Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #159

This is video number # 159 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Jay D

    Jay DHace un mes

    What I'm hoping for this channel is that it continuously upload regularly and not die like all the other ones... I saw a few ads I don't mind but I just hope you keep on doing what you doing. Haven't seen any videos from my hometown as my local car crash COMPILATION channel died.

  3. Shy Lee

    Shy LeeHace 18 horas

    Anyone else’s driving get reaaaaally careful after watching these religiously throughout 2020? 😂

  4. Joe m

    Joe mHace un mes

    My wife completely crushed her heel bone, it was broke in more than a dozen place, had to have surgery and everything and she wasn't in a wheelchair for a year so you must of really had it bad.

  5. Roger Rivera

    Roger RiveraHace un mes

    1:24 could’ve been avoided just by being aware of your surroundings, check all mirrors very often and merge to the right. I’ve done it many times. Where are you evasive and defensive maneuvers ?

  6. Dave Olson

    Dave OlsonHace un mes

    4:15 That’s Anoka, MN. My home town. Been too long since I’ve been back; I didn’t know they’d put a Kwik Trip on that corner.

  7. ja4nice

    ja4niceHace un mes

    It's true what I've noticed by the statement of the cammer that people don't make enough of an attempt to avoid many crashes ( 4:16 ), I think we've reached a type of entropy with our skills shown blatantly ( 3:58 ). This may mean it's time to institute a menial type of career segregation for vehicle owners - semi drivers, jet cargo plane pilots, and just regular acrobatic drivers for a purchase ticket of some cars. Whereas normal transport is nominal and of course the rich auto pilots are in new demand. This 'could' make for a regimenanate new structure of other areas. When I say new mini cars I mean transport is not within the 'experience' area of living and speed limits are lower. ReEdited : Sorry, but I just HAD to mention that this would "level -out" the totally unfounded *(though totally reasonable) claims to make the East Coast and Governmental Hub the best products reception area. That is; the West Coast is usually ignored but for common staples and the Midwest fed and healthy due to providing these products. Also, somehow muscle cars. All that is before internet sales, gee.

  8. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace un mes

    1:04 BMW driver what do you expect

  9. Justin Guarino

    Justin GuarinoHace un mes

    4:30 Yes, however if you would’ve hit the suv that was next to you, you would then become at fault and not the truck (not fully).

  10. Nigh Darke

    Nigh DarkeHace un mes

    2:35 that was more the motorcycle riders fault. I mean first off brakes are a thing, and second swerving is a thing. He didn't even try, he just plowed into the back of the car.

  11. Joe

    JoeHace un mes

    $1.99 for unleaded wtf!!!

  12. Shariece

    SharieceHace un mes

    There’s nothing more satisfying than watching an idiot recklessly swerving through traffic on the freeway crash into a barrier or side rail instead of crashing into someone else.

  13. Marty Contestabile

    Marty ContestabileHace un mes

    When I first moved to Cincinnati Ohio back in 1998 I was working for Stanley steamer. We were on our way back to the station, we were on Ronald Reagan highway heading east fairly heavy traffic, we were in the right hand lane following a u-haul when the car being towed came off the dolly, we could not get into another lane and I was afraid that the car would wreck into something or stop instantly but it went off the road and down into the fence behind a building. It was nearly 2 miles down the road before we could get the lady drivers attention and point back and let her know that there was a problem but we couldn't stop so we had dispatch call the police because she was going to be wondering where her car was.

  14. Titanic4

    Titanic4Hace un mes

    On the clip @ 0:49, the crash couldn't occur if the Jeep driver had limited trust - he couldn't see cammer's vehicle at all. The clip itself seems to fit quite nicely on the "To be continued" meme, though.

  15. David b

    David bHace un mes

  16. Yannis Gouras

    Yannis GourasHace un mes

    That last clip all im thinking is free generator

  17. Naren V

    Naren VHace un mes

    @1:07... inefficient and obnoxious ... two main tenets of BMW ownership. Not surprised at the level of douchebaggery.


    CHAKIB OUKSOUMHace un mes


  19. HumanStone

    HumanStoneHace un mes

    2:40 It looked like the biker had ample time to react, the car was changing lanes while the biker was quite the distance away. 3:10 How is that "not guilty"? 7:50 Cyclist attempted to hit the truck, results were predictable.

  20. Nicolae Butnar

    Nicolae ButnarHace un mes

    The lack of preventive driving and reflexes of some of these drivers is mind-boggling

  21. joeslowy

    joeslowyHace un mes

    5:05 When you see someone reversing towards your car, you should definitely NOT honk for at LEAST 7 seconds to give them the highest success rate of hitting your car

  22. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace un mes

    At 3:08 you cannot be proven 'not guilty', because the onus is on the prosecution to prove defendant 'guilty'. For whatever reason, they have failed to do this; thus the kid has been acquitted. Hopefully, he will have learned the stupidity of his actions and ride more defensively after this; I'm not holding my breath...

  23. OgamiItto70

    OgamiItto70Hace un mes

    1:21 (AgentCooper_SEA) Cammer made the classic mistake of losing situational awareness. There was *no one* in the lane to his left. A simple lane-change would have saved him and maybe the driver behind him from that accident. *That's* the lesson of his video: always be looking for an out. Don't zone out and lose track of traffic around you. *Always know* if it's safe to change lanes, stop, drive onto the shoulder, whatever you might need to do to avoid road hazards. Like idiots who can't grasp the concept of merging.

  24. Rewi Napier

    Rewi NapierHace un mes

    @4:50 that’s what I like seeing, offending vehicle backing up, instead of cammer letting them drive on their merry way. WTF. If they’ve done wrong so be it, get them to back out!! Most clips always show the offender drive on. I’m sure they don’t learn from their mistakes, maybe they need to go backwards so they learn that going forward is not a given. Lol

  25. Simone

    SimoneHace un mes

    6:41 my city on this channel??? Unexpected Anyway we see much worse every day than this silly lane cut Rome's traffic is like crazy

  26. Rewi Napier

    Rewi NapierHace un mes

    @9:32 Trucker got out thinking it belonged to cammer and was going to render help to move it. If the trailer was of value, like a compressor or generator I probably would of gone and hitched it up...Maybe? Lol

  27. Dr Chan

    Dr ChanHace un mes

    great video sir, A good example to show people just don't look at the road for hazards like a truck tyre. ya got now one to blame but yourself.

  28. Shawn Jones

    Shawn JonesHace un mes

    The first clip is so STUPID... Why the hell is that guy even featured here? What a POS almost actually CAUSED an accident....

  29. USCmusic10

    USCmusic10Hace un mes

    00:00. Yeah initially the other vehicle was wrong and broke the law for failing to yield on the right on red along with blatantly not stopping on that red first. However the cammer broke the law afterwards in an intentional manner out of spite by passing illegally within the single lane over the double yellow lines. That was not two lanes merging into one; I double checked the google maps. It had no lane markings or signs denoting merging. It’s just some extra space at the intersection to allow vehicles to have room to navigate any potential issues like this and not spill over into the oncoming lanes next to them. This making the cammer illegally passing and if an accident happened, that would have been on the cammer as the red light situation wouldn’t have contributed at all as it had already come and pass, but rather the accident would have been due to the cammers illegal pass.

  30. Veritas Aequitas

    Veritas AequitasHace un mes

    3:07 How the hell would that kid be not guilty of WDCA? He's an idiot. It was fucking obvious what was going on there and he was in a perfect position to see it. Did he have his eyes shut? Doesn't get more WDCA than that. The asshole just decides to ram his way through and comes unstuck.

  31. Rachel E

    Rachel EHace un mes

    0:13 get back at the one that endangered you by endangering others? 1:07 whats “bmw no less” supposed to mean?

  32. xXSHAWNXx420

    xXSHAWNXx420Hace un mes

    @7:54 lmao idiot biker runs red light, see the truck keeps biking and gets hit and has the balls to act like the truck with a green light is in the wrong lol.

  33. xXSHAWNXx420

    xXSHAWNXx420Hace un mes

    @3:08 not sure the guy on the dirtbike was found innocent, illegal lane change, lane splitting, reckless driving, he is 100% at fault. He cant pass a vehicle on a solid line, going into oncoming traffic, hit another car and be found innocent, now he will continue to drive like an idiot and break the law and think he is in the right

  34. Michael M.

    Michael M.Hace un mes

    @xXSHAWNXx420 I'll take the lack of response as realization of your mistake. Derp.

  35. Michael M.

    Michael M.Hace un mes

    xXSHAWNXx420 The one in the middle?

  36. xXSHAWNXx420

    xXSHAWNXx420Hace un mes

    @Michael M. lol the solid line in the video DERP

  37. Michael M.

    Michael M.Hace un mes

    What solid line?

  38. Diz Dee

    Diz DeeHace un mes

    The last video *run away trailer* ... I want to *give credit* to the truck driver in opposite traffic that stopped!! 👏👏👌👍👏🙏👏 He noticed a *bad* sittuation & new if he left the trailer where it stopped that it would eventually *seriously injure* or *kill* someone, just like it almost did him!! With that; watching how the *vehicles speeding around him* was very concerning... but I could tell that he was trying to decide what to do. So I was *very happy* to see him stay! Then *when safe* to do so *got out of truck* to safety of median so he was *out of harm's way*😎🤗😍👍he probly save someone life that day... The best part in my eyes was that he had *a perfect vehicle* to do what he did parking it & even better part did right thing once parked!!! So for some reason ppl think staying in a stopped vehicle on a major road is "safer" than gettin out to safey... like he did!!!

  39. xXSHAWNXx420

    xXSHAWNXx420Hace un mes

    @2:42 lol what an idiot biker, clearly sees a car in his lane, clearly has brake lights on and blinker, still drives RIGHT into back of car. Bikers and truckers are the worst drivers.

  40. Rewi Napier

    Rewi NapierHace un mes

    @xXSHAWNXx420 Omg what a come back. Especially coming from someone with 420 as part of their user ID says a lot about yourself. You must have had a few cones to rant away over frivolous things. I too could rant away and pick at everything that you dejected at me. But that would be lacking any real purpose in this situation, so I won’t. I know what I know and obviously you think you know, what you know. So have another cone or 10, and go talk to your screen, as I’m over reading your shit. God damn keyboard warrior. Did someone say KFC!

  41. xXSHAWNXx420

    xXSHAWNXx420Hace un mes

    @Rewi Napier LMAO!!! What statistics did you supply? You only watch 1 youtube channel, how about a dozen, how about they make some clips with just cars, just bikes and just trucks, some with all. Watching this channel and a dozen others for about a decade, being a driver on the road for 30 years and driving in many provinces, states and countries, i would disagree with you. Bikers are dumb, drive dangerously, truckers are pushy. "% of drivers of personal vehicles..." ??? A truck, bike and car can be a personal vehicle. You have clearly never driven on a road, highway or watched these videos. Hey its cool you dont think so, but based on videos from many sources for years and REAL LIFE experience I would disagree with you. You clearly have a bias but w/e you are just some random idiot on the internet arguing with everyones comments you dont agree with. Move along kid.

  42. Rewi Napier

    Rewi NapierHace un mes

    Sorry my friend but statistics and going by the amount of dashcam clips shown that the percentage of driver’s of personal vehicles are the worst.

  43. Kevin MacLeod

    Kevin MacLeodHace un mes

    1:30 ALWAYS ram the car that's at fault, rather than causing another vehicle to become part of the crash.

  44. Sam Aguirre

    Sam AguirreHace un mes

    Let me clarify myself the company I worked for had dashcam’s on almost all their company trucks however you weren’t allowed to turn in the footage yourself the company would review it and then if they deem it good (company wouldn’t have to pay a single penny) they would turn in the video, if the cops viewed it before they did you would be fired on the spot for breach of company policy. For them it’s easier to fire you than to fight a potentially long drawn out lawsuit than to settle out of court by just letting you fight the lawsuit by yourself, but never really helping you out. This is in reference to what happened to me in first part of January (01-12-20) I was pulled over and arrested for trying to kill a woman in a SUV near Castroville Tx. she tried have me ram her car by driving me (a 43’ long 17ton rotator/wrecker with a 73’ tractor trailer combination over 50+ tons) first by forcing me off the road because I’m too slow (speed 50 mph by law) for her and then by brake checking me to a complete stop. The footage show no hits and the audio shows her cussing me out and using racial slur and threats, but I cannot use this video evidence, because it’s the company’s and my just viewing it is grounds for my termination, if anyone has "Credible” evidence/witness(es) to this event please contact me immediately.

  45. Rewi Napier

    Rewi NapierHace un mes

    If you have lawyer they should be able to acquire footage from your former employer or a court order too. But you’re up shit creek if former employer has deleted it.

  46. Rachel E

    Rachel EHace un mes

    Sam Aguirre okay, this was making somewhat weird sense (weird laws everywhere) til you confessed to driving without a valid licenses...WTF?!?

  47. Sam Aguirre

    Sam AguirreHace un mes

    I have a new job now, but I would like to be able to collect my back pay and clear my record ! Also I’m driving without a valid driver license thanks to this B**** I’d like to have it re-validated it was going to be good till December of 2022 so if you have ANYTHING that can help me I’d appreciate it.

  48. Joe Dennehy

    Joe DennehyHace un mes

    When the trailer came off, and the cammer kept honking at it, did she hope it would stop? Very funny. Thanks

  49. aha0022

    aha0022Hace un mes

    2:34 I always enjoy watching bikers crash. It's very satisfying. 🚗🏍️

  50. Kevin Lewis

    Kevin LewisHace un mes

    I’m envious of the low gas prices in Dallas @0:34

  51. J. van der Knaap

    J. van der KnaapHace un mes

    6:40 I've driven in Rome. You can't drive 10 minutes and not encounter 9 situations worse than this one.

  52. TimBob Fuckpants

    TimBob FuckpantsHace un mes

    6:25 - Gee, I can't imagine what happened to the driver of the White Expedition's previous vehicle, seeing that he/she has temp tags....

  53. Jay D

    Jay DHace un mes

    4:28... I drive about 300-400 kms a day and I see too many close calls and if I don't use my defensive driving skills I can get myself into accidents in no time... I have had 3 so far that were rear ends where I had no control. So many videos of accidents that one driver have the ability to avoid but they don't.

  54. PhoenixUltraMotive

    PhoenixUltraMotiveHace un mes

    New record for Seattle being featured in a single dashcam video god damn

  55. YoutubeComments _MD

    YoutubeComments _MDHace un mes

    So the first clip the cammer gets cut off so they illegally pass them with oncoming traffic?

  56. quemeese

    quemeeseHace un mes

    4:15 good for Kevin. not just for avoiding the crash but actually giving credence to my thoughts for most of the videos where someone changes lanes into the cammer or 'cuts them off'.

  57. Exercise&Relax

    Exercise&RelaxHace un mes

    I wonder why the guy in the white truck got out at the end of the last video.

  58. Rachel E

    Rachel EHace un mes

    To see if the trailer thing could be moved

  59. Jeronimo Cruz

    Jeronimo CruzHace un mes

    Bikers ask for it let

  60. Art From California

    Art From CaliforniaHace un mes

    Last clip deserved the Darwin Award 🥇

  61. Rachel E

    Rachel EHace un mes


  62. Al Piers

    Al PiersHace un mes

    5:25 your wife sounds like a 14 year old.

  63. AceMcCrank

    AceMcCrankHace un mes

    That last guy did the right thing in calling in the report on the loose trailer. I can't tell you how many times I've taken a claim for someone getting into an accident in a situation like this *and they leave the scene with whatever they hit still laying in the road*.

  64. jeepnutnh

    jeepnutnhHace un mes

    Hope the driver in the clip at 3:15 bought a PowerBall ticket...pretty lucky that 18 wheeler didn't turn them into a road stain. 5:00 wtf dude? Are you on this planet,? Did it look like the van was not going to make the turn? Driving is paying attention to what is actually happening, not mashing the throttle merely because "my light turned green".and "I" have a dashcam. You look like an ass in this clip.

  65. TiffYG2133

    TiffYG2133Hace un mes

    4:09 Apps don't make people blind, so don't make excuses for this idiot they still ran a Stop sign

  66. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-RayHace un mes

    Last one; Decide whether to chase the truck,....or video the trailer to post on ESdos?

  67. zoe7657

    zoe7657Hace un mes

    I had a trailer detach and come at me tongue up in the air. The hitch hit just behind my head. It was dark and saw it last sec. Scary stuff.

  68. L S

    L SHace un mes


  69. James

    JamesHace un mes

    Gas is $1.99 in Dallas?! What am I doing here in California...

  70. culcune

    culcuneHace un mes

    Closer to you in Yuma, it is $1.89 at our local AM/PMs

  71. Tom Theiss

    Tom TheissHace un mes

    0:07 "not cutting in front of me" Jesus, I know 1st graders with more maturity

  72. Pheurbel VLS

    Pheurbel VLSHace un mes

    Some of the time it doesn’t pay to run a yellow light. 💚💚

  73. iamlsusam

    iamlsusamHace un mes

    Motorcycle accident at 2:50. I believe the biker is at fault, the car signaled, established his position in the lane and the biker took no evasive action what so ever!

  74. Clubsport R8

    Clubsport R8Hace un mes

    @9:59 no the Driver didn't run a yellow he was in the intersection waiting to turn because other cars were using the ROAD (going Straight & we all know we can't turn in front of them) during a Green Light; but, *the other "Definitely Ran The Red!"*

  75. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    9:02 Keep honking at the trailer. Maybe it will accelerate and reattach itself to the vehicle it got disconnected from. 😅😅😅

  76. DeerTube

    DeerTubeHace un mes

    Heeeey trailer, you're drifting across lanes, wake up!

  77. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    5:55 See what happens when you're speeding and approaching other vehicles too quickly? You cannot see what's on the road. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Hope you learned a lesson from that one.

  78. Tom Mitchell

    Tom MitchellHace un mes

    How damn fast was the guy going at 5:55 to cause the cammers car to jump in the air like that? The cammers was already in the fast lane already speeding probably. Was the other guy going 90+ miles an hour?

  79. culcune

    culcuneHace un mes

    Cammer hit debris or a wheel/tire in the road (hard to see, but it definitely makes sense of the accident once you re-watch it)

  80. rgrndu

    rgrnduHace un mes


  81. Glen Strong

    Glen StrongHace un mes

    Will Fogham, what did he/you hit? Looks like a spare tire maybe? Anyone up the road stopped qithout a wheel?

  82. Glen Strong

    Glen StrongHace un mes

    Name: MooseLucifer? How about Moocifur? Or Mucifer? You're welcome

  83. Amanda Geyer

    Amanda GeyerHace un mes

    at 8:06, using full screen view on a good monitor, the NO LEFT TURN sign has the notation: 3PM TO 7PM, and Sally's timestamp is 14:50 (2:50PM). So, no, Sally, it was not an illegal left turn, assuming your timestamp notations on your dash cam are correct.

  84. Rennie Ash

    Rennie AshHace un mes

    0:56 that dashcam must have no battery or capacitor left... All I’ve come across has a small battery or capacitor to record a little extra when power is off

  85. DashCamAndy

    DashCamAndyHace un mes

    I have two Viofos that have capacitors in them, they both stop recording immediately when power is turned off - the capacitor is only there to ensure the file saves without corrupting.

  86. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace un mes

    3:50 That guy sounds like a Mac user. Graceless and clumsy.

  87. niuhuskieguy

    niuhuskieguyHace un mes

    I guess the cammer forgot he was turning left too.

  88. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace un mes

    3:07 "Driving without care and attention"? Wow, that doesn't seem completely arbitrary at all. The bar to prove that must be astronomically high.

  89. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace un mes

    It's not that high really. But the biker could have claimed that he was unable to see the merging vehicle and was filtering past the slower moving cars, it does seem incredible that he didn't get found guilty since he was way too close to the car in front. But essentially it was the car coming out into his path which was the biggest problem.

  90. USCmusic10

    USCmusic10Hace un mes

    I’d imagine essentially the same as reckless driving here, which can be equally arbitrary at the discretion of the officer/judge.

  91. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace un mes

    2:05 I would pay money to hear the explanation from this other driver as to why it's not their fault. That should be precious.

  92. tigrote100

    tigrote100Hace un mes

    7:40 that croatian dude said jebem ti pičko, which means I'm F* ing your pussy :)

  93. Michael S. Ingle

    Michael S. IngleHace un mes

    7:43- Wow, I just learned some Serbo-Croatian curse words.

  94. Rich Sady

    Rich SadyHace un mes

    1st clip: Cammer is an asshole. Yes, the other car "took his turn", but he endangered more lives by pulling that dumbass stunt.

  95. Martin Kent

    Martin KentHace un mes

    The "Big Pink Traffic Sign" is taking over on ESdos. Zero percent traffic signs work great in notorious intersections, if you have kids.

  96. Dashcam Riprock

    Dashcam RiprockHace un mes

    9:00The truck can't hear your horn if he's that far ahead: Flash your headlights.

  97. BILL S

    BILL SHace un mes

    @Eddiecurrent2000 I already said I wouldn't worry about them hearing it or not, I'd do it anyway. It's a natural reaction to danger to try to warn your fellow drivers. Plus we can't tell if he is also flashing his headlights. Stop attacking a guy for trying to do a good thing. Attack the idiots who are doing bad things.

  98. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace un mes

    BILL S probably still wouldn’t hear it over there either! Road noise at highway speeds plus radios etc mean they would still be clueless!

  99. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-RayHace un mes

    The trailer certainly heard your horn, & ran away!

  100. BILL S

    BILL SHace un mes

    @Eddiecurrent2000 Other side of the road, of course. It's rolling towards the oncoming cars. Can't tell if he is also flashing his lights. I wouldn't worry about whether they could hear or see me, I'd try to warn them anyway.

  101. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace un mes

    @BILL S Which ones? There's nothing around! He should have flashed his headlights.

  102. Brian Wilber

    Brian WilberHace un mes

    4:32 Cool save. Don’t need the long story, we saw the video.

  103. Dashcam Riprock

    Dashcam RiprockHace un mes

    0:28 Is that tallest hill in Florida?

  104. Lord Knightyme

    Lord KnightymeHace un mes

    7:59 Assuming your dashcam time and date are correct it was 2:50pm, and it was a Sat. The sign is no left 3pm to 7pm Mon-Fri. So that car was able to turn left if they so chose, and did nothing illegal, other than slow you down for 5-10 seconds. Oh the humanity of it all. Anyone else wanting a closer look, 38° 50.788'N 77° 18.394'W with on google earth (orientate to look south), then down to street view.

  105. Michael Pratuch

    Michael PratuchHace un mes

    I live around there and this is correct.

  106. DC Steve

    DC SteveHace un mes

    I used to live in Fairfax. That area is just a cluster fuck regardless. That used to be a one way street, then it was two ways with no turn on left, now it's a time restricted no turn on left. It's even worse on days when there is traffic court because you have so many tickets written in that county its absurd, not enough parking, and half of those cited don't know how to read english.

  107. Keith Casey

    Keith CaseyHace un mes

    Came here to say this, and it was covered. Cammer is a dolt.

  108. Ross Martin

    Ross MartinHace un mes

    At 4:20, that was astronomical avoidance! I honestly don’t think I would’ve been able to react that fast, like damn. Kudos to the cammer for actually avoiding an accident 👏🏻

  109. DJJumpdancer

    DJJumpdancerHace un mes

    3:09 which one was your brother ? the one on the overtaking motorbike or the driver of the car pulling out

  110. BILL S

    BILL SHace un mes

    The idiot on the scooter.

  111. pmailkeey

    pmailkeeyHace un mes

    Last clip - go on, keep blowing your horn at that trailer - I'm sure it'll move out of the way if you do.

  112. Rachel E

    Rachel EHace un mes

    Or they were beeping to keep alerting the other drivers that somethings going on

  113. Susan

    SusanHace un mes

    Wow! Four vids on here in the Seattle area. I’m underwhelmed. I think the smoke is beginning to thin out and traffic will soon return to its normal crappiness

  114. pmailkeey

    pmailkeeyHace un mes

    1:54 - didn't see anyone 'run' a yellow.

  115. pmailkeey

    pmailkeeyHace un mes

    @Roger Wilco Jr Totally agree with that. It's common sense - which many Americans don't have - like Trump - you'd have thought he'd see the problem and would have fixed that by now :)

  116. Roger Wilco Jr

    Roger Wilco JrHace un mes

    @pmailkeey It's confusing when you have different laws in different states, let alone in different countries. At least the traffic laws in the states should be harmonized.

  117. pmailkeey

    pmailkeeyHace un mes

    @Roger Wilco Jr Perhaps people are misinterpreting the legislation.

  118. Roger Wilco Jr

    Roger Wilco JrHace un mes

    @pmailkeey In CA you can enter on green or yellow. If oncoming traffic prevents you from turning during the green or yellow, you can complete the turn after the light turns red. If you can't complete the turn because where you are turning is backed up, that is where you get into trouble for blocking the intersection. This is the law in most states. WA and Georgia and some others are more strict.

  119. pmailkeey

    pmailkeeyHace un mes

    @Roger Wilco Jr Same in CA, I think - but worded differently. Can't enter unless you can clear the junction before your light goes red. But in the UK, when you're in the junction, you're actually past the lights. So, in the CA situation, you're obliged to go when your lights are yellow (and this is what happened here) BUT if you don't, the lights for the road you're going into go green - meaning your exit is clear ! CA law is not very good - and probably causes accidents. Play it safe and by the book, you're just not going to make progress!

  120. Nerys

    NerysHace un mes

    3:00 so let me get this straight. a car stops and a car pulls out into a safe gap. your speeding brother then decides its a good idea to swerve around the stopping car into the other directions traffic lane to illegally "pass" the stopping car and drives straight into the minivan and he was found NOT guilty of the very clear careless driving he conducted?? WTF kind of legal system does the UK Have to have it be even possible for your brother to not be very clearly guilty of exactly that?

  121. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace un mes

    Nerys No, courts define what is lawful, by making decisions on what the law actually means. Hence there are guidelines that our courts use to determine whether someone has broken a law or not. He may have been guilty of stupidity, but it may have fallen below that of Driving without due care and attention.

  122. Nerys

    NerysHace un mes

    @Eddiecurrent2000 courts don't Define what is lawful courts Define what is enforced

  123. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace un mes

    @Nerys thus setting the precedent for whether the law has been broken or not...

  124. Nerys

    NerysHace un mes

    @Eddiecurrent2000 broken the law and found broken the law or two different things just because of Court didn't convict him doesn't mean he didn't break the law it just means the court didn't convict him

  125. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace un mes

    Nerys The UK is very much a different country with different laws, and one such law is that vehicles already on the carriageway have priority over others not on it or who wish to enter it. The car coming from the parked position did not have priority. It’s pretty much as simple as that. A bike can move down the offside of a vehicle in this country, when the vehicle it is passing is travelling slowly or stopped. The white line is not solid so he can pass over it. I’m not disputing the stupidity of it, just the legality of it. The parked car moved out in front, and that’s the problem, before anyone joins the carriageway they must give way to anyone else on it. Again, from a dumbass perspective the biker is one, as is the car driver, but since he was found not guilty, he wasn’t found to have broken the law.

  126. Donna’s Youtubelife

    Donna’s YoutubelifeHace un mes

    The guy in the first clip still did something equally dumb. You don’t cut off the person who didn’t yield to you. He could have caused an accident cutting off the other car. He should have let it go!

  127. Zetep

    ZetepHace un mes

    This. David is a little ahole him self.

  128. carcamclips

    carcamclipsHace un mes

    @SkyWizardless Because they have delicate, feathery egos that suck up all their neurons and synapse function.

  129. SkyWizardless

    SkyWizardlessHace un mes

    Agreed, David Starke was a bigger asshole than the guy that didn't yield. How do people have the nerve to send these clips in believing they are totally in the right?

  130. Paladin

    PaladinHace un mes

    9:18 dude is weirdo driving in the median to look and honk at a trailer

  131. culcune

    culcuneHace un mes

    Everyone keeps commenting that 'he keeps honking at a trailer' but, yes, if they used their brains, it becomes obvious he knew what happened and was trying to alert the pickup that was towing the trailer that they had lost it.

  132. rgrndu

    rgrnduHace un mes

    He was trying to get the truck drivers attention, dumbass.

  133. Horsepower Dashcam

    Horsepower DashcamHace un mes

    0:16 That pretty much looks like he was doing that on purpose, but wasn't skilled enough. I know what I'm talking about :P

  134. Allan C-B

    Allan C-BHace un mes

    Can we talk about bad parenting at 6:45, with the kid obviously not strapped in, and hanging on the window?

  135. Paul ng

    Paul ngHace un mes

    it's in italy so it must be fine

  136. Roc790

    Roc790Hace un mes

    9:20 A trailer!? 🤣 That's a construction site generator!

  137. crhirschi

    crhirschiHace un mes

    Looks like an air compressor to me

  138. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace un mes

    It's still a trailer ya goon. I don't think the cops are going to give a shit if it's a generator or trailer, it's stuck in the middle of the frigging road.

  139. James Robertson

    James RobertsonHace un mes

    @2010BlownSS Please, Roc790 is only human. Don't blame him for getting his semantics mixed up.

  140. 2010BlownSS

    2010BlownSSHace un mes

    Roc790 trailer: an unpowered vehicle being towed by another. Vehicle: a thing used for transporting people or goods, especially on land, such as a car, truck, or cart. That generator on wheels being towed by another vehicle is by definition a trailer. Are you seriously playing semantics to try to sound smart? Most people when hearing the word trailer will think something on wheels being towed. Would you care to continue digging or take the ladder out of the hole?

  141. Roc790

    Roc790Hace un mes

    @Lo Ca You just said the complete opposite then... He reported a trailer in the road when that is something 5 times the size at least... They will be looking for something that isn't. Great job buddy!

  142. josh heslop

    josh heslopHace un mes

    3:00 how the fuck was he found not guilty. blind overtake into oncoming traffic after weaving in and out with no time to stop. like he could never have stopped without hitting the car he overtook, so he fucked up in every regard there. i really dislike our courts ability to become daft when its something bigger vs something smaller on roads

  143. Roc790

    Roc790Hace un mes

    8:10 psshhhh like an inch into your lane for a second....

  144. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    @Roc790 Oh okay

  145. Roc790

    Roc790Hace un mes

    @Aiman I wouldn't even consider that a mistake... Given the size of truck with trailer and that bend he just barely crossed over... Dashcam driver overreacted.

  146. Aiman

    AimanHace un mes

    Uhhh... okay. The cammer already figured that the truck made a mistake.

  147. Carlos G

    Carlos GHace un mes

    I love how people say “you’re in dashcam” as if that really matters

  148. Bad Drivers of Duval County

    Bad Drivers of Duval CountyHace un mes

    Well, honestly, is HAS shut the offenders up, and made them move on when they found out it was being recorded. So, it can help.

  149. Aj Maxey

    Aj MaxeyHace un mes

    4:25 "Most cammers don't avoid the crash to prove a point". You could not have been more correct about that statement. It irritates me that I'm seeing more and more of these videos where accidents are completely avoidable if the cammer would just take defensive action. Who cares how wrong the other party is? You're going to avoid a potential insurance headache and even injuries.

  150. ickisandoblina

    ickisandoblinaHace un mes

    Agreed - all these people can argue about whether to swerve out of your lane or not (if you're aware of what's around you, you should be able to do it safely), but most of these cammers don't even step on the brake until it's far too late. They're like driving at a stopped car in their lane going "what is this idiot doing" while doing nothing to avoid a collision. It's ridiculous.

  151. you suck

    you suckHace un mes

    its all about the likes. need their 15 seconds of fame... stupid millennials.......

  152. ffjsb

    ffjsbHace un mes

    What a stupid assumption. The driver usually doesn't have the camera's point of view, not to mention we who are viewing it are EXPECTING an imminent crash since it's on a crash video. Not to mention that there are a lot of other things that they have to pay attention to.

  153. Sherloid Bai

    Sherloid BaiHace un mes

    I would if I could Aj , but when my brain spots one of those idiots, for some strange reason it sends a signal to my right foot to press the throttle more...and fortunately they seem to get out of the way or stop.

  154. Cameron Dean

    Cameron DeanHace un mes

    Chapter Seventeen maybe some day if drive something bigger than a fiesta you’ll learn there’s always different variables in an accident and a lot of the time you can control the outcome with quick reflexes and sharp thinking and not just stomp and pray.

  155. Roc790

    Roc790Hace un mes

    0:50 I call bs on the caption saying that it was the last recorded frame... The car hadn't even touched the other vehicle yet 😂

  156. Roc790

    Roc790Hace un mes

    @Rob W MAYBE!!!

  157. Rob W

    Rob WHace un mes

    Files are often saved in 1-3 minute files, if that's the end of the file by dumb luck, it's absolutely plausible.

  158. Waraila wildrunner

    Waraila wildrunnerHace un mes

    Thing is the speed of the accident is probably the reason - the camera system was probably destroyed on impact which would affect the last few frames of recording.

  159. Dache Barros

    Dache BarrosHace un mes

    @1:55 u can’t run a yellow. It’s completely legal to drive thru an intersection when it’s yellow

  160. culcune

    culcuneHace un mes

    @Roger Wilco Jr I believe we have the same stupid law here in AZ. During the winter in the middle of snowbird season (coincidentally many Washington retirees here) when the streets are busy, there are some intersections where one wouldn't be able to legally turn left for hours as there are no turn arrows and opposing traffic is nonstop to be able to enter on a green and make a safe left turn in one motion.

  161. Roger Wilco Jr

    Roger Wilco JrHace un mes

    Not for left turns in Washington state. You must be able to enter the intersection under a green and complete the turn in one motion. Stupid law imo.

  162. CatSlave 56

    CatSlave 56Hace un mes

    Well, Agent Cooper... that's not what it looks like to me. It looks to me like when you saw the red car trying to merge, you sped up to cut him off. Then you both braked to avoid the collision you nearly caused, and the OTHER idiot behind you ran into you. When you approach a merge lane, and there is traffic merging into your lane that is ahead of you, even if only slightly, you're supposed to either slow down a bit and let them merge, or pull over into the left lane, if clear, to let them merge. You people who can't stand to let anybody get in front of you on the road are in serious need of more drivers education - or an attitude adjustment.

  163. Rob W

    Rob WHace un mes

    Where on earth do you get that from? He's literally, and quite obviously, slowing to let them in. The victim blame is strong with you.

  164. C M R

    C M RHace un mes

    (2:35) I hope the motorcyclist is okay, but they are completely at fault for the accident. Doing ~65 in a 45mph zone was a factor.

  165. J. van der Knaap

    J. van der KnaapHace un mes

    No, no, 'that chick' was to blame.

  166. Keith Casey

    Keith CaseyHace un mes

    Also, car had to pass a vehicle in the lane already (scooter) and then turn back into that lane to make the exit. Could have just waited, but looks like they had plenty of room. Bikers fault 100% agreed.

  167. James Robertson

    James RobertsonHace un mes

    I agree completely. The speed of the motorcyclist was a major factor in this collision. I am very surprised that the cammer did not mention this.

  168. jdsim9173

    jdsim9173Hace un mes

    9:00 what is honking at the loose trailer going to accomplish?

  169. Rob W

    Rob WHace un mes

    @SkyWizardless , that, you're absolutely correct.

  170. SkyWizardless

    SkyWizardlessHace un mes

    @Rob W Because a depressingly large number of people are stupid. The video clips show that, let alone the comments.

  171. jdsim9173

    jdsim9173Hace un mes

    @rgrndu Yes, you made one.

  172. dwalmop2

    dwalmop2Hace un mes

    @Rob W lol, yes.

  173. Rob W

    Rob WHace un mes

    @dwalmop2 , lol. No.

  174. The Ultimate Purple One

    The Ultimate Purple OneHace un mes

    8:51 You will always be my Brother