Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #178

This is video number # 178 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic. original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace 13 días

    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. A DD

    A DDHace 18 horas

    That Andrew guy looked like he needed the entire area to move his big ass

  3. Kurt Erickson

    Kurt EricksonHace un día

    You should just change your channel name to "This is why you should drive defensively"

  4. Dr. Etzor

    Dr. EtzorHace 2 días

    7:30 Of course it's a Prius driver.

  5. G Krishnan

    G KrishnanHace 2 días

    0.58 Could have added a pic of her in the ditch

  6. Aaron Glanville

    Aaron GlanvilleHace 3 días

    4:39 Can we all take a moment and appreciate that the cammer is listening to "Mutter" by Rammstein.

  7. Abby McCann

    Abby McCannHace 6 días

    am I the only one seeing that @5.23 the driver ran a red?

  8. Mariana Prado

    Mariana PradoHace 7 días

    Honeslty the first one seemed to driving just as recklessly

  9. Daniel Eaton

    Daniel EatonHace 8 días

    1:57 No fun, but there s a reason you stop at an intersection. If you were still your eyes would see the moving Mercedes against the still background. Since you were moving everything in sight was actually moving making it difficult for your brain to desphicer a moving car. In other words. Stop and look.

  10. Donnie Robertson

    Donnie RobertsonHace 8 días


  11. Donnie Robertson

    Donnie RobertsonHace 8 días


  12. Jim Hatch

    Jim HatchHace 8 días

    Immediate thumbs up for Rod Anderson @ :57 for leaving her to her own stupidity...

  13. Big Lo

    Big LoHace 8 días

    I am a motorcyclist. I think there are more idiots on bikes per capita than cars (only experience the U.S.A.). This does not exclude you from being an idiot

  14. Heero yuy

    Heero yuyHace 9 días

    it happened in attleboro my Brian: "it happened in a-little-boro

  15. skitzvitz

    skitzvitzHace 9 días

    "she ended up in the ditch.....and that's where I left her" I mean if there was ever any road justice here be a prime example.

  16. Mike Hotchkiss

    Mike HotchkissHace 10 días

    All repeats. Upload quicker maybe

  17. Federico De Rosa

    Federico De RosaHace 10 días

    Yo lo que no entiendo es si no existen los frenos en estados unidos. Realmente, ves que viene un auto que se metio mal, hay un pedal que sirve para detener la marcha.

  18. Benito Mussolini

    Benito MussoliniHace 10 días

    Motorcyclists could wear the brightest fuck off equipment possible combined with dancing on the bike and still won’t get seen!

  19. Justin Guarino

    Justin GuarinoHace 10 días

    4:50 Just block the rest of the highway... now it’s going to take even longer for emergency vehicles to get to the scene 💀

  20. Steel City Dashcam

    Steel City DashcamHace 10 días

    1:15 The Jeep would get at the least equal fault, right? The GMC was clearly stopped first.

  21. DriveTheNightAway

    DriveTheNightAwayHace 7 días

    I'm thinking 100 % at fault. but I'm sure it would depend on insurance and possibly what country

  22. boo yeah

    boo yeahHace 10 días

    2:02 Ricer goes arrrrrrgh

  23. Kevin H

    Kevin HHace 10 días

    I think Rafal may need to hand back his license, pulling out without checking at an obviously hazardous intersection/junction is idiotic in the extreme.

  24. Don Upton

    Don UptonHace 11 días

    This is a everyday situation for me it's hard to believe people have no common sense. I believe that every morning when these people get up and leave their house they take a stupid pill and then off they go. The roads were all built for me everybody get out of my way. At least that's how they think

  25. R'lyeh the Dead

    R'lyeh the DeadHace 11 días

    4:15 Thank goodness there were no crowds present

  26. Greg P

    Greg PHace 11 días

    1:00 hopefully they found the Jeep at fault since the other vehicle was at the stop sign first and had the right of way.

  27. Greg P

    Greg PHace 10 días

    @qazxsw21000 Whoever arrives first has the right of way every time. If you arrived at approximately the same time then whoever is to the right has the right of way. If you are opposed then the person turning left yields the right of way. However, those are only true for when you arrive at approximately the same time. The Jeep arrived well after the other vehicle so the accident was mostly the Jeeps fault. I agree that the other vehicle didn't use their turn signal so they would share part of the blame as well. I currently live in Maryland so I'll reference their driver's manual. Right of way is covered on page 8.

  28. qazxsw21000

    qazxsw21000Hace 11 días

    1: I didn’t see the other vehicle giving a turn signal. Jeep probably thought they were going straight 2: it’s not a 4-way stop, so normal rules would apply imo. Person going straight has right-of-way over the one turning

  29. you suck

    you suckHace 11 días

    3:55 4 cars run a red, illegal lane change, and a hit and run. possible multiple charges of fleeing the scene as well. sounds like fun!!

  30. you suck

    you suckHace 11 días

    1:55 the crash really flattened the civic, didnt it?

  31. Eorlund Andromeda

    Eorlund AndromedaHace 11 días

    06.19 what a entitle twat. No one cares about your dashcam. She was there before you and has the rightway to exit.

  32. John Keller

    John KellerHace 11 días

    1:01 Jeep was in the wrong. Turning car was at stop sign first.

  33. John Keller

    John KellerHace 11 días

    @Dwayne Delung Very odd. Almost looks staged. Especially if you see a car coming at you, you speed up to avoid it, not come to a complete stop and let it hit you. Weird.

  34. Dwayne Delung

    Dwayne DelungHace 11 días

    What I want to know is why there was someone standing in the parking lot filming those ass-clowns? (Almost like they knew something was going to happen...)

  35. Richard Johnson

    Richard JohnsonHace 11 días

    Uninsured motorists need to be thrown in jail. And the Uninsured illegals driving around need to be castrated before they are deported.

  36. MK25

    MK25Hace 11 días

    Everyone should just drive in bumper cars with speed limit set to 15 mph and be required to wear NASCAR style neck restrain. LMAO

  37. JC130676

    JC130676Hace 11 días

    3:45 Guy in wheelchair on the right: "Yep, that's what happened to me too."

  38. Glass Hafful

    Glass HaffulHace 11 días


  39. David Turk

    David TurkHace 11 días

    Very little “defensive driving” exhibited in these videos.

  40. john Baldock

    john BaldockHace 11 días

    Quick Question, The Mirror glass in the rear view mirrors, is it an Optional Extra on American Cars?

  41. mikeh2006

    mikeh2006Hace 11 días

    6:00 So what's she supposed to do to get out the car park? Unless otherwise stated your supposed to wait for the entrance to be clear before entering anyway, in the UK that is, probably the same in US I'd assume. So rather than beeping and swearing your head off like a brain dead moron, just let her out.

  42. Mikethecabbie

    MikethecabbieHace 11 días

    At 1:57, there are Give Way lines in front of cammer. Failed to stop; cammer's fault.

  43. nerk23

    nerk23Hace 11 días !....lazy bstrds !...😑

  44. Dead Parroting

    Dead ParrotingHace 12 días

    1:55 Looks like 'Rafal Malczewski' learned a painful lesson about stopping and looking both ways before crossing the street. Didn't mommy teach him that? OH! 2:07 there is a clue on the hood of the car.

  45. J. Matthew Phipps

    J. Matthew PhippsHace 12 días

    2:11 You have that on your hood and scream like that?

  46. Bob Jones

    Bob JonesHace 12 días

    Women drivers no survivors

  47. Brittany Rose

    Brittany RoseHace 12 días

    6:15 its not her fault you chose a vehicle that was too big to make that turn tighter. She was where she was supposed to be. Get over yourself!

  48. Thabang Magana

    Thabang MaganaHace 12 días

    6:00 Guy yelling at the woman in the white SUV what’s wrong with you? You just another moron with a dash cam.

  49. ron Brock

    ron BrockHace 12 días

    3:30 That dryer came out of the truck like it was shot from a catapult. 4:11 Typical for a Mustang, rpms hit 3000 it heads for nearest curb or center divide. 4:47 The sedan now looks like Fred Flintstones car from the side. The semi should have moved to he hard shoulder, not blocked the roadway.

  50. Y.S.K

    Y.S.KHace 12 días


  51. Y.S.K

    Y.S.KHace 12 días

    1:14 That was an excuse she seen that JEEP!

  52. Tyler Colvin

    Tyler ColvinHace 11 días

    I know i hope the jeep got this video and made them pay to fix it.

  53. Lacan

    LacanHace 12 días

    Other car was there first she had the right-of-way

  54. Puckman637

    Puckman637Hace 12 días

    everyone is all big and bad, flexin as they walk up to a car, right up until the one they are flexin on shoves a gun in their face. Stay in your car, don't engage, and defend your life as necessary. It has happened to me 2 times in the last 10 years. It is amazing how fast they change their tune looking at the wrong end of a .40 cal.....

  55. James Patrick

    James PatrickHace 12 días

    5:58 ...Andrew, Sorry that you hate your life so much, that you have to resort to yelling at strangers, for instances as minor as this. The parking lot appears to be poorly designed. Not really her fault. I wish your mother and father would have shown you more love when you were younger and maybe you wouldn't be such an a-hole now. I won't bother touching on what your big truck is possibly compensating for... Chill the f*** out, douche canoe!

  56. Psyrecx

    PsyrecxHace 12 días

    2:14 Like a glove!

  57. Randy DiCotti

    Randy DiCottiHace 12 días

    Why is it when people see someone ahead driving stupid....they feel the need to get right up on them and start blowing their horn and be just as stupid ???? Why do people speed up to get right beside cars ahead that they clearly see are in the merge lane ??? Nealy all of these could be avoided if people didn't have to feed their fat egos. Let FOOLS go.

  58. Ron Martin

    Ron MartinHace 12 días

    Gillan1970 As a cyclist you should be looking for wankers like that ; it is much easier to flip them off and scream than to heal broken bones. Mountain Bikers know that

  59. Ron Martin

    Ron MartinHace 12 días

    #1 Idiot meet idiot and a idiot posts it for all to see

  60. Shane C

    Shane CHace 12 días

    6:59 Just what the hell?

  61. 70TruckGuy

    70TruckGuyHace 12 días

    So, starting at 8:03, what did we see? I saw what appeared to be the cammer's vehicle rear-ended, which, thanks to the extra distance put between the vehicles, moved it forward several feet without hitting the front vehicle. And then a series of pictures of cars damaged on their sides, all shown at a methamphetamine-like pace. Usually I can figure it out, but in this case, I have no idea what is going on.

  62. Wang Dong

    Wang DongHace 12 días


  63. Aj Maxey

    Aj MaxeyHace 12 días

    6:05 cammer has fucking issues.

  64. braddahyosh09

    braddahyosh09Hace 12 días

    Saying “yo, I got it on dashcam” to someone that got hit is the new “I got you bro”

  65. lee x

    lee xHace 12 días

    3:40 what a strange place to put a traffic pole

  66. Allan Manley

    Allan ManleyHace 12 días

    0:50 And that is exactly where I would have left her too.

  67. JPro13

    JPro13Hace 12 días

    7:19 another dumbass in a Prius

  68. Shdw Laedy

    Shdw LaedyHace 12 días

    1:07 Jeep, you should have waited your turn. She was there first , well before you ever got there.

  69. Patrick van Maarschalkerweerd

    Patrick van MaarschalkerweerdHace 12 días

    Just asking cause I don't know US rules: I thought the first come rule is only with stop signs. With other crossings, isn't it straight traffic that has right of way?

  70. Phreak

    PhreakHace 12 días

    0:00 Why do cammers think that blinding a car for SECONDS will help to make the situation better? The driver wil see NOTING! Nothing in the outside mirrors, nothing in the inner mirror! How can they SAFELY move away if they can't check the (blind) spots this time? And not to forget: The eyes need a few seconds to recover from the bright light, too.

  71. lee x

    lee xHace 12 días

    Well keep right then (other driver was doing this on purpose)

  72. Branski C

    Branski CHace 12 días

    0:52 LMAO at I left her there.

  73. 717Dashcam

    717DashcamHace 12 días

    I would actually fault the Jeep driver not the GMC in the fourth clip. GMC was there first, not the Jeep... she had the right of way.

  74. James Patrick

    James PatrickHace 12 días

    Agreed. Great observation.

  75. Will Morrow

    Will MorrowHace 12 días

    Best you tube channel, keep up the excellent work.

  76. Rachel E

    Rachel EHace 12 días

    3:56 ran a red light. 5:16 you also ran a light

  77. Ancestrall

    AncestrallHace 12 días

    6:06 People losing their calm and trash talking others that fast just disgusts me.

  78. Henry Rodgers

    Henry RodgersHace 12 días

    2:06 that's why we don't pull out in front of large German automobiles. Admittedly, that's a bad corner... Yikes. 3:28 and the washing machine goes flying! Amazing hit from Michael Bishay, Hondaweight Champion of the World! ( nyeh!) 8:04 cool town name... Not Fredericksburg or something, "KING OF PRUSSIA". In case the old king dies before we finish building.

  79. AndreiTupolev

    AndreiTupolevHace 12 días

    0:58 👍

  80. Josh Najjar-Rulin

    Josh Najjar-RulinHace 12 días

    5:10 the video is about some girl on the hood of some guys car, but can we talk about how the cammer just rolls through a red light?


    CRAZY BİKERHace 12 días

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    CRAZY BİKERHace 12 días

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    CRAZY BİKERHace 12 días

    I share amazing biker fights on my channel

  84. RED RUM

    RED RUMHace 12 días

    Anticipate other drivers doing the dumbest shit possible and you’ll be alright

  85. tezzaupnorth

    tezzaupnorthHace 12 días

    Society is getting dumber and dumber and their driving proves it.

  86. TiffYG2133

    TiffYG2133Hace 12 días

    0:42 you were probably in her blind spot, good job avoiding a crash especially in snow

  87. Ben Kenny

    Ben KennyHace 12 días

    2:35 hey that's the gas station I go to! Cheapest gas in the area. Ya just passed A W grimes and that's where people don't know how to drive in a straight line and almost sidewipe me going across us 79.

  88. Jose Flores

    Jose FloresHace 12 días

    0:56 *How To Ditch Girls, Volume One*

  89. Shaul Jonah

    Shaul JonahHace 13 días

    At 7:55 you might have caught covid-19 from him who knows.

  90. MotoCob

    MotoCobHace 13 días

    Lmfao hectors driving a prius now?

  91. dygardion 91

    dygardion 91Hace 13 días

    I love when people honk after the crash took place

  92. Pablo Alvarado

    Pablo AlvaradoHace 13 días

    3:25 welp there goes his just bought dryer 🤦🏽‍♂️

  93. Matt's Sad Life

    Matt's Sad LifeHace 13 días

    2:00 I wonder if horns getting stuck on a Honda after an accident is just a normal thing. My horn got stuck after an accident I had in my Honda CR-V. This gave me friggen PTSD

  94. ermz ermz

    ermz ermzHace 13 días

    × marks the spot

  95. Alan Beumann

    Alan BeumannHace 13 días

    6:07 Jesus Christ, dude, road rage much?

  96. Puckman637

    Puckman637Hace 12 días

    it is amazing how fast those idiots change their tune when they get to the vehicle and find that they are looking down the dangerous end of a .40 cal. They usually walk away in a hurry.....

  97. Karly Lynn

    Karly LynnHace 13 días

    This video has some extreme stupidity in it. What was up with road rage dude?! Just pulling up on strangers who didn’t do anything to you? Psycho!

  98. Puckman637

    Puckman637Hace 12 días

    the biggest issue with doing what he did is that you never know if the vehicle you are flexin up to has a guy with a gun in it. It is kind of funny to watch them flex and shit themselves at the same time because they figure out that they are on the wrong end of a Glock. Know your state laws on stand your ground/castle doctrine but always make sure you stay safe.....

  99. De'Mario's Reef aquarium

    De'Mario's Reef aquariumHace 13 días

    Mad idiots all over the 🌎..

  100. KACE

    KACEHace 13 días

    8:09 T-junction.. oookay who is going to jump and get rekt..... we all expected the carnage to come from the front but..

  101. Meminemy

    MeminemyHace 13 días

    8:22 yard clean up sign had me laughing. here’s my business card.

  102. Tony

    TonyHace 13 días

    7:19 The Prius driver needs to be reported. That guy is way too angry to be driving. Made several dangerous moves, including nearly hitting another car head-on in the parking lot. and gets pissed at the cammer. To the cammer, you better be using your signal. There are unstable people out there.

  103. Puckman637

    Puckman637Hace 12 días

    idiots like this are all big and bad until the vehicle they walk up on has a person with a firearm in it. I have had that happen 2 times in the last 10 years. They are tough guys until they see you are armed then all of a sudden they are shitting themselves while they go back to their little bitch mobile. Know your local laws about stand your ground before this happens and make sure you are within your rights.......

  104. mrspiegelok

    mrspiegelokHace 13 días

    He might also need to be deported.

  105. Leon Serya

    Leon SeryaHace 13 días

    "And that's where I left her"😂😂😂

  106. Guy Tristram

    Guy TristramHace 12 días

    The perfect dashcam comment doesn't exis...

  107. dana purcell

    dana purcellHace 13 días

    Don't get a dash cam. It has the power to change you into a horrible driver.

  108. Tony

    TonyHace 13 días

    6:20 WTF, why post this? It's an everyday event and you can't see anything anyway.

  109. Recon527

    Recon527Hace 13 días

    California: the land of self righteous assholes with folks who need anger management.

  110. Tony

    TonyHace 13 días

    5:07 You're not a cop. Why did you go straight from the right turn lane, run the red light, and drive on the median? You don't have to put others at risk to get involved.

  111. qazxsw21000

    qazxsw21000Hace 8 días

    @Tony sorry for delayed reply. Got busy I figured if I used what was in the video as my example, based on your original comment, you would have said no without giving it another thought

  112. Tony

    TonyHace 10 días

    @qazxsw21000 since it wasn't kidnapping, why did you use it? It doesn't excuse him running a red light. Hypothetically, if it was a actual kidnapping, then yes. This wasn't a kidnapping.

  113. qazxsw21000

    qazxsw21000Hace 10 días

    @Tony smh I used kidnapping as an example of “what if you yourself was in a situation where....” You know what hypotheticals and comparisons are, right?

  114. Tony

    TonyHace 10 días

    @qazxsw21000 kidnapping? She was on the hood of the car. What if he hit a car or got t-boned while running the red light?

  115. qazxsw21000

    qazxsw21000Hace 11 días

    Because if he didn’t and the girl got hurt (or killed), he would have blamed himself because he was able to intervene and didn’t. From a moral standpoint, he would have been right to do so. If you saw someone trying to kidnap someone else and you had a chance to stop it, would you try to? You’re not a cop and you’re putting yourself at risk if you make the attempt

  116. Michael S.

    Michael S.Hace 13 días

    5:46 this is only a few minutes from my home. How cool also Andrew yedid is an idiot

  117. Chris Brinzo

    Chris BrinzoHace 13 días

    4:15 90% of these Mustang crashes are because they've turned TRACTION CONTROL off for some unknown reason.

  118. Tony

    TonyHace 13 días

    3:30 that wash machine got some nice air

  119. culcune

    culcuneHace 13 días

    Did Vachie hit and run the Prius driver? Was that why angry Prius driver came after him? I mean, Vachie stated he offered him something, and tbe Prius driver refused. Why offer a random crazy driver anything?

  120. Malcolm G

    Malcolm GHace 13 días


  121. Mark Lawrence

    Mark LawrenceHace 13 días

    4:51, that truck drivers shirt is fabulous