Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #175

This is video number # 175 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace 19 días

    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Shayleigh Brock

    Shayleigh BrockHace 18 días

    RR&BD Driving School my anxiety gets the best of me in theses there always so close or they hit stuff like poles or each-others car but I still love them anyways

  3. ALovelyTsundere

    ALovelyTsundereHace 18 días

    Love the content but can I make a suggestion? Put the video from the thumbnail as the first video played. I think a lot of people would appreciate that. It will be a good show of faith that your not baiting new viewers. Have confidence and keep going strong!

  4. John M.

    John M.Hace 18 días

    With the content in your videos, that's not much of a problem. As always, Thank You.

  5. lee x

    lee xHace 18 días

    Showbrow is spamming a channel link in every comment

  6. Bradley Noneofyourbizz

    Bradley NoneofyourbizzHace 9 horas

    @5:04 "We're home!"


    TRUE STRIKER9001Hace 15 horas

    Wow, alot of em from near me. Crazy how many bad drivers are here, huh?

  8. briezzy365

    briezzy365Hace un día

    Let people in. People with Dashcams are Sus.

  9. Mark8675332

    Mark8675332Hace 2 días

    3:21 that laugh was perfect timing

  10. *LizzPotato*

    *LizzPotato*Hace 2 días

    0:41 the person on the receiving end is so understanding, I like it.

  11. Ronald Morrison

    Ronald MorrisonHace 2 días

    Why do women have to scream bloody murder all the time God shut the heck up so I can concentrate!

  12. qw rtz

    qw rtzHace 2 días

    1:45 corrupt blue Isis tyrant terrorist scummmmmbags at work...

  13. That Dude

    That DudeHace 3 días


  14. Justice League

    Justice LeagueHace 3 días

    4:51. Dash cam driver should take 50% responsibility.

  15. Happy Day

    Happy DayHace 4 días

    She tried to run over her baby daddy? That’s a win for your baby right? Make sure your baby doesn’t have a mom OR a dad. Dumbf@ck.

  16. Happy Day

    Happy DayHace 4 días

    I saw El Paso from afar one time, it was on the horizon from a plateau. It had the nastiest green putrid toxic cloud hanging over it. Like everyone had explosive diarrhea at the same time from eating bad burritos and farted a nasty cloud.

  17. Happy Day

    Happy DayHace 4 días

    Amazon driver was ‘scared and didn’t know what to do.’ You mean the driver was scared of driving so he plowed into a garage door? What do you mean they ‘didn’t know what to do’ ?

  18. Noir

    NoirHace 4 días

    5:01 is actually Satanic

  19. counterfan90

    counterfan90Hace 4 días

    1:22 Its the driver's fault. Didnt he noticed that there is a truck passing in a narrow street? Why he tried to continue along the truck, when everybody should know that a truck is a heavy vehicle that needs a lot of space to manouvre. The car driver should have stayed behind the truck.

  20. Narkosa K

    Narkosa KHace 6 días

    8:06 that’s one way to take out a trump sign

  21. Rebel WTF

    Rebel WTFHace 6 días

    Womantrying to run over Baby's Daddy lanches car into house....nice inglish mah brudda... so what was she trying to run over kids dad or the kid? Or someone babys toy wtf?

  22. Homemaker 0208

    Homemaker 0208Hace 6 días

    One of the things I disliked about living in Iowa... Omaha traffic.. I was terrified to go over the bridge.. The streets were ridiculous and the drivers were assholes...

  23. triuck boi gameing

    triuck boi gameingHace 7 días

    1:05 "crash my wip" juice wrld

  24. Cometa

    CometaHace 7 días

    Doesn't look like she was trying to run over the person..... The ""Baby daddy" doesn't even look like a guy. Looks like she was avoiding the thing on the road and decided the house was an easier thing to run over.

  25. Vangie LaVelle

    Vangie LaVelleHace 8 días

    OMG, I sure hope the girl trying to murder her baby's father was arrested for attempted murder and of course all the other charges that go along with this accident done on purpose.

  26. Vangie LaVelle

    Vangie LaVelleHace 8 días

    So what happened to the NYPD truck? Please don't tell me they just got away with it and did not have to pay for the damages?!

  27. James Smith

    James SmithHace 8 días

    So never drive to New York, got it

  28. joshua StittsHall

    joshua StittsHallHace 8 días

    That impala into the house was officially the craziest shit I’ve ever did see.

  29. Kevin Tyerman

    Kevin TyermanHace 8 días

    1:48 Ingenious method to stop someone stealing your car while you are in the liquor store. :)

  30. anthony rodriguez

    anthony rodriguezHace 9 días

    Jesus Christ. Why do people say near miss when they miss? That is a called a near hit. If they nearly missed that means they hit.

  31. anthony rodriguez

    anthony rodriguezHace 8 días

    @N Whis it's a figure of speech which is wrong. Keep thinking that buddy.

  32. N Whis

    N WhisHace 8 días

    It's a figure of speech, when they say "near" in that context it really means "barely", nobody say "near hit" because it's just a figure of speech and everyone's used to saying that

  33. Alien Abductor

    Alien AbductorHace 9 días

    Women are getting crazy at the wheel! 🤪

  34. Logan Murch

    Logan MurchHace 10 días

    The juice wrld sond lyrics matched it 0perfectly

  35. jpopaddict2

    jpopaddict2Hace 10 días

    3:35 the guy went into your lane shouldn’t his insurance pay all of it?

  36. IIGrayfoxII

    IIGrayfoxIIHace un día

    Geico is a fraud company. They do that all the time to avoid paying.

  37. ManMadeDesaster

    ManMadeDesasterHace 10 días

    all i know is, whenever i have a car, i will buy dashcams.

  38. Shivur

    ShivurHace 10 días

    Lane splitting on a motorcycle is fucking retarded. Anyone getting hurt from lane splitting legal or not deserves whatever happens to them. Your not above anyone else because you have a bike

  39. Carolyn Fer1234

    Carolyn Fer1234Hace 10 días

    The one with the yellow car got his mirror smashed by the bikers is not at fault. Motorcycles should know better. They are not supposed to weave in & out between cars.

  40. Miyu Mikado

    Miyu MikadoHace 11 días

    Bikers are douches always the same story driving between two lanes and then blames the accident on the innocent.

  41. Spectrum Studios

    Spectrum StudiosHace 12 días

    I knew it. I knew Nebraskans suck at driving.

  42. MikMech

    MikMechHace 12 días

    Jehovah's be like "Hell No"

  43. InnerZen

    InnerZenHace 13 días

    Ahh yes... Bootlickers.

  44. Justin Horning

    Justin HorningHace 13 días

    4:15 fucking bikers are the worst! They think they own the road and everyone should just bow down to them. Quit your lane splitting bs and smashing mirrors when you are at fault!!!!

  45. Bob Button

    Bob ButtonHace 13 días

    So many people haven't figured out how brakes work

  46. Tony Luke

    Tony LukeHace 13 días

    Amazing. Especially the guy getting hit on the bike and the woman walking along texting, looks at him and keeps talking - what a bitch!

  47. nick havlin

    nick havlinHace 13 días

    4:50, to the camcar you're an idiot

  48. Jessica stine

    Jessica stineHace 14 días

    No ones gonna talk bout how the guy sounded like scooby or shaggy in 53

  49. Alex Gibbs

    Alex GibbsHace 14 días

    1:08 hitting your brakes that hard for almost nothing can cause a more serious accident. Double applying your brakes is very dangerous

  50. Bro. Tolliver

    Bro. TolliverHace 14 días

    Selfish, self-absorbed, irresponsible PERSON. FTFY

  51. Joru Garushia

    Joru GarushiaHace 14 días

    1:40 These cammers are the worst. They put themselves in sticky situations and cry wolf! Idiot.

  52. Herman Gentry

    Herman GentryHace 14 días

    Alexader @ 4:50ish, Sorry for your loss in this accident, but if you knew he had to merge as well and was pulling a trailer. Then why did you catch up to him? His very bad for no having plates, hitting you and all.....a little extra care on your part would have gone a long way.

  53. Donnie Robertson

    Donnie RobertsonHace 14 días


  54. Paula W

    Paula WHace 14 días

    8:15 - well, that WAS a nice patio. I hope that woman gets locked up for 20 years and her kids go to better parents. Holy fuck, what a defect.

  55. River mikael

    River mikaelHace 14 días

    You crash into someone's home much less mine and I am making sure you're filled with holes or get put in prison

  56. Sabyasachi Sarkar

    Sabyasachi SarkarHace 14 días

    One thing I don't understand why do the hit and run victims don't chase the fleeing driver ??

  57. Richard Wyatt

    Richard WyattHace 14 días

    Biker smashed yellow cars mirror because he got butthurt due to him not being able to break the law, I mean lane split. "It's not against the law in most/some states." Oh, my bad... Is speeding though? Wreckless driving? Some fucking bikers think they can do what they want when they want because they want. Don't like someone coming over in your lane, even though you have more than enough space... Fuck 'em, smash their mirror then speed/run through traffic like a little bitch... Lmfao!!!!

  58. Josh Williams

    Josh WilliamsHace 15 días

    Dodson M. You're a fucking idiot for putting your self in that situation. Looking for an issue, wasting tax money when you Clearly drove way too close to that truck. Shane on you, Vulture......

  59. Eric P

    Eric PHace 15 días

    6:23 she gave ZERO fucks 😂😂😂😂😂


    FILE NOT FOUNDHace 15 días

    When are we as a society, going to admit that women can be just as, or more violent then a man, when it comes to domestic issues?

  61. Daniel Thompson

    Daniel ThompsonHace 15 días

    So the green bus driver just takes off without looking wtf is in front of his eyes?

  62. Tom Tim

    Tom TimHace 16 días

    So it is "BREAK and HONK!" "BREAK and HONK! " Not the other way around!!!

  63. xxdamonxx77

    xxdamonxx77Hace 5 días

    No it's BRAKE and HONK.

  64. HemiOcentric

    HemiOcentricHace 16 días

    Red pickup backs out into street before john son. john son can’t wait 10 seconds and prefers to clip red pickup on way to emergency. What a john son.

  65. Jace Beck

    Jace BeckHace 16 días

    1:06 "crash my whip"

  66. Daynox1st

    Daynox1stHace 16 días

    4:29 just your typical jackwad assclown POS biker, hits the car then takes off like the little bitch he is!!

  67. Yamaha SR650

    Yamaha SR650Hace 16 días

    6:23: Bit the FUCK down!

  68. Pax Humana

    Pax HumanaHace 16 días

    1:47 ironically should have called the police on that particular police vehicle. Moreover, in all of these instances where people try to hit you, always, ALWAYS get the license place of the individual and tell people who make, model, color, and features of a vehicle that hits you.

  69. うぉ〜でぃん

    うぉ〜でぃんHace 16 días

    1:22 ACAB

  70. Jimmy Chanbers

    Jimmy ChanbersHace 16 días

    Baby's daddy? Is that ebomics language?

  71. justjoeltwo

    justjoeltwoHace 16 días

    I see bad drivers on both sides.

  72. 70TruckGuy

    70TruckGuyHace 16 días

    4:36 - it's "Santa Monica", not "Monitor"...unless you're talking about the patron saint of lizards. And this is Interstate 10 eastbound just west of the East L.A. interchange, not 405 North. And those motorcyclists will eventually be removed from the scene of a freeway accident with an eyedropper, as they are going to lane-split on that day with traffic going even faster, and won't have time to react when someone changes lanes without seeing them. And the biker's last thought while flying end over end? "What did I ever do to deserve this?"

  73. 70TruckGuy

    70TruckGuyHace 16 días

    @ 2:00 - in a matter of seconds, the outlay cost of the implanted barriers just returned itself multiple times over. Not to mention possibly saving the life of anyone in the direct path of that vehicle...

  74. 70TruckGuy

    70TruckGuyHace 16 días

    Here's what I see on the clip starting at 1:14 At 1:18 the cammer is in lane #1 and the NYPD truck has gone directly through into what is now lane #2. What WOULD be lane #3 is parking. Note that the cammer is now firmly in the blind spot of the NYPD truck. At 1:21 (with a jump in the video - what happened there?), the NYPD truck makes it clear that it intends to be steered to the left, into the #1 lane. The cammer proceeds forward, still in the blind spot, and stops WAY too close to the truck that is not entirely in the space of its own lane, #2. At 1:32, the collision occurs. And while there is no doubt in my mind that the primary blame lies with the NYPD truck, the cammer should have been MUCH more aware of surrounding traffic - especially while driving in a major urban area like that! Anyone who has ever been to New York City or someplace similar know there is a vast amount of lane-switching and drop-offs going on, and drivers must be on heightened awareness. Further, this incident involved no pedestrians OR bicyclists, either. The cammer should have been MUCH more aware!

  75. 70TruckGuy

    70TruckGuyHace 16 días

    #1 @ 0:11 - the first race a VW camper ever won. And that's only because the other driver let them. Good for the cammer for avoiding the accident.

  76. Brokegguy Allthetime

    Brokegguy AllthetimeHace 16 días

    5:20. Avoid stupid bitches she could take the guy to court and take any money he has or he goes to jail. But nah she tries to kill the father of her children... Avoid stupid bitches

  77. Don S

    Don SHace 16 días

    I often wonder what people find so important on their phone that they risk their lives to find out? I will never risk my life to see what the hell is on my phone when it rings, vibrates, or chirps at me. Whatever it is can wait until I get home or to work or to the store. Some people are so stupid.

  78. kingskull72

    kingskull72Hace 16 días

    Feels weird seeing a intersection I drive everyday in this

  79. xBadJoKERx

    xBadJoKERxHace 16 días

    funny how 99% of these accidents would easily be avoided by the victims if only they were good drivers and paid attention to their surroundings. Like they know the guy is gonna merge and dgaf, they see a pickup truck pulling back they dgaf. Not to mention they all get back pain.

  80. Underdog Straatbrak

    Underdog StraatbrakHace 16 días

    "It's an honest mistake" lol - No, driving heavy machinery and not operating them correctly is no mistake

  81. B K

    B KHace 17 días

    5:00. There's nothing more Ghetto of a combo of words "Baby's Daddy" Webster's dictionary: A father that has never and will never be around.

  82. Akeel Taylor

    Akeel TaylorHace 17 días

    How fast are these assholes driving in residential areas that their car launches into houses like a missed.

  83. Jaybird Wedbetter

    Jaybird WedbetterHace 17 días

    Have something in your eye, kust drive onto a busy road. Makes perfect sense.

  84. Jasmine Dawn

    Jasmine DawnHace 17 días

    I used to work off of Woodrow bean. Not surprised some dummy took a right turn from the left lane. 🤦‍♀️

  85. charitysherise20

    charitysherise20Hace 17 días

    Ugh the banshee screaming. That will not save you.

  86. Vic Alon

    Vic AlonHace 17 días

    afaik...the driver coming in from the curve is at-fault. the nypd truck had the right of way coming in straight.

  87. Rosemary Belore

    Rosemary BeloreHace 17 días


  88. Excitable101

    Excitable101Hace 17 días

    1:30 you see the vehicle moving over, yet still decided to proceed?.... 2:16...LMFAO.........................

  89. Eric Williams

    Eric WilliamsHace 17 días

    That girl who tried run her baby daddy over wow what a careless bitch

  90. Jose Tellez

    Jose TellezHace 17 días

    8:07 why did he open his door!??

  91. Veronica Jackson

    Veronica JacksonHace 17 días

    wtf last one seriously!!!are you that selfish to drink and drive with your children in the car!!!! Some roll model!Not!!! You should get help!! Before you kill your kids let alone someone else!!!! Your kids deserve better than your showing them!! Your teaching them its OK to drink and drive!! You should get help for your obvious drinking problems! Get a sitter to watch your kids and take a cab!!!your lucky if they don't take your kids away!!!!!

  92. Veronica Jackson

    Veronica JacksonHace 17 días

    At 8:32 is he crazy!! You have hail going thru your windows and your opening your car door?? Are you wanting a hole in your head!

  93. Unknown User

    Unknown UserHace 17 días

    5:20 We should be legally allowed to hunt these knuckle draggers.

  94. Unknown User

    Unknown UserHace 17 días

    2:27 Looks like he broke his bottle. He probably rode off to steal another from the liquor store.

  95. Unknown User

    Unknown UserHace 17 días

    There has got to be a better way to keep idiots like this off the road unless as a passenger with someone who actually knows how to drive and cares about the wellbeing and safety of others. People just don’t give a shit anymore.

  96. อภิวัน เมิ้ดคําสิเว้า

    อภิวัน เมิ้ดคําสิเว้าHace 17 días


  97. TurdFerguson Outdoors

    TurdFerguson OutdoorsHace 17 días

    They should start doing psych evaluations for anyone trying to get a liscense.

  98. benzracer

    benzracerHace 17 días

    2:20 I'm pretty sure the guy either vomited or peed himself.

  99. Elder1

    Elder1Hace 17 días

    At 8.20... that’s one angry god out in the Middle East!

  100. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace 17 días

    At 1:20, cammer is disputing road space with a vehicle several tons heavier, with the letters NYPD stencilled down the side; thus meaning that the driver is quite likely to be 'tooled up'. In such situations, the chances of establishing one's superiority by means of sounding one's horn is vanishingly small; avoid the conflict, and let the blighter go!

  101. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace 17 días

    6:00 wait wait.... the comment is you feel they are irresponsible? That's what you took from this? I see psychotic, homicidal, dangerous, and basically freakin' nuts! SHE TRIED TO KILL HER BABY'S FATHER!!! And that's all you get out of this?

  102. chris fernandez

    chris fernandezHace 17 días

    Take her kids

  103. Jerry VanNuys

    Jerry VanNuysHace 17 días

    2:40 ~ A bicycle IS a vehicle and he IS operating it on the road. That is a felony DUI/DWI in every jurisdiction in the nation.

  104. Dominus Umbrae

    Dominus UmbraeHace 17 días

    well originally i had a comment saying i hope the cammer at 4:20 doesnt use geico anymore but it got taken down since commietube doesnt like vulgarity. he is WEE-TODD. (commietube took down my other comment with the real word) here's a copy paste of the latest comment " Kyra Marie 40.7106447, -73.7718861 GPS coordinates of where it happened. the street they were coming from is a 2 lane 2 way street, aka 1 lane each direction. no turning lane. they are rightfully at fault for trying to go around traffic. and even better, they purposely cut down the video to make it appear lkke the other driver was in the wrong." and i checked those coordinates. it's 187th pl and jamaica. looks like a one way street with parking on either side. you can see right at the start of the clip there's only one light at 4:18 but you might have to pause and play at 1/4 speed at 4:17. cammer is in the wrong 100% for trying to go around traffic. and he edited the video down. like a loser. time to shame him guys

  105. Dominus Umbrae

    Dominus UmbraeHace 17 días

    @Kyra Marie i went and tried to edit my original parent comment and called the cammer a weetodd but commietube shadowscrapped the comment, ie took it down. i noticed cus i tried to edit it again and got error messages. then reloaded the page and voila, it's gone. fkn commies can't stand any vularity cus they're such snowflake suckers... so if you tried to edit your comment it was taken down along with all the others who commented on my original comment

  106. Kyra Marie

    Kyra MarieHace 17 días

    i realized a few minutes after i commented that it was actually 1 lane 1 way, i guess i forgot to edit this one. but regardless i still said the cammer was at fault for going around. and an ass for editing it xD

  107. Adam

    AdamHace 17 días

    8:50 I swear half of America is blind or fucking drunk when they drive... Why can’t they drive in a fucking straight line down a road instead of crashing? Is that how they get their licence, by crashing and being a idiot??

  108. Adam

    AdamHace 17 días

    6:11 Stupid woman, what did she think was going to happen? She should just go back home and watch Friends or Family Guy instead of trying to kill herself and other people.

  109. Kyra Marie

    Kyra MarieHace 17 días

    4:20 (40.7106447, -73.7718861) GPS Coordinates of where the crash happened. this is a 1 lane, 1 way street with no dual turning lanes. cammer is rightfully at fault for going around traffic

  110. Marc Peters

    Marc PetersHace 17 días

    2:18 he literally pissed himself when we he fell