Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #170

This is video number # 170 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
Special thanks to :
Endless Open

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace 27 días

    Hi guys. Don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Tony Valdez

    Tony ValdezHace 27 días

    +5 Likes cause last video:) ..shoot trhow window to leaving car..

  3. GuydeLombard

    GuydeLombardHace 13 horas

    I never want to drive again. Scary pyschos, and idiots on both sides of the dash cams.

  4. Killjoy poprocks

    Killjoy poprocksHace 2 días

    I dont understand people with guns. Why would you speed up twords a threat? Then shoot out your own windshield trying to hit a moving car. It makes no sense. As a Californian I cant carry but even if I could in that situation I'd just stop, slow down, or drive away. Floridians are crazy.

  5. Happy Day

    Happy DayHace 3 días

    4:35 tip #2: when you see smoke billowing out from under the center of a freeway overpass, definitely drive right under the overpass. Don’t move away from the source of the smoke. Don’t forget to pause near the flaming car, pull out your smart phone and start recording. Maybe you’ll even get caught in the explosion and that’d be REALLY cool to show your friends, huh?

  6. Happy Day

    Happy DayHace 3 días

    Either the motorcyclist is disrespectful to everyone else on the road, or everyone else on the road is disrespectful to the motorcyclist. It’s just lose lose.

  7. Thomas Uniat

    Thomas UniatHace 3 días

    Discharging a firearm while driving at a distant car. Can't believe that guy posted his own jail sentence.

  8. Mark Alvarado

    Mark AlvaradoHace 4 días

    That guy shooting through his own windshield has clearly played too many video games.

  9. TheBobi321

    TheBobi321Hace 5 días

    6:40 queen ❤️

  10. Logan jush

    Logan jushHace 5 días

    Last dude in the truck, had all the right. Fuck the dude in the 370z I would have done the same.

  11. Logan jush

    Logan jushHace 5 días

    Seriously in the U.S., we need to be more stricter with giving out licenses like absolutely a lot harder like Germany, look at the, they are some of the best drivers in the world. And if we drove better and knew how to drive maybe the speed limits wouldn’t be so low and possibly have like something similar to the autobahn but that’ll never happen unfortunately.

  12. Logan jush

    Logan jushHace 5 días

    What is wrong with all of these drivers being over reactive to this shit. Like people swerving away from a car that is at least 4 car lengths away. Reason why accidents are happening more often is because people are overreacting and swerve hard to the left or right when the car is far enough away to just hit the brakes and not even have to swerve. And most of these drivers I will bet are 30-40+ sometimes those are the worst of the drivers. Seriously.

  13. tightmf

    tightmfHace 6 días

    2:43 Uploader Gramole=douchenozzle

  14. Ginger Man512

    Ginger Man512Hace 6 días

    9:55 I'm entirely pro 2A.This shoot was not necessary. Have it ready but just slam on your brakes create distance between you and him. This moron took his hands off the wheel at 101MPH to shoot at the guy. I'd be surprised if the cammer did get charged.

  15. Ginger Man512

    Ginger Man512Hace 6 días

    0:28 the line that fell on his car is just fiber optic. No danger. Power is always on top followed by phone, then cable, then fiber.

  16. That Kawasaki Dude

    That Kawasaki DudeHace 7 días

    3:15 a wanna be initial d fan I want a fd rx7 so bad. :(

  17. bbsdank

    bbsdankHace 7 días

    2:47 - The cammer was the stupid!

  18. C Wil

    C WilHace 7 días

    A couple of Hamilton and surrounding southern Ontario in these clips lately. Also, is the Wales accent the strangest in the world - is this even a wars accent 1:39

  19. edubrusch

    edubruschHace 8 días

    I was going at the speed limit (in the rain ): already wrong. | the other guy had time to be courteous, but what about the cammer? his way was blocked so the cammes had to stop, but no I 'm not holding myself accountable. | btw did they arrest the maniac in the last video? also self defense my ass. that situation could be avoided.

  20. GPigTV

    GPigTVHace 8 días

    How many times have we all come across entitled cammer chav at 2:49? Clearly at fault with parked car in his lane, you can’t just drive into oncoming traffic and expect everyone to jump left. What a tool.

  21. KevKev10TheCrafter

    KevKev10TheCrafterHace 8 días

    Electric lettuce lol

  22. Tony Wolf

    Tony WolfHace 8 días

    Get ready for a lot if Amazon truck accidents! They drive crazy...BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO!!😖😖

  23. Duncan Bob

    Duncan BobHace 8 días

    GRAMOLE I hope you're reading this because you're a moron. The guy in the oncoming car had the right of way, unlike you, because of the parked car on the same side of the road as you. You should not be driving if you don't understand the basic 'give way' rules. You opened your car door for confrontational reasons. You're a total, sad, muppet.

  24. nope justnope

    nope justnopeHace 8 días

    8:03 this prick is one of the people who try to go about and get deliberately hit so they can try to sue you. Is one reason dashcams got so big in certain countries.

  25. John Doe

    John DoeHace 9 días

    6:41 who the fuck is Nick Owen to brake check on open road I hope he said that to the cops.

  26. John Daugherty

    John DaughertyHace 9 días

    Bike rider in Seattle, you're lucky; I've seen people plow into bike riders RIGHT IN FRONT of them and later claim "they came out of nowhere."

  27. Richard Johnson

    Richard JohnsonHace 9 días

    The fukwit who drives into the other lane and expects the others driver to move off the road for them.. Yeah, I'd kick his ass pronto if he started saying I should have moved over for him. You wait till it is clear, you dipsh!t.

  28. alpha.pat

    alpha.patHace 9 días

    Tf is my small ass city doing in this video lmao

  29. ttgk

    ttgkHace 9 días

    Give that cement truck driver a raise!

  30. ixlr8

    ixlr8Hace 10 días

    half of these idiots will drive into a wreck because they have the right of way. wait till your on your roof wrapped around a phone pole and cant breath because of crushed ribs among other injurys.i bet you will be 1 hell of a defensive driver. never go thru a intersection without makeing sure it clear. u having a green dont mean shit if your dead. dont ask how i know.

  31. William Temple

    William TempleHace 10 días

    to be honest the camera driver at 2:47 is the asshole as he should have stopped and allowed the oncoming traffic to pass before entering into their lane.

  32. s flo

    s floHace 10 días

    Endless open road seriously has a mental problem. I don't care what state you live is no highway safety shooting! That's why not everyone should be allowed to carry a weapon! @s$holes like him give everybody a bad rap.

  33. Josh Brobud

    Josh BrobudHace 10 días

    2:47 that guy is a moron! The obstruction is on YOUR side. YOU yield, dick head.

  34. Grimwalker

    GrimwalkerHace 10 días

    2 blown tires and 2 broken control arms, better than an at-fault rear end collision

  35. John Crocket

    John CrocketHace 10 días

    The guy at the end in the shooting should have been arrested also. What a jackass. I would not ride with him in his transport company.



    The last one.... don't need much to workout what country that is. The twat in the rain is a twat! Change your tyres and slow down in the wet before you kill someone else. What a giant load of 💩 the guy moved into oncoming traffic because he couldn't be bothered slowing down and waiting literally 5-10 seconds.

  37. mlgfox 31

    mlgfox 31Hace 11 días

    Wow I thought only the U.S had bad drivers but jeez

  38. Dune 44

    Dune 44Hace 11 días

    :56 yes the guy cut you off, but how about the old couple that you could have panicked the guy into hitting with your obnoxious fucking horn, god North America is turning into India 2.0

  39. Brian Shipp

    Brian ShippHace 11 días

    6:59 hmmmmmm.... “couple days of aches” boo boo. I see plenty of side walks that would have prevented you getting hit..... by a car..... in a road way...... for CARS.... tell your boo boo story to someone else and stay on the fucking side walk. I would have been aiming for you.

  40. Brogan Nicholas

    Brogan NicholasHace 11 días

    Mad props to the guy in the last video.

  41. Madison Nagy

    Madison NagyHace 12 días

    0:20 Electric Lettuce lol. Interesting name

  42. The truth

    The truthHace 12 días

    Seems like a lot of these accidents can be avoided if people would just slow down and stop aggressively using their horn

  43. Chandradeo balram

    Chandradeo balramHace 12 días

    4:55 jesus took the wheel.

  44. ThotFeline

    ThotFelineHace 12 días

    No one gunna talk about 9:50 when the passenger takes his seatbelt off at 70mph after shots where just fired 😂 like if a crash is gunna happen in that video it's about then

  45. Louis Reacts

    Louis ReactsHace 13 días

    7:50 He didnt nearly hit you, you could easily see what he is going to do and in America IF the accident was caused, you'd be ticketed for not preventing the accident from happening by not stopping

  46. CaptinNapkin 02

    CaptinNapkin 02Hace 13 días

    1:21 that cop was just on his way home finally off of work

  47. Spiffy

    SpiffyHace 13 días

    The very last clip, that dude was scared as fuck. Not the dude that was telling him to stop but the driver. Look at his face when he’s shooting

  48. Dave Olson

    Dave OlsonHace 13 días

    2:46 Hey gobshite, wait five seconds for the oncoming car to go by, and THEN pass the stopped car. Because you’re not that important.

  49. Br1gHtBVrN

    Br1gHtBVrNHace 13 días

    McEnany is a national disgrace. It’s so fitting she and the president got sick from the hoax they said they didn’t believe in. I appreciate the guy listening to here is at least keeping up with the world around him.

  50. Robert Norris

    Robert NorrisHace 13 días

    To the concrete truck driver you are a hell of a driver with car like reflexes! To the stupid brain dead four wheeler driver you are lucky to be alive you dumb bastard/bitch with ever the case may be!

  51. No Use for a Name

    No Use for a NameHace 13 días

    2:48 why didn't he stop instead of veer into the opposite lane, almost crashing into the blue car?.. he had plenty of time to see that the SUV ahead was stopped and he should have just slowed down..

  52. Misis Whiskers

    Misis WhiskersHace 14 días

    The last one was awesome.

  53. em-tee-45

    em-tee-45Hace 14 días

    Harman Khatkar, why would you honk at a car that is in the middle of rolling? Do horns make the roll stop? Asking for a friend

  54. deloreanman14

    deloreanman14Hace 14 días

    Gramole needs to learn that when the obstruction is on your side, you have to give way....

  55. Noah W

    Noah WHace 14 días

    I don't understand the one from "gramole". I guess the driver could have been given him he didn't so don't you just wait behind the parked car yield and go when there's space available?

  56. XaYt0b33

    XaYt0b33Hace 14 días

    Kidnapping and strangulation?? Was he already on some crazy shit??

  57. Uruz Chubun

    Uruz ChubunHace 15 días

    Don't try to shoot through the window first dumbass. They ruin planned trajectory

  58. Uruz Chubun

    Uruz ChubunHace 15 días

    Then again a lot of these people are dumbasses. Both sides of the party. Learn defensive driving, always be alert, and leave your ego at home

  59. Eian N.

    Eian N.Hace 15 días

    7:02 Roger was right.

  60. Dave's Model Works

    Dave's Model WorksHace 15 días

    I never thought I'd live to see the day when Swift drivers get put to shame by even worse drivers, but here we are. Kudos Amazon for finding and hiring only the dumbest, sh*ttiest CDL holders on the continent. Every time I see a prime truck on the road, its doing something stupid or illegal.

  61. Steve Chevy

    Steve ChevyHace 15 días

    Accidents really suck been in two wrecks one was my fault I always drive responsible period driving is serious stuff

  62. Ivan Neal

    Ivan NealHace 15 días

    Lesson learned never let your gf borrow your car when it's snowing

  63. Brandon Espino

    Brandon EspinoHace 15 días

    Get outta the road your not a motorised vehicle your on a bike

  64. Dan Segriff

    Dan SegriffHace 15 días

    At 3:00 the yellow rx7 I have seen it around before looks nice but clearly buddy doesn't know how to drive it

  65. Gene Kennett

    Gene KennettHace 12 días

    I was suuuuuper surprised when I saw it happen.

  66. Ace Goodheart

    Ace GoodheartHace 15 días

    I'm on the on ramp getting on the highway. I'm speeding up to get on the highway. 2 cars are on the highway and both in the right lane blocking me from getting on. No cars in the left lane. The 1st car could have moved over into the left lane to let me on the highway but didn't. Instead they cut me off causing me to have to brake to keep from hitting them. Who's in the wrong here? If i were them i would have easily moved over into the left lane to let them on the highway. Agree or disagree?

  67. phoenix 624

    phoenix 624Hace 11 días

    @Ace Goodheart Yes, it is a dick move, however not illegal even though on some onramps with some cars its impossible to get up to speed from a stop

  68. Ace Goodheart

    Ace GoodheartHace 11 días

    @phoenix 624 It still frustrates me how inconsiderate they were for not moving over into the left lane to make room for me to get on the highway. It happened early in the morning with no other traffic on the road. They practically forced me to stop on the on ramp. And it looked like the first car sped up to prevent me from getting in front of him. All he really had to do was easily move over to the left lane. Their lack of highway edicate could have caused a serious accident. Still bugs me lol.

  69. phoenix 624

    phoenix 624Hace 11 días

    It would be courteous, but where I live the law states that merging onto a highway you would have to yield to oncoming if it was not safe to merge in that situation

  70. Vermilion2214

    Vermilion2214Hace 15 días

    If the car is parked on your side of the road it's your problem YOU yield.

  71. יונתן דמרי

    יונתן דמריHace 15 días

    0:21 he is stupid, when an electric cable falling on your car you should not move

  72. sobek1987

    sobek1987Hace 16 días

    02:47 you're idiot

  73. goldenboy9 x

    goldenboy9 xHace 16 días

    4:12 that’s Wilmington Ohio right by the fair grounds.

  74. Sharktooth 987

    Sharktooth 987Hace 16 días

    2:23 it wasn’t to fast. There’s a zone of speed where your not actually touching the ground. You were going that speed. It’s like 35~45 or something.

  75. spankymcflych

    spankymcflychHace 16 días

    Did the guy shooting the gun actually hit the other car? I didn't see any damage, but the video quality wasn't that great. Just wondering if the windshield he was shooting through was enough to completely change the trajectory of the bullets.

  76. John Muir

    John MuirHace 16 días

    People should be able to turn in video evidence to the police so that people get fined for stupid stuff that they do on the road

  77. Ano Nymous

    Ano NymousHace 16 días

    9:23 i would have rammed that car with all i had

  78. Starkat7

    Starkat7Hace 16 días

    I'm sorry but the shooting at the end was not self defense or justified at the time of firing the weapon had he fired his weapon when the other driver brandished his then ok but after nothing happened and the other driver sped up there is no reason to waste your ammo and your windshield on a non-imminent threat that is driving away from you. If it were me id probably as soon as I saw the gun being pulled on me after the guy just rear ended me like he did here i would have either slowed down to create space and see if the other guy was going to commit or just side swiped his car with my truck with full force causing him to flip or at the least spin out, called police and had my gun ready should he come out of his car with his gun. All you would have to do is show the footage ..clear case of road rage and self defense ..had you had to take the guy out with your gun closed and a better world without him. However doing what was done here sends the vibes of two road ragers one upping each other.

  79. unokitsune

    unokitsuneHace 17 días

    I found the story for the last video with the men with guns The articles I found say nobody got arrested yet.

  80. Chris Lostumo

    Chris LostumoHace 17 días

    love the last one

  81. A T

    A THace 17 días

    Video you came for starts at 8:20 they should both be in prison

  82. Guy Schellinck

    Guy SchellinckHace 17 días

    4:57 "this is what happens when I let my girlfriend borrow my car": no more sex after she saw the video and the captions

  83. Gladiate Solid50

    Gladiate Solid50Hace 18 días

    Don't brake check people. It will get you killed.

  84. No Nonsense

    No NonsenseHace 18 días

    9:40 Sweet, delicious justice being delivered right there.

  85. Helpme_ HD

    Helpme_ HDHace 18 días


  86. Jamie B

    Jamie BHace 18 días

    For all the idiots that think you are right and smart, brake checking people, IS AGAINST THE LAW!! Just because someone may do it to you, does not mean it is right to do it back!

  87. Johnny Espinoza

    Johnny EspinozaHace 18 días

    Love the bikers reaction

  88. Android Man

    Android ManHace 19 días


  89. matthew08

    matthew08Hace 19 días

    Grandpa CRV came out at 5:41 to punish grandson CRV for bad driving

  90. Kaiser C

    Kaiser CHace 19 días

    1:25 oh, that guy is in for some shit lol. I wanna see the dash cam immediately after.

  91. Amor

    AmorHace 19 días

    4:40 I’m trying to figure out wtf was funny about that?? Dumb ass laughing and didn’t know if anyone was trapped in the car

  92. Sophie

    SophieHace 19 días

    4:20 really looked like he wanted to get hit, I feel like he even accelerated to stay at the level of the truck, also not honking sooner, or even better letting go of the gas pedal for 3 seconds so the truck is in front and danger avoided...

  93. Christopher Stumpel

    Christopher StumpelHace 19 días

    The only comment I see: “Cammer wrong 2:48”. Shut up. I want to see other people’s comments too. I’ve seen “Cammer wrong 2:48” over 50 times now. Chill people.

  94. Ithinkiwill66

    Ithinkiwill66Hace 19 días

    So, the moral to this story are blocked with an obstruction in your lane, and a veihcle is coming the opposite direction, YOU MUST YEILD THE RIGHT OF WAY TO THE ONCOMING TRAFFIC! GOD!

  95. Bryan Miranda

    Bryan MirandaHace 20 días

    If you're going the speed limit during poor road conditions, you are speeding. Posted speed limits are for normal road conditions.

  96. Sagicorn24

    Sagicorn24Hace 20 días

    2:23 I’ve never heard of exhaustion instincts, I’d call that pants crapping adrenaline.

  97. Todd Anderson

    Todd AndersonHace 20 días

    2 things, those Amazon big rig drivers have nearly killed 2 people since opening a hub near me. The other thing, am I the only one that sees an awesome opportunity to try out a PIT maneuver when someone merges into your lane without looking?

  98. ercopi

    ercopiHace 20 días

    03:14 No not the poor FC!!

  99. Rolf Larson

    Rolf LarsonHace 20 días

    NO NO you were not going the speed limit you where going way to fast the speed limit says also IF YOU DO SO SAFTL and you could not

  100. cameron stanonis

    cameron stanonisHace 21 un día

    I swear women should have to take the behind the wheel every 3 years or every time they cause an accident

  101. Troy Eppstein

    Troy EppsteinHace 21 un día

    Nick Owens, why were you hogging the passing lane? You should have moved over to the right.

  102. דניאל פרידקין

    דניאל פרידקיןHace 21 un día

    2:45 the camer is an idiot no one is obligated to let him pass while his side of the road is clear of obstructions the camer should have stopped and wait till he can pass

  103. I'm an evil potatoe

    I'm an evil potatoeHace 21 un día

    9:33 AMERICA!

  104. Richie RK

    Richie RKHace 22 días

    After reading the comments I thought Gramole was some foreign derogatory bad lmao 🤦🏽‍♂️

  105. Cheepchipsable

    CheepchipsableHace 22 días

    2:07. Dude, the speed limit is the maximum you can go - otherwise you drive to the conditions. Simply saying you weren't over the limit doesn't mean you are blameless.

  106. Calandra

    CalandraHace 22 días

    That last incident was a bit scary. I don't think he should've shot his gun unless the other guy shot his gun first. But, I can definitely understand his fear for his life. If he would've called the police, things would've went south before a dispatcher can even ask "where are you?"