Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #167

This is video number # 167 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

    Hi guys. Don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Chris bobert

    Chris bobertHace un mes

    You need to change your picture for this video. It is a false biased opinion. Statistically it is safer to lane split compared to not. There are less motorcycle accidents per year in california compared to Florida who both share the same average riding weather a year.

  3. Dropped Boez

    Dropped BoezHace un día

    @6:00 I think he pulled over the wrong box truck!

  4. Happy Day

    Happy DayHace 3 días

    Nova Scotia video: how can the people ahead of you yell at a driver that’s speeding ahead of them? If no one hears them, they’re just yelling to themselves.

  5. Critical Crusader

    Critical CrusaderHace 13 días

    I speed all the time but the first guy was dumb.

  6. Simbelmyne 444

    Simbelmyne 444Hace 18 días

    How fast were you going in that Viper 80-90? Tsk tsk.

  7. A B

    A BHace 23 días

    So what I gathered from this is that most cammers are the morons

  8. Jeff Williams

    Jeff WilliamsHace 24 días

    8:38 -- driver wrecked while on his phone had to have his arm amputated...maybe that'll keep them from using their DAMNED PHONE???

  9. Donald Mosley

    Donald MosleyHace 25 días

    The guy who pulls to the side then almost hits a biker and blames the biker lol

  10. Stefano Rabitti

    Stefano RabittiHace 26 días

    1:20 O MY GOD! That's a real near death miss

  11. Dan Hard

    Dan HardHace 27 días

    google the lane filtering laws for Cali your not to go more then 10 over the flow of traffic up to 30MPH then you need to be in a lane

  12. Berenice B. Lara

    Berenice B. LaraHace 27 días

    2:13 finally an Idaho video!!!!!

  13. Sydney's dumbest drivers

    Sydney's dumbest driversHace 27 días

    Look at this idiot

  14. Jacob Z

    Jacob ZHace 28 días

    I understand lane splitting completely. NOW, when you lane split at a speed that is greatly higher than those around you especially in dense traffic, you are asking for trouble. Doesn’t look like the Mercedes driver used their signal though.

  15. Matt K

    Matt KHace 28 días

    The Porsche Cayenne was passing going uphill without being able to see the other side, absolute moron

  16. Bent Neatly

    Bent NeatlyHace 28 días

    Elias Saker is an asshole. flies out of a turn only lane and fucks with a bus, then chases it down like it isnt his fault. Guy couldnt put the final piece of a puzzle in place correctly.

  17. llOOII llOOII

    llOOII llOOIIHace 28 días

    "breaks" again....

  18. jaybees

    jaybeesHace 28 días


  19. Lianoxortaroudia

    LianoxortaroudiaHace 28 días

    06:06 what did the van do?

  20. Michael McLachlan

    Michael McLachlanHace 28 días

    6:00 Who else smiled, said serves you right and had a warm inner glow of contentment?

  21. Wassup Maddafuk

    Wassup MaddafukHace 28 días

    0:45 even if you are tired... if you drive like this you shouldn’t drive! You are dangerous! You don’t see a yellow painted pillar... how do you see other cars or pedestrians?!

  22. gleb golomysov

    gleb golomysovHace 28 días

    2:30 exact same thing nearly happened to my dad (The other driver didn't hit us)

  23. Charly00fazo

    Charly00fazoHace 29 días

    Podés poner en castellano esos enunciados que aclaran un incidente?

  24. Erik S

    Erik SHace 29 días

    5:29 THATS MY JAMMM!!

  25. IsleofMAN

    IsleofMANHace 29 días

    Did I hear Be’lakor?

  26. Oscar Morales

    Oscar MoralesHace 29 días

    First clip. The dude is more at fault than the school bus. Merges over from turn lane then speeds up and then decides to turn back around and speed up next to a stopped school bus.

  27. Jeff J

    Jeff JHace 29 días

    I have more free drivers' licenses from cereal boxes. Should I keep sending them out to everybody?

  28. Glass Hafful

    Glass HaffulHace 29 días

    Lol person at 2:30 so shameful even the homeless shake their head

  29. scgamerd

    scgamerdHace 29 días

    Elias Saker is an a-hole he was driving like 50 mph in a tight turn only lane and than merged illegally out of right turn only lane back into main road all while keep driving at like 50 mph and not hitting the brakes until very last minute

  30. fixbertha

    fixberthaHace 29 días

    First video got many comments below. I agree, the cammer was at fault. Second video, La Guagua makes an illegal U-turn mid-block across a double yellow and tries to blame the delivery cyclist. Scariest part about the first two is that they think they're in the right. Third video, Nate Isthebeast should not have been driving at all if he was that out of it. Call a ride service. At 6:49, AZMurderino is mistaken (always a dangerous situation). The car that "cut him off" was in the thru lane. I see no overhead signs or markings on the pavement to indicate the lane is left turn only. The lane on the far left (camera perspective) looks like a right turn lane, but again I see no signs or markings indicating that. The black car looks to be driving correctly.

  31. Joe m

    Joe mHace 29 días

    Its sad how many people don't stop to see if the person is okay or not.

  32. Daniel Acevedo

    Daniel AcevedoHace 29 días

    It's funny how the title to this video is lane splitting is dangerous and the bike from said title wasn't even lane splitting he was avoiding hitting a car and hit one anyways

  33. Charles Fetters

    Charles FettersHace 29 días

    Holy shit they have Trump supporters in Canada too. You can always tell Trump supporters because normal people can drive their cars.

  34. Mike Danielz

    Mike DanielzHace 29 días

    First dumbass was in a turn only lane.. bus was in the right...

  35. Kymmberliestarr

    KymmberliestarrHace 29 días

    To the one on the motorcycle driving like a fool you can stop way faster than a bus you idiot. I'm so sick of seeing these kinds of videos where motorcyclists act like they were done wrong yet there out there speeding and don't stop for a freaking school bus. Pathetic. Slow down before you lose your life.

  36. Orxenhorf

    OrxenhorfHace 29 días

    5:12 - Another lesson in not hitting something that is orders of magnitude more massive than you if you expect to survive. Works for trains, tractor trailers, and fire trucks carrying pumps and giant tanks of water.

  37. Justa Clapper

    Justa ClapperHace 29 días

    The way the first video driver drove in the turn lane could have confused the bus driver. Just what I can see. I don’t know the area so I don’t know for sure

  38. Justa Clapper

    Justa ClapperHace 29 días

    If you watch the first guy was in the turn lane and then decided to get out of it. But by the time the driver chose to leave the turn lane the bus driver already committed. If you aren’t turning stay out of the turn lane to prevent confusion

  39. Nick The Knike

    Nick The KnikeHace 29 días

    2:29 Asian driver??? 8:40 Idiot loses arm. I hope it was his phone arm.

  40. Fricken Aron

    Fricken AronHace 29 días

    Moreno Valley 🔥 🔥 🔥

  41. Bry Ytab

    Bry YtabHace 29 días

    Nexar dashcams are so annoying with their stupid “captured with nexar” bullshit, and another “Nexar” logo on the other side of the screen.

  42. elizabeth may

    elizabeth mayHace un mes

    I do not get why I am surprised at these still. After all, its irrational, dumb human beings driving who think they own the road! 🚗🙄😂

  43. Steven Bryant

    Steven BryantHace un mes

    But lane splitting is legal....... lol!

  44. Steven Bryant

    Steven BryantHace un mes

    I bet the first one wouldn't drive like that near a school bus with a cop around!

  45. cC C

    cC CHace un mes

    6:49, i don’t understand how he cut you off. You do not have a protective green, and there are only two lanes for him to be in... would you rather have him in the lane to his right? He still would have had the right of way and you still would have been at fault.

  46. The Ultimate Purple One

    The Ultimate Purple OneHace un mes

    so the first 2 Videos The Cammers are blaming others for their stupidity?

  47. donita white

    donita whiteHace un mes

    5:17 even though your dashcam caught the accident, unfortunately it also shows you illegally passing on a double yellow line. 🤦‍♀️

  48. Supersonicf111f 19740186

    Supersonicf111f 19740186Hace 27 días

    @Insomniac ICU lol, yep reading is a hard skill for some folks!

  49. Insomniac ICU

    Insomniac ICUHace 28 días

    donita white i was looking for this comment. It’s the fire department. This was an on duty fire truck lol.

  50. Rickblaine

    RickblaineHace un mes

    🤣🤣🤣oh my goodness...the irony of the truck who "fishtailed" WITH a fish tail on the back of the truck is pure gold

  51. todomo

    todomoHace un mes

    today’s lesson: do not ever get on your phone while you’re in a car but if it’s an emergency at least put the phone on speaker and leave it somewhere so you still have both of your hands to use

  52. Scott Clark

    Scott ClarkHace un mes

    Following distance . . It's a thing most of these drivers should look into and practice !

  53. Michael Montgomery

    Michael MontgomeryHace un mes

    "Guess I'm going this way now"... I wish more drivers would think this way. Unavoidable shit happens when driving and sometimes you just have to roll with it for everyone else's safety, Too many people would stop on the freeway to make sure they get back to where they need to be.

  54. TigerZero aka Allen

    TigerZero aka AllenHace un mes

    7:37 What makes this clip interesting is how quickly a swarm of people came in and the number of security cameras in use. Must be a tough neighborhood.

  55. Aakash Sonkusare

    Aakash SonkusareHace un mes

    7:20 just Android things

  56. RED RUM

    RED RUMHace un mes

    You don’t have a dash cam yet because of what reason: A: You can’t afford it B: You are a lazy bastard like me who doesn’t want to do stuff C: You’re lucky and nothing bad ever happens when you drive So, what’s your excuse?

  57. Superboy567890 Idk

    Superboy567890 IdkHace un mes

    So dumb ass in the first video is going to be posed at the school bus for them being in the wrong lane and speeding down the road

  58. Hue White

    Hue WhiteHace un mes

    Really like the details with the videos. Well done and subbed

  59. Katz

    KatzHace un mes

    This starts out good. The first cammer is a complete moron. Speeds down the turn lane like it’s an on ramp. Then gets mad at the school bus. He probably thought this douche was going to slow down and turn also. Then gas the gaul to then chase the bus down. The second one is just as stupid. He gets all the way over to the right like he’s going to park, then quickly starts to do an illegal u-turn on a solid line. He blames the delivery biker. If the cammer would pay attention and not drive like an ass. He’d notice the biker did nothing wrong. And he could have been seriously hurt or worse. Just a couple of douche canoes. Better known as Karen. When it’s on video, why do they not see they shouldn’t even be on the road if they drive this way. Or are they just that blind or just that stupid?

  60. Marcel Wildeboer

    Marcel WildeboerHace un mes

    At 8:32. Why the hell turn here....

  61. Amzar Nacht

    Amzar NachtHace un mes

    5:32 - Lane splitter got 100% what he was asking for and deserved. Should've left him there. 6:01 - WTF 'left lane camper' - it's a two lane, there's no restriction on lane usage for trucks on two lanes (discounting the HOV lane, which *is* restricted). Note the highway on-ramp; smart truck drivers get out of the right lane so merging traffic can enter the highway. Should've tagged the other truck for passing in the HOV lane which is illegal. Willing to bet the cop saw him on his phone, not because he was in the left lane. 7:51 - Damn, why couldn't he have hit that tacky ass purple monstrosity? Get that nightmare to the junkyard where it belongs. One rim cost more than the whole car it was shoehorned onto. 9:12 - When cops catch up to drivers who do shit like that (and are not hostages to carjackers) they should just plug them twice in the rock on top of their shoulders. Rid the taxpayers of the worthless waste of space. And give someone a carbon credit for removing a polluter from wasting more air.

  62. Supersonicf111f 19740186

    Supersonicf111f 19740186Hace 27 días

    Bike rider was blind, driving too fast, locked up the rear wheel and doesn't appear to be using any or nearly enough front brake which needed during emergency braking . As a rider myself, I couldn't agree more that he got what he deserved and was 100% at fault. The car wasn't moving quickly and still managed to get fully into the middle lane well before impact.

  63. llOOII llOOII

    llOOII llOOIIHace 28 días

    "6:01 - WTF 'left lane camper' - it's a two lane, there's no restriction on lane usage for trucks on two lanes (discounting the HOV lane, which is restricted). Note the highway on-ramp; smart truck drivers get out of the right lane so merging traffic can enter the highway. Should've tagged the other truck for passing in the HOV lane which is illegal. Willing to bet the cop saw him on his phone, not because he was in the left lane" Thank you. The caption made no sense at all. These "lane vigilantes" are the stupidest people on YT.

  64. Heero yuy

    Heero yuyHace un mes

    lane splitting isn't dangerous if done correctly. youre only suppose to do it at red lights really and going less than 30 so just like this if some one lane changes you should have time to react. the whole purpose to lane splitting is to allow bikes to move to the front to avoid them getting rear ended or hit head on so easily and since they can pull out faster then cars it helps traffic flow

  65. Gustavo Gomez

    Gustavo GomezHace un mes

    si se fijan bien en el primer auto que casi choca la bus escolar, venia por la via para doblar a la derecha y empiesa a acelerar y pasa por arriba de señales qu eestan en el piso..el bus escolar vio que no venia nadie por la autopista principal por eso se cruzo .

  66. jondough7777777

    jondough7777777Hace un mes

    Be patient on the road, that extra 10 seconds or more you wait can be the difference

  67. Santana Bolden

    Santana BoldenHace un mes

    2:99 me in the driving game when I accidentally have it on reverse and forget to switch it

  68. Knossos

    KnossosHace un mes

    "Left lane camper gets pulled over" I don't read that too often these days

  69. Orxenhorf

    OrxenhorfHace 29 días

    I suspect the cop actually saw the other truck use the HOV lane as their own personal passing lane and just went after "white box truck" but pulled over the wrong one.

  70. Aiden Deegan

    Aiden DeeganHace un mes

    1:39 wow u got some good skills and some good break power or did u use your E break bc I would’ve just stood on my break

  71. alienmisfit

    alienmisfitHace un mes

    How fast was the 04 Viper going? 3 times the posted limit?

  72. David Boston

    David BostonHace un mes

    These people here need their licenses taken away

  73. David Boston

    David BostonHace un mes

    Dude I would have creamed that bus for a check

  74. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty ShacklefordHace un mes

    I hate lane splitters. I am a truck driver and these motherfuckers always do it to me when I am driving a semi. I hate them with a fuckin passion.

  75. rindjint

    rindjintHace un mes

    It's "brakes" not "breaks" people.🤦‍♂️

  76. AlphaRomeo-OneFive

    AlphaRomeo-OneFiveHace 29 días

    Come on, give people a brake already... 😉

  77. Christopher Parks

    Christopher ParksHace un mes

    Hey man, i've got a Renegade and those rear windows are fuckin' hard to see out of because they're tiny. Gotta have extra awareness.

  78. Lala Ortiz

    Lala OrtizHace un mes

    I take the route in that first video in lutz Florida. It’s a crazy speed zone

  79. Day Savvy

    Day SavvyHace un mes

    Me: Sees the first cammer Also me: Immediately goes to comments section to see if anyone called em out

  80. ThePotatoGod_-

    ThePotatoGod_-Hace un mes

    So at 6:38 Who's fault is that? The person who ran the light ofc, right? Seems like a silly question

  81. djblanton

    djblantonHace un mes

    love when i see bikers get creamed. lol dipshits...

  82. NWAWskeptic

    NWAWskepticHace un mes

    I have absolutely no sympathy for lane splitters, whether it is "legal" or not. Fuck those impatient, entitled assholes! Let them wait in traffic like everyone else!

  83. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace un mes

    2:04 Well, he was on the phone with his driving instructor. 2:38 Okay, this person doesn't need to have a license. 3:05 Probably a mob hit. 5:22 That will sure look good on your response time stats!

  84. Wonder Who

    Wonder WhoHace un mes

    3:10 - 3:14 Kudos to cammer for checking on the truck that flew off the highway after losing control.

  85. Jared Johnson

    Jared JohnsonHace un mes

    The First one is not the buses fault!!! The cammer should have not been in the turn lane. The bus thought he was turning.

  86. Malik

    MalikHace un mes

    Bad day for honda driver..

  87. Beau

    BeauHace un mes


  88. Paul Davis

    Paul DavisHace un mes

    @6:00 the cop got the wrong box truck. There were two, he had a 50/50 chance and still got it wrong. I hope the camper gave the truck the video to prove his innocence.

  89. Dennis Boismenue

    Dennis BoismenueHace un mes

    Lane splitting isn't dangerous. Shitty riders speeding or lane splitting illegally and inattentive/uneducated drivers are dangerous

  90. thizzreggie

    thizzreggieHace un mes

    1:36 of course it was a dumbass 49er fan 😂

  91. Todd Anderson

    Todd AndersonHace un mes

    So in Canada, yellow means stop? Must be something new...... Been there a few times, didn't notice it before. Maybe just Alberta? Lol

  92. Andrés64B

    Andrés64BHace un mes

    Lane splitting is a perfect example of the saying "Just because you can do it, doesn't mean that you should."

  93. Supersonicf111f 19740186

    Supersonicf111f 19740186Hace 27 días

    Especially zooming through slow moving traffic. I'm a biker, and can say the rider was 100% at fault and obviously doesn't know how to properly perform emergency braking. Locked up the rear wheel and doesn't appear to be applying any or nearly enough front brake. Bikes can stop incredibly fast even at that speed if proper emergency braking techniques are used.

  94. Rick

    RickHace un mes

    3:58 For the record Lane splitting is NOT dangerous unless the rider is speeding or another driver is not watching what they are doing and cut the rider off. Your not supposed to lane split unless traffic is stopped or very slow and then your not supposed to ride at 100 mph while doing it.

  95. Clifton Dean

    Clifton DeanHace un mes

    0:30 Why was the bicyclist in the wrong? And why was cammer in the right? Bicyclist was riding on the correct side of the street, and pulled to the middle, correctly, to pass a stopped motorist. Motorist failed to look before taking a (possibly illegal) U-turn. Whether U-turn was legal or not, motorist would be responsible in case of any collision, whether with a motor vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian!

  96. Gundus1000

    Gundus1000Hace un mes

    Sure, the other ones are always in the wrong...keep on speeding...

  97. Enduros5 Endy

    Enduros5 EndyHace un mes

    5:29 AHHAHAAHAAAA!! That is SO satisfying!

  98. rwes2940

    rwes2940Hace un mes

    I do hope one day we can over come the confusion of break and brake.

  99. Jonathan West

    Jonathan WestHace un mes

    6:18 woah weh weh wah woo oi weh jeebus lol

  100. Richard Murphy

    Richard MurphyHace un mes

    Lane splitters deserve whatever they get!

  101. Mark8675332

    Mark8675332Hace un mes

    hahaha, when the guy said "ok Google" at 7:25 my phone reacted to it

  102. HungMelow

    HungMelowHace un mes

    0:19 illegal U-turn on double yellow and in bike lane before u-turn. Two illegal moves.

  103. Dustin Wilson

    Dustin WilsonHace un mes

    Pisses me off so bad 🤬 when motorcycles squeeze between cars! Its dangerous & disrespectful, yet ALL OVER there are signs, watch for motorcycles, slow down-save a life!! It's high time drivers of motorcycles drive a bit more careful & not so damn reckless! Go get a dirt bike & drive off road like an immature idiot!! Please & thank you!

  104. Donnie Robertson

    Donnie RobertsonHace un mes


  105. drummunky85

    drummunky85Hace un mes

    How can the first vid be that in the wrong

  106. Sarah Barton

    Sarah BartonHace un mes

    On the highways what does the diamond mean on far left lane.??

  107. Jeffrey Renner

    Jeffrey RennerHace un mes

    The first guy/woman was a F**KTARD ,, SLOW DOWN

  108. Jeremy Evans

    Jeremy EvansHace un mes

    1:33 If you are heading west like these cars are you are approaching the End of Polaris Parkway. The road on your right side is Powell Road and it continues where Polaris Parkway ends.

  109. anmubla

    anmublaHace un mes

    Nobody knows what the solid lines are, and the intermittent ones?