Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #166

This is video number # 166 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

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  2. Phckng Goofy69

    Phckng Goofy69Hace un mes

    Love it how the Super cool chick gets the dork back into his sh!tbox &

  3. Sarah White

    Sarah WhiteHace un mes

    I agree with Ricky, they are just looking for confrontation when they do stuff like that. No more douchebag biker vids

  4. ricky302v8

    ricky302v8Hace un mes

    How about no more videos from dickhead bikers like that last clip?

  5. TacoTacoTacoTaco

    TacoTacoTacoTacoHace 11 horas

    0:59 id love to be the lawyer of the pedestrian there. Honking prior to hitting, and then braking. . . Almost proves intent.

  6. Daniel Dean

    Daniel DeanHace 19 horas

    I like how the country dudes handled it at the end sure they all got heated but no fists

  7. Isaiah Cayatineto

    Isaiah CayatinetoHace un día

    Sorry to say but that ginger guy was hot!

  8. 相沢豊後守

    相沢豊後守Hace 9 días


  9. Pete Mason

    Pete MasonHace 10 días

    Guy at the end speeds, recklessly overtakes and then parks his car in the middle of the road to cry at a guy doing a wheelie. If you're gonna make a big deal over a small traffic violation, don't commit three more serious ones and then add a misdemeanor like disturbing the peace. That guy had no business trying to act tough in that teenager's shopping trolley anyway 🤣 One of these days he'll find that knuckle sandwich he ordered.

  10. Marcus Henness

    Marcus HennessHace 11 días

    3:51 live about 15 minutes from there. People in Ohio can't drive for shit.

  11. Garrison Bell

    Garrison BellHace 12 días

    Southern Gromer ought to take that s*** OFF the public roads.

  12. Barry Fields

    Barry FieldsHace 12 días

    We can see who wears the pants in that biker gang.

  13. P Nice

    P NiceHace 12 días

    Karen's husband hates wheelies

  14. Jose Moreno

    Jose MorenoHace 12 días

    0:59 he was trying to scam and end up getting arrested probably...

  15. JCH

    JCHHace 13 días

    XN if you're reading try steering round the big obstacle not fooking at it and try the brake pedal!

  16. adam stull

    adam stullHace 14 días

    7:50 just more reasons bikers are massive cunts.

  17. adam stull

    adam stullHace 14 días

    1:35 must be a pos car if airbags deployed at that slow a speed. Good thing it was totaled.

  18. vr6swp

    vr6swpHace 15 días

    Had some superdad swing at me for riding my (loud) sportbike through his neighboorhood on the way to a friend's house. He hit the top of my helmet and broke his hand. I was laughing too hard to retaliate

  19. Ferol Halo

    Ferol HaloHace 15 días

    Thought guy at the ends teeth was gonna drop out 🤣🤣

  20. Kasper Kjærsgaard

    Kasper KjærsgaardHace 15 días

    A lot of lousy driving. Apparently americans rather use the horn instead of the brakes, approaches standing traffic without slowing down. Really bad driving. Don’t they have traffic schools in the USA?

  21. Mack

    MackHace 15 días

    I don’t even get why he had a problem with the bikes he was popping a stable wheeling and they weren’t even speeding or doing dangerous tricks like wtf

  22. Yemen Lemeony

    Yemen LemeonyHace 15 días

    Im okay except "permanent back pain" 😂

  23. Daniel_SU35s

    Daniel_SU35sHace 16 días

    2:41 "we're losing objective duff"

  24. AZCobraman

    AZCobramanHace 17 días

    The Illustrated Man was an asshole but c'mon, take you fucking minibikes and go find a vacant lot to play in.

  25. AZCobraman

    AZCobramanHace 17 días

    2:15 Jezuz, my 83 yr old mom could have avoided that.

  26. AZCobraman

    AZCobramanHace 17 días

    1:05 Man, that's making your bread the hard way!

  27. Straßenfairkehr

    StraßenfairkehrHace 17 días

    9:17 - Everyone hate wheelies, kids. Just act like smart humans next time.

  28. Straßenfairkehr

    StraßenfairkehrHace 17 días

    2:14 You can't tell me, that this was an emergency brake? Did you just stroke the pedal?! If you really hit the brakes hard, than your brakes are in unacceptable bad condition.

  29. Michael S

    Michael SHace 18 días

    The last one. The lady should know her place. Men were talking. No need to get up in his face. Yeah he was a dick but if he would’ve crushed her face, everyone would’ve went after him. She wasn’t even acknowledged but she had to be heard 🙄

  30. John Stigers

    John StigersHace 18 días

    2:14 you should have used the brakes. there is 150 meters til the truck when you can see him crossing your lane

  31. z Lucifer

    z LuciferHace 20 días

    2:15 had plenty of time to STOP or go right.. lol fucking idiot

  32. AverageGamers TV

    AverageGamers TVHace 20 días

    @1:19 THIS IS AN INSURANCE SCAM. Basically how it works is 2 scammers drive very close to eachother. They drive until they find a third car that's following to close behind the middle vehicle. Once they find this victim the lead vehicle will slam on their brakes for no reason but give the middle car a warning (probably talking to eachother on the phone) the middle car will be prepared to brake for no reason but the victim in the rear wont. Notice how as soon as the victim rear ended the middle car the lead car took off. This was 100% an insurance scam be careful out there guys!

  33. silent rider

    silent riderHace 20 días

    thise biker really need to get a bullet in their head, I'm a biker, but didn't make people days like that.

  34. nick T

    nick THace 21 un día

    man tbones semi trailer... semis fault i lolok

  35. GOSH_ infinity

    GOSH_ infinityHace 21 un día

    That pedestrian blatantly jumped in front of that car

  36. Paul Bartley

    Paul BartleyHace 21 un día

    What you expect when you do a wheelie in a gang of bikes way below the speed limits. Dick heads

  37. Kindness

    KindnessHace 22 días

    Hey there fellow viewers, I love to vlog in Arunachal, please subscribe. I am going to take care of 2 girls' education (Miji+Monpa mix girls) in Bomdila.. please grow my channel.

  38. Tony

    TonyHace 22 días

    10:50 Love it when the cammer doesn't know they are the ones who are the asshole.

  39. Tony

    TonyHace 22 días

    3:03 How about an update? It looks like you stopped. How's the truck driver? Did the car driver get arrested?

  40. Bassmastr888 1

    Bassmastr888 1Hace 22 días

    2:18 White pick up truck could’ve stopped in time. Just wanted a paycheck.

  41. Mary Loe

    Mary LoeHace 23 días

    2:45 truck in front of them break checked, causing the accident

  42. Riff Bear

    Riff BearHace 23 días

    I like how a north Ga "tough guy" is driving the same car my grandmas friends drive

  43. Cathyd

    CathydHace 24 días

    Last video - Bald ginger-beard has the audacity to park his car in the middle of road and qscream at bikers. But this isn’t his biggest Infraction. He drives a toaster. 😂

  44. Aurora 90

    Aurora 90Hace 24 días

    The last one I'm with the baldy Viking. Mostly the biker group like this drive like they own the road, pull up some wheelies and stuff. Of course they deny it.

  45. Alexander Alte

    Alexander AlteHace 24 días

    Wenn dir Gummibärenbande wieder mit ihren mopds unterwegs ist und auf hart macht. Besonders die blonde... Nehme den Helm ab und blubber dann...

  46. Luis Paredes

    Luis ParedesHace 24 días

    I live close to that weird intersection that Billy Garrett posted twice. A few years ago someone or a group put a petition on closing that intersection because it’s a car crash hotspot in our town.

  47. Violent Tugboat

    Violent TugboatHace 25 días

    5:21 rouge doughnut.

  48. Xfishf00D

    Xfishf00DHace 25 días

    Oh the irony of DJT4prison being a jackass driver..stupid all the way across the board

  49. David

    DavidHace 25 días

    Notice in many vids that the drivers have room to stop and also see it coming with enough time to slow or make a maneuver?...yet they continue on path and honk or assume the other person is going to be the one to stop because they are in the wrong...see it all the time. People dont let people out of driveways, parking spots, change lanes, etc. everyones in a hurry even to make sure they dont allow a car to get in front of them when traffic ahead is dead stopped.

  50. chip morrison

    chip morrisonHace 26 días

    sorry real "bikers" do not do wheelies, Stupid little bike riders cause accidents and blame others. Real "Bikers" show respect for others.

  51. Johnny BagofDoughnuts

    Johnny BagofDoughnutsHace 27 días

    Motorcycles and their riders are the bane of society

  52. Corey Stinnett

    Corey StinnettHace 27 días

    Its more interesting to watch vids with telemetry. I like to know if the speed at which the cammer is traveling is appropriate.

  53. nathan poynter

    nathan poynterHace 27 días

    That last guy....what's with the dental work?

  54. Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts

    Nuuts_Inmy _BuutsHace 27 días

    The last guy looks like bandit’s elite outfit from rainbow six siege

  55. kondor7070

    kondor7070Hace 27 días

    2:10 - morons can't use the brakes.

  56. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace 27 días

    5:21 is it wrong that I heard Homer's 'DOH!' when the car hits the donut?

  57. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace 27 días

    Josh West, you're moving way too fast for the circumstances. If traffic around you is nearly stopped, then you should have been much slower in the car pool lane, to compensate for any of THAT. Defensive driving and it won't 'suck' so much.

  58. Mike Hollis

    Mike HollisHace 27 días

    To the person that hit the flatbed with the white Toyota, you’re an idiot. Why would you steer towards the way he was going? That was your fault.

  59. Michael Gilardi

    Michael GilardiHace 28 días

    Homie at 2:25 just wanted to cash in his junker and claim back pain

  60. PunaniJohnny

    PunaniJohnnyHace 28 días

    These videos make me mad. So many idiots out there driving

  61. kondor7070

    kondor7070Hace 27 días

    Especially bikers.

  62. BadBaru

    BadBaruHace 28 días

    Dude should have whooped all their asses

  63. Jackson Roye

    Jackson RoyeHace 28 días

    love that the guy with DJT 4 prison just spurged and rammed a car

  64. Sparta

    SpartaHace 28 días

    4:00 Did the cammer report him? Must have been a hall monitor in high school...

  65. Mark Boscawen

    Mark BoscawenHace 28 días

    2.08 once a collision inevitable at least the cam driver aimed for the rear wheels of the trailer. If hit ‘midship’ likely the driver (and any pax) would have been decapitated

  66. My name A.n.s.s

    My name A.n.s.sHace 28 días

    Bad day don’t think on it to much on it

  67. ZipchesterVT

    ZipchesterVTHace 28 días

    Bikers like these are such tools. smh

  68. Timmy Korinek

    Timmy KorinekHace 29 días

    What an stupid idiot walking across the street when there is a car coming and he doesn’t see it

  69. Ben Kenny

    Ben KennyHace 29 días

    2:07 by the time he started breaking google says he's got 316ft. My research of websites says that 60-0mph in 100ft for sports cars and 140 for trucks. He's in a 94 or earlier (I'm thinking 88 or earlier) Toyota Pickup. Which has optional ABS. Oversized tires won't help with breaking distance. Who knows is some wheels were locked up and that's why it took so long.

  70. dirtywhiteboy0828

    dirtywhiteboy0828Hace 29 días

    2:08 Looks like somone wasnt paying attention to the road. He had plenty of time to stop instead of run right into the truck.

  71. fonsecorona

    fonsecoronaHace 29 días

    2:08 no no no no didn't try to do what you were supposed to do... You could've avoided that accident... You said You saw him rolling, and then you tried to move towards the center, but he kept coming....No..That's what most people try to do...They try to beat the car that's daring to cross in their path..They forget they have brakes....No, that's not always how it works..Specially, when it is a semi you see crossing in your path.... Once you saw a semi pulling on the road, the way you saw it, with such a distance, instead of just letting go off the gas and slowing down, hoping he would stop in the middle of his crossing, what you should've done is IMMEDIATELY step on your brakes, and bring your vehicle to a complete stop, or at least as close as you could to a complete stop, before reaching that intersection...If you had done that, you would've prevented that wreck...But you only decided to step on the brakes when you were just a few meters from him...The sound in this clip is very important here..your tires started screeching only a few feet before impact...You had plenty of time, from the moment you saw that semi starting to pull in, to start a preventive maneuver and avoid yourself a had to use your brakes.. You need to use your brakes people...Please, use your freaking brakes!...It's not going to diminish your bravery or your manhood..Trust me...I see it a million times in these videos..They rather do anything else than using their brakes...They never learn...That's what brakes are for!

  72. kondor7070

    kondor7070Hace 27 días

    Maybe the driver was too young to know anything...if so , he didin't play videogames enough.

  73. fonsecorona

    fonsecoronaHace 29 días

    0:59 I had to watch this clip several times to figure out how that pedestrian ended up in front of cammer like that, and my conclusion is...That guy jumped in front of the cammer on purpose...You can see he was practically ambushed, like sitting on the sidewalk and waited for the precise moment to spring up and jump in front of the could also even see him seizing the moment.. Insurance scam?..Probably..

  74. Adammartiniz

    AdammartinizHace 29 días

    I love it when someone slams on their brakes in the middle of the road to tell someone how its illegal to do wheelies lol wow

  75. josh heslop

    josh heslopHace 29 días

    1:00 drive away and call police, fuck knows what could be some hijack scam when ppl are willing to do that

  76. Sukumar Chakraborty

    Sukumar ChakrabortyHace 29 días

    Why don't you guys slow down a little bit in the intersection? The last video - why don't you guys grow a beard like me, then we will race?

  77. Jason Carby

    Jason CarbyHace 29 días

    I thought the one at 6:20was hilarious Then the one at 615 made me truely crack up

  78. Galaxy

    GalaxyHace 29 días

    that last video was so ironic. a soulless ginger driving a soul.

  79. Kymmberliestarr

    KymmberliestarrHace 29 días

    1:03 is called a miss insurance claim since that person had a dash cam. He was ready and waiting to spring into action to get his pay check instead of working like most people. He's lucky he didn't die. Fking idiot criminal.

  80. Joseph Runyon

    Joseph RunyonHace 29 días

    If people would slow down a little most of these crashes would NOT happen !

  81. M TheWolf

    M TheWolfHace 29 días

    Should've beat the mouthy leprechaun.

  82. B K

    B KHace 29 días

    9:00 in if your a woman, do not do this your putting yourself in a situation you can't handle so, GO HOME!

  83. Mike 2x2x

    Mike 2x2xHace 29 días

    It’s remarkable that a very large amount of these people with dash cams who are involved in these incidents are listening to talk radio

  84. Kathy Bee

    Kathy BeeHace un mes

    It's kind of hard to be all badass when you're wearing a pink helmet with cat ears, but she pulled it off! lol

  85. Heather Cox

    Heather CoxHace un mes

    I hope the Doraville, GA., pedestrian was okay

  86. M W

    M WHace un mes

    Clip 1. Complete respect for life and the safety of pedestrians and other road users. Gold standard, well done!!!

  87. Stomperdon

    StomperdonHace un mes

    Yes the driver in the last video with the idiot doing a wheelie may have been salty. The idiot on the bike is in the wrong. I no state is it allowed to do wheelies on public streets. You got called out and acted stupid

  88. Lastman Standing

    Lastman StandingHace un mes

    8:47...real tough bikers! They let the female rider get up in they guys face. The dude should have knocked them all out. Actually all he had to do was hit one of the guys and two bikers would have fainted, one would wet themselves and the others would have ran away.

  89. R F

    R FHace un mes

    I would love to have them f bikers pulling crap there would be a few less bikers on the road , I would have some fun

  90. Kristopher Loviska

    Kristopher LoviskaHace un mes

    Driver #3 saw the car was changing lanes yet felt he had to speed up to pass him before he finished his lane change. 50/50 on who the idiot is. Driver #4 flying at full speed in HOV lane even though traffic in the other lanes are backed up. A good driver anticipates something like this happening and drives with a little more caution. Driver #5 was clearly the victim of a scammer. Driver #6 just an idiot.

  91. scgamerd

    scgamerdHace un mes

    Lots of these were preventable like the genius that was doing full 60 mph and hit the truck he saw like 20 second aways

  92. S2uBu Gaming

    S2uBu GamingHace un mes

    If a driver in the UK were to crash into a truck like the driver who hit the trailer (2:11) it would be the driver of the cars fault, why did he not try to avoid it? You could see for ages that the truck was going across the junction. The more I see of these US dash cams the more I am glad I don't drive when I visit, it is not just the responsibility of "the other guy" to drive properly, pay attention and when you see someone doing crazy stuff, stop or move out the way. Don't just drive into them and say "they ran a light so it was their fault"

  93. dirtywhiteboy0828

    dirtywhiteboy0828Hace 29 días

    Driver had to be distracted not to slow down and when he did react he did the wrong thing.

  94. Kevin Carr

    Kevin CarrHace un mes

    @2:25 Fucking truck drivers think they own the Fucking road! I work as a diesel mechanic as over half of these mf barely qualify for their readily Fucking drivers license! More less a cdl to operate a fucking 40,000 lb machine! Especially the Fucking reefer running foreigners. They can't back a truck up to save their own lives! Fuckin automatic transmission, freightliner, Detroit dd15 running Fucking idiots!

  95. Christal Leader

    Christal LeaderHace un mes

    Okay, comment by cammer at 2:24... seriously? First of all he may NOT have felt it, even not loaded. You've seen tires on semis explode and we're don't feel it in the cab. Second, cammer dodged to the center, more guaranteed to hit the trailer? 🤔 when instinct sends us typically to the right.

  96. Christal Leader

    Christal LeaderHace un mes

    1:02 hope the guy got charged with attempted fraud!! You can see him hunched down, waiting for a car to come thru and leapt out in front of the cammer. Hope it hurt!

  97. 1janehunter

    1janehunterHace un mes

    Lunatic bikers pulling a wheelie on a public road.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  98. Sean Don

    Sean DonHace un mes

    4:05 Did Mike really get his feelings hurt by a truck burning out in front of him? He contacted police and had them stop by their house? Only for them to not get a ticket because they “didn’t do it”?🤣

  99. llOOII llOOII

    llOOII llOOIIHace 27 días

    typical trumpet

  100. E. C.

    E. C.Hace un mes

    Wish the wheelie guy would have been sucker-punched there at the end

  101. michael banton

    michael bantonHace un mes

    At the end the bikers are dickheads, I'm a biker and like wheelies like the next guy, but doing it on the road is the most stupid thing to do, they never think about who is behind them or who is coming the other way, they loose control vear off hit on coming traffic or the traffic behind them hits them after loosing control and come off, its when the drivers who are innersent to what stupid stunts they are doing and ends up going over them and they have to live with killing them for the stupidity and stupid tricks that have gone wrong for the rest of their lives that is what's not fair, do you're tricks off the road

  102. K_Nasty FPV

    K_Nasty FPVHace un mes

    On our next episode of Beard vs Beard

  103. Alex M

    Alex MHace un mes

    The HD parking lot where you hit the gas instead of break that is some grade A BS that you got a full payout, you should have paid through the nose for such an idiot mistake. That should not have been cut and dry no big deal. That's one of the stupidest and lamest things Ive seen on any of these channels.

  104. jorge iracheta

    jorge irachetaHace un mes

    2:15 wow!! Had plenty of room to move over to the right turning lane to avoid!!! Why would you go to the center line!! Lol you really shouldn’t be driving!!!

  105. Glenn Ruscher

    Glenn RuscherHace un mes

    So, Redbeard skinhead stops everyone to rant at the little boys. Get off the road, all of you.

  106. Tom Tim

    Tom TimHace un mes

    Them American cars don't seem to be very strong, now do they???? Totalled after just a little bump into another car...... Us European types might drive silly small cars, but at least they don't fall apart lie that!!! Bwaahaahaaaaaa!!!!!

  107. Heero yuy

    Heero yuyHace un mes

    9:17 "super salty soul driver hates wheelies" no its him wanting to go home and you fucktards that people rejoice when you crash and die are blocking the road. personally if i was the soul driver i would have pulled my phone and got proof of what you were doing then stopped like he did just to grab license plats then left. this is coming from someone who has been on bikes since i was a kid and love them.