Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #155

This is video number # 155 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
Special thanks to :
Falconwind DashCam

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Fyodor48

    Fyodor48Hace un mes

    chan owner, happy camper subbing here, i assume the more like button smashes the better for your chan! For me its my habit to hit like button first in every chan i go in as I trust their content, good practice for folk to adopt methinks..... As for the information posted, great thing, its good to get some info about outcomes, when possible if folk could maybe post a line or two, about the surrounding area, that lets Brits like myself learn much about places in the Wonderful USA I am unlikely to ever have the privilege to visit

  3. C.

    C.Hace un mes

    The descriptions are annoying. Viewers can see what's happening without that distraction.

  4. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

    @MusselmanMedia98 Cammer did

  5. MusselmanMedia98

    MusselmanMedia98Hace un mes

    did you put the warning or did the cammer

  6. Shanavas

    ShanavasHace un mes

    Amazing parking skill..

  7. kondor7070

    kondor7070Hace 12 días

    9:20 - simply pull a shiny .45 to avoid violence. And that GF , whatta hell is that entity anyway ?

  8. Midget Army

    Midget ArmyHace 16 días

    0:17 Well he was being smart keeping the truck under control even with braking issues.

  9. Rich Sady

    Rich SadyHace 22 días

    0:30 when it's 11:59 & you click same-day delivery on Amazon.

  10. Arthur Anderson

    Arthur AndersonHace 22 días

    No way she called diabetic shock

  11. Phuck Ewe

    Phuck EweHace 25 días

    @3:23. Yeah, it handles great fucktard!

  12. Bobby Lee

    Bobby LeeHace 28 días

    Be alert. We need all the lerts we can get!

  13. Toboe Key

    Toboe KeyHace 29 días

    Wow I blame that child's parents for not teaching him dont cross unless if the cross SIGN IS FUCKIN GREEN!!!!! 🤦🤦🤦

  14. Brett Baker

    Brett BakerHace un mes

    2:32 Her power steering went out... yeah, right. Had nothing to do with the fact she was driving way to fast to make the curve in the road, sure... power steering was the problem :)

  15. gsettlemyre

    gsettlemyreHace un mes


  16. Pup314

    Pup314Hace un mes

    The kid was at fault though. Failure to yield right of way to a vehicle. Crossing against the light to catch a bus is the dumbest way to die or get injured.

  17. spicy meatball

    spicy meatballHace un mes

    The "this thing handles SO well" guy could have easily saved the car if he didn't panic and lock up the brakes.

  18. The Einous

    The EinousHace un mes

    JB Hunt - That part of I-68 is horrible. Cumberland smells like burning brakes all the time. Locals'll verify. He looked like he had no brakes but it wouldn't be because he burned them up b/c you'd see the smoke. He was an owner operator, too. No clear reason why unless he was just being a cowboy.

  19. Dodge Man

    Dodge ManHace un mes

    8:28 Bull, tell the pedestrians to pay attention to walk/Don't walk signals. Had they done so, this wouldn't have happened!!

  20. Yvette Grant

    Yvette GrantHace un mes

    I personally think the blue car lost his brakes ,whose t of say.

  21. Molon Lave 2004

    Molon Lave 2004Hace un mes

    3:52 That driver literately wrecked that traffic light pole!

  22. SkyWizardless

    SkyWizardlessHace un mes

    6:17 "The good Lord was looking after him today". Yeah thanks for putting him into diabetic shock Lord, real generous of you.

  23. Irvin Casillas

    Irvin CasillasHace un mes

    The kid was trying to be a speedbump

  24. Mongoswede

    MongoswedeHace un mes

    Seems like that Jag in HI was trying to self pit.

  25. Joe Dennehy

    Joe DennehyHace un mes

    No8 the power steering fail does not account for her reckless speed now does it, she still had brakes

  26. Darrren Betker

    Darrren BetkerHace un mes

    So click bait then?

  27. JAMSAI De Melo

    JAMSAI De MeloHace un mes

    The second one was crazy.

  28. • GrossMeUp

    • GrossMeUpHace un mes

    2:10 that happened to me once back in ‘02. Guy had a green light and proceeded. I proceeded afterwards checking my left for any cars. I turn to look ahead and there he was..stopped of all places. I hit him from behind. I did notice he was on a cell phone and distracted driving laws didn’t exist yet. (I think) He claimed injuries and settled for 10k. The guy was a fukin Reverend , too!

  29. robert price

    robert priceHace un mes

    3.24, this car handles so well, famous last words HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  30. Dark Hollywood Dark Hollywood

    Dark Hollywood Dark HollywoodHace un mes

    *"This thing handles so well"* *"POW!"* *"OOO!"* *"NO!"* *"NOO!!"* *"NOO!!!"*

  31. Widowmaker10k

    Widowmaker10kHace un mes

    3:24 last famous words, legit called it as soon as he said it😂😂

  32. David Bentz Jr.

    David Bentz Jr.Hace un mes

    3:51 DUDE that mercedes driver was on point lol if he didnt move his car that traffic light would have smashed it lol - GOOD JOB!!! If only all drivers were as quick to respond to the elements... and for the video at 4:22, thats the camera drivers fault he almost got plowed, even though he has a green light, he still must yield to the lane pattern and in that particular overall situation, its a bad setup for the traffic light, the other lane should also have lights, or at least a yield sign... but i cant see any in the video. Rule of thumb, in ANY traffic situation, slow down at any and every intersection and always keep your eyes moving and stay alert to other drivers.

  33. KittenKommentries

    KittenKommentriesHace un mes

    2:34 this is where the understeer kicked in.

  34. Ezra Potter

    Ezra PotterHace un mes

    2:15 why did you crash?

  35. Ezra Potter

    Ezra PotterHace un mes

    0:05 you failed your driving test

  36. M VS

    M VSHace un mes

    With the diabetic it sounded like they were recording first for a while then decided to call the policem

  37. Shaggyguy2

    Shaggyguy2Hace un mes

    @2:46 doesnt matter if your steering locks up, why tf was she going 150 in a residential area around a corner

  38. The Jynxtherat

    The JynxtheratHace un mes

    03:18, "It handles so well!" (Hits wet spot and crunchy!) "NO! NO! NO!"

  39. Fyodor48

    Fyodor48Hace un mes

    *The cautionary warning was welcome, seeing a child get like that is truly gut wrenching. between that incident, but more on the other car crash channel **#JohnConnor** man!!! my driving has been permanently subdued, that channel shows horrific crashes, they will sober you up, for sure. (meaning will cause you to drive very cautiously* I may have subbed there, but I am happy subberd here, this is a terrific channel. that trucker one minute into the upload; He never had brake problems, he had both, a heavy right foot, and a rush of blood to the head, the way he was running outa road, he was a minute away or less of taking out two or three vehicles, just cause he had head problems whilst driving...FOOL

  40. inTruthbyGrace

    inTruthbyGraceHace un mes

    @4:13 L Sanchez... if "you" are in Arizona, doing a u-turn in the middle of the intersection _is the only _*_LEGAL_*_ way_ to make most left-hand turns (they drive like idiots in Arizona)

  41. MikeyBoy

    MikeyBoyHace un mes

    “This thing handles so well.” Not anymore.

  42. Sergeant Gunny Gaming

    Sergeant Gunny GamingHace un mes

    3:22 This thing handles so well....NOT!

  43. Nddmodrgz

    NddmodrgzHace un mes

    People need to keep that same energy once they get out the car acting like billy bad ass 😂

  44. Bad Drivers Of Augusta Georgia

    Bad Drivers Of Augusta GeorgiaHace un mes

    8:27 Check the laws where you live. In some places, you are required to stop at a pedestrian crossing if another vehicle is also stopped there.

  45. Mai Waifu

    Mai WaifuHace un mes

    I kinda laughed at the kid getting hit

  46. D T

    D THace un mes

    Yeah, that was a runaway semi there. He needed one of those runoff dirt ramps.

  47. CNCmachiningisfun

    CNCmachiningisfunHace un mes

    6:10 "the good lord was looking after him today". If that was the case, why did the 'good lord' impose diabetes upon him? Dopey theists!

  48. Erik Andersson

    Erik AnderssonHace un mes

    So God gave that man diabetes, then put him in diabetic shock and then looked after him?

  49. Glenn Ruscher

    Glenn RuscherHace un mes

    That first one, why did the blue car stop?

  50. EnioHabev

    EnioHabevHace un mes

    I don't know. My guess it was a student driver was in the driver's seat and the reaction is as you see happened on the clip.

  51. Sonny Haskins

    Sonny HaskinsHace un mes

    @6:17-- If he was in diabetic shock, how is it that he has a license ???

  52. Sonny Haskins

    Sonny HaskinsHace un mes


  53. Sidnei Ferreira Da Silva

    Sidnei Ferreira Da SilvaHace un mes

    where did these people get their leave? at the butcher shop?

  54. M. TTT.

    M. TTT.Hace un mes

    8:51 System of a Down - Science

  55. Glass Hafful

    Glass HaffulHace un mes

    Science fails to recognize the single most potent element of human existence

  56. margaret steele

    margaret steeleHace un mes

    5:00 what is a "LEO"???

  57. Durrrrl34

    Durrrrl34Hace un mes

    margaret steele I know, I’m Canadian 🇨🇦 too, I had to think about it at first as well!!🤣

  58. margaret steele

    margaret steeleHace un mes

    @Durrrrl34 ty now i feel dumb lol we dont use the term in canada so it didnt cross my mind

  59. Durrrrl34

    Durrrrl34Hace un mes

    Law Enforcement Officer 👮‍♀️

  60. Enrish Cakes

    Enrish CakesHace un mes

    Lol Mr poopybutthole

  61. Glen Strong

    Glen StrongHace un mes

    "Her steering locked up..." what the hell does that have to do with her NOT braking? Speeding is tied to her steering? No! She was driving like an asshole and found out why we have speed limits and laws!

  62. MusicInspire

    MusicInspireHace un mes

    How does locked power steering cause one to be driving that fast in a residential neighborhood to not be able to steer around a curve even if the steering had not locked up? Yeah, right.

  63. llOOII llOOII

    llOOII llOOIIHace un mes

    "The good lord was looking after him...." Yeah, right.....

  64. bwahahaha !

    bwahahaha !Hace un mes

    0:19 Brakes have left the chat.

  65. LucidReturn

    LucidReturnHace un mes

    0:17 his brakes are 100% out only explanation why he would be doing that

  66. John Glotfelty M.D.

    John Glotfelty M.D.Hace un mes

    No 8:54 yes 4 way stop, BUT you can not pull out into danger as he did. Even with right of way, if he had just looked could have waited few seconds and avoided the total cars, injuries and time lost? Lot easier no

  67. Flavio Pompeo Menna

    Flavio Pompeo MennaHace un mes

    3:57 what a luck the Mercedes driver had!

  68. William Phillips

    William PhillipsHace un mes

    At 3:10, who the fuck has ever heard of 3 turn lanes? You think a u turn lane on the highway means the same thing as 2 left hand turns? You need to have your license taken away forever

  69. William Phillips

    William PhillipsHace un mes

    Lol at 3:00 why was that back crossing in front of traffic anyway? If you don’t have a walk sign then you can’t cross

  70. Dan Post

    Dan PostHace un mes

    8:31 Where the hell were the parents? Like wtf was that kid thinking crossing when he obviously didn't have the walk symbol and had a red hand. Glad he recovered and hopefully he learned from this mistake.

  71. Dan Post

    Dan PostHace un mes

    2:43 Bullshit...power steering went out (ok) but what about her brakes? What a dumb inconsiderate POS.

  72. Eric Larson

    Eric LarsonHace un mes

    8:12 they got what they deserved

  73. Peter Ferraiolo

    Peter FerraioloHace un mes

    The very last video had road rage 😡 written all over that. The driver in the Nissan Pick-Up had some serious ego issues 😤😤🤬🤬🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  74. Alexander Stollznow

    Alexander StollznowHace un mes

    0:19 yes! looking at the grade and absolutely no comprehensible reason for a trucker to do that, I'm going for no brakes. Would have been quite a ride for the driver...

  75. Bruno Severs

    Bruno SeversHace un mes

    6:11 whoever built that car, they got the perfect add now 😁 Our car are strong !

  76. Deadbäss

    DeadbässHace un mes

    The last one. TYPICAL NISSAN DRIVERS Always trying to cause problems for something THEY caused and instigated something that didn't really exist. Let alone, the cammer should have driven to the nearest police station.

  77. Mark8675332

    Mark8675332Hace un mes

    This thing handles so well.......................Crash....................No!!! No!!!......................hahahahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. ukA

    ukAHace un mes

    That semi definitely lost his brakes, he only stopped because he lost momentum going uphill. His chair probably has a new stain in it now.

  79. Marty Burgess

    Marty BurgessHace un mes

    6:09 WITF!!! 🧐

  80. Carrie Connolly

    Carrie ConnollyHace un mes

    Oh yeah all those 3 lane turns that exist...

  81. IKhan

    IKhanHace un mes

    I once had someone chase me after I honked at them. I decided to toy with them a bit. I drove just fast enough for them to catch up to me. When the driver did and proceeded to get out of his car I moved forward slowly so he chased after my car on foot. When he stopped I backed up a bit to get closer to him. He started to chase me once again on foot. I repeated this 3 more times as his anger definitely clouded his judgement and by the time he realized it he was hundreds of feet from his car with the engine running and the door wide open. I just sped off after that laughing my ass off as he was tired and raging.

  82. IKhan

    IKhanHace un mes

    8:27 I wouldn't have felt bad if I were the driver. I had the legal right of way and that's all that matters. Good thing they had a dash cam as everyone likes to side with the pedestrians and cyclists which makes no sense to me as they're the biggest nuisances on the roads.

  83. Michael S.

    Michael S.Hace un mes

    4:13 why always assume that the person was on their phone??? Boomers man

  84. spryce 901

    spryce 901Hace un mes

    I can't believe that cyclist at 8:28 didn't stop to check on the kid. What an asshole

  85. lee x

    lee xHace un mes

    0:34 yep no brakes going down hill only so much the exhaust brake can do, (looked like he had his hazard lights on just as the car was passing) this is why it's important to not lane block when someone is speeding up behind you 99% of the time it will be a speeding driver (or just your a left lane hogger not moving right) as there is a small chance its a runaway vehicle

  86. Mike K4ISR

    Mike K4ISRHace un mes

    0:20 brakes on the truck most likely overheated and failed....

  87. DaD

    DaDHace un mes

    2:35, even if her steering locked up, I think every reasonable person would've used their brakes, she was going crazy fast. You dont accelerate from a locked up steering wheel

  88. DaD

    DaDHace un mes

    0:43, yea probably break failure due to heat

  89. Kevin Perdomo

    Kevin PerdomoHace un mes

    3:20 Bruh

  90. MortiXD09

    MortiXD09Hace un mes

    Was thst ron jeremy that hit that white 4x4?

  91. Daniel McLean

    Daniel McLeanHace un mes

    @0:17 if see a truck coming at speed like that behind me I'd be changing lanes fast lol

  92. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    3:22 *"This thing handles so well"* 3:30 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  93. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    2:34 Really? Her power steering went out? It doesn't slightly cross your mind that she may have been driving so damn fast on this road? You should try driving that same speed as her. Don't worry about your power steering; I'm sure it'll work. But try going that same speed as her though.

  94. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    0:58 & 2:12 Lol at the people who don't look straight ahead when they accelerate! 😂😂😂 *You ALWAYS look towards the front when you press the gas pedal.*

  95. Marconi Morelli

    Marconi MorelliHace un mes

    Muita falta de atenção e bom senso


    AUTO CRASH MUNCHERHace un mes do check out my chanel and send you love by subscribing.

  97. Ocean Lover

    Ocean LoverHace un mes

    3:30 hysterical. He's willing to kill innocent drivers, but cries about his piece of garbage car. Lol. Love it

  98. Jamison Chinn

    Jamison ChinnHace un mes

    I feel so bad for the guy that hit that kid in the crosswalk but “taking it slow” through a green is far more dangerous and could cause far more accidents. I hit somebody on a bike in a crosswalk before but I definitely don’t feel responsible for it. There are crossing lights for a reason.

  99. EnioHabev

    EnioHabevHace un mes

    When I was there I believe the biker knew what he was doing, probably decided to beat the light one reason or another.

  100. James Weaver

    James WeaverHace un mes


  101. kens97sto171

    kens97sto171Hace un mes

    The one with the semi running down the emergency lane. Could be a brake failure, or could be some kind of electronic glitch that had the thing go full throttle. one other issue with that clip is that there are people driving in the left lane on that highway for no reason at all. The left lane is for passing, if you are not passing get over in the right lane and get out of the way. I see this all the time on interstates as multilane state routes.

  102. TheSafierdrgn

    TheSafierdrgnHace un mes

    @2:51 100% the cyclist's fault. Wonder if he learned a lesson? Probably not.

  103. EnioHabev

    EnioHabevHace un mes


  104. Dr Chan

    Dr ChanHace un mes

    2:35 her steering didn't fail she was trying to hit 88mph so she could go back to the future.

  105. Jeff

    JeffHace un mes

    0:17 be like American Truck Sim delivery time is 5 minutes away and you still got 37 miles to go

  106. Jeff H

    Jeff HHace un mes

    4:20 Did the car on the right blow a red? If not, the cam car is at fault as they crossed a line marking.

  107. Rod S

    Rod SHace un mes

    @Jeff H Yep, in all my time in Aus I've never seen this (even though I've driven into and out of Adelaide on their freeways a couple of times but not that one) and, although it used to be common one some UK motorways, they now just use the lights at peak times and turn them off completely (rather than double greens) with signs up saying "lights only on at peak hours"). The "lights on only at peak hours" is very common on some of our busy roundabouts, well before they adopted it on motorway slip roads. The lights on the motorway slip roads was always to let traffic into the motorway in a controlled manner rather than having it back up to the interchange (usually a roundabout) and causing chaos further back.

  108. Jeff H

    Jeff HHace un mes

    @Rod S yeah, seeing at speed, a broken line crossing your lane, without a yield sign is my idea of asking for trouble.

  109. Rod S

    Rod SHace un mes

    @Jeff H Well I suppose it is you don't understand and follow the rules. I'm from the UK but have driven well over 10Km on various road trips to Aus and have never been caught out by your road signage and traffic signals, they are very similar to the UK (and you also drive on the correct side of the road...). Like I said, some of our motorways have a similar system but I think most of them now turn the lights off completely rather leaving double greens after peak hour is over.

  110. Jeff H

    Jeff HHace un mes

    @Rod S Well, that is bollocking bloody madness!

  111. Rod S

    Rod SHace un mes

    No, if you look at the very beginning you will see he also had a green (on the streetlight gantry in the centre of the intersection). We have a few strange ones like that on UK motorways where they only ever alternate red/green at peak times. Otherwise they both stay green and you merge according to lane markings and the cammer didn't.

  112. Jeff Harris

    Jeff HarrisHace un mes

    3:21 - 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  113. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Bad Drivers Of The IllawarraHace un mes

    Total trailer trash at the end.

  114. Rob Dixon

    Rob DixonHace un mes

    Definitely, friggin clown 🤡 lady in the passenger seat lol

  115. Matthew Chandler

    Matthew ChandlerHace un mes

    0:40 I am thinking no breaks..I didn't see a slope/grade but it could also be a case of diesel run away...super rare but didn't see any smoke so probably not. Considering the way he REALLY slowed down at the end I bet it was a brake failure of some kind.... 2:26 cool to see people can shake hands and deal with it amicably...lets hope if any of us get into a small fender bender it goes this way.....I can only imagine how much it must suck to be yelled at when you know you make a mistake....try to keep that in mind people.... Accidents happen its why were have insurance...just shake hands and move on... :P

  116. Henry Rodgers

    Henry RodgersHace un mes

    8:39 Last one: Tactics for introverts in this situation! Step one: Realize you are being followed by a probably-heavily-armed nutjob. Step two: Call cops. Hold off the panic attack for a sec. Step three: If he pulls in front of you, verbally read his plate number as you attempt to flee. Step four: Get far, far, far away, and deliver a copy of your footage to the cops. *ALWAYS* keep at least two separate copies for yourself. Step five: Become increasingly paranoid the nutjob might be a cop, or friends with one, and worry constantly about being SWAT'ed. Step six: Never hear anything about it ever again, *OR* spend the next six months missing all your family gatherings due to court. Step seven: Have that panic attack. You've earned it. Step eight: Cry. Lots. The end. Hope that helps. . (I yelled at a cop about a month or two ago. I hate yelling. He was illegally on my property, along with a county brush-hog, and 100% in the wrong. I fully expect him to crush my skull with his massive linebacker arms if he ever pulls me over... He tried to act nice, but you could see it in his eyes, not getting his way REALLY hacked him off.)

  117. Henry Rodgers

    Henry RodgersHace un mes

    1:29 obviously, he's in the Witless Protection Program! AAAHH! No throwin' shoes! 2:18 my father did that once. The guy kicked his bumper and the dent immediately popped out. Plastic FTW. 3:19 ... apparently it doesn't handle well enough. There's a reason why curvy roads are usually 35 or 40 MPH zones... 3:51 are you sure that's a GM? Looked like a VW Van-A-Gone! HA! Ow! What'd I say about the shoes?! Looks like his brake cylinder went kablooie. Not fun. 5:00 meh. The target audience of the Hellcat is rich Floridian drug dealers. Of course calling the cops worked! 5:38 how bad does the cooking have to be, to get the village named None Eaten? 6:08 Saints I hope that never happens to me. 8:20 again, as above. I get terribly anxious driving normally... This would just kill me.

  118. Ralph Mejia

    Ralph MejiaHace un mes

    dang is that an ss with a trailer 😂