Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #160

This is video number # 160 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
Special thanks to :
Jose Manuel
Clueless Drivers of

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Jeku Joseph

    Jeku JosephHace 2 horas

    2:08 just picking up the garbage...

  3. Happy Day

    Happy DayHace 3 días

    My friend knows a moron, the son of her dad’s buddy, who attempted a u-turn on the Golden Gate Bridge in the middle of rush hour traffic back in the 90’s. He was high on speed. He failed at the u-turn, and crashed into the barricade that protects pedestrians, which is basically a huge piece of reinforced steel. Caused a 4-hour long traffic delay. I always wished there’d been cameras there to witness that incident.

  4. Eric P

    Eric PHace 7 días

    2:34 Woman: "I could've died" Man: "tHaTs a bUrNoUt"

  5. Erik S

    Erik SHace 9 días

    5:16 how does a human being get t boned

  6. DashCamAndy

    DashCamAndyHace 10 días

    4:49 - "Yeah, I was just looking down for a second." That's all it takes, sweetie. You are piloting a 2000-lb. metal missile, get your head in the game.

  7. Sean Humes

    Sean HumesHace 10 días

    0:16 All new drivers take notes, please be like this young driver and be defensive drivers NOT aggressive. It takes true maturity to bite your tongue and just let idiots be idiots. Instead buy a dash-cam and send in your clips so we can berate the morons who shouldn’t have licenses.

  8. Jay Perkins

    Jay PerkinsHace 11 días

    Already saw this

  9. Paul Osicne

    Paul OsicneHace 12 días

    Anyone who confuses the brake pedal with the gas pedal, like that clown at 2:00, should never be allowed to obtain a driver's license.

  10. Matt Armstrong

    Matt ArmstrongHace 16 días

    So many of these are stupid drivers recording like speeding up to no let people in or feigning switching lanes etc etc.

  11. the ice wolf

    the ice wolfHace 18 días

    3:12 umm "the white dodge didn't even plan to slow down" I don't think they even seen the red like driver coming at then, they didn't just let them get into an accident

  12. Old Fokker

    Old FokkerHace 18 días

    I did the same stupid thing, recently. No paint nor words. ahhh, to be Canadian.

  13. Anthony

    AnthonyHace 18 días

    2:36 we need a petition for women to take two drivers tests. I've seen so many of these videos where it is always a woman driver who overreacts and/or gets very hysterical after they make the first mistake, so they just keep going. I also think all drivers should be re-tested every 5 years anyways. There are so many stupid people with a license, like this person, who SHOULD NOT BE DRIVING.

  14. Isaac Moss

    Isaac MossHace 26 días

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was another BLM riot

  15. Dara Conner

    Dara ConnerHace 26 días

    I will never understand how you can mistake the gas for the brake. how stupid do you have to be??

  16. Lastman Standing

    Lastman StandingHace 27 días

    That last video, was he your ex before or after he hit you? 🤔😏

  17. Julieann Decker

    Julieann DeckerHace 29 días

    You guys have the best videos! I sometimes find myself leaning or backing away from my iPad as if I’m the one anticipating the impact! 😂 Geez. Thanks for the the great content! Only thing I would ask for is that the videos be longer in length but whatever you do, I’ll be watching as long as you continue to provide them! Drive safe everyone and remember...learn to merge, no cut throughs, be NICE to semi drivers and DON’T brake check anyone!

  18. Catherine Alvizo

    Catherine AlvizoHace 29 días

    6:45 Was it just me or did anybody else notice that even though the guy ran the red light and hit the cop it actually save the cop's life because if he had continued he would have gotten hit by the train.

  19. dosko

    doskoHace un mes

    I know that in most cases the camera driver isn't at fault, but goddamn do you not have heads that you can turn? Quite some accidents couldve been prevented with more cautious and careful driving. Don't look only forward, look left and right too. Isn't anyone teaching you in driving school?

  20. Joe Wood

    Joe WoodHace un mes

    More evidence that the auto box should be removed from cars and the manual box put back in ...... this would solve two problems 1) it would stop a lot of people getting on the road. 2) It would stop a lot of accidents................... because a manual box you have to think with an auto box you don't you just put it in drive and put your foot down.......... with a manual box you can't accidentally put it into reverse....... where in an auto box you can...............a manual box you have a third pedal that's stops the car moving if you don't have it in the right gear the car will stall because the gear is to high or you are not smooth with the clutch pedal and balance it with the throttle or accelerator .............. that's why it's about time for road safety the manual box was put back in cars..... it stops people being lazy at the wheel....... an auto box creates laziness.

  21. Joe Wood

    Joe WoodHace un mes

    More evidence why the manual gearboxes should be back in cars and the auto box removed this would not have happened in a manual box car ............ but it is laziness by the driver that encourages manufacturers to put auto boxes in cars and do away with that third pedal the clutch..........which stops a lot of things happening because you don't use it properly and select the right gear the engine just stalls and stops..............which in this case that's what would have happened and all this that you are witnessing wouldn't have existed...... in fact if the manual box was put back in the car there would be a lot of people especially the female of our species that wouldn't be on the road.............the auto box is a curse it doesn't help driving . it helps people that have no business driving to drive.

  22. _Purge

    _PurgeHace un mes

    5:07 hate those damn scooters, wish Louisville would get rid of them or make users accountable

  23. Henry Marin

    Henry MarinHace un mes

    biker needs to have his tires properly intalled.

  24. Raphael Nerlino

    Raphael NerlinoHace un mes

    That lady who thought the gas pedal was a break. What a stupid b****

  25. Harley

    HarleyHace un mes

    2:38 I have to say it, Denise is annoying.

  26. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace un mes

    That dumbass scooter driver at 5:10 is one of the reasons those things are being banned everywhere. What a fucking idiot!

  27. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace un mes

    Lex Man at 4:10 you were driving in the middle of that road, taking up the entire thing. No matter what speed the car was going, they swerved because they thought they were going to run into you head on, so YOU were the cause of that accident. Yeah, they were probably going too fast, but you should be happy they were paying attention and saw you taking up the entire road! You would have been charged as well if they'd died.

  28. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace un mes

    That one at 2:55 is obviously the car's fault for running the red light, but by the way that van spun around they HAD to be going way too fast for that street!!

  29. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace un mes

    They very first driver HAD to be staring at their phone for directions or something... I just can't imagine someone being so damn stupid that they pull right out into someone, swerve into the opposite lane, then back over to the curb to swing around for a U turn directly in front of a truck, if they had been looking in their mirrors and where they were going first. It just... I'd have to chase that person down and call the cops, then destroy their license myself. But of course, an idiot of that caliber has no regard for the law and would go out driving anyway, license or not. Throw their asses in jail. We need a system for dumbass drivers where we can put them into a jail like facility, almost like a rehab, to make them go through daily classes to relearn how to drive and pass multiple tests to be released and allowed to drive.

  30. R

    RHace un mes

    6:42 the guy sped up purposely

  31. Lyle Johnston

    Lyle JohnstonHace un mes

    5:05 Scooter insurance?

  32. Craig G

    Craig GHace un mes

    Last one if I was a cop at that "accident" ,domestic assault ,vehicular assault ,reckless driving ,changing lanes unsafely. Can[t imaginne why it's her ex

  33. B

    BHace un mes

    6:39 “Are yew fucken schewpid???”

  34. Evan Hughes

    Evan HughesHace un mes

    Good but crazy vid lol 😱😱😱😂😂😂

  35. Spike's Pa

    Spike's PaHace un mes

    1:48 Clown in white SUV probably doesn't even realize he was on *the wrong side of the road* .

  36. Thabang Magana

    Thabang MaganaHace un mes

    That’s how you do a burnout 😄

  37. Gabriele Cossettini

    Gabriele CossettiniHace un mes

    MD driver listen to good music!

  38. SuperMCE9

    SuperMCE9Hace un mes

    That guy shouldve just called an uber

  39. Mark Copland

    Mark CoplandHace un mes

    Thats why these scooters are banned in most places, dumb arses that ride them, they feel they van ride anywhere some have gotten killed for being self entitled idiots not using common sense which was killed off by government education

  40. Kahealani Thomas

    Kahealani ThomasHace un mes

    Yea that last clip took me out. Sis needs to sue that bum because why are you hitting someone on purpose

  41. gfink2

    gfink2Hace un mes

    4:50 "I was looking down just for a second" - yeah, that would explain your totaling 2 cars, doesn't take longer than a second

  42. TraustiGeir

    TraustiGeirHace un mes

    1.5 seconds tops, in my case.

  43. Markovicsable

    MarkovicsableHace un mes

    And the person at 1:58... damn you only got 2 fuckin pedal, and still managed to fuck up 2x for 30 seconds straight. like if you push the pedal and the car accelerates just switch pedals... but no it must be the break, but it acts like the gas pedal.... maybe if I push it long enough it would switch back to break. My only assumption that was the thought process.

  44. Idaho

    IdahoHace un mes

    5:05 what car is the grey one in the left turn lane?

  45. DashCamAndy

    DashCamAndyHace 10 días

    '98-'01 Nissan Altima (2nd-Generation)

  46. Justin Guarino

    Justin GuarinoHace un mes

    1:00 Braking would have caused an accident without laying down the horn to make sure they stop moving. The only reason there was no accident is because you (the camera) moved away from the car. 3:30 The guy just letting some random dude in his car after a H&R??

  47. Nigh Darke

    Nigh DarkeHace un mes

    1:58 I'd have left that fucking moron in the car to choke on the smoke. Just WTAF.

  48. David Hain

    David HainHace un mes

    Welcome to my life. I my car has a sign on it that says hit me please. Phoenix is home to the most clueless drivers

  49. Nick Heese

    Nick HeeseHace 25 días

    They come to Phoenix from California, new York, new Jersey and Illinois. All shitty states, not to mention all of the illegals here,. Who have never driven in their lives.

  50. Peter N

    Peter NHace un mes

    8:06 lane changing into a cars blind spot is asking for trouble. Reeks of no skill.

  51. brian ferrell

    brian ferrellHace un mes

    I have been driving for over forty years. I am proud to say that I have had very, very few reported accidents.

  52. WooferJr

    WooferJrHace un mes

    I get it if you mistake the gas pedal with the break, but why would you leave it floored for like 20 seconds? That was ridiculous.

  53. Dopey NightlifeTV

    Dopey NightlifeTVHace un mes

    3:19 wheres your gawd damn brakes at I know you seen all them cars stopped in front of you!!!

  54. T McCarty

    T McCartyHace un mes

    1:23 Biker was WAY wrong!!!

  55. Rita Margarita

    Rita MargaritaHace un mes

    My God....

  56. Jose Tellez

    Jose TellezHace un mes

    5:35 I KNOW THAT INTERSECTION!! Looks like either s stolen car or idiot test driver. Not uncommon to see car lot owners driving recklessly in that area...

  57. john Baldock

    john BaldockHace un mes

    2.11 The new BMW Garbage Collection car Failed at first attempt so Council will not be buying any!🤣

  58. Derek Bennett

    Derek BennettHace un mes

    Every car is the same.. gas on right brake on left or middle. If you fuck it up that much that you cause that much damage and put so many people at risk you should be banned from driving for life. Obviously youre too stupid.

  59. Nicky D

    Nicky DHace un mes

    2:30 thats no accident that was on puropse

  60. Leeann Cox

    Leeann CoxHace un mes

    So the last clip bitch get a dash cam I hate when people record on their phone so you deserved that crash obviously ex’s of mine wouldn’t run into me on purpose so you must of pist him off when you was his BF or GF so get a dash cam idiot

  61. AngelHundo2016

    AngelHundo2016Hace un mes

    rainman_104 clip that starts around @8:43, the biker appears drunk to me

  62. Courtney

    CourtneyHace un mes

    you need to set your side mirrors out more people.....

  63. Hezz B!

    Hezz B!Hace un mes


  64. SS396

    SS396Hace un mes

    Having driven professionally for 32 years, in that time I've seen countless people that think they have a right to drive a motor vehicle when in reality a bus pass is all they are eligible for.

  65. Go Clunker

    Go ClunkerHace un mes

    2:00 this driver is a goddamn idiot. I own the same car. It has a handbrake, it can be put into neutral easily whether its manual or auto, it can be turned off easy. NO DAMN EXCUSE. Also, the gas pedal DOESN’T get stuck by design its impossible. Driver is a vegetable

  66. D G

    D GHace un mes

    8:06 I know that song! Good choice of music, AdiTexas92.

  67. jacksonj1113

    jacksonj1113Hace un mes

    5:35 any updates on this?

  68. constantine Hunter

    constantine HunterHace un mes

    The last video she speeds up for the corner then slams her brakes on listen to the revs of the engine then the squeals of her tyres . Hope police noticed this.

  69. Mark Meadows

    Mark MeadowsHace un mes

    I thought the BMW driver was an irate customer and tried to take down everything in her path. Or on drugs, either or. It was an elderly driver? Hard to believe that. I mean, how can someone possibly do that much damage? It almost seems to me that was an intentional thing the person did to cause that much damage in one go.


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace un mes

    4:08 I hope this is the last Miata in America.

  71. Shaul Jonah

    Shaul JonahHace un mes

    Seriously some people don't need to be driving ever. Need to learn how to properly handle a motor vehicle.

  72. Sonny Haskins

    Sonny HaskinsHace un mes

    @1:40-- If the driver truely had a green righthand arrow , then the child on the bike didnt have a " walk" sign

  73. Lavallalex

    LavallalexHace un mes

    It says their light was red, meaning the kid had a "do not walk" sign

  74. Videos By Status

    Videos By StatusHace un mes

    So funny video you don't stop laughing🤣🤣🤣😂😂😛 You see 👉

  75. HumanStone

    HumanStoneHace un mes

    2:35 I'm willing to accept a medical condition. I'm willing to accept foreign substances (drugs, alcohol). I'm willing to accept a loss of cognitive abilities due to old age. But having a healthy, conscious person mix-up the pedals, TWICE, that each time is not a short 2-seconds burst of taps, but a pedal-t-the-metal for 15 seconds. 9:30 I must wonder, though, why are you recording with your phone prior to the incident?

  76. Drafty Satyr

    Drafty SatyrHace un mes

    2:35 Could have been an outbreak of Karen?

  77. Charles Fetters

    Charles FettersHace un mes

    636 time: Let me get this straight; you pull out in front of someone without looking and he hits you and you think it's his fault?????? You are obviously a fucking Trump supporter!!!!

  78. Jeff S

    Jeff SHace un mes

    rip all these people searching "learn how to drive"

  79. KatieJean394

    KatieJean394Hace un mes

    Eh Dartmouth ns! Represent where u find the worst drivers in the world!

  80. Chris Bowers

    Chris BowersHace un mes

    do cars in the US have ABS? I see so many locking up. Over this side of the pond as I understand it you have not been able to sell a new car without ABS for years now.

  81. Super Bee

    Super BeeHace un mes

    @Chris Bowers , yeah, the misleading clue.

  82. Chris Bowers

    Chris BowersHace un mes

    @Super Bee yeah it does Anti Lock Brakes the clue is in the name. Never see cars lock up over here unless they are really old. That's on dry or wet roads.

  83. Super Bee

    Super BeeHace un mes

    ABS alone doesn't mean that they can't lock up.

  84. kaleb Powell

    kaleb PowellHace un mes

    Guy running at 3:50 deserves life in prison

  85. kaleb Powell

    kaleb PowellHace un mes

    Driver hit the dumpster should have his license permanently taken

  86. Trevor Noah

    Trevor NoahHace un mes


  87. Peter Dudas

    Peter DudasHace un mes

    5:05 HAHAHAHAHAHA fuhk you dumba$$!!! totally deserved!! I hope he has to pay for all the damage to the car!

  88. Fordbert

    FordbertHace un mes

    8:10 you were not in the lane, you also merged in this lane. If it came to a hit it would be 50/50 fault

  89. Super Bee

    Super BeeHace un mes

    Right. But if this was in Texas camera would be completely at fault, and would be stupid enough to provide the evidence proving it.

  90. taurnguard

    taurnguardHace un mes

    6:55 The odd thing is the guy that hit the cop car might have saved the cop's life. Check out the train in the background. No crossing signals. No train bars.

  91. Larry

    LarryHace un mes

    Good eye

  92. Super Bee

    Super BeeHace un mes

    There is, I can see them.

  93. taurnguard

    taurnguardHace un mes

    5:03 Not just runs the red light but runs it on the wrong side of the road. If you drive like you want to be roadkill, you're going to be roadkill.

  94. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace un mes

    Yeah looked painful

  95. Ducky Lou Diva

    Ducky Lou DivaHace un mes

    What's up with the tiny subtitles, dang

  96. Meredith Benjamin

    Meredith BenjaminHace un mes

    2:00 This must be a blonde who wasn't educated in brakes. These are great videos 👍👍☺️☺️ thanks again

  97. Brandon Lee Bosch

    Brandon Lee BoschHace un mes

    1:58 How in the heck do you mistake the gas for the brake for so long and not do anything to stop? If you only have two damn pedals, take a guess what other pedal you have to step on. There is no cure for what happened, the driver will never learn from this. No license for life is the only course of action. Messing up so bad, is practically attempted murder due to incompetence.

  98. Jason Stewart

    Jason StewartHace 27 días

    Lastman Standing Ah I see 😂

  99. Lastman Standing

    Lastman StandingHace 27 días

    @Jason Stewart No, 2,500 lb's is about right...the car had nitrogen gas in the tires.

  100. Jason Stewart

    Jason StewartHace un mes

    dog3y3 much much heavier than that

  101. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace un mes

    I totally agree. No excuse. Some people just aren't meant to be operating a 2500lb rocket on wheels. Too many lives are at risk.

  102. Anriandor

    AnriandorHace un mes

    Commented because pinned comment said so.

  103. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

    Haha, thank you

  104. Serafim Deyn

    Serafim DeynHace un mes

    I really don't understand the US drivers and the running red....

  105. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace un mes

    @Paul Davis BUT, i find that we're not the only country with red-light runners. Europe has quite a few videos of people running yield/stop/and red lights. I can understand the confusion about which side of the road. Not all drive on the left side in Europe. What I don't get about European roads... some have these pedestrian walk-ways, that cross right in the middle of a highway. That just seems crazy to me.

  106. Paul Davis

    Paul DavisHace un mes

    Serafim Deyn Get in line. We live here and even we don’t understand it.

  107. David Stratton

    David StrattonHace un mes

    You weren't following or stalking your ex-boyfriend were you? Just curious.

  108. Species1571

    Species1571Hace un mes

    6:26 You were initially starting to do the decent thing, moving to the right since there was nothing behind, but then change your mind and decide to aggressively undertake.

  109. Kitty Maxboon

    Kitty MaxboonHace un mes

    I don't beleve the last video clip at all. I think that was a made up story to spice up the video clip hahahahaha.

  110. FnixGhod1

    FnixGhod1Hace un mes

    :20 I drive there all the time, that stretch is literally the only straight stretch on the entire road and has great visibility!

  111. Jeffrey Lyon

    Jeffrey LyonHace un mes

    I think that @0:55 that GOD was watching out for both of you!!! I'm glad no one got hurt!!. God I'd good All the time!!!


    STARSHIPTROOPHace un mes

    @5:25 Uber eats coming at ya

  113. Dj Vic4U

    Dj Vic4UHace un mes

    STARSHIPTROOP *scooter hits car* *phone*: you arrived at your destination!

  114. Craig

    CraigHace un mes

    Sheri needs to pick her men better....

  115. Craig

    CraigHace un mes

    That poor dumpster! Minding it' own business (maybe talkin' a little trash) then boom car, car outta nowhere comes and takes it out.

  116. Lastman Standing

    Lastman StandingHace 27 días

    That's to be expected when you are trash talkin'.

  117. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace un mes

    Must be really depressed. Down in the dumps.

  118. J. Matthew Phipps

    J. Matthew PhippsHace un mes

    5:08 Happy when things like this happen. Jack ass deserved what he got.

  119. TiffYG2133

    TiffYG2133Hace un mes

    I've said it before - If you ever "mistake" the gas for the brake and vice versa you should never be allowed to drive again, that is a stupid mistake that shouldn't even be a mistake because you have to be a Darwin level idiot to do that!

  120. Rushin Roulette

    Rushin RouletteHace un mes

    To be honest. Ive done that (mistake brake pedal and accelerator), its not too difficult to do early in the morning before enough caffeine juice has been ingested. The difference is I just tapped the accelerator and moved a few cm forwards before realizing my derp. Never in my life have I stamped on my "brakes" (correct pedal or not) like that after starting my engine (especially the ignition on my car wont even start unless Im in Park AND already pressing the brake pedal).

  121. Frank B

    Frank BHace un mes

    5:02 How many times did you watch this? 😳 Four times here 🙋🏻‍♂️.

  122. DAVID-19

    DAVID-19Hace un mes

    I'm too busy savoring the moment.

  123. Kimmy Dudman

    Kimmy DudmanHace un mes

    @5:42....Anyone else notice the guy with a little road rage behind the cammer?

  124. tankjr84

    tankjr84Hace un mes

    2:00 If a woman is present, she will be the one trying to make it about her lol

  125. Jeanne Parisot

    Jeanne ParisotHace un mes

    We are not all like her, buddy. :(

  126. Robert Ruiz

    Robert RuizHace un mes

    5:08 funniest shit I've seen today

  127. Drafty Satyr

    Drafty SatyrHace un mes

    @Dead Freight West I thought I'd heard it in my head then realised I'd said it out loud myself 🤣🤣

  128. Dead Freight West

    Dead Freight WestHace un mes

    I heard Nelson's trademark, "Hah-hah!" in my head.