Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #161

This is video number # 161 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. GOSH_ infinity

    GOSH_ infinityHace 7 días

    T Appel sounds like BadBoyHalo!

  2. Zavier Van Horne

    Zavier Van HorneHace 15 días


  3. "The Cyborg"

    "The Cyborg"Hace 16 días

    Poor Betty

  4. Christopher Stumpel

    Christopher StumpelHace 21 un día

    I like how insurance companies give you only 1 second to react but you can’t go off on them for their shitty wait times of 10 minutes or greater and how you can’t go off on them for sometimes taking ages just to get insurance active again even though you pay on time. It’s ridiculous.

  5. Chris Brinzo

    Chris BrinzoHace 22 días

    2:57 Ahh! AHHHH!!! Ahh! AHHHH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!

  6. Dan Post

    Dan PostHace 24 días

    8:57 What makes a person drive the wrong way on a busy highway? A person with a death wish, and this day that idiot got his wish. Moron, hopefully he didn't injure or hurt anyone else for being a dumbass.

  7. AlphaRomeo-OneFive

    AlphaRomeo-OneFiveHace 24 días

    That last one... Yeet 😂 I shouldn't have laughed but couldn't help it. I hope she was ok!

  8. Axel

    AxelHace 25 días

    Driving without insurance should be automatic prison time. Just make it a fucking felony. They're dangerous and shitty humans who shouldn't be allowed to be in public.

  9. kayak traveler

    kayak travelerHace 25 días

    I cant watch the last video without smiling lol. She probly gonna get paid good tho

  10. Joselyn Monzalvo Gloria

    Joselyn Monzalvo GloriaHace 26 días

    fu'''''''c car who failed

  11. _Purge

    _PurgeHace 28 días

    5:42 seen the same dumb shit while riding passenger in basically a rally car while in Tennessee, should be accountable with prison time along with whoever installed high beams in the back of a vehicle.

  12. TheAndrew1025

    TheAndrew1025Hace 28 días

    2:55 is hilarious 😂 the screaming is epic 🤣

  13. Copycat Singers

    Copycat SingersHace 28 días

    the last clip, wtf

  14. Copycat Singers

    Copycat SingersHace 28 días

    Hit and run? you mean hit and drive.

  15. vk flynn

    vk flynnHace 29 días

    I see that American car insurance companies work on the same principle as American health insurance companies.

  16. Rusky Petrovsky

    Rusky PetrovskyHace 29 días

    3.03. You had no chance even going slower of seeing that cement block.none,Glad your ok.

  17. Rusky Petrovsky

    Rusky PetrovskyHace 29 días

    1.42, you had plenty of time to yield to that semi.. your arrogance was there for all to see.

  18. Stuart O Neill

    Stuart O NeillHace 29 días

    Fucking asshoules

  19. Brad Haughton

    Brad HaughtonHace 29 días

    When people see a truck pull over into your lane just back off because remember the truck can't see you in their blind spot

  20. Linda NWFirefighter

    Linda NWFirefighterHace 29 días

    One of my co workers fell asleep as he drove home from a night shift. Unfortunately he crossed the centre line and hit a teenager killing her instantly as she was on her way to school in her vehicle. He was sent to prison. He had never been in trouble with the law yet had to go to prison. It was a devastating accident for all involved.

  21. Steven Smith

    Steven SmithHace un mes

    The screaming dude....! What a massive pussy, hahaha

  22. Thomas Paquette

    Thomas PaquetteHace un mes

    That lady getting thrown off that bench.😂 The truck driver is obviously a idiot but if you’re that lady when does your spidey sense kick in?

  23. Johnathon Landis

    Johnathon LandisHace un mes

    What? At fault for a stationary object? I'd sue them for putting it as an at fault just because that would make insurance skyrocket if you don't have accident forgiveness

  24. Johnathon Landis

    Johnathon LandisHace un mes

    They do realize that in most states if a police report is made for an accident, your insurance has put in a form claiming you have coverage otherwise you lose your license/registration or both within a certain amount of time.

  25. Mervin Tv Repairs Tv Repairs

    Mervin Tv Repairs Tv RepairsHace un mes

    Go ahead with ... Back to Driving Schools... Law enforcement needs to stop allowing ages 16 to have a vehicles licensed under 21 years old.... Comment about it... 16 ,Don't have no MERCY

  26. Mervin Tv Repairs Tv Repairs

    Mervin Tv Repairs Tv RepairsHace un mes

    #Tags... no needs a much bigger eyes glassess to be installed in vehicles windscreens... What a jokes all off this videos are made

  27. Rhianna Williams

    Rhianna WilliamsHace un mes

    How in the hell is a chunk of cement in the middle of an otherwise clear travel lane in any way the driver's fault? That guy needs a new insurance company. What a rip-off.

  28. paul smith

    paul smithHace un mes

    That last one. Poor woman on the bench.

  29. iTs_me_ Azri

    iTs_me_ AzriHace un mes

    The last one is funny

  30. GhostsKillerGaming

    GhostsKillerGamingHace un mes

    Are we not going to talk about the guy at 8:20 who opened the door to yell at the cammer when he’s in a convertible?

  31. Raymond Caylor

    Raymond CaylorHace un mes

    1:26 this rarely happens..... FedEx trucks are usually in the left lane on the interstate

  32. Lyle Johnston

    Lyle JohnstonHace un mes

    3:00 Sue the road department.

  33. Jennalyn 1979

    Jennalyn 1979Hace un mes

    This definitely where I need vocal I don’t read the fine print per say. Put vocal clips.

  34. Nicholas Eure

    Nicholas EureHace un mes

    3:23 why would you only have liability.... Is it not worth the extra $15/mo to protect against Collision/Comprehensive...SMH

  35. Matt's Sad Life

    Matt's Sad LifeHace un mes

    Actually, it was $325/mo with full coverage. A young male teen driver in the Bay Area has to pay A LOT. Liability was only $74/mo which is why I chose it

  36. Nick The Knike

    Nick The KnikeHace un mes

    5:24 Smoking kills you dumb bitch 😡

  37. KimJongUT

    KimJongUTHace un mes

    I feel so bad for the driver that hit the stationary object because that’s so unfair when it’s dark outside the damn rock looks like another while like on the road this is a terrible call for the insure car company I never knew they could be so sick about things like this. Like rocks don’t belong in the middle of a fucking highway

  38. MotoGuy3700

    MotoGuy3700Hace un mes

    5:42 well that's one way to stop people tailgating you.

  39. Darwin B

    Darwin BHace un mes

    That's why i drive 30-40mph at night...

  40. TeeKay

    TeeKayHace un mes

    When will people learn the difference between a tire and wheel.

  41. Vanessa L

    Vanessa LHace un mes

    That guy screamed like a little bitch.

  42. Lirael Green

    Lirael GreenHace un mes

    Wow the lady on the bench at the very end just didnt comprehend what was about to happen :(

  43. indycoltssbxli

    indycoltssbxliHace un mes

    9:35 I just booked a one-way ticket to Hell by laughing out loud.

  44. sa22see

    sa22seeHace un mes

    The one with the lady seating on the bench was that trash guy last day at work.

  45. David Neill

    David NeillHace un mes

    4:41 how does it not occur to you that you need to look before you start backing up in the middle of the road, and how do you not hear a car honking when it's almost touching your bumper? The answer to both: you aren't fit for driving.

  46. Robert Moon

    Robert MoonHace un mes

    A friend of mine swerved to miss a car that crossed into his lane which caused him to run into a ditch. The police gave my friend the ticket said " Failure to maintain his vechical. The car that crossed the lane was never cought.

  47. Austin Afridi

    Austin AfridiHace un mes

    2:52 I’ve been in deeper shit than a car wreck and never screamed like a LEGIT BITCH. You need to grow a set of balls.

  48. MusicInspire

    MusicInspireHace un mes

    Everybody loves blaming some "jesus" for their woes....

  49. Doc Mezensev

    Doc MezensevHace un mes

    Даже на лавочке нельзя расслабиться... Остановите Землю, я сойду.

  50. MrNickelbrille

    MrNickelbrilleHace un mes

    You sure have a sad life Matt. Unfair that you are called responsible. Fuck your insurence

  51. Barbara Clarke

    Barbara ClarkeHace un mes

    5:14 THE wife????????? Surely it should read MY wife!!!!!!!

  52. Racxr420

    Racxr420Hace un mes

    i fucking hate these people who dont know how to drive, i hate them so much that i just wish they never were allowed to drive again

  53. Yournotmydad 664

    Yournotmydad 664Hace un mes

    who gave these fuckin idiots licenses they should be fired and have there license permanently suspended

  54. Yournotmydad 664

    Yournotmydad 664Hace un mes

    its fell not fall

  55. Ocean Lover

    Ocean LoverHace un mes

    Matt. Man, the screaming.... a little much. I might scream like that if a loved one died. But thats alot for a spinoff.

  56. Melanie Velasquez-Suhul

    Melanie Velasquez-SuhulHace un mes

    5:00 am I the only one that hears someone watching My hero academia?!

  57. Malachite8

    Malachite8Hace 4 días

    dammit!! I wanted to say that!!😂😂😂

  58. Carlos blue pony

    Carlos blue ponyHace un mes

    Matt sounds like a bitch

  59. Dennis Smith

    Dennis SmithHace un mes

    Who the fu*k writes these stupid comments, this sucks. Just show me the video!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  60. Christopher Sultzbaugh

    Christopher SultzbaughHace un mes

    Wtf was that van doing on the wrong side of the road? And why didn't they stop?

  61. G E

    G EHace un mes

    Lets put the top down.....but keep all the windows up....Morons.

  62. Vega Guy702

    Vega Guy702Hace un mes

    3:01 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. Pheurbel VLS

    Pheurbel VLSHace un mes

    Scary seeing a head on collision coming right at you. 💚💚

  64. you suck

    you suckHace un mes

    9:08 88 mph!!

  65. you suck

    you suckHace un mes

    6:30 wow. a tesla driver not mentioning it...

  66. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace un mes

    3:00 damn those are some horrifying screams...

  67. jessieboo 12

    jessieboo 12Hace un mes

    3:19 first off that brick should not have been in the road and they aren't used to make roads so it's the person who placed it there at fault not you

  68. Sarah Barton

    Sarah BartonHace un mes

    That biker would seriously piss and moan if you’d hit him. What a tw@

  69. Rocky Mountain 5-speed

    Rocky Mountain 5-speedHace un mes

    To "Matt's sad life" I would've fought that. Only because that was an object that didn't belong in the middle of the road, posing a hazard to the community and other drivers.

  70. RodMan DealerMan

    RodMan DealerManHace un mes

    5:42 Someone will follow that POS and wait for him to park and leave the area. That certain someone will then take whatever tool/hammer they have in their trunk, and eliminate that BS with a couple of nice, big swings. Last clip: Step riiiiight up! Riiiiide the bench! Nothing else like it at any carnival or state fair! LOL I do hope she's okay though.

  71. Sp33d Fr34k

    Sp33d Fr34kHace un mes

    Thr guy that rolled his Honda because of the brick he hit sounded like he was being mauled by a wild animal LOL not funny

  72. Just a peace of cake

    Just a peace of cakeHace un mes

    It sucks when u have to pass a slow car and like 10000 cars just passing on the left side like shit im passing you one way or another

  73. Edgar Muñoz

    Edgar MuñozHace un mes

    9:16 ghost rider

  74. Edgar Muñoz

    Edgar MuñozHace un mes

    8:30 .. lleno por favor !

  75. Mark8675332

    Mark8675332Hace un mes

    The guy at 1:30 is a dick, the truck was far ahead and all you had to do was not acculturate but you tried to block him.

  76. Steve Fick

    Steve FickHace un mes

    Guy that hit a little cement rock and rolled over....GET A LAWYER! NO WAY should you be held at fault. That's BS!

  77. Kaufman Entertainment

    Kaufman EntertainmentHace un mes

    1:18 You were already stopped as the truck was coming by you. Those red and amber flashing lights are called turn signals. They are used when a driver is indicating their intent to change lanes. Its Nashville, you're not going anywhere fast. So, how about you not be an asshat and let the truck in. Its self centered morons like you that are the reason why heavy merge zones are always jammed up.

  78. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace un mes

    4:52 She wasn't sure what to do so her solution was to leave? What a dumbass.

  79. Emon Online Help

    Emon Online HelpHace un mes

    I dont owe anyone anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  80. Brian's Thought

    Brian's ThoughtHace un mes

    my whole life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  81. A Starrlyfe

    A StarrlyfeHace un mes

    Trying to get my subscriber's up, subscribe 2 me and I'll subscribe 2 you.

  82. Double DashCams

    Double DashCamsHace un mes

    6:31 - hey, we made it into the compilation! Thanks for featuring our content!

  83. Bluemint

    BluemintHace un mes

    no cigarette no bullshit, she most likely was on her phone, like most young people and ladies drivers these days, bunch of selfish criminals

  84. Unit ZER0

    Unit ZER0Hace un mes

    6:28 - You have excellent taste in music, GunfighterJ!

  85. John Smith

    John SmithHace un mes

    Matt should’ve called Jake from State Farm and had better insurance. Matt was dumb. Don’t be a Matt.

  86. Rafel B B

    Rafel B BHace un mes

    Gràcies per el vídeo!!! Salutacions des de Mallorca Bros!!! Alobiuu Willy Boom!!!

  87. Will4May

    Will4MayHace un mes

    8:15 woman or not, don't go giving idiots like him the wanker sign unless you are big enough to knock him out when he comes to your car, just send the clip to the police and hope they deal with him, they should do, and if they do you will have the last laugh without having to knock him out and get your hands dirty😁

  88. AngryPCLobby Zweitchannel

    AngryPCLobby ZweitchannelHace un mes

    2:55 im so sorry for that dude... can't believe they ruled him at fault for this. unbelievable.

  89. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace un mes

    Insurance companies don't receive as much hate as they should... Stuff like that happens all the time.

  90. Paul Bartley

    Paul BartleyHace un mes

    Those robotic garbage trucks really sum up America

  91. LOL You

    LOL YouHace un mes

    He screamed like a girl 👧, hehehehe

  92. Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv

    Carrboro_Chapelhill FpvHace un mes

    Ok, that’s new, garbage truck flips women on bench.

  93. Neil Perry

    Neil PerryHace un mes

    Oh look a merc driven by a berk. I hope you reported him to the police

  94. Steven Davis

    Steven DavisHace un mes

    What is it with FedEx drivers are thay all Just brain dead?

  95. Lady Jaye!

    Lady Jaye!Hace un mes

    2:45 when it says pause to read. The information says "This crash happened on the 9/12/2020, at 5:44am." Can I just ask was this person a time traveller? Because we're only in September of 2020. LOL

  96. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace 29 días

    @Lady Jaye! New Zealand. Again, not the U.S. 9/12/2020 means September 12th 2020 in the United States. The video was taken in the United States. So that is why the date is written that way. Read this:,YYYY%2FMM%2FDD).

  97. Matt's Sad Life

    Matt's Sad LifeHace 29 días

    Lady Jaye! Actually we Americans just have a different way of writing it because we hated the British so much when we formed this country lol I just looked it up because I was wondering about it. Just a way for us to differentiate ourselves from the British. I guess it’s carried on all this time for some reason.

  98. Lady Jaye!

    Lady Jaye!Hace 29 días

    @Matt's Sad Life Okay but um the 12 month is December, so you've been taught incorrectly. You would of written 9/9/2020. As the 9th month is September.

  99. Lady Jaye!

    Lady Jaye!Hace 29 días

    @Rhsims Not European. I'm English. I live in the New Zealand. Don't just assume shit. And you just contradicted yourself. The 12th month is December, it is 2020, but we haven't even reached December yet, that's why I commented what I did, because they said the accident happened on the 9/12/2020, aka 9th December 2020. In New Zealand we also write dates like : Day/Month/Year as well.

  100. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace un mes

    @Lady Jaye! Ah, you must be European. In the U.S. we write dates like this: Day/Month/Year

  101. ctiley2212

    ctiley2212Hace un mes

    If Matt had chosen a decent, safe car he wouldn't have ended up in the predicament he did.

  102. Matt's Sad Life

    Matt's Sad LifeHace un mes

    ctiley2212 see, my ownership experience was way way different. It went 180,000 trouble free miles and had more left to give. I take it to the mountains and I drive the crap outta it. Slightly underpowered but it got out of its own way. Come to thing if it, I did have to replace a sensor in the transmission but I did that myself and bought the part for $80. Best car my mom ever owned until she passed it off to me.

  103. ctiley2212

    ctiley2212Hace un mes

    @Matt's Sad Life They're an overpriced, poorly built, short lived pile of !!!!. You never see many old ones (over ten years - where other vehicles here last many decades) and their spare parts, of which you need many, are stratospherically priced. Here in Australia they cannot handle conditions which you could never consider extreme. The very bad ones are sourced from the U.S.A., they are hideous. The strange thing is they can make an excellent motorcycle.

  104. Matt's Sad Life

    Matt's Sad LifeHace un mes

    What do you have against Honda?? 😧

  105. Crypto Island

    Crypto IslandHace un mes

    I need to find me a garbage truck driver for a friend and split the injury check 60/40 with him $$$$

  106. Joseph Kelly

    Joseph KellyHace un mes

    2:59 - my mom when i pull out of the drive way

  107. iAMxplosiff

    iAMxplosiffHace un mes

    2:56 Reminds me of the time I hit a kangaroo here in Australia while I was on my P plates. Although it was an animal jumping in front of my car out of nowhere, they still wanted me to pay the inexperienced driver excess and to make me at fault. It was an 80kph zone at around midnight, and going around a long corner so it was completely invisible at first, the eyes didnt even reflect in my headlights because it was too far to the side. By the time I seen it jump onto the road, it was too late. I repaired it myself for half as much without finishing the claim. Was going to be a $2000 claim when I was paying about $180/month insurance. Sometimes they just want to fuck you over like that. It could have been alot worse though if it jumped further in front of me, thankfully it only clipped my bumper, left guard and door as I tried to avoid it.

  108. Anom Amos

    Anom AmosHace un mes

    @3:20 always seek advice from a suitable lawyer. If that block fell from a vehicle as an unsecured load or was left there after road crews had done work they’re responsible in full for all damages. It is usually the insurance company who will chase this if a good one but most will look at the probability that the culprit will not be identified and even if they are no money may be recovered so they try to avoid paying the claim even blaming their clients when they’re clearly not at fault.

  109. Justin C.

    Justin C.Hace un mes

    2:55 It wasn't technically in San Bruno, its on 280N on the Westborough Blvd overpass in South San Francisco. I live off Westborough. Crazy video none the less. The fog didn't help one bit either.

  110. Tyler Johnson

    Tyler JohnsonHace un mes

    I’m only here to call the driver listening to nickleback a complete mongoloid.

  111. paul collier

    paul collierHace un mes

    Lady flipped off the bench will never have to work again in my assessment of compensation claims in the USA are correct :-)