Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #172

This is video number # 172 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace 18 días

    Hi guys. Don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Atrus

    AtrusHace 16 días

    Do you ever supply links to where a full video can be found to offer more credit to submissions? I want to see more of the motorcycle guy - love to see who's in the car and see what a f*** muppet they are.

  3. – Fierce Lorraine–

    – Fierce Lorraine–Hace 18 días

    The last clip was insane we’re they speeding

  4. s flo

    s floHace 4 días

    Mr. James Juneau maybe just maybe you shouldn't be driving.

  5. Kevin

    KevinHace 7 días

    That motorcycle dude will get paid . That’s pain and suffering X10.

  6. Eric P

    Eric PHace 8 días

    The driver involved in the accident with motorcyclist, should be charged with attempted vehicular homicide. The pure neglect of that driver is uncanny.

  7. God

    GodHace 8 días

    @9:00, did it scare out a fart? lol

  8. Josh Williams

    Josh WilliamsHace 9 días

    I could cuss So many of the dumbass "Drivers", cammers as you say. Many are 100% at fault. And, unless I'm gravely mistaken Tesla's don't have a grill like many similar looking cars do. I.e. Maxima, Altima

  9. Mark from New York

    Mark from New YorkHace 9 días

    Anyone have a full link to the motorcycle dude? Or any other info on that one?

  10. Callum Winton

    Callum WintonHace 9 días

    Do interstates have a drainage system? I know UK motorways are like a hump shape so the water drains off the roadway but I see so many videos on interstates where people spin out

  11. G. Dileonardo

    G. DileonardoHace 9 días

    "oh my God , oh my God" You're only in disbelief because it's the first time you've seen this !!! These fools do this ALL THE TIME !!!!

  12. Texas Targetman81

    Texas Targetman81Hace 9 días

    Clip #1: Camera driver makes an improper, dangerous turn, drifting to the far right lane, when he should have stayed in the inside, left lane, like the jerk he is criticizing.

  13. Cesar Salgado Salgado

    Cesar Salgado SalgadoHace 10 días

    That motorcycle incident was fkn brutal probably broken ribs , arm and back pain hope you okay bruh .

  14. Daniel LeClare

    Daniel LeClareHace 10 días

    7:00 Jason Juneau is an idiot...

  15. hector mendivil

    hector mendivilHace 11 días

    Mohd N. Let me tell you something. F U C K Y O U

  16. frank rizzo

    frank rizzoHace 11 días

    People who drive fast down the roads in the wrong lane deserve to be shot

  17. Clara South

    Clara SouthHace 11 días

    @58s he could have just taken his foot off of the accelerator

  18. mrsleep0000

    mrsleep0000Hace 12 días

    7:02 Like, seriously? How does that guy even have a fucking license?

  19. warioman91

    warioman91Hace 12 días

    8:10 "My speed is within the limit" does not rule out using common sense. Go with the flow of traffic. In general, you should not be going more/less than 10mph relative to adjacent lanes so that you can maintain proper reactions. Just use your brain idiot. You shouldnt be zooming past other cars on the road.

  20. RedNuii

    RedNuiiHace 12 días

    Is there an extended version of the motocycle one? I want to see what happens afterwards, and what a dumb ass driver like that looks like.

  21. Diliverer ofevil

    Diliverer ofevilHace 12 días

    If someone hit me and I knew they were on the dam phone I'd break the fucking phone over their car. If any problems issued the bat comes out.

  22. Whatever YT

    Whatever YTHace 12 días

    Get out from behind the wheel if you have seizures. You put everyone around you at risk. Just selfish.

  23. entertainedbyidiots

    entertainedbyidiotsHace 13 días

    4:10 no damage? doubt it; you would have at least have some curb rash on your rims considering you actually hit the barrier.

  24. Brian Smaller

    Brian SmallerHace 13 días

    that last one - good fucking job. I hate cunts who drive like they think they are formula one drivers in a race.

  25. qntnbarrett88

    qntnbarrett88Hace 13 días

    Fast forward to 4:45. I hope he's ok.

  26. Yariel Hernández

    Yariel HernándezHace 13 días

    Ik literally vibing rn

  27. French- It-Up

    French- It-UpHace 13 días

    1:50 Sorry Eurin Paulino, but you crossed the double white line! You should be responsible for that accident seeing how you made the black truck swerve on a wet road. I can even hear the indicator light switch on only until after the black truck passes. What a douchebag move!

  28. PhoenixUltraMotive

    PhoenixUltraMotiveHace 13 días

    4:06 At least he admitted his own mistake

  29. chuck tallior

    chuck talliorHace 13 días


  30. Mr.Blunt Addiction

    Mr.Blunt AddictionHace 13 días

    7:05 I'm pretty sure the DMV doesn't allow people who have seizures, to drive. in fact i know they don't, because my buddy has epilepsy and he's unable to get his license.

  31. Jonathan Prasad

    Jonathan PrasadHace 13 días

    The irony of the first guy yelling to pay attention

  32. Richard Vazquez

    Richard VazquezHace 13 días

    The first one was stupid honestly.

  33. Kerry Strother

    Kerry StrotherHace 13 días

    7:20 I've been down that street a few times in Roswell and I've gotta say, the layout sucks, but I've never see someone fuck up like that there.

  34. Gerry Gonzalez

    Gerry GonzalezHace 13 días

    3:54 I know they not to chase but fuck that. 2 hit and runs. Nah id be right behind him. Who cares if they got pulled over. And what if they didn't no one was gonna try and get any information? Pisses me off when people don't do anything

  35. Alecks Luciferis

    Alecks LuciferisHace 13 días

    Straight away with the first clip, says he didn't notice the blinker but also failed to notice the turned wheels and her clearly moving towards his lane before he started going. Then he makes a double turn and passes her by the right while screaming out of the window pay attention when he was clearly not. What a douche.

  36. Ken Jones

    Ken JonesHace 13 días

    4:52 And that, boys and girls, is why you always wear a helmet. That would not have been unsurvivable without one. This is why I don't ride anymore. No matter how well you ride or how careful you are, some jackass will come out of nowhere to try to kill you.

  37. Excitable101

    Excitable101Hace 13 días

    :40, so a big truck starts coming into your land and you decide to speed up instead of slowing down?

  38. Jason Crandall

    Jason CrandallHace 13 días

    Stopping on a interstate for no reason should be a felony ticket

  39. C.O.P. Civilian_On_Patrol

    C.O.P. Civilian_On_PatrolHace 13 días

    6:05 that's Connecticut. Specifically New Haven CT. I-95. Out of all the videos, I finally see one in my home state. About time. Especially considering CT has some of the worst drivers

  40. Adam Shotts

    Adam ShottsHace 14 días

    Motorcycle one is a major major wtf to the car driver!!!!!!

  41. Randell Darky

    Randell DarkyHace 14 días

    When You hit a vehicle the size of a Semi, You know that You really do suck.

  42. Nicky D

    Nicky DHace 14 días

    i bet that tesla auto pilot somehow fucke dup teslas should be banned

  43. PhotosbyErnesto

    PhotosbyErnestoHace 14 días

    Not trying to pour scorn on the driver at 6:32, but if he has a medical history of blacking out at the wheel, he shouldn't have a licence! He is putting other drivers at risk by simply being behind the wheel...

  44. Four*Nobel*Clans

    Four*Nobel*ClansHace 14 días

    @6:15 I was like holy shit I know that road, that the road is go buy weed from a girl I knew for years she was an escort so if there was a car in her driveway I would have to wait for the John to leave she was actually really good friend she died last year of cancer was really sad 😞 I’ve driven that exact turn a million times, weird and it’s midvale ut not Murray but right on the border.

  45. Jeremy Brown

    Jeremy BrownHace 14 días

    Another thing people dont realize witch makes no sense it's not about you out there in the road it's about the people around you don't trust them pay attention to everyone else because that's how you survive.

  46. Jeremy Brown

    Jeremy BrownHace 14 días

    Moronic behavior driving fast in the rain no matter the weight or tread of a tire water separates your traction from the road and will cause you to loose control. People really need to go back to school and relearn physics.

  47. HDaviator

    HDaviatorHace 14 días

    People that have seizures should not be driving.

  48. K. Gambeezy

    K. GambeezyHace 14 días

    If your wife works 60+ hours a week how is paying 2k difficult? She's gotta be making ok money for 60 hours even if its minimum wage. Also, dont fucking drive if you suffer from seizures, you're gonna kill someone.

  49. Khamsin Shamal

    Khamsin ShamalHace 14 días

    The motorcycle guys - why you should always wear protective gear, like gloves, proper leather suit and enforced boots, (not just a helmet) when riding motorcycles. There is no safety belt, no collision protection and no steel frame to protect you on a motorcycle.

  50. Michael Mullenix

    Michael MullenixHace 14 días

    Always that one woman who over reacts the. "GAAAAAASSPP OH MY GOOODD HOLY CRAP GAASPP OMGG!!😂

  51. TaoDJ

    TaoDJHace 14 días

    4:55 does anyone have an update on this crash? That's insane!

  52. Andy Kimbot

    Andy KimbotHace 14 días

    0:10 - "Pay attention" - Driver that didn't see a vehicle pointed into their lane, with an indicator on.

  53. Bad Drivers of Ohio

    Bad Drivers of OhioHace 12 días

    Blinker doesn’t give right of way

  54. Chris Kelly

    Chris KellyHace 14 días

    3:30 human piece of garbage

  55. ryanburbridge

    ryanburbridgeHace 14 días

    The driver at 0:45 is the worst!!!! Two people trying to merge and the Ahole refuses to just ease up a bit.

  56. ryanburbridge

    ryanburbridgeHace 14 días

    jimmelay71 ha ha yeah. I’m not sure what comedian said it but i heard it said that we should all have dart guns and shoot the drivers that act like jerks... cop sees a bunch of darts and bam pulls you over lol

  57. jimmelay71

    jimmelay71Hace 14 días

    Unfortunately there is no law against being an asshole.

  58. Nelson Kaiser

    Nelson KaiserHace 14 días

    That head-on with the motorcycle shows that planning how to react to situations is necessary. When you get in a situation like that, if you have to think about it it is already too late.

  59. Beakerzor

    BeakerzorHace 14 días

    8:02 Tesla cameras record in RAW, please remember to color grade them before posting, cheers!

  60. D James

    D JamesHace 14 días

    Why do yanks have a problem with cars merging between lanes? Alot of times I can see the flashing yellow, so if i can, why don't these angry yanks see it and just flash them in. (Safer for everyone)

  61. Bill Williams

    Bill WilliamsHace 14 días

    :32. Should not have honked and woken him up. Stay back and watch the fun. would have been a great video!

  62. M B

    M BHace 14 días

    Any time I see a video of some tool driving like an asshat and crash. I laugh. I hope it killed them.

  63. its Lo

    its LoHace 14 días

    I get road rage watching these!🤬🤬🤬

  64. River mikael

    River mikaelHace 14 días

    Hope the motorcycle rider is okay now and the driver of the car was charged with attempted murder.

  65. Will4May

    Will4MayHace 14 días

    First vid, states didn't see the turn signal, but didn't notice the car pointing at an angle or see it start moving, you could tell they was going to try and push over, but what stood out was him houting 'pay attention' after he didn't pay attention lol. 4:45 I hope the rider is ok and nothing life threatening or lasting, ripped the groin area of his jeans made me cringe when I noticed, idiot in the car too scared to get out knowing what they've done. What is it with drivers when a vehicle drifts or turns into their lane, instead of slowing down or avoiding a collision they keep going or speed up and use the horn, as if that will save your life if they keep coming over, yes the other driver is an idiot but the insurance won't side with you if you don't try to avoid the accident.

  66. Bad Drivers of Ohio

    Bad Drivers of OhioHace 12 días

    Will4May yes I will agree with the overreaction

  67. Will4May

    Will4MayHace 12 días

    @Bad Drivers of Ohio He may have been late as already in the wrong lane, but the vid runs for 8s with his turn signal on, and pointing towards your lane, you could see his intention, and you weren't paying attention to your surroundings, you are supposed to check around you before moving off, and I agreed that they pushed over, my dig at you was for shouting to pay attention when you didn't either with your 'I didn't see his signal' overreaction or not it was still a lol at you for that.

  68. Bad Drivers of Ohio

    Bad Drivers of OhioHace 12 días

    First if you would read I said it was a overreaction second it’s their fault they should go straight and not imped traffic

  69. Dem0D1ck

    Dem0D1ckHace 14 días


  70. Milosh Zekan

    Milosh ZekanHace 14 días

    Prius drivers are a whole nother retard.

  71. polarweiß

    polarweißHace 15 días

    8:20 speed might be in the limit the brakes are not

  72. Jerry VanNuys

    Jerry VanNuysHace 15 días

    7:00 ~ ... Then **maybe** you shouldn't be fucking driving, should you, Jason Juneau? If you KNOW you have this affliction and you insist on driving then you should be held fully responsible for any harm you cause *just like any other impaired driver* would be! What if there had been children crossing in front of you when you "Blacked Out"? What about the next time? You have a medical issue! The ADA does NOT give you the right to endanger everybody around you! Fuck you, you selfish, self-centered prick!

  73. AbigailxxAbacinate

    AbigailxxAbacinateHace 15 días

    I get so nervous every time I drive beside a semi! Mom was pushed off the highway by one who didn't see her, I've had them swerve into my lane suddenly or be weaving all around the road (falling asleep?), Etc. Like my car is 29 w no airbags if you hit me I will squish!!! 😭 I hate driving :^)

  74. Nephtalie Alius

    Nephtalie AliusHace 14 días

    AbigailxxAbacinate lmao that’s good then

  75. AbigailxxAbacinate

    AbigailxxAbacinateHace 14 días

    @Nephtalie Alius believe me, I don't unless I'm just passing by. If I get stuck parallel to one I'm sitting there like 😭🚗🏳️

  76. Nephtalie Alius

    Nephtalie AliusHace 14 días

    AbigailxxAbacinate never ever drive parallel to them. Stay behind or in front.

  77. Glenn Ruscher

    Glenn RuscherHace 15 días

    So many really bad drivers.

  78. Meria Johnfroe

    Meria JohnfroeHace 15 días

    Mr. Juneau, so sorry about your accident. At first as I’m watching I’d prayed you’d not been a, drunken person for one drunken(.287)/ drugged up man killed my beautiful little 13 yr. old son.. He’d been so loved by all which knew him. Not only because he’d been a, most exceptionally Handsome little man, his personality and character was one which laughed, smiled and loved by all which knew him. Even the coroner wrote the most beautiful words of his most extremely healthy young man compliments to his momma for this beautiful little man can almost say this little man is perfect in all his body, perfectly balanced, Healthy perfect organs, bones, blood etc. Such a, shame this little man is lost to our world! Had he’d known my baby he’d known this Lil’Man loved His Jesus... For young children enjoying the singing hour alway requested his favorite Hymn:> “VICTORY IN JESUS!” I’m so sorry about your car. I’m sorry of this seizure caused your near death experience... Please remember it’s costs a, little more money for liability/ collision insurance yet, it’s times as these it’s worth paying for this insurance.... That’s why even though we’d paid out our car or purchased in cash we’d never failed to pay for uninsured insurance... I’m aware of friends which suffer from seizures... One had a, seizure causing his car to go left over the west bound lane hitting the wooden fence separating our Subdivision. His car as his foot pressed hard on the accelerator ending up into this 5th. brick home in our Cul-du-sac of our home, entering the master bedroom into the Bath where Hubby was standing by his sink brushing his teeth missing from killing this man by exactly two inches bed foot post to his back knees! His wife in bed suffered a, head injury- concussion, broken shoulder blade. Sadly this man died at the hospital as this last seizure caused a, vein to hemorrhages bleeding and drown in his lungs! Sad it was! Homeowners’ wife suffered with her injuries and had this shoulder surgery! Their home was totally a, mess due to the speed causing much damage. They’d eventually received monies to repair their home then sold it. No more living near the highway! Bad part this highway had been there much longer than this subdivision. The owner of this subdivision: was ordered by the Louisiana law makers to build a, brick and iron posts alone this huge tall wooden fence... incidents as yours and this man which sadly lost his life! Praying your town and or church members could make care washers, Charity bake sale fun times auctions to raise money for your family and repair your car! God Bless, * “YAHVEH EL” is always with you through Love and Faith in Him through His Holy Son, Yeshua d Christos * “Yeshua”=(Hebrew)= Sacred Name= “I, AM THAT I, AM!” “EL”= (Hebrew)= Title= “GOD/ FATHER/ MASTER” A, Servant of Yeshua d Christos: Mèria Jeanfreaux. Nouvellé Orléans

  79. Glenn Ruscher

    Glenn RuscherHace 15 días

    @ 7:00, DON'T DRIVE !!!!!!!!!

  80. Daniel Fausto

    Daniel FaustoHace 15 días

    Tip for driving . If u see another driver with his turn signals let him pass, dont just try to speed up and be a fucken ass hole.

  81. Robert Matthews

    Robert MatthewsHace 15 días

    When the van in the right lane tried to get into your lane oh, why didn't you just let him in? Instead you honk your horn an increased your speed to prevent him. Did that make you feel better, big man?

  82. Braedon Dowell

    Braedon DowellHace 15 días

    1:05 ... Cammer’s ego was hurt when he got passed and didn’t want to defend it when dude got out 😂

  83. John D

    John DHace 15 días

    I am comment number 666

  84. Pat Ring

    Pat RingHace 15 días

    Uhhh. Jason Juneau should not be behind the wheel of a car. He's lucky his seizure didn't result in someone being killed.

  85. Troy Eppstein

    Troy EppsteinHace 15 días

    Far to many drivers cruise in the left lane. If you are not actively passing another vehicle, you should be in the right lane.....

  86. Neutral Commenter

    Neutral CommenterHace 15 días

    0:45 So there are two cars ahead of you each trying to change lanes into your lane, and you decide to speed up and to make sure neither of them can change lanes - leaving yourself with no out (to go either left or right) if one of them decided to continue changing lanes into you. The cammer is an idiot.

  87. fonsecorona

    fonsecoronaHace 15 días

    Why are there so many stupid people driving around in this world?..... Goes beyond me.....

  88. Thuy & Dirk

    Thuy & DirkHace 15 días

    Who's the bitch? Ridiulous to make such a fuss about someone who missed the right turn. Oh my god, that must really hurt to let someone in the lane before you.🤮🤮🤮

  89. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace 15 días

    0:48 @ Rhode Trips ... So you thought it was smart to force your way up there after they attempted to get in your lane, rather than back off, avoid a possible accident and just relax? Yes, the van was in the wrong on the first try. Plus he had a single line there, meant to keep him in his lane until traffic had settled with the merging of lanes. However, your aggressive driving will get you into trouble one day, when you think you are the righteous one and find out you only made things worse. Back off and relax. You're not teaching anyone a lesson by getting aggressive.

  90. Randy DiCotti

    Randy DiCottiHace 15 días

    After almost hitting people because they were using their phone, those drivers will call the safe drivers they almost hit "asshole"

  91. Aria Repine

    Aria RepineHace 15 días

    0:57 ok, honking to let them know your there is good, but speeding up for no other reason than to prevent them from comming over because your to self-important to slow down and give the van driver room to come over makes you just as guilty of road-rage as the van driver.

  92. Mike Pelletier

    Mike PelletierHace 15 días

    Jason Juneau You had a seizure which made you crash in my opinion people who are Known to have seizures have no fucking place on the roadway you could fucking kill people if you have that medical condition please turn your fucking license in

  93. Southern Rips

    Southern RipsHace 15 días

    My speed is within the limit, not for that kind of traffic num nuts.

  94. Nite Fire

    Nite FireHace 15 días

    When you see stupid sh!t going on, don’t run right on up to it. Stay the hell away from the dumba** driver. Otherwise you’re no smarter then they are.


    CHINGA TU MADREHace 15 días

    First of all, is the guy on the Motorcycle okay? What was the outcome on that driver that hit him head on, driving on the wrong side of the street.

  96. Justin Guarino

    Justin GuarinoHace 15 días

    2:05 How does the truck go from an almost stop to somehow hitting the gas and hitting the barrier...8:18 Don’t drive so fast and that won’t happen 🤷‍♂️ 50/50 fault there, maybe even 25 (truck)/75 (cammer)

  97. William Phillips

    William PhillipsHace 15 días

    Hey Jason, you have seizures, that’s why you’re not supposed to be driving. Your state is stupid for issuing you a drivers license and you’re an idiot for thinking it’s ok to drive when you know you have seizures. You deserve to pay out of pocket because you’re a prick who endangers people on purpose

  98. MidnightMustang

    MidnightMustangHace 15 días

    1:50 Runaway diesel?

  99. Steven Bryant

    Steven BryantHace 15 días

    Hey bikers, ever notice there isn't anything to protect you when you have an accident. I notice you guys figured out how to go fast but that other things seems unimportant to you guys. Well you all are now informed so don't keep whining when you run into hard objects. How about this: get air bags that send you into the sky and parachute you down to safety Bond style ( or traffic lol ). Maybe a kill switch ( no pun intended ) for tunnels. See I care.....

  100. bigboy

    bigboyHace 15 días

    Not entertaining

  101. Steven Bryant

    Steven BryantHace 15 días

    At 00:57 La Reina Del Tranporte would be getting a call from me and a video copy with an inquiry as to employment statis of this employee, A white line does not have a blind spot and a blind spot is not everyone elses responsibility. If reacting to this : fine " employees driving . If a baby was jostled due to this driver, I would persue this driver into the unemployment line where they belong.

  102. Leonard MacAulay

    Leonard MacAulayHace 15 días

    Dude a 7:01 get rid of your license until you get a handle on the seizures or you will kill someone.

  103. lelaki senang

    lelaki senangHace 15 días

  104. Franz Spurek

    Franz SpurekHace 15 días

    Seeing all those - even modern - Cars slingering an skidding around, I wonder: Don't they have got an ESP (Electronic Stability Program) after roughly 20 years of being established in Europe? #Justwannaunderstand #NoHate

  105. Cata Macko

    Cata MackoHace 15 días

    I don't get you people. Why the fuck do you wanna drive when you know you're prone to seizures or have health issues? I mean that logic makes no fucking sense. You wanted to drive so much you risk putting your life in harm's way for what? If you had seizures before then it's a good idea not to fucking drive... dumbass. You're putting yourself and others at risk. I mean what the fuck kinda person you are to do that just so you can drive. Fkn idiotic. People are beyond stupid that it reached a new level of stupid.

  106. Tiger Biker

    Tiger BikerHace 15 días

    Frankly, if you're susceptible to seizures or any other medical condition that you and doctors know can cause blackouts, even with medication, you should not be driving. You will do what the guy did around 7:00 mark but end up killing someone else. Yea yea, devils advocate will say well then anyone with a medical condition should drive smart ass...well we need to draw the line somewhere. Cause I dont see the logic behind giving someone susceptible to seizures a license. Even with medication, they can still happen and that's unacceptable to allow to happen on the roads.

  107. Timily Timbrr

    Timily TimbrrHace 15 días

    1:45 Great reaction time!

  108. Critical Crusader

    Critical CrusaderHace 16 días

    If you come to a dead stop in the middle of the freeway by your own will you should loose your license for at least 5 years.

  109. Inlandchamp83

    Inlandchamp83Hace 16 días

    I bet most of those bad drivers were women.

  110. Melissa Miller

    Melissa MillerHace 16 días

    A person who has seizures should not be driving, you are putting yourself and others at risk.

  111. SW

    SWHace 16 días

    8:21 the sound of my ass hairs standing up