Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #174

This is video number # 174 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Gesto and Lane - A Motorcyclists
Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. Logan jush

    Logan jushHace 9 días

    That dude driving the boosted f-150 clearly doesn’t know what he was doing. Airbags explode up and out, so having your hand at the top and palm of hand facing up, I’m surprised he didn’t break his arm

  2. Zilla Deliva

    Zilla DelivaHace 15 días

    hit the biker, why risk hitting something else

  3. Donnie Robertson

    Donnie RobertsonHace 18 días


  4. Eric P

    Eric PHace 19 días

    4:04 both idiots 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Peylix

    PeylixHace 19 días

    3:44 That lady would have a higher chance of surviving in a t-bone vs the truck you almost merc'd yourself with head on. Which WOULD HAVE 100% been fatal. NEVER veer into oncoming. You got the most luck out the situation. Don't ever veer into oncoming. 60mph impact t-bone is a lot less than a 120mph impact of 2 60mph cars going head on.

  6. MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible A*holes

    MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible A*holesHace 20 días

    2:30 this is why I wish bully bars were made for my 2017 Golf Alltrack SE 😔 3:00 weeeeeee Both drivers are morons at 4:00. That was an expensive ego trip.

  7. D Say what

    D Say whatHace 20 días


  8. nightmare in action

    nightmare in actionHace 22 días

    8:32 uuuu that not how physics work

  9. Steve 'o

    Steve 'oHace 22 días

    3:15 thats why you never let your girl put her legs up on the dash. Airbags go off, she breaks both her legs.

  10. Gayle

    GayleHace 22 días

    People would do almost anything for an In-N-Out burger

  11. Neutral Commenter

    Neutral CommenterHace 23 días

    I was driving my Tesla and a tire hit my Tesla and my Tesla was damaged. Tesla.

  12. Mark Meadows

    Mark MeadowsHace 23 días

    2:44 RIP Boosted F150

  13. Mark Meadows

    Mark MeadowsHace 23 días

    0:23 Biker and passenger rider weren't even wearing a helmet. Could've ended up worse.

  14. Curt

    CurtHace 23 días

    So many comments to make... not enough time. 4:53 delete. At 8:35, we’re glad your insurance company knows you’re pretty sure you made a good investment. As always, thanks to the OP for compiling and sharing. It’s hard work and it makes us better drivers, in my opinion.

  15. ariel huerta

    ariel huertaHace 23 días

    This just proves to me that people dont know what the hell they are doing when they are on the road.

  16. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace 23 días

    6:06 Why would they stop? There was no reason to.

  17. Colby Brown

    Colby BrownHace 23 días

    Clip #3.... Nice to see there’s another Colby Brown that exists! What’s up 👋

  18. Mir Vlogs

    Mir VlogsHace 23 días

    2:59 I know his arm hurt 😭

  19. Mir Vlogs

    Mir VlogsHace 23 días

    I would've been mad about the wasted ice coffee..

  20. Jocelyn Webb

    Jocelyn WebbHace 23 días

    I remember the incident at 1:30. I was working in Wrightsville Beach and lost power for 4 hours.

  21. Ace Goodheart

    Ace GoodheartHace 23 días

    I wonder how many of these people were either on drugs or cell phones.

  22. abozab

    abozabHace 23 días

    8:31 accumulated impact speed? Watch this

  23. Brimstone The Wolf

    Brimstone The WolfHace 23 días

    2:45 that poor f-150. Looked like it was a nice truck.

  24. Shadow Light

    Shadow LightHace 23 días

    Boosted f150 hit oil he lost controll hitting oil make u lose tracken.

  25. Scorpio

    ScorpioHace 23 días

    Someone got a free shake at no charge with McDelivery.

  26. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace 23 días

    At 4:05, we can see from the road markings that the two lanes merge down to one; the cammer's lane is the one to disappear, so onus is on cammer to merge safely. If that means to remain BEHIND the white car, so be it. White car's defence of their position is unduly aggressive (swerving across is discouraged both sides of the Atlantic!), but in this clip I am troubled by the cammer's obsessive determination to be in front of the white car; I'd love to hear the other driver's version - and whether there was any 'hors d'oeuvres' to the main course we've just been served...

  27. neverseenbefore _

    neverseenbefore _Hace 23 días

    That last vid was awesome! I appreciate the extra effort!!

  28. ickisandoblina

    ickisandoblinaHace 23 días

    6:10 Why TF does "RUS" stop in the middle of the road? I get it, the other guy was drunk and went over a center curb to the gas station - why does that mean you stop in the middle of the road?

  29. Michael L

    Michael LHace 23 días

    1:42. That's Portland for you.

  30. Haunted Marysville, Montana

    Haunted Marysville, MontanaHace 23 días

    For the Record: I was in the Subaru crash shown about midway; note of missing mother and baby in sedan that turned in front of me and forced me into ditch. My original opinion was NOT seeing any directionals used. Wouldn't have made any difference but later review of the footage suggests she may well HAVE used them; don't have frame-by-frame capability. Still a shrug; moot point but want to give accurate data. She readily admitted to me, bystanders and law enforcement of distraction by cell phone map while looking for an address. Although circumstances were familiar to any similar intersection, this one in particular is infamous for past fatalities and a long string of accidents. Montana Dept of Trans has a roundabout scheduled in 2021. Never let down your guard; of note is a miraculous last microsecond miss of a head-on, high-speed crash on a dark Wyoming highway due to a truck in my lane only last month. Statistics suggest these things happen only rarely, separated by lots of time. Generally true but danger/death can strike out of left field at any time, including this warm, Indian summer weekend morning without a cloud in the sky and optimum road conditions. Also I believe I walked away only due to the car having enough velocity to clear the far edge of ditch vs noseplant at 55mph, impacting tires and ripping off axle... bummer event but from a survival standpoint it couldn't have been engineered better. And hitting that mom and baby would have been bad news for all concerned. There would be no comfort in the knowledge I wasn't at fault if they had been injured or worse. I'm getting to be an old dude w/o wife or kids; much more expendable if someone HAD to wreck and even if not my fault. Really liked that trusty Subaru but worthwhile sacrifice if it kept mom and baby safe. Bittersweet event but I'm confident insurance with take care of basics so calling it a win overall. Safe travels out there!

  31. Brian Wood

    Brian WoodHace 23 días

    3:50 douchebag.

  32. Julieann Decker

    Julieann DeckerHace 24 días

    Love your channel RR&BD! You’re my favorite channel for all things crash, burn & ignorant drivers!

  33. Nicky D

    Nicky DHace 24 días

    2:45 all smiles until the airbags hit the guy like wtf that truck isnt made for speed idiots

  34. IRoN

    IRoNHace 24 días

    That wheel at the end 🤣 Extremely powerful

  35. Glenn Ruscher

    Glenn RuscherHace 24 días

    @1:40, Why are crazy people allowed to run around loose?

  36. problemchild1976

    problemchild1976Hace 24 días

    @4:00 - another turn right on red asshat You can see the canned is clearly not impressed by the white car not turning on red even though there is traffic crossing and then the cammer doesn’t like the sped the white car sets off at. Then the shitbox cam car decides to try and overtake even though it’s powered by hamsters and with an auto box from the 90s Awful attitude and driving from the cammer Dick move from the white car Would love to see some in car footage from the cam car

  37. theElemDragon

    theElemDragonHace 24 días

    I love the freakin infografic the guy put for his Tesla vs. Tire clip at the end. I'm sorry, but no, it's not surprising that you walked away without a scratch when your Tesla got hit by a runaway tire. Yes, the cumulative speed between your Tesla and the tire may have been in the ballpark of 160km/h or so... but it's not like you hit a freakin car head on. MUCH less weight. While yes, it'll still do a shit-ton of damage, it's not like if it were some other car it would have been ROYALLY FUCKED OVER by the tire from bumper to bumper. Seriously.... it's like a 2300 pound car vs a 150 pound tire.

  38. Raven Blackheart

    Raven BlackheartHace 24 días

    Heck of an endorsement on that last clip.

  39. GaborBartal

    GaborBartalHace 24 días

    2:45 for some reason I'm so annoyed that the passenger still smiles when "oh shit" is said. Can't stand irresponsible people who risk a passenger's life for showing off

  40. P

    PHace 24 días

    1:40 of course it's in portland. too many homeless and liberal fucks

  41. MrFlames1975

    MrFlames1975Hace 24 días

    Nothing wrong with Gesto’s brakes. Gesto’s a knob and doesn’t know how to ride a bike. He panicked when he saw the car cos his position in the road was wrong and he was carrying to much speed.And When you grab a hand full of brake like that halfway into a corner, the bikes gonna stand up, cos that’s what it wants to do. Gesto’s lucky he only broke his arm, the Cockwomble that he is......

  42. Shafin New

    Shafin NewHace 24 días

    0:49 I have no more stress because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  43. TheEchoholic

    TheEchoholicHace 24 días

    8:31 Sorry m8 that is not how collisions work. Immagine a stationary point at the impact site. The car is impacting the tire at 80km/h and the tire is impacting the car at 80km/h. The force travels im both directions equally and both experience an 80km/h crash. Here is an excerpt from a Mythbusters episode tackling this exact problem:

  44. Chris Jones

    Chris JonesHace 24 días

    That clip is not relevant to this crash. The cars in that clip were both about the same. In this crash the things that are relevant is how big the speed difference was and that is about 160kph, along with the relative wiehgts of the 2 objects and then how much energy they can dissipate. You do not get to ignore the basic physics of what is going on because of an experiment someone did that has nearly no similarities to this event(except for it being 2 things moving toward one another. I paraphrase someone else here"Headbutting a brick would hurt, but headbutting a brick that has been thrown at you would hurt worse"

  45. Thomas Ford

    Thomas FordHace 24 días

    Gesto and Lane blame brakes but speeding is the more likely culprit.

  46. Proz71 Ful

    Proz71 FulHace 24 días

    Those Tesla’s are pretty remarkable as far as crash tests go

  47. Proz71 Ful

    Proz71 FulHace 24 días

    2:59 that elbow though.. ouch

  48. John Rambo

    John RamboHace 24 días

    L M A O fucked up f150 😂

  49. DeAundra Moon

    DeAundra MoonHace 24 días

    The 2:46 mark has taught us something. Just Smile and you’ll be Fine! Lmao.

  50. Peter Pan

    Peter PanHace 24 días

    2:45 Boosted F-150?? i only see a Busted F-150...

  51. Th3Odoor

    Th3OdoorHace 24 días

    8:30 Physics says "just" 80Km/h impact, not 160Km/h...

  52. Chris Jones

    Chris JonesHace 24 días

    Incorrect. It is exactly the same as hitting a stopped wheel at 160 kph, or a wheel getting shot at a stopped car at 160 kph. Where is everyone getting this idea that you just get to halve the speed of the impact?

  53. S2k__ RAV3

    S2k__ RAV3Hace 24 días

    The last video isnt a driving fail, that's mechanic fail for not properly tightening the lugnuts and torquing to specs.

  54. Underdog Straatbrak

    Underdog StraatbrakHace 24 días

    4:20 Me fast ape... me very fast. . me make ape noises when fall down. Totaly brakes fault

  55. Garrett Bias

    Garrett BiasHace 24 días

    Boosted f-150 hit a bigass slick spot in the road which caused the rear tires to spin. Not a “bad driving moment” at all

  56. W4rH4wkXX

    W4rH4wkXXHace 24 días

    @8:35 NO IT IS NOT A 160 k/m HIT... this we debunked by myth busters YEARS AGO

  57. Chris Jones

    Chris JonesHace 24 días

    Of course the 2 things hit at 160kph relative to one another. Mythbusters debunked if 2 similar cars hitting head-on at 50mph would be like hitting a wall at 100mph, which of course it wouldn't be.

  58. Oddjob6120

    Oddjob6120Hace 24 días

    @ 2:59 ....what a clueless muppet....who in their right mind holds a wheel like that? ....what a spastic

  59. 320iSTWEdition

    320iSTWEditionHace 24 días

    8:34 No, it's NOT an accumulated speed of 160km/h....... it's just 80km/h..... a common mistake a lot of people make, because they have no clue when driving their precious Tesla's.....

  60. Luna Girl

    Luna GirlHace 24 días

    2:45 Pay attention to the dude on the left. He looks like he’s enjoy this “Fun” car ride

  61. Xovin Raez

    Xovin RaezHace 24 días

    The end Tesla clip: 60kph + 60kph = 120kph impact force? That's not how physics work! Plus I would question the damage of one truck tire did to the car rather than comment how well it held up.

  62. russell379x

    russell379xHace 24 días

    2:45 love how the passenger is so happy to be wrecking lmfao

  63. Linda Lowe

    Linda LoweHace 24 días

    Somebody explain to me what the hell happened at 2:45 or so!! I don't see any other cars close. He changes lanes and all hell breaks loose BUT the after video shows the drivers side all fucked up!! I didn't see anything !!

  64. Chris Kelly

    Chris KellyHace 24 días

    That Subaru definitely Rambled On.

  65. Haunted Marysville, Montana

    Haunted Marysville, MontanaHace 23 días

    Classic screen shot. Thanks. Of course I got an instant copyright claim when I tried a fade-out on my orig YT post. Wondered if that would be audible! (and grateful for the walking away, nobody getting hurt part but since getting that dash cam couldn't help imagine being embarrassed by posthumous footage reviews with the wrong tunes playing.) In this case I saw the far side of the ditch coming in, sure of death noseplant (vs bumper clearing/axle impact allowing survival that really happened)... airbag blasting up was thought to be my last sight on Earth but my supposed final words helped me accept this fate: "At least it's not the Backstreet Booo..." BAAAMMM!

  66. MrPillowpants91

    MrPillowpants91Hace 24 días

    4:00 cammer is a bitch

  67. Dillon Roundy

    Dillon RoundyHace 24 días

    2nd clip: yeah. That's just how most drivers are in NM. 🤷‍♂️ Last Clip: Wow I need a tesla.

  68. jonathan lopez

    jonathan lopezHace 24 días

    Why is boosted f-150 on here he knows how to drivec

  69. jdsim9173

    jdsim9173Hace 24 días

    1:40 that's Portland for you 4:28 nothing to do with brakes, you were speeding and lost control

  70. joeslowy

    joeslowyHace 24 días

    2:59 (pause) not sure how he even possibly lost control with that impeccable demonstration of steering control

  71. Johnny Michael

    Johnny MichaelHace 24 días

    Mikethe Bike..... NObody cares you have a Tesla. 🙄.......

  72. daniel carter

    daniel carterHace 24 días

    Um wtf at 1:38, shit I would've actually ran the fucker over jumping on my shit like that, that shit was funny as hell nontheless, at first I thought he was running from a monster dog or some shit lmfao

  73. daniel carter

    daniel carterHace 24 días

    Hahaha boosted f-150 thumbnail, had to click. Didnt think I'd be seeing it anywhere else, any time I see that I just laugh my ass off

  74. Lochlanist

    LochlanistHace 24 días

    At 3:00 it looks like that airbag broke his arm

  75. paul collier

    paul collierHace 24 días

    Mikethe I feel sorry for you man when that wheel hit you car but hey, you have a really boing voice, you should be a teacher :-0

  76. McLaren Dude

    McLaren DudeHace 24 días

    4:30 I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt, but this would've been easily prevented provided he wasn't driving like that. That's what causes accidents. Bikes are a bit harder to control than a car cause you have to balance your weight in order to turn. Plus, having 2 wheels is dangerous enough...

  77. paul collier

    paul collierHace 24 días

    DANK STANK, "when the other car pulled out I was very surprised" , dont you mean oh F8ck I just crapped myself, how lovely "very surprised :-)

  78. McLaren Dude

    McLaren DudeHace 24 días

    3:27 really reminds me of my accident... Except instead of the guy turning, he was going across a 4 lane road (2 oncoming, 2 parallel). Very similar accident, but I was doing 45 in a 40. Same area as the accident here. Wish I had a dashcam at that time.

  79. Tommy 910

    Tommy 910Hace 24 días

    Another great compilation !

  80. Kirk Nelson

    Kirk NelsonHace 24 días

    its funny that in clip at 4:28, lots of excuses but no mention of the speed at which he was traveling.

  81. paul collier

    paul collierHace 24 días

    well I tell you, if that guy had jumped on my hood I would have got out, asked if he was OK and kicked his ass to kingdom come. MORONS like this should be drown at birth.

  82. drakionclawers

    drakionclawersHace 24 días

    Hey chuckling charlie, the reason they went beserk is because you tried to butt ahead of them as it was going to one lane, learn some patience next time.

  83. USCmusic10

    USCmusic10Hace 24 días

    04:00. I’m not sure what the cammer tries to accomplish here by sending in this footage. Showing he was clearly failing to yield in a lane that was ending and failed to maintain a safe distance at the end when he hit the Camry from behind.

  84. gordon powell

    gordon powellHace 24 días

    6:06 there was NO MENTION about the cops when this was shown previous video clips

  85. Dennis Andry

    Dennis AndryHace 24 días

    So, u dash cammer n Torrance, Ca.....U had NO idea cause of the way he was driving to GIVE him some space n case SOMETHING would happen......SLOW much time did u waist there ?

  86. Rachel E

    Rachel EHace 24 días

    5:18 didnt even see that red car zoom by

  87. Neil Harrison

    Neil HarrisonHace 24 días

    Boosted F-150, if you ever wondered that the effects of a heavy right foot and overconfidence were, you now kno.w

  88. Lindsay D

    Lindsay DHace 24 días

    What the heck happened at 3:22? You two yahoos don’t need to be driving. Grow up!

  89. Randy Thompson

    Randy ThompsonHace 24 días

    Maybe Gesto should obey the speed limit!

  90. FoxyKero

    FoxyKeroHace 24 días

    4:18 cammer is an idiot and completely in the wrong. They are supposed to yield to the Camry, but instead tried to show off and try to go around, all the while merging onto a busy highway. On top of that they hit the Camry and run from the scene and show the video to the cops. Cammer should have done the responsible thing and not tried for that sweet insurance money.

  91. ali Servan

    ali ServanHace 24 días

    I watch these crash videos to be me some comic relief from from the shit show that is the Trump administration. How anyone can support that POS is staggering.

  92. Leospot828

    Leospot828Hace 24 días

    Last clip correction. It's a common misconception that 2 vehicles going the same speed hitting perfectly head on would be the same as hitting an immovable wall at the sum of the 2 speeds. What it actually would be (given both vehicles have the same mass), would be like hitting an immovable wall at only the speed you were traveling since the momentum of each vehicle cancels out the momentum of the other vehicle. There are a ton of variables to take into consideration, but they almost all lower the total impact speed/severity of the collision (crumple zones, deflection, traction, weight differences, weight distributions, impact angle, impact point, etc.)

  93. Chris Jones

    Chris JonesHace 24 días

    This part is right"What it actually would be (given both vehicles have the same mass), would be like hitting an immovable wall at only the speed you were traveling.......There are a ton of variables to take into consideration, but they almost all lower the total impact speed/severity of the collision (crumple zones, deflection, traction, weight differences, weight distributions, impact angle, impact point, etc.)" but the rest is not. You still have to add the speeds together to figure out what the forces will be. If you would like to look into how that may work, look into reference frames.

  94. Vixənn

    VixənnHace 24 días

    @5:20 the birds that were on top of the building on the corner took off after hearing the crash. just thought that was an interesting thing to see.

  95. deloreanman14

    deloreanman14Hace 24 días

    Portland Business Leaders: This is an amazing vibrant city with incredible people. Come see for yourself. Incredible People in Portland: 1:38 This city is such a shit hole. I can't wait to leave.

  96. 1Leopard64

    1Leopard64Hace 24 días

    1:38 What an idiot, he didn't even stop. That's hit and run. Smh

  97. Candida_Auris

    Candida_AurisHace 24 días

    You could either move on with your life or deal with some homeless crackhead having a psychotic break for a hour while waiting for the cops. Its Portland, this yuppie chose this.


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace 24 días

    7:14 Perfect Russian cursing words.

  99. Keshav

    KeshavHace 24 días

    It's the airbag breaking the hand for me

  100. Jerry VanNuys

    Jerry VanNuysHace 24 días

    Elon Musk is an egotistically moronic asshole but he did hire some smart engineers to design the vehicle that he undeservedly takes credit for.

  101. Pedro Conejo

    Pedro ConejoHace 24 días

    1:49 - good placement of cammer's vehicle. The unlit wreck presents a hazard and the cammer's vehicle was far enough 'upstream' that even if it was struck (it is Florida!), it wouldn't be catapulted into the rescuers.

  102. mindyschocolate

    mindyschocolateHace 24 días

    That last one, damn. Imagine seeing that come towards you and you can’t do anything about it.

  103. Eat More Bacon

    Eat More BaconHace 24 días

    8:30 - Driver (in a Tesla): "This happened to my Tesla as I was driving my Tesla M3. A wheel came off and hit my Tesla as I was in my Tesla and driving my M3. I'm fine but my Tesla is totaled. Did I mention that I was driving my Tesla?"

  104. Johnny Michael

    Johnny MichaelHace 24 días

    Seriously nobody cares they have a Tesla. It's like a cult with these weirdos.

  105. AtomTitan vom Mars

    AtomTitan vom MarsHace 24 días

    4:35 hahahahhahaha Karma.😂😂😂😂😂

  106. Tron My guy

    Tron My guyHace 24 días

    2:44 my man tried his best too hold on to that drink, lol

  107. Gehteuch Nixan

    Gehteuch NixanHace 24 días

    Of course the Tesla driver had to turn this into a whole lecture on how his Tesla handled this like any car would

  108. Henry Rodgers

    Henry RodgersHace 24 días

    The last clip is an acceptable reason to brag on your Tesla... and maybe remind the trucking company to torque the lug nuts!