registered and to get the registration you need third party insurance coverage, then you need to have private insurance to cover anyone you hit - driving without either is a criminal offence. Yet, we see clip after clip from the US of people not having insurance - it should be a crime to own or drive a vehicle without insirance.

  57. Ernest Bywater

    Ernest BywaterHace un mes

    re Todd Mollerup clip- The green arrow appears at the same time as the bike crosses the stop line, thus the bike had to have been facing a red light and didn't want to wait for the next sequence.

  58. mrspiegelok

    mrspiegelokHace un mes

    At 0:53 never back up for someone who is going the wrong way because if you do you validate their stupid mistake from which they learn it is okay to continue doing it until they cause an accident or fatality. I have to go through this at work where imbecile coworkers use the exit as an entrance and instead of backing up and allowing them trough I honk, sometimes I gesticulate if needed, before they back up throwing a tantrum. Of course they curse me out but they shut the hell up the moment I point to my dashcam and threaten to report them to security.

  59. LL Guerra

    LL GuerraHace un mes

    Nick Stamper, the diver in the white car with black racing strips, I can't believe you pulled that off. Wow! 👏

  60. LL Guerra

    LL GuerraHace un mes

    @Rachel E , the guy who was traveling to fast in the rain, hydrochloride a 360 and recovered his balance with out an accident.

  61. Rachel E

    Rachel EHace un mes


  62. Azeraph

    AzeraphHace un mes

    9:01 So who was at fault? Did the black tonka toy expect the other tonka toy to just slow down and let him spin up fast?

  63. Azeraph

    AzeraphHace un mes

    1:08 Why wasn't that car breaking the water tension!!!!! I should be able to drive at any speed in the rain!!!!

  64. Chief Gaming

    Chief GamingHace un mes

    The incident at 6:42 happened in the town Ipswich, Australia. It's a bit of a blind downhill bend hence why the one person went out on the road to stop traffic.

  65. ladycplum

    ladycplumHace un mes

    8:21 Cool, some old-school MIA playing in the background

  66. KiloDoubleMike

    KiloDoubleMikeHace un mes

    2:08 it’s strange seeing my accident on a compilation lol. I mean, I gave permission to this channel to use it, it’s just strange.

  67. Pheurbel VLS

    Pheurbel VLSHace un mes

    To much distraction on the roads these days. 💚💚

  68. Rob W

    Rob WHace un mes

    8:56 Funny thing...everyone is complaining about the black pick up here, but if the white pick up uploaded their dashcam, everyone would be whining and calling it a "zipper merge" or ,"why didn't you just let him in?"

  69. Rob W

    Rob WHace un mes

    @D G , it's not, that's the point.

  70. D G

    D GHace un mes

    No..... They wouldn't. How is that a zipper merge? There was the car in front of the black truck and the black truck merging into the highway. The car got in front of the truck with the trailer, so the black truck needs to go behind the truck with the trailer. On top of that there was a shit ton of space behind the truck with the trailer, so definitely not. The person in the black truck just needed to go their stupid ass behind the truck with the trailer. Super simple.

  71. D G

    D GHace un mes

    Sam BKS, I'm not even going to fully fault the white car. Why the fuck did you CHOOSE to stay that close to them when you didn't have to.

  72. drew00220022

    drew00220022Hace un mes

    If we want to have better drivers on the road STOP swerving when cut off STOP slamming on the brakes when someone pulls out in front of you. It may be a pain in the ass in the interim but the only way to make people give a shit about their driving is to fuck them up every single time they drive like assholes. Don't drive a $40,000 car that you bought last month drive a $10,000 car it's 6 years old and when somebody does that stupid shit make them pay for it. I have a simple philosophy in that I drive defensively but I am not going to turn the fucking world upside down to avoid your dumbass on the highway I will simply slam into you and let cops and insurance sort it out

  73. TrainsOnGoPro 2015

    TrainsOnGoPro 2015Hace un mes

    01:32 Red light runner got caught!

  74. Dr Deuteron

    Dr DeuteronHace un mes

    Portland (1:32), should have turned around and finished them off.

  75. Supersonicf111f 19740186

    Supersonicf111f 19740186Hace un mes

    Martlet1 @4:00 might want to start wearing his seat belt. You can clearly hear the chime several times. But alas, maybe he just can't wait to smack his head on the windshield or A pillar!

  76. Garry Mangum

    Garry MangumHace un mes

    1:08 No damage to the car, but I bet the seat needed to be cleaned.

  77. alyssa

    alyssaHace un mes

    Haha I would need to clean mine if that happened to me!

  78. Jeremy Fisher

    Jeremy FisherHace un mes

    1:30 Yup lets spin out at 75 MPH almost crash... then accelerate right back up to that speed as fast as possible. IDIOT

  79. Nathan Brazil

    Nathan BrazilHace un mes

    1:00 He wasn't trying to turn he was trying to stop without rear ending the car in front of him.

  80. Steve Rogers

    Steve RogersHace un mes

    2:11 I don't get why drivers afraid of the cops (due to outstanding warrants, or a lack of a driver's license, or illegal immigrant status) don't drive more carefully, so as to avoid attracting attention to themselves. Morons.

  81. Leumas

    LeumasHace un mes

    they are in trouble because they are stupid in the first place.

  82. Nick The Knike

    Nick The KnikeHace un mes

    What’s it with men with big trucks, but little dicks 😏

  83. Arcamean

    ArcameanHace un mes

    2:56 is that a legit question? Motorcycle dude wanted to donate his organs but forgot to ask the truck for permission clearly.

  84. Unexplainable Productions

    Unexplainable ProductionsHace un mes

    2:55 motorcyclist wasnt in his lane so hes at fault

  85. Unexplainable Productions

    Unexplainable ProductionsHace un mes

    @Kika K oh didnt even notice that

  86. Kika K

    Kika KHace un mes

    I agree the biker was at fault, but not because the "motorcyclist wasn't in his lane". That makes no sense. He ran a red.

  87. mindyschocolate

    mindyschocolateHace un mes

    2:15 see? You can totally submit a video without announcing you own a Tesla. Well done to the owner for not being pretentious.

  88. entertained

    entertainedHace un mes

    there's hope for them after all...

  89. KiloDoubleMike

    KiloDoubleMikeHace un mes

    D G ha, what makes you say that?

  90. D G

    D GHace un mes

    Nah, that dude is an asshat.

  91. KiloDoubleMike

    KiloDoubleMikeHace un mes

    Thank you

  92. ErenTheBombJaeger

    ErenTheBombJaegerHace un mes

    3:16 Oh oopsie! Accidentally pressed on the gas instead of the brakes for 7 seconds.

  93. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace un mes

    Dude, that fence just came at him out of NOWHERE!

  94. ErenTheBombJaeger

    ErenTheBombJaegerHace un mes

    2:44 Did you really just say who is at fault? Sure the truck should have been paying more attention but that was 100% the bikers fault he ran a clear red light and the truck had a clear green arrow

  95. Jackson Nutt

    Jackson NuttHace un mes

    2.56 bike

  96. Shawn Jones

    Shawn JonesHace un mes

    7:27 Literally they did the same exact thing.. Stupid content on that one...

  97. ddylla85

    ddylla85Hace un mes

    LEFT LANE passing only Folks get outta the left lane yeesh!

  98. ihategooglespooks

    ihategooglespooksHace un mes

    @2:45 that fucking biker is at fault and if any squids on here jump to his defense, fuck you you're wrong

  99. John Ruder

    John RuderHace un mes

    1:21 Nobody was in front of you, so cut the crap. Get out of the passing lane, too.

  100. Bannana Hammock

    Bannana HammockHace un mes

    I don't get the American insurance. In Sweden you simply insure your own car and the insurance company pays for damage done to it. Doesn't matter if the other car got no insurance. That's hte insurance company problem. They claim the money from the once causing the accident.

  101. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace un mes

    That's because you've been beaten down by Marxism and socialism. The person that causes the crash should be the one paying for it. A person driving a car with no insurance in the US is committing a crime.

  102. D G

    D GHace un mes

    American insurance prices also get raised after an accident. Even if you're not at fault.

  103. A B

    A BHace un mes

    Reflexes like a cat?

  104. Robby T.

    Robby T.Hace un mes

    2:45 Trick question as bikers are never in the wrong.


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace un mes

    8:21 Song name? Again?

  106. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    @TAXI DASHCAMERA You're welcome 👍


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace un mes

    Thank you, Aiman.

  108. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    Great song: M.I.A. - Paper Planes Also those two are really great covers of that song. Check them out: • The Da Vincis - Paper Planes [

  109. BHoy

    BHoyHace un mes

    2:10 POV Suzuki gives you a kiss

  110. Keine Auskunft

    Keine AuskunftHace un mes

    So it's "common" to have no insurance on your car in the US? In Germany, they impound your car, whenyou are not insured, if you cancel your insurance and get no new for example. You can't even register your car and get numberplates without an electronic insurance number. 0.01% of all cars (~6000) are uninsured here.

  111. D G

    D GHace un mes

    Sucks for y'all.

  112. Lyle Waller

    Lyle WallerHace un mes

    As I usually point out, as long as they vote, everything will be ju-u-ust fine!

  113. Michael S.

    Michael S.Hace un mes

    7:01 major overreaction from that guy. Seriously?? Learn to keep cool in tough situations.

  114. Thchyymah29

    Thchyymah29Hace un mes

    @D G Sure thing, I may have jumped to conclusions a bit too quickly. But given that the cammer did not know that either at the time, given that the Ute driver just failed to stop although there are two visible STOP signs (check Limestone St and Milford St intersection, Ipswich Queensland, Australia on Maps), given that he then tried to reverse instead of moving forward to make way (we can see that it is a one-way street and there is room for other vehicles to pass behind him until he reverses, also it does not look like there is a lot of traffic), given that he seemed more concerned about moving out of the road than checking if everybody was alright in the car he ran into, and given that hit-and-runs seem to be pretty common all over the world, I would have been as suspicious about his intentions as the cammer. But fair enough, I was not there and we don't know about what they said to each other at 7:04 so...

  115. D G

    D GHace un mes

    @Thchyymah29 you don't know if they were trying to flee or simply move their car out of the *MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING ROAD*

  116. Thchyymah29

    Thchyymah29Hace un mes

    Well, his car gets destroyed by a moron who immediately tries to flee instead of facing the consequences of his actions Does not look like an overreaction to me, given that it is a serious crash and not a fender-bender (the Ute driver could have injured someone badly...) Edit: I'm in doubt... "from that guy": are you talking about the Ute driver or the cammer?

  117. Michael S.

    Michael S.Hace un mes

    oKaY gArMiN, $aVe ViDe0

  118. Theresa Darrow

    Theresa DarrowHace un mes

    2:43 the motorcycle is at fault. You can clearly see the green arrow pop up for the truck.

  119. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    @D G It's surprisingly sad that no one knows this. Green doesn't mean just go! It doesn't mean that it's your right of way. You need *to make sure that it's safe* before you go. A green light is a suggestion; it is not a requirement. You must drive defensively and make that that it is safe for you to go once the light turns green. And DG, if the truck was already in the intersection, then it would be the biker's fault for hitting the truck. But in this case, the truck was not in the intersection and started to accelerate. Once the truck starts accelerating and the biker hits the truck (or the truck hits the biker), then they are both at fault. The truck should've been aware that once he started accelerating, that there is nothing that is approaching him from left or right. You and Liz don't believe me? Go show my comment to a police officer and ask them if I'm full of BS or not. Please do that favor for me. Both of you DG and Liz.

  120. Liz eth

    Liz ethHace un mes

    @Aiman Bless your heart 🤦‍♀️

  121. D G

    D GHace un mes

    @Aiman by that logic if the truck was in the intersection and they then got hit, you'd be saying the truck is partially at fault.

  122. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    Both are at fault if they hit. 1) Motorcycle ran a very late yellow, or red light 2) Truck was first in line at the intersection. It's his responsibility to make sure that it is safe (no one running a late red light) before he goes. Supposed to look both ways once that light turns green.

  123. tankjr84

    tankjr84Hace un mes

    1:20 yeah dont speed in those conditions..but that was a hell of a save! Best possible outcome.

  124. makpsv

    makpsvHace un mes

    03:33 Just the normal damage in an accident like that. Your car hit the front of the Yaris at an angle from behind, which is the easiest way to rip all the bolted in front parts. The Yaris hit your Mercedes on the side, there is only straight "metal", and then the wheel/rear suspension which took most of the impact. There is not much to rip, probably looks fine but has wheel and suspension damage. (If it made it that far before spinning).

  125. Annabel Holland

    Annabel HollandHace un mes

    3:15 UK incident, can tell by the sky, the license plates (yellow on rear)

  126. Theophilus Phoskia

    Theophilus PhoskiaHace un mes

    1:00: He really thought he could make that. "There are some rather dangerous animals out there."

  127. D G

    D GHace un mes

    @BILL S that's exactly what I said.

  128. BILL S

    BILL SHace un mes

    Actually, it looks like he swerved because he was going to rear end the car in front of him.

  129. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes


  130. David Cantor

    David CantorHace un mes

    1:26 .... blaming the non existent car In front of him lol

  131. Nick Stamper

    Nick StamperHace un mes

    @Rachel E I was behind them for about 20 minutes.

  132. Rachel E

    Rachel EHace un mes

    It sounds like they were talking about the blue car on their right that they pass. Maybe they had been behind it before the clip starts?

  133. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    It's those occasional invisible ghost cars. Keep an eye out for them.

  134. Ricardo Flores

    Ricardo FloresHace un mes

    7:02 guy try to do a hit and run

  135. D G

    D GHace un mes

    Again, how do you know he's trying to leave and not simply move his car out of the middle of the street?