Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #86

This is video number # 86 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Dragon Timothy:

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. satinwhip

    satinwhipHace 6 días

    3:28 The truck driver is a moron. Traffic is moving at a crawl. Reaction time is not an issue. Just let her in. That interchange is near where I live. It's a nightmare even without construction barrels. You had to show you ass and cause an accident. Now traffic is going to be snarled up far worse for it. Most truckers are great drivers but the few who are pricks are really pricks.

  2. Donnie Robertson

    Donnie RobertsonHace un mes


  3. Neil Perry

    Neil PerryHace 2 meses

    What is getting at me, is the artic driver why did he run into the kia? He had enough space in the outside lane?

  4. Dino F.

    Dino F.Hace 2 meses

    Americans shirk traffic laws so much they forget what they are.

  5. Lord Knightyme

    Lord KnightymeHace 2 meses

    6:36 Having a disabled placard does not mean you have to disable the car as well. :P

  6. Duncan Bob

    Duncan BobHace 2 meses

    1:54 … gobby little short arsed prick ought to stay at home.

  7. Dum Cunt VP

    Dum Cunt VPHace 2 meses

    I live in Brampton,Ontario,Canada and this is just everyday driving here. I've been hit 3 times just sitting at a red light, my wife's car was totaled while parked on the side of our street and my son's car was rammed from the side by a driver running a red light. They drink, they text, they don't obey signs and signals and our insurance rates are the highest in Canada. The police can't keep up with the carnage and accident scams are rampant. it's why they call us Bramladesh.....worst drivers on the planets,

  8. 1st Battalion RRF

    1st Battalion RRFHace 2 meses

    Would love to see the white van mans face 1.50 when insurance says what was you thinking you complete TIT your completely responsible plus your being charged for dangerous driving 😂

  9. Xavier Allen

    Xavier AllenHace 2 meses

    Karen in the Jeep was DEFINITELY at fault.

  10. Denise Davidson

    Denise DavidsonHace 2 meses

    90/10 at fault for her running red light? Must have Allstate.

  11. Braeden Gibb

    Braeden GibbHace 3 meses

    8:05 why didn’t the trucker move over?? I saw that he couldn’t that first time because there was a car, but after that? You just stayed half in one lane and half in the other and then you ended up rear ending the highlander.

  12. UK Emergency Responder

    UK Emergency ResponderHace 3 meses

    Both drivers were at fault for the Drone Scope clip. Both absolute morons.

  13. Guy Schellinck

    Guy SchellinckHace 3 meses

    0:46 so the cammer is one of those idiots who stays in the left lane forever, goes for the exit at the very last minute and must cross 2 lanes in no time to do so... so much that he has to cross a solid white line and he's not partially at fault here? Unless of course the "he was at fault" is not the insurance ruling but the cammer wishful thinking

  14. Strumptavian Roboclick

    Strumptavian RoboclickHace 3 meses

    Naw dragon, you were just a dick and didnt let her in

  15. Nick Mazur

    Nick MazurHace 3 meses

    That bitch @6:00 is 100% at fault, I would take her and the insurance company to court if they said 10% is my fault, bitch how is it, if the cop gave her ticket for running a red, she 100% at fault, no ifs, ands, or buts. Fucking blind Karen!

  16. Mark Was Here

    Mark Was HereHace 3 meses

    00:56 they are both at fault they are both trying to change over solid lines not to mention the camera driver jumping all those lanes

  17. Igor Amidzic

    Igor AmidzicHace 2 meses

    From the video it seems that way but I have a feeling if we had a rear-facing camera then we could see that the mustang was pushed out of his lane by the cammer and tried to get back into his original lane.

  18. Kirk Bruner

    Kirk BrunerHace 3 meses

    More than half of these incidents are the fault of both drivers. There's a kind of beligerence among so many that prevents them from being able to just slow down at the first sign if possible contact. How does it get to the point of "winning" something? Once you ride motorcycles on a daily basis to go to work, you get cured of that need to "win" real fast. It also makes you a better car driver in the end.

  19. Hr. Bertelsen

    Hr. BertelsenHace 3 meses

    1:59 Wtf?! That's Trevor from GTA V!!

  20. Allen Martin

    Allen MartinHace 3 meses

    5:25..It appears that cammer was in a lane merge and therefore the other car had the right of way.

  21. Todd Franz

    Todd FranzHace 3 meses

    Hahaha and everybody in comments knows ur wrong 57 sec in! EPIC FAIL LIAR

  22. Todd Franz

    Todd FranzHace 3 meses

    58 seconds in you both should have been cited? Just as much the Mustang came out the turning lane, the car recording looks to be crossing into just as much! Bro don't get all high n mighty looks like you lucked out with your shitty driving! Pass pt. Of no return you should've waited till next exit to get off if ya wanna be technical!

  23. farm.central. ohio

    farm.central. ohioHace 3 meses

    I stopped watching at :42, whoever was driving the camera truck and drove right through the center of the accident scene deserves to be kicked squarely in the balls. Pathetic.

  24. CroftyOriginal

    CroftyOriginalHace 3 meses

    0:48 Actually the cammer was at fault, they missed their exit, cut across lanes and tried it anyway, I would say the Mustang was trying to avoid them.

  25. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace 3 meses

    6:08 and that ladies and gentlemen are why you buy a dashcam. Even a cheap dashcam can save you thousands in dollars from someone's incompetence.

  26. Devin Prasad

    Devin PrasadHace 3 meses

    0:47 the fuck were you doing In the middle lane trying to exit over a solid white?

  27. Rick te Kronnie

    Rick te KronnieHace 3 meses

    0:56 how the fuck is the Mustang at fault for the camera car cutting across 2 lanes without indicating?

  28. problemchild1976

    problemchild1976Hace 3 meses

    Is insurance optional in the USA?

  29. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace 3 meses

    Actually, I stand corrected. *Most* states require insurance. Apparently, New Hampshire doesn't, but you're legally responsible for any property damage or bodily injury, so most people are going to have insurance in New Hampshire, even if it isn't legally required, because expenses covering property damage or bodily injury can be extremely expensive and well out of most people's cost range.

  30. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace 3 meses


  31. Wonton_CutZ

    Wonton_CutZHace 3 meses

    @ 2:34 Location Tacoma Washington. Lots of bad drivers there, especially that freeway going to Gig Harbour/Oregon its always traffic-traffic-traffic.

  32. MadeAUsername

    MadeAUsernameHace 3 meses

    0:47 I feel like this was both the cammer and mustang's fault. The cammer got into the off ramp lane a bit late and the mustang guy kept trying to kill crowds.

  33. Social Media

    Social MediaHace 3 meses

    The oh boy guy caught a break checker red handed.... that footage will be great for the other guys insurance totally different outcome. We got hit by a garbage truck it was the worst but no cameras so it was cited on us.

  34. Renata Tostada

    Renata TostadaHace 3 meses

    1:48 I always say that if someone tries to pull this shit on me, I'm going to speed up, not slow down.

  35. Renata Tostada

    Renata TostadaHace 3 meses

    0:56 'Scuse me, what? There are two morons in this video, wtf are you talking about?

  36. Redgrin Grumboldt

    Redgrin GrumboldtHace 3 meses

    4:07 I'm going to assume that's what a seizure sounds like.

  37. fredrick davis

    fredrick davisHace 3 meses

    Dragon Timothy being a jerk in his big truck should have let them in you see the road is merging no you got to be the big a hole

  38. AmDrag5

    AmDrag5Hace 3 meses

    i love how at 3:20 even the dog is like "wtf is this shit?"

  39. Manuel de la Torre

    Manuel de la TorreHace 3 meses

    0:46 thats the cameras fault, switching lanes from far left to take the exit, lmao

  40. Mike Tran

    Mike TranHace 4 meses

    I like this clip since there's explanations unlike most other crash clips on the net.

  41. PrizeBitch

    PrizeBitchHace 4 meses

    0:53 so its legal to dart across 3 lanes to the exit like that then?? Seems extremely dangerous!

  42. Glen Strong

    Glen StrongHace 4 meses

    Video #3, the mustang crossed double solid to get out of the off ramp, but the cammer was crossing a double solid to get onto the off ramp, that videos a true 50/50 split, both drivers are idiots

  43. james thompson

    james thompsonHace 4 meses

    Ever think we really don't need the explanation because we have eyes and it is taking up the screen ?

  44. Big Kahuna

    Big KahunaHace 4 meses

    All the "VW owner" has to claim is "I was driving cautiously because someone was honking. I wasn't sure why. Then someone right in back of me started honking again so i hit the brakes and they hit me!" Rear enders are always the fault of the person doing the rear-ending. That's why people brake check: they know it won't be their fault! BS explanation.

  45. Drafty Satyr

    Drafty SatyrHace 4 meses

    0:18 Trucker driving along with his head up his ass ... How about reading the traffic and road conditions a little bit further ahead of you than your braking distance?

  46. Ben T.

    Ben T.Hace 4 meses

    6:00 give her 10 Years and she will be a full force Karen.

  47. Cali Coin Finder

    Cali Coin FinderHace 4 meses

    Well not every moto rider is right. I felt that last crash. Ouch!

  48. MyJunker Travels

    MyJunker TravelsHace 4 meses

    More proof as to why it's not only highly stupid, but also very Illegal to stop on a constant motion interstate.

  49. I WORST

    I WORSTHace 4 meses

    3:30 it took that semi driver a good 15 seconds to realize that car was turning into his lane

  50. Xenon Blast

    Xenon BlastHace 4 meses

    as it said in the clip's description, the car was in a blind spot. The truck driver never realized the car was cutting him off cause he couldn't see it.

  51. David S

    David SHace 4 meses

    Which dash cams are used at 4:09?

  52. Gonun

    GonunHace 4 meses

    8:00 was that cammer (nik cr) sleeping or are his brakes really that bad? He had 11 seconds to slow down or change the lane from the moment the black car had his brake lights on until he hit him.

  53. Piss dog

    Piss dogHace 3 meses

    he's driving a semi on wet road bruh

  54. Joe Spud

    Joe SpudHace 4 meses

    I can't believe these folks at times, this fuckin woman at 6:10, the Police had already blamed her at the roadside for driving thru a red light, so, now she tries to fraudulently claim against the other motorist, why hasn't she been arrested and charged with making a fraudulent claim against her insurance company, why are these people let off, when video evidence shows them to be lying bastards?????

  55. Deathfang The Gothic Gamer

    Deathfang The Gothic GamerHace 4 meses

    9:24 what was the song called?

  56. 2002 VWet

    2002 VWetHace 4 meses

    6:00 why even 90/10 ? the red car ran a red light and she must be 100% responsible

  57. Chris Mahoney

    Chris MahoneyHace 5 meses

    As with most accidents, many of these could be avoided if ONE of the drivers were paying attention. All drivers have eyes and should use them.

  58. Jeff

    JeffHace 5 meses

    The hit and run burns me up the most.......

  59. Paul Gannon

    Paul GannonHace 5 meses

    Drone scope I would be embarrassed putting on a video showing me cut across 3 lanes then blame another guy who was cutting across 2 lanes

  60. John Rivas

    John RivasHace 5 meses

    Sorry but last video of biker dude was at fault. Hope he is ok though.

  61. golfmaniac007

    golfmaniac007Hace 5 meses

    06:04 what the hell is 90/10? that should be 100 her fault. sure the accident could have been avoided if cammer was paying attention to what was to transpire in front of him. how is a 10% on insurance gonna look?

  62. David Kellemen

    David KellemenHace 5 meses

    Intermittent crap-music; why?

  63. David L

    David LHace 5 meses

    Look the bright side. People are in a big hurry to see their makers.

  64. Anthony F

    Anthony FHace 5 meses

    Where the fuck she come from? U blind!? U serious , that was more you then her! Ur blind

  65. James Patrick

    James PatrickHace 5 meses

    2:33 ...Sorry Mike! You accelerated from 61 to 68 when that truck was passing you. Appears to me that you were trying to pit them! You are both idiots. Congrats.

  66. Tokoharis Haris

    Tokoharis HarisHace 5 meses

    Yeessss good.....nice

  67. Miguel Galarza

    Miguel GalarzaHace 5 meses

    4:30 not sure if the Suzuki driver is aware you have to yield to oncoming traffic. His driving logic is actually very common. People think they are right just because... they think so. With the dashcam video footage, he was clearly at fault and the accident wouldn't have happened if he didn't break check. So he deliberately caused the accident. Why? Because he thought the cammer was wrong and he was right. And guess who loses in the end? The Suzuki driver will increase his insurance rates or maybe canceled based on how he drove? Who knows if he had previous accidents and going by how he was driving? He seems to like to cause accidents so... I'm guessing his insurance is already high.

  68. problemchild1976

    problemchild1976Hace 5 meses

    How do these drivers not see what’s going to happen - it’s embarrassing! People make mistakes but my god 50% of these were totally avoidable if the driver of the cam car was awake or alive or less drunk!

  69. Dave Olson

    Dave OlsonHace 5 meses

    Thumbs down for not just one but two, TWO clips I say! that had horrible technoturd music added unnecessarily.

  70. ONEAssault

    ONEAssaultHace 5 meses

    6:06, you need a new insurance company if, even after video evidence, they still found you 10% at fault for hitting a lady who blatantly ran a red light...

  71. Hydrafame

    HydrafameHace 5 meses

    Love how people block the whole street instead of stopping at the side of the road after hitting

  72. Hydrafame

    HydrafameHace 5 meses

    @Miguel Galarza yes right and its dangerous to others tho

  73. Miguel Galarza

    Miguel GalarzaHace 5 meses

    I see it a lot in these accident videos. They feel as if they can because of an accident. They fail to realize, sure they hit, but that gives them no right to hinder traffic flow.

  74. John Allen

    John AllenHace 5 meses

    6:39 Weird bollard??? It's there to stop people from driving into the front door!

  75. Will M

    Will MHace 6 meses

    050 the cam driver is also in the wrong he drove over a solid white line to turn. I reckon the mustang was maybe just trying to avoid him

  76. Chevin_xD

    Chevin_xDHace 6 meses

    4:08 i know the people who are in the accident are having a worse day and they are more scared and everything but being that truck driver, or others that were in that exact situation... man your heartbeat must blow up thinking how bad things can go when one of them slides in front of his truck

  77. Brian Mc

    Brian McHace 6 meses

    6:15 - How could that be a 90/10 when she ran a red light and hit you?

  78. macarde10

    macarde10Hace 4 meses

    Looked a bit preventable... even if in the right, if an accidental is preventable, you have a responsibility to prevent it. I believe they based it off the 4 seconds he had to react.

  79. Ocean Lover

    Ocean LoverHace 6 meses

    Ladies. We are over the damsel in distress BS. sorry. But the feminist ruined for you.

  80. Gerry Gonzalez

    Gerry GonzalezHace 6 meses

    :52 I feel like the cammer should be at fault He literally cut from the most inside lane to the outside lane to exit.

  81. KiraOnii Chan

    KiraOnii ChanHace 6 meses

    As much as I love videos like this, all these can be avoided if people just paid attention and let things go instead of getting mad

  82. Michael Bujaki

    Michael BujakiHace 6 meses

    2:20 that VW was not damaged by that Ford, I got slammed by a Sunfire and got no damage.

  83. TheMustangster

    TheMustangsterHace 6 meses

    From what i can see, a lot of these accidents are fully preventable, mainly when a driver notices that the driver in front of them are driving without care, the driver with the cam footage doesn't want to slow down or take evasive action. There is a number of times that people will not deviate from their driving line and the result is an accident. WTF??? Why would you not try to avoid an accident at all costs. Not only does it cost your time and effort to sort out the accident, it could cost your life!! We need to stop driving in our safety cocoons and drive defensively at all times.

  84. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace 6 meses

    0:24 That's going to leave a mark 7:14 Close calls don't count. 9:20 "Well, that was illegal." So was your entry into the left turn lane. Majorly illegal.


    SPEEDY EGGHace 6 meses

    Is it just me or does everyone in this video have weak or even no reactions? They just keep going even though they know they'll hit something...

  86. Carl Bruschnig, Jr

    Carl Bruschnig, JrHace 6 meses

    "Bad Drivers of Chicago" . . . That's pretty much all of them.

  87. rebecca cane

    rebecca caneHace 6 meses

    9:40 thats so funny. The exact same thing happened to me and i said the exact same thing as him XD i wish i still had that clip but i lost it when i upgraded dash cams haha

  88. Alec C

    Alec CHace 6 meses

    0:50 cammer is at fault Clearly as he tried to exit on the last second AND he tried to exit over a solid line

  89. Kay’shots

    Kay’shotsHace 6 meses

    1:19 OMG THATS MY COUNTRY! (NETHERLANDS, LEEUWARDEN) On the left is my school.

  90. Balthromaw

    BalthromawHace 6 meses

    6:05 Ok Bullshit if his dash cam shows she had a red, and the cammer had a green... it should have been 0% cammer and 100% other driver... sounds like her insurance is shit if they are still trying to pin blame on the cammer... I would have fought that , money is hard as it is without insurance rates going up cause of someone else's dumbass driving...

  91. Pavel Kochba

    Pavel KochbaHace 6 meses

    6:06 and how it works in USA? Police made her at fault and insurance companies try to still make that 50:50? Strange system.

  92. Pavel Kochba

    Pavel KochbaHace 6 meses

    1:50 ... bravo, finally some trucker with balls. Only I would not bother with braking at all. If he wants to be hit, hit him as hard as he wants. Typical minivan sicko. In a big hurry to give a way and then delaying everyone around. You can see how pathetic he is, waving hand and crying like small child for own faults.

  93. onebadbirdy

    onebadbirdyHace 6 meses

    drivers that cause stupid accidents for no reason should not have a license

  94. Nick Nation

    Nick NationHace 6 meses

    Like a bunch of asylum patients driving without medication

  95. kathy hysteria

    kathy hysteriaHace 6 meses

    The camera car cut over 2 lanes and was late on the exit, the mustang had nowhere to driver is a road hog

  96. Driving on the Isle of Wight

    Driving on the Isle of WightHace 6 meses

    Emil Turcanu - thank you for putting the fucking great big circle onto the screen because I never would have noticed that articulated lorry come into frame otherwise...


    KZINE70_PLAYS RBLXHace 6 meses

    0:51 your at fault too you took the last sec to take the exit

  98. Daniel j Cor-i-ca

    Daniel j Cor-i-caHace 6 meses

    0:53 I'm sorry.. but the camera car is also at fault.. it turned into the lane after the lane ended...

  99. sparkychan123

    sparkychan123Hace 6 meses

    Not sure why it was even 10% the cammer's fault if the video shows her running the red?...his light was clearly green, how can it be his fault AT ALL? this is why i hate insurance companies...

  100. Chris DeCanio

    Chris DeCanioHace 6 meses

    @ about 4:31, A SUZUKI JEEP?? No such animal!

  101. Presley Jeremiah Smith

    Presley Jeremiah SmithHace 6 meses


  102. tok kot

    tok kotHace 6 meses

    shout out to draggon timothy for pulling over and assisting with accident respect to you

  103. jaymacka

    jaymackaHace 6 meses

    0:50 Cammer's insurer is going to roll on the floor in a fit of laughter when they claim the 'other driver' at fault. So you miss your exit, take the next and backtrack it. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  104. Cheepchipsable

    CheepchipsableHace 5 meses

    Apparently it has already been settled in the cammers favour. The mustang should bear most of the blame since it tried to re-enter the freeway, but they both have no clue - simply backing off a bit would have saved him. Personally I think the insurance just didn't want to chase it because it was easier.

  105. r B

    r BHace 6 meses


  106. iceman

    icemanHace 7 meses

    0:54perfect 2 idiots on road

  107. Pam B

    Pam BHace 7 meses

    Allowing someone to merge ahead seems to be an issue with so many drivers. Why not get over yourself and let them in. Does it really hold you up or hurt your feelings that someone got in front of you?

  108. Patrick Chubey

    Patrick ChubeyHace 7 meses

    4:18 - the hands down winner of the most sickening and fricken annoying song of the year.

  109. Daniel Drader

    Daniel DraderHace 7 meses

    For anyone that hasn't seen this great compilation of *ahem* "mystery" car crashes: