Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #176

This is video number # 176 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace 17 días

    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Mike Bastoni

    Mike BastoniHace 21 un hora

    I'm so addicted to this channel

  3. RogerWilco

    RogerWilcoHace un día

    NotJustBikes has a great video about the problems with cars crashing into buildings: It also makes a point about bad road design, and I see a lot of that in this video as well.

  4. Kevin MacLeod

    Kevin MacLeodHace 3 días

    Jesus fuck can the women stop screaming for no reason? Also most of these were intentional collisions. Likely insurance fraud.

  5. Calvin Roberts

    Calvin RobertsHace 4 días

    Yeah lady, actually you are an asshole and you're vein too.

  6. H恵美子

    H恵美子Hace 7 días

    Can you imagine minding your goddamn business and then a car crashing into your house??? 😨

  7. Christopher Mata

    Christopher MataHace 7 días

    That poor doggy :(

  8. Vangie LaVelle

    Vangie LaVelleHace 8 días

    wow if I think my car is on fire I sure as hell am not going to stop next to other cars if it can be helped. I would have stopped in the middle of the street to prevent other cars, houses, buildings, and people from getting hurt...sigh

  9. Kaiser C

    Kaiser CHace 8 días

    I like that one lady "Just ask, im not an asshole, ill let you over!" If everyone was so kind, people wouldn't need to feel like they have to cut in.

  10. dosko

    doskoHace 9 días

    6:10 you aren't at fault. You're still an asshole that should keep off the road

  11. ManChestHair PukeNited

    ManChestHair PukeNitedHace 9 días

    Ray hans is a loser. Yes, bus driver is an idiot but ray is a bigger idiot for accelerating quicklu and angling towards the bus

  12. Ancestrall

    AncestrallHace 11 días

    4:36 *car crashes* *women opens door* - What the.... *Goes back to sleep*

  13. Jared Whelan

    Jared WhelanHace 11 días

    9:20 they had dash cams in 1970

  14. Emily Mansfield

    Emily MansfieldHace 13 días

    The ridiculous clown music as the little red car spins out on a round about 😂

  15. you suck

    you suckHace 13 días

    jay lucey. 2 collisions in less than 3 months? kinda suspicious.....

  16. FriedChocolate

    FriedChocolateHace 14 días

    Jay Lucey is definitely sus 🧐

  17. Will Nuessle

    Will NuessleHace 14 días

    Just dropped in to hear folx yell at Jay Lucey; was not disappointed

  18. Anthony Guarino

    Anthony GuarinoHace 14 días

    3:57 cool miniature car!

  19. Tony Luke

    Tony LukeHace 14 días

    Some of these cammers really make me mad - they see someone trying to change lanes and they have PLENTY OF TIME to let them but no, they speed up and get hit. Where's the common sense people?

  20. Darius Varno

    Darius VarnoHace 14 días

    be careful on road, and don't drive tired, if i woudn't have noticed that the car is o my side of the road, that would have ended way worse at such speeds

  21. Pete Sanders

    Pete SandersHace 14 días

    @5:05 They could of just left their car in the middle of the street instead of pulling over near those parked vehicles. I feel bad for those ppl who had their cars roasted

  22. Gabi Gardner

    Gabi GardnerHace 14 días

    The semi truck probably lost their breaks or the gas got stuck he was holding the horn down as a warning to get out of the way

  23. 越桜英桃太郎

    越桜英桃太郎Hace 14 días


  24. Loser Play3

    Loser Play3Hace 15 días

    9:12 didn't know that dashcams existed back in 1970

  25. Recio

    RecioHace 15 días

    C'mon!! everyone has that European friend that likes american trains!

  26. Peylix

    PeylixHace 15 días

    Clip 2: Fuck that trucker. As well as the other two partaking in the slowest elephant race ever. If you can't pass another truck with at least a 2mph delta. Stay out of the passing lane.

  27. Lusa The Great

    Lusa The GreatHace 15 días

    When going over a speedbump can total your car😑

  28. Tracy Nation

    Tracy NationHace 15 días

    A premium video. ♡ T.E.N.

  29. Eric P

    Eric PHace 15 días

    3:22 OH COME ON, They didn't even bother to slow down

  30. freedustin

    freedustinHace 15 días

    Wow that lady demanding someone ask to change lanes...yeah that's how driving normally works. No such thing as blinkers or brake lights you have to verbalize your actions to the other drivers and wait for permission.

  31. A Crazy

    A CrazyHace 15 días

    Say it ain't so is what you say when u get hit.

  32. Christian Tipa

    Christian TipaHace 15 días

    In the last clip, you can also tell the mustang had the right of way because of the pedestrian signal. When traffic has a tuning arrow, the pedestrian walk will signal to stop, because the cars turning have the right of way vs. the pedestrians.

  33. Thelightlightskin

    ThelightlightskinHace 15 días

    The ironic thing is while most of these people recording aren’t technically in the wrong, they can prevent a lot of accidents by not driving like asses. If somebody cuts you off press the damn brakes instead of the gas for fucks sake.

  34. RoyLeBoy

    RoyLeBoyHace 15 días

    @4:49 My mans really went the extra mile and turned his hazards on after😂

  35. paul smith

    paul smithHace 15 días

    Mostly repeats. And Jay Lucey is a lyin' total arse. Car totaled from no more than that, BS. What are you driving a piece of junk to begin with?

  36. doug avila

    doug avilaHace 15 días

    I got a kick out of the lady who got mad at the other driver trying to cut in. “I’m not an asshole but you need to ask first.......okay can I cut in front? Fuck NO!!!!”

  37. 70TruckGuy

    70TruckGuyHace 15 días

    The final clip @ 9:27 - why on earth would the city of Duluth, Georgia, go to the trouble of installing a camera at the intersection and not aim to include the traffic signals? And while there is evidence that the Mustang had the green turn arrow (the cars in the #2 and #3 lanes stopped at the line), it is quite possible that one day there will be a one-on-one accident where, without the traffic lights, it cannot be determined who was at fault.

  38. 70TruckGuy

    70TruckGuyHace 15 días

    Had clip #2 been an attempt to help Highway Patrol slow down an out-of-control rig and driver, I'd be impressed. But all I see is a pair of semis blocking both lanes. Before I believe that these two drivers earned halos for their innocence, I want to know what happened before this all began.

  39. Kam Wiltzer

    Kam WiltzerHace 15 días

    My very first car crash happened when I was 7 My dad was driving and we spun out and hit the guardrail and almost dropped about 100 feet that would have killed us all

  40. Kam Wiltzer

    Kam WiltzerHace 15 días

    3:43 this happens all the time in Michigan

  41. wideangle852

    wideangle852Hace 15 días

    . . doesn't anyone just look down the road . . three of these clearly they could see someone was going to run the light yet no reaction or slowing at all . . the mustang at the end was simply stupid . . green light or no . . just look for for gawds sake . .

  42. Chris Sugg

    Chris SuggHace 15 días

    6:29 I find it a strange turn of phrase as a defence (by the other driver), "I didn't see you". No, you didn't LOOK.

  43. Denise Davidson

    Denise DavidsonHace 15 días

    9:16. 1970. I wasn’t even born yet. Ha ha

  44. Clare Ravenwood

    Clare RavenwoodHace 15 días

    3:27 Car out of control but drives along without even slowing. Moron. 7:38. Guess things are pretty quiet in the bedroom then?

  45. Chris James

    Chris JamesHace 15 días

    Some of these accidents could have been avoided. The camera driver doesn't stop or move out of the way THEN also gets hit. Not just on this video but all the videos like this.

  46. H3adphonez

    H3adphonezHace 15 días


  47. The Collector

    The CollectorHace 16 días

    at 9:00 i had this happen to me, the lady was willing to tear my front bumper off after i said no, saved the feed

  48. GhostShipSupreme

    GhostShipSupremeHace 16 días

    Sometimes I feel that I’m a bad driver, but then I remember there’s people like this that literally run red lights on purpose and I feel better.

  49. Harry Forbes

    Harry ForbesHace 16 días

    Even if the Mustang has right of way why would you turn in front of an obviously moving vehicle. I'm thinkin' that Mustang Maurie wasn't paying too much attention.

  50. Harry Forbes

    Harry ForbesHace 16 días

    This video should be titled "Jay Manages To Cash In His Shitbox For $4000."

  51. Dolla Billz

    Dolla BillzHace 16 días

    Very glad to see Edmonton getting noticed here

  52. Dunder Mifflin

    Dunder MifflinHace 16 días

    Sorry Jay, but if you totalled out your shitbox with a love tap I'm going to call you on insurance fraud. No way your insurance company watched this clip and an adjuster bought off on $4k in damages.... Unless right after this clip happened you drove it into a wall or something it never happened.... stop lying to people to make yourself out as some kind of victim, it's not a good look. You had all the opportunity in the world to avoid that tap, and then clearly decided to be a drama queen about it.

  53. Jeremy Barker

    Jeremy BarkerHace 16 días

    I actually thought clip #4 was an insurance fraud attempt.

  54. Durrrrl34

    Durrrrl34Hace 15 días


  55. Mark Meadows

    Mark MeadowsHace 16 días

    Ugh, that poor Mustang at the last clip. I was gonna say it was the Mustang driver's fault at first. But the description clearly tells the BMW SUV was at fault. Should've seen the traffic lights. But hey, if that Mustang is a total loss, there's a 5.0 liter engine for someone's next project car LOL

  56. Maxime Ethier

    Maxime EthierHace 16 días

    3:29 Predictable

  57. Ribierasacra

    RibierasacraHace 16 días

    1:13 that is not a metal health issue it is domestic violence. Hopefully that was reported.

  58. Anthony P

    Anthony PHace 16 días

    6:17 - The "cammer" is the probem. The red car driver clearly had their indicator on for some time and the cammer should have reduced speed so they can (red car) get over. The red car driver did nothing wrong.

  59. Chad Curtin

    Chad CurtinHace 14 días

    Its actually completely the fault of the red van, a blinker means nothing. Its this responsibility to change lanes safely.

  60. Jason Miller

    Jason MillerHace 15 días

    The red Journey was in the wrong. Having your turn signal in doesn't give you the right of way. Merge when it's safe to do so. And once it goes from stripe to solid lines, its illegal to cross them. The Journey should have merged earlier when it was safe to do so, not at the last second

  61. Eva Svensson

    Eva SvenssonHace 16 días

    Хорошего вечера мама.

  62. Leon Serya

    Leon SeryaHace 16 días

    Holy $#&@, that Smart Car burnt up fast!

  63. Miika R

    Miika RHace 16 días

    poor dog

  64. carcamclips

    carcamclipsHace 16 días

    6:14~Why didn't you just let her in? I put some blame on the cammer here.

  65. Charles Fetters

    Charles FettersHace 16 días

    These are not normal American drivers, these are Trump supporters.

  66. Dawid

    DawidHace 16 días

    6:10 how can that be a total loss? he simply just went off the road a little

  67. Randi Sousa

    Randi SousaHace 16 días

    The last video was the mustang driver of coarse there going to cause an accident

  68. CaLifORNiCAti0n

    CaLifORNiCAti0nHace 16 días

    Wow Josh 7:36.. did you ask why your wife was screaming I mean goddamn, tell her ass to calm tf down

  69. vr6swp

    vr6swpHace 16 días

    7:43 Why did it take months and months for this guys old lady to recover from a low-speed fender bender?

  70. RogerWilco

    RogerWilcoHace un día

    Not wearing seat belts? Head rest of the seat not adjusted to the proper height?

  71. StormZ

    StormZHace 16 días

    0:46 Is it usual in America for people to walk their dog using their vehicule? I've seen this so many times in many videos. They can't walk anymore? Or are they lazy?

  72. GamePlayWithNolan

    GamePlayWithNolanHace 16 días

    0:45 I love how he shakes his head like it is the trains fault....

  73. Frank Costello

    Frank CostelloHace 16 días

    Fucking old people smh

  74. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace 16 días

    121intheshade you probably should fix the date on your camera so if you DO need to use the footage for something it will be legal and valid.

  75. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace 16 días

    Thank you Amy Rae for speaking up and not being afraid to say something to entitled assholes like that! You don't owe them a damn thing! They could have gotten behind you easily!

  76. spankymcflych

    spankymcflychHace 16 días

    Cars should really have a automatic brake function where if the car detects an accident it brakes automatically to a stop. You see faaar too many videos where there's an accident and someone just forgets they have a brake pedal and keeps rolling and hitting other things that didn't need to be involved.

  77. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace 16 días

    Mitch3700 I'm torn on yours... Yes, they should have been looking closer... But they had their signal on before you changed lanes and they were clearly trying to get over too. They were ahead of you so technically you should have let them go first. I hate when people pull that "I'm in the back so I'm going to swerve around you and keep you trapped" crap. Don't they think the other driver wants/needs to get out too? It's the same when getting on a highway behind a slow truck! The person behind the truck gets trapped while the people behind them cut over at the first sight of space instead of doing the right thing and letting the person in front of them over, when that person had their signal on the whole damn time!

  78. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace 16 días

    Plasmon resonator tell your wife I was in the EXACT same situation, except for my daughter was 12 and in the front passenger seat. I completely understand where she's coming from. If she ever needs to talk I am happy to give her an outlet with someone with similar experience!

  79. cookiemonster

    cookiemonsterHace 16 días

    3.50 that's not a caterham it's a cheap kit car

  80. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace 16 días

    Josh at 7:20 smart choice! His "buddy's shop" is definitely going to screw you on the estimate AND the work! That's if he doesn't try to run from you between locations! You did the right thing turning the cam back on, I would have even gone and taken pictures with my phone, despite the rain. He should have checked on his kid to make sure they were ok too.

  81. cswtx

    cswtxHace 16 días

    i am baffled how there’s so many people almost getting hit by trains. do they literally just ignore the flashing lights? how do people not see or hear a fucking train?

  82. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace 16 días

    Jay Lucky at 6:20 you are a POS! They had their signal on for nearly 10 seconds before you reached them, they were giving you time to see they needed over and slow down, but instead you kept on like you weren't paying attention and then suddenly a little dent to your bumper and possibly a broken lens becomes a "total loss"?! You should be taken in for fraud. And the second video, if you'd been paying attention THEN you could have avoided an accident there as well. No, she did not have the right of way and it was her fault, but you are not being a defensive driver. You had plenty of time to see her turning and avoid collision!

  83. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace 16 días

    5:17 that's some absolute bullshit! They were probably getting high and dropped something on their dirty floor that then caught the entire car on fire. Instead of getting their car away from others they pull in next to a bunch of other cars and destroy the property of multiple others, with no regard to lives or anything. Then they fucking leave?! I hope they were put in jail for arson.

  84. J. Matthew Phipps

    J. Matthew PhippsHace 16 días

    A buddy of mine set his car on fire by wiring his own stereo booster and running the wires under the carpet. Took maybe 2 days and it developed a short between the frame and hot, carpet went then so did the rest. He pulled over on 84 outside of Manchester, CT and watch his care go fireball.

  85. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace 16 días

    Tee Behr Love the music! I love Weezer!

  86. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonHace 16 días

    That second video I bet that truck driver was getting pissed at the driver's taking up both lanes because it was obvious they were just going to sit there next to eachother and block traffic. It was obviously not the right or safe thing to do, but those drivers blocking both lanes need to get their asses kicked.

  87. Arthur Anderson

    Arthur AndersonHace 16 días

    Jay, your a moron

  88. cfbigmac1

    cfbigmac1Hace 16 días

    0:13 When I'm playing American Truck Sim

  89. Whatever YT

    Whatever YTHace 16 días

    Bro if your car catches fire don't park it next to another car.

  90. Rebecca Hetrick

    Rebecca HetrickHace 16 días

    3:30. How were they "run off the road"? The truck put on his blinker and moved over one inch before realizing the car was there. The truck was still completely in his lane the whole time.

  91. Nick

    NickHace 16 días

    Read comments early and now I can’t wait for the “Jay Lucey” clip.

  92. Joseph Spinks

    Joseph SpinksHace 16 días

    That lady @1:00 😂😂😂

  93. Virginia Fry

    Virginia FryHace 16 días

    I love the way people say the car was ‘totaled’ and then the cost was $4,000 - to me, a ‘totaled’ car is unrepairable

  94. Nicholas Vinen

    Nicholas VinenHace 16 días

    "Total loss" simply means that the cost of replacement is less than the cost of repairing it back to the original condition. A car could be totalled due to a scratch.

  95. Brian Henning

    Brian HenningHace 16 días

    the one that was in lexington ky thats normal for that intersection lol

  96. PixWiz

    PixWizHace 16 días

    Come on Ray Hans, don't be such a petty bitch.

  97. iAmAnonymousTom

    iAmAnonymousTomHace 16 días

    How much of a piece of shit do you have to be to park your burning car next to other people and cars?

  98. Kaasmeester

    KaasmeesterHace 16 días

    1:50: Accompanied by appropriate Dukes of Hazard music.

  99. Trollstank

    TrollstankHace 16 días

    1st video, how much of a drama queen do you have to be to submit that?

  100. heimdall's cooter🌟🍆

    heimdall's cooter🌟🍆Hace 16 días

    Sweet videos👍

  101. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-RayHace 16 días

    Suspect that Jay Lucey really had a $2000 car & wanted a $4000 car, but don't tell his insurance company that they should question Jay's 'agreed-value' policy! Maybe he's working is way up to having a Porsche by next Xmas!?!

  102. AndreiTupolev

    AndreiTupolevHace 16 días

    9:30 really shows how top-heavy and unstable these modern SUV things are.

  103. AndreiTupolev

    AndreiTupolevHace 16 días

    Poor ol' Jay. He gets his first car totalled in July (albeit only $4000 worth), and then someone else runs into his NEW car in October. :(

  104. xskuLLaz Gaming

    xskuLLaz GamingHace 16 días

    2:57 what was the purpose of showing your face lol we do not want to see you

  105. Meredith Benjamin

    Meredith BenjaminHace 16 días

    5:02. Why did both drivers left their vehicles. I wonder if they had license, Insurance? They obviously were hiding something. Were cops able to get info on the cars?

  106. AndreiTupolev

    AndreiTupolevHace 17 días

    I've seen some dicks on railroad crossings, but that was the nearest yet. If it wasn't for the effect on the train crew, and that his dog would probably have got it too, I'd have wished that that asshole on the ATV had been collected by BNSF. The lunatic seemed completely oblivious.

  107. DC Steve

    DC SteveHace 17 días

    0:12 when even other truckers are fed up with trucks squatting in the left lane playing passing games and making goo goo eyes at one another. Here's the thing, we get it. Some are governed at different speed. It sometimes takes a little longer for a truck to pass another. Most people are patient enough to wait, however if you CANNOT make your pass within a mile you shouldn't be passing at all and you are being inconsiderate. That said, that guy passing on the shoulder should have his license revoked. All around massive stupidity on display