Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #164

This is video number # 164 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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    Hi guys,new day new video. Don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

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    To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine 🌈 ☁️ My dream is 15k. I been struggling to get there any help is appreciated😎

  3. MadnessMotorcycle

    MadnessMotorcycleHace 11 días

    8:15 Is that black Superman flying in to save the day? Alas no, just more human wreckage.

  4. ffgew22

    ffgew22Hace 16 días

    8:18 ... like a glove..

  5. Brad Petrie

    Brad PetrieHace 20 días

    7:32 the car was already beside driver who was recording, and half a length ahead by the time of impact. Orange car has right of way, merging driver (the recorder) is at fault, contrary to their comments.

  6. TopHeat

    TopHeatHace 25 días

    0:51 they got young dolph on this bitch

  7. Tony

    TonyHace 26 días

    4:00 Not smart hanging your Black Ice air freshener so it blocks your inside camera.

  8. DerpishGamingHD

    DerpishGamingHDHace 26 días

    4:07 and this video was sponsored by raycon! These earbuds stayed in even in a car accident!

  9. Angela Buteau

    Angela ButeauHace un mes

    If the douchebag 6:49 didn't have a damn train horn on their truck, maybe the guy wouldn't have gotten pissed off so badly!! F your train horn!

  10. Shane Murray

    Shane MurrayHace un mes

    Last video be like: Mom! Why is there some black dude in my room and what the hell was that sound

  11. Laurent Chenchaone

    Laurent ChenchaoneHace un mes

    pub pub pub pub pffffffffff

  12. James Page

    James PageHace un mes

    I own two Toyota mr2’s and they are my least powerful cars. It wasn’t the loose gravel catching him out. It was the absolutely awful driving. Some people should stick to a Dacia sandero

  13. AlphaRomeo-OneFive

    AlphaRomeo-OneFiveHace un mes

    Comment for the analytics 👍


    NUNYA EFIN BIZHace un mes


  15. illbiskits

    illbiskitsHace un mes

    The guy in the truck claiming to want to protect his family should start by not being a dick to others. Lets keep it real, nobody installs a airhorn to be subtle or even nice. The last thing you should want to do is make yourself and your family a possible target for someone that could be crazy.

  16. Paul Davis

    Paul DavisHace un mes

    It amazes me how someone is in such a hurry but then takes the time to brake check or outright stop and confront someone aggressively.

  17. Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    Theldras PneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosisHace un mes

    i am 100% for making hit and run a capital offence, the idea is to make the option to run so severe that it's not worth it.

  18. Craig G

    Craig GHace un mes

    7:19 Ya,you go ahead and turn that video into the police. He was passing you and you cut him off . That's why cars have mirrors and windows

  19. Golfmother

    GolfmotherHace un mes

    wrong he was in front has right of way thats OZ law

  20. Craig G

    Craig GHace un mes

    Claims he was going to fast to see . How does that equate to ,I can flee the scene ?

  21. Craig G

    Craig GHace un mes

    3:00, Get your stupid ass off the highway FFS

  22. Jackson Wakeley

    Jackson WakeleyHace un mes

    Anyone know any good dash cams that are inexpensive?

  23. poky8390

    poky8390Hace un mes

    People that run from an accident they cause deserve to lose a limb if caught. How fucking hard is it to take responsibility for your actions

  24. William Price

    William PriceHace un mes

    Alot of these accidents happen because people don't practice defense driving. They see a potential accident and they continue with the attitude, "I don't have to slow down, I dont have to serve, i don't have to stop to avoid a collision. I'm in the right no matter what; go ahead and hit me, it be your fault. Ha, ha, ha." The ha, ha, ha is on them. In Floida you can be cited if you see your going to be in a potential accident about to happen and you do nothing to avoid it. It called, "Intentionally causing an accident."

  25. Nature and Physics

    Nature and PhysicsHace un mes

    3:54 Could anyone have floored it in time to have the other car pass behind?

  26. Onlywarrior565

    Onlywarrior565Hace un mes

    3:37 and that's why the MR2 is called a death trap, because of the snap oversteer it gets

  27. Alloneword

    AllonewordHace un mes

    Looks like there is still a lot of scum around. We should be allowed to kill scum on site. Remove them from our species' evolution.

  28. D.E. Waters

    D.E. WatersHace un mes

    yet again someone's car is totaled for bumping into someone.

  29. mazda9624

    mazda9624Hace un mes

    The second I saw the Toyota MR2, I already knew exactly what was about to happen

  30. Juergun Magerkinsquirter

    Juergun MagerkinsquirterHace un mes

    3:54 to the cammer, wtf are you doing with your internal camera, the pine smell ornament covers the face of your passenger and what they are doing. This basically negates the point of you even having one. Also next time insist on them wearing a seatbelt. 7:20 thats because the guy was behind the wheel of a POS Ford Falcon painted in what only be described as Fluro Salmon. Prob wanted a new car so used any excuse

  31. Golfmother

    GolfmotherHace un mes

    7.20 bogan driver probably a meth head , no licence no insurance in a Fowlcan

  32. Jerry VanNuys

    Jerry VanNuysHace un mes

    6:50 ~ Bet you honk the second a light turns green, too. Cammer is the fucking asshole in this clip. You're lucky the guy just puffed and pranced. I'd have flattened your tires with a .22 Would't be in such an impatient hurry then, would you?

  33. Jerry VanNuys

    Jerry VanNuysHace un mes

    1:00 ~ Maybe if you weren't driving at close to 100 mph you could have avoided that road hazard..... numbnuts.

  34. Justin Guarino

    Justin GuarinoHace un mes

    7:05 “He’s Russian too” 😂😂💀💀

  35. DanyhzVideos

    DanyhzVideosHace un mes

    Why is brakechecking so common in USA? I've been driving for 15 years and I haven't been brakechecked once. Maybe it's because I live in a civilized country idk.

  36. Martin Kaig

    Martin KaigHace un mes

    fuck this people who shit and run away! I hope they burn in hell fire, bunch of motherfucker

  37. Puria Rahbarnia

    Puria RahbarniaHace un mes

    I don’t get why people are so fucking stupid and retarded. Like in the last clip. Why you flee the fucking scene when your fucking car is there. Like bitch all your info and vin of the vehicle and license plates still there. Like damn people dumb

  38. Puria Rahbarnia

    Puria RahbarniaHace un mes

    6:55 well maybe you should be a little more patient dumbass, and really your wife. Ima take a picture of his car when you blew and illegal horn? And don’t tell me it’s legal if you get pulled over and ticketed for using it

  39. Beyonder Prime

    Beyonder PrimeHace un mes

    I've never seen this amount of red light violations like in the US. Apparently many US Americans think a red light is a suggestion and not a legal rule. But if you can get a driver's license for $ 5, this behavior is probably normal.

  40. RadDadGarage

    RadDadGarageHace un mes

    I just noticed what this video needs is uh some more Air Horn !!!!

  41. Theron Hobbs

    Theron HobbsHace un mes

    1:07 is probably the lamest rollover I've ever seen...

  42. The Repo Lady

    The Repo LadyHace un mes

    It's a lot of non-driving people out there. ESPECIALLY in Houston!!!

  43. Mike Jones

    Mike JonesHace un mes

    The guy at 3:55 should learn to keep his hands on the wheel in a crash or the impact will throw you violently like it did to him

  44. PositiveEntertainment4You

    PositiveEntertainment4YouHace un mes

    To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine 🌈 ☁️ My dream is 15k. I been struggling to get there any help is appreciated😎

  45. Jan Heeren

    Jan HeerenHace un mes

    Dumb laughter at 8:05.

  46. bklyn_line

    bklyn_lineHace un mes

    1. “OMG what happened?” And... 2. “I didn’t see it...” Nonetheless... 3. “HE WAS IN THE WRONG...” How??? 🤔

  47. AndreiTupolev

    AndreiTupolevHace un mes

    4:00 why was that twit wearing a mask in his own car??

  48. entertained

    entertainedHace un mes

    0:52 sweet ride, bro. if anyone needs roofies, they know who to go to now.

  49. helookalikaman79

    helookalikaman79Hace un mes

    They should make a hit and run a PERMANENT loss of license and a fine paid to the driver they hit, in addition to the fines from the courts.

  50. Karreil2525

    Karreil2525Hace un mes

    4:50 When he said it was a Prius I lost All care. Those ugly ass cars are literally in every accident video. 🤮

  51. whitechin99

    whitechin99Hace un mes

    Dashcams should be standard equipment on ALL cars

  52. Warpz78

    Warpz78Hace un mes

    The driver window suddenly coming apart is probably temperature fracture ...seen it a lot here especially cars parked up from morning ...cold weather then sudden sunlight hits it and can cause the glass to fracture and explode

  53. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace un mes

    6:55 You can't act tough driving a Prius. Shut the fuck up and get back in your POS.

  54. Trevor Noah

    Trevor NoahHace un mes

    6:35 most ppl say cold weather, ice chips, rocks. My guess is you just got very lucky a bullet from a hunter in the forest bounced off your window. Maybe still inside.

  55. Mike Hollis

    Mike HollisHace un mes

    Window busted out due to the cold and the music doing a drop causing the bass the vibrate the too cold window.

  56. AcuraLvR 82

    AcuraLvR 82Hace un mes

    No wonder why so many accidents happen in England. Everyone drives on the wrong side of the damn road.

  57. maximillianMus

    maximillianMusHace un mes

    6:45 It was legitimately 2 seconds after the cars in front had started moving that the idiot cammer honked their horn. They deserve every brown stain that came from the dude confronting them on their idiocy. Just because you have a camera doesn't mean you're automatically in the right

  58. Summit 1234

    Summit 1234Hace un mes

    7:05, Getting out of your car and walking back to confront someone just because they blew the horn, or for any reason is a good way to get shot.

  59. Swanton Chris

    Swanton ChrisHace un mes

    @03:03 "I was in my kitchen washing a dish! I heard the noise and came out!"

  60. Swanton Chris

    Swanton ChrisHace un mes

    @1:03 How is debris on the road bad driving/driving fails?

  61. john smith

    john smithHace un mes

    Watch out for idiots on the road folks. I'm just glad nobody die in last video. 🙏😞

  62. Jennifer Swarbrick

    Jennifer SwarbrickHace un mes

    @7:11 Please. The guy sat there for what, 1 second, before you honked at him? I would have been pissed too. And then you play the victim like he was going to attack you and your family? Get a grip honey.

  63. Allexus Tolbert

    Allexus TolbertHace un mes

    3:55 idiot in the back probably learned his lesson a should be wearing a seatbelt now😂

  64. Giovanni Esquivel

    Giovanni EsquivelHace un mes

    Bunch of foken idiot drivers

  65. Bill Ramsey

    Bill RamseyHace un mes

    Don't buy a Prius,they all wreck!They're a bad luck car.

  66. ManChestHair PukeNited

    ManChestHair PukeNitedHace un mes

    Hit and run drivers and fraud claimants should be hung by their testicles or boobs. If they lack both, then put a hook in their a-hole. 4:57 didn’t see you coming, hit you, but still drove off. F-ing beezy. Can they still get that driver for hit and run?

  67. Oreo puffs

    Oreo puffsHace un mes

    0:55 why are there just 4 wheels moving around? Where is the rest of the car

  68. hubsan14

    hubsan14Hace un mes

    4:13 like the fact he does not say anything at all not even a fuck

  69. taylor hintz

    taylor hintzHace un mes

    Almost makes me angry seeing the guy just cower in fear rather than trying to avoid the incoming car. Smh dude.

  70. tcpnetworks

    tcpnetworksHace un mes

    @7:44 - You obviously don't know the rules particular to merging, mr Cammer. You MUST GIVE WAY. Obviously if the Puke-Coloured Falcon is behind you, you must allow him past.

  71. Andrea Sanders

    Andrea SandersHace un mes

    Truckers are Wankers

  72. Abby

    AbbyHace un mes

    3:56 the guy in the back needs to wear his damn seatbelt!

  73. Eric B

    Eric BHace un mes

    6:45 Derick, I bet that happens to you alot...

  74. Tokin Bud

    Tokin BudHace un mes

    Bet you anything those last two were black but I'm sure they did nothing wrong lol just like that child toucher that was reaching 4 a gun in Kenosha wis lol

  75. EL EVO

    EL EVOHace un mes

    I, I got a Cameraaahh, I Caught that on Cameraaahh, I saw him hit youuuhhh, get off the Freeway and we'll call the Cops. Maybe I Can't get your number and we can go for a drink? 😂😂😂 He sounded so passionately Gay 😂

  76. dan tsy

    dan tsyHace un mes

    4:12 wears a mask in his own car with windows up. The guy definitely sleeps alone with a condom on to make sure an STDs can't sneak in lmao

  77. dan tsy

    dan tsyHace un mes

    @Dante Dacosta nope I saw him. What I looked for and didnt see was an uber logo anywhere.

  78. Dante Dacosta

    Dante DacostaHace un mes

    Did you miss the person in the back of an obvious uber?

  79. Lo Ca

    Lo CaHace un mes

    7:00 - (Derick Ponce-Sanchez) - Give me a break with your protecting family, full scan for exit routes, including a ditch, what's wrong with you? No need to be so impatient. But the paranoid situational awareness revisionist storytelling is for the birds.

  80. William Diaz

    William DiazHace un mes

    Yay 2:01 MARUV!!!!

  81. DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG

    DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBGHace un mes

    6:46 If you are so concerned about the safety of your precious family, try not to aggressively use the horn in completely unnecessary situations.

  82. AndreiTupolev

    AndreiTupolevHace un mes

    1:00 95 mph? Crikey .

  83. Dream catcher Wolf

    Dream catcher WolfHace un mes

    I’ve noticed that there are more idiots in fords and dodges then in any other vehicle

  84. Kenneth Busler

    Kenneth BuslerHace 25 días

    Hahaha... gotta love autocorrect, right. You meant to type "BMW'S and Tesla's, " I'm sure

  85. The Dutch Person

    The Dutch PersonHace un mes

    The last one looks like something that's only possible in gta, apparently some how someone managed to mess up this bad and got the car in there

  86. truesonic33

    truesonic33Hace un mes

    he got on his camera. but the footage, is useless. you cant even see the plate. good luck on that one.

  87. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace un mes

    you know, it may sound a bit preachy, but we've lost consideration for our fellow man (don't attack me because I didn't use a neutral pronoun, you know what i mean). We used to be helpful to one another. Considerate of each other's feelings. Now it's just 'me, me me, get the hell out of my way'. And it's pervaded every part of our lives now. Maybe America WAS great at one time. I am struggling to see the good today. At least in this society.

  88. jpennyp

    jpennypHace un mes

    7:30 Cammer's aggressive move almost sideswipes orange car and initiates the brake check.

  89. Lyle Waller

    Lyle WallerHace un mes

    Well, as long as they all mail in their votes, everything will be ju-u-ust fine!

  90. Lyle Waller

    Lyle WallerHace un mes

    What's particularly scary are the folks voluntarily wearing masks!

  91. Max Muster

    Max MusterHace un mes

    Driving with a mask is crazy.

  92. drew peacock

    drew peacockHace un mes

    Jason corbin or brandon Rogers? 3.14

  93. MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible A*holes

    MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible A*holesHace un mes

    😳 that last clip... that must’ve been scary af. I’m glad the two young men are okay at least.

  94. Si Stone

    Si StoneHace un mes

    2:00 Driver getting out of his car holding his mobile phone tells you all you need to know about the cause of that one...

  95. Henry de Villiers

    Henry de VilliersHace un mes

    No mate, the smoke coming out the interior tells all.

  96. Giles Brown

    Giles BrownHace un mes

    Hey SA, sure they ran the light, but did you look before pulling out? From this video it sure looks like you just went, so honestly you are partly responsible as well!!!

  97. Robert Smith

    Robert SmithHace un mes

    7:40 Now the red Ford should not have "brake checked" David, but having your indicator on, and coming from an entry ramp does not give you right of way as you are actually making a "lane change" and existing traffic has the "right of way".

  98. Andy Kimbot

    Andy KimbotHace un mes

    Judging by how far the vehicles which were in front of him moved away, and looking at traffic speed, David was driving very slow while merging, which is dangerous. Also, if he is merging, he would see the Ford while checking his mirrors and blindspot. Just observations, not judging either party.

  99. Anitatata

    AnitatataHace un mes

    Cammer says the ford was behind him on the entry ramp. If that's true, it's a pretty shitty move.

  100. Anthony Veilleux

    Anthony VeilleuxHace un mes

    4:07 WHY YOU HAVE MASK DURING DRIVE !? That stupid

  101. Nick

    NickHace un mes

    1:13 definitely Trail Rated.

  102. ThePanda

    ThePandaHace un mes

    @4:50 looks like she did him a favor.

  103. - Matos

    - MatosHace un mes

    7:07 What is she, fuckin terminator or somethin?

  104. Henry de Villiers

    Henry de VilliersHace un mes

    having watched about a trillion of these dashcam videos I've picked up the habit of looking left and right before crossing a green light, without stopping mind you, just checking.

  105. DAVID-19

    DAVID-19Hace un mes

    3:55 Does anyone else find it odd that neither the driver nor the passenger ever say anything? Looked like the accident only temporarily interrupted whatever the passenger was doing on his phone.

  106. David USF

    David USFHace un mes

    1:26 Totally stupid move. Trucker probably saved him from a head-on collision.

  107. Ahren Scholz

    Ahren ScholzHace un mes

    The guy in the mr2 really can't drive

  108. Jose Moreno

    Jose MorenoHace un mes

    At 1: 09 that's old downtown Buckeye , Arizona. Building on the left is City Hall. Those island's on the side of the street, people are always hitting them all the time drunk or not.

  109. Paul Osicne

    Paul OsicneHace un mes

    Thanks to Regular Cars, I know what "snap oversteer" looks like: 3:38