Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #93

This is video number # 93 in the series that is all about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. Alloneword

    AllonewordHace 2 meses

    Neck injury my arse. Liar.

  2. Sean Foltz

    Sean FoltzHace 3 meses

    IMPALA 583 - I would have sooooo muted that discussion about your momma being a crackhead before posting this video...

  3. abortionsrock

    abortionsrockHace 3 meses

    7:30 a minor neck injury from that? Is your neck a wet noodle? jfc.

  4. Left Blank

    Left BlankHace 3 meses

    0:31 ---- Not to mention the hit and run.............

  5. Maxime L'Écuyer

    Maxime L'ÉcuyerHace 4 meses

    Let's pretend nothing happen and keep going , it's a popular minding in the US XD

  6. YHRIM

    YHRIMHace 4 meses

    0:22 many motorcyclists think they can speed faster than flow of traffic, weave in and out and Between vehicles (or going between vehicles in stopped traffic) when they are already harder to even see in the first place, and generally not follow any normal driving conditions, and then wonder why they get hit. ALL of this should be illegal to do on a motorcycle, just like it is for any other vehicle on the road. Just because you CAN do so on a bike, doesn't mean you should. In the end, its the motorcycle rider who is going to lose no matter whose "fault" it is, because they have by far the least protection (even with helmet, leathers, etc). And motorcycle riders who drive ridiculous are just vastly increasing the odds for getting themselves killed or seriously injured. Had a family member who almost killed himself on a motorcycle, totaling the car he hit, and it was completely his fault.

  7. Ethan Cole

    Ethan ColeHace 4 meses

    I feel like if you’re “bLiNdEd bY sUnLiGhT” then you shouldn’t be driving It’s never been so bright I can’t see a stoplight

  8. Alex Gordon

    Alex GordonHace 5 meses

    1:39 I’ve always wondered if anyone has ever plowed into that divider. It’s terribly marked. On a side note I ran into the back of a semi truck at that same spot. Totaled my work van. 😒

  9. uwe kugel

    uwe kugelHace 5 meses

    1:05 The driver of the second truck in the inner lane is an idiot! How can you be so foolishly stupid? It is logical that there is not enough space for 2 trucks to turn. Licensed shot at bumper cars.

  10. Tunky

    TunkyHace 5 meses

    7:42 if someone would've honked at me for that long, i would not even care that i made a mistake there, really these fucking lunatics with their horns need to chill out.

  11. K3Sk3

    K3Sk3Hace 5 meses

    00:35 good old mishawaka lol

  12. Jade B

    Jade BHace 5 meses

    So you call yourself bad drivers of Gilbert Arizona, nearly cause a multi car pile up, then judging others then admit that you've had your licence for 5 minutes. You are the definition of an American millennial self righteous all about me wanker.

  13. Tdogtheripper

    TdogtheripperHace 5 meses

    5:05 yeah your absolutely right you suck at driving and almost took out 5cars don't panic jerk your steering wheel that's like the number one rule if you can't handl driving dont drive.

  14. Dawg Breff

    Dawg BreffHace 5 meses

    2:02 Tommy Sotomayor letting another machine talk herself into revealing how stupidly ignorant she is 😎

  15. Car Crashes and Smashes

    Car Crashes and SmashesHace 5 meses

    Good video man. Keep up the great work

  16. JJ Legend

    JJ LegendHace 6 meses

    The first one... Mute that shit. Sounds like you were trying to slap a burp out of your stomach. Ehh

  17. Ray B

    Ray BHace 6 meses

    Your momma is a crackhead because i smoked crack with her last night

  18. TraustiGeir

    TraustiGeirHace 6 meses

    5:05 Overreaction or not, that truck/trailer was veering.

  19. Wojciech Zawada

    Wojciech ZawadaHace 6 meses

    Fan z Polski zostawia Suba oraz klika w dzwoneczek. Teraz na bieżąco z Twoimi filmami :-) Do zobaczenia w kolejnym odcinku.

  20. Elgato Volador

    Elgato VoladorHace 6 meses

    0:36 If sun makes you blind logically you drive slower or brake before lights!!!

  21. Tom Ogden

    Tom OgdenHace 6 meses

    @0:17 - typical douchebag biker...causes an accident then flees the scene.

  22. Stabber85

    Stabber85Hace 6 meses

    It seems like a lot of Americans don't learn to NEVER pass another vehicle on the inside.. So many accidents could have been prevented by having one functioning brain cell and basic driver skills.

  23. David USF

    David USFHace 6 meses

    3:52 He should have honked at the wrong way driver but I bet he was in shock. He did the right thing though by pulling all the way off the road.

  24. Uneeb Ahmad

    Uneeb AhmadHace 6 meses

    4:01 first if someone was driving the wrong side he/she should turn on drls or parking lights and hazard lights(It could've been an emergency)

  25. shayan522

    shayan522Hace 6 meses

    5:32 song name please

  26. Cole Sloan

    Cole SloanHace 6 meses

    I will say something that makes me mad is when you people stop and honk at them and you’re still driving in your hog and stop in middle the road that doesn’t do you any good you’re stopped in the middle Road they’re driving off in your honking at him you’re going to get hit they’re not

  27. cocoadog1998

    cocoadog1998Hace 6 meses

    3:09 so we all gonna ignore the r34 GTR casually parked at a Target?

  28. Jerry Dean

    Jerry DeanHace 6 meses

    Them Acura’s and Honda strong that’s why I love the brand and gets my money all the time just like my love for Ford & Mazda.

  29. jeff robinson

    jeff robinsonHace 6 meses

    @7:31 you went to the hospital for that?

  30. Timflan

    TimflanHace 6 meses

    "Golly, this driver is a little erratic and unpredictable. I better drive AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE."

  31. Brian R.

    Brian R.Hace 6 meses

    Blinded...can't see if light is red or green...keep going. Makes sense. How about, when in doubt slow down or stop.

  32. Lennie AKA WeirdRacin

    Lennie AKA WeirdRacinHace 6 meses

    1:00 Rookie semi driver making a left turn from the inside of a 2 left turn lane. You always go to the outside of the 2 lanes turn.

  33. Wojciech Zawada

    Wojciech ZawadaHace 6 meses

    Polska pozdrawia :-)

  34. Zoo 1514

    Zoo 1514Hace 6 meses

    4:55 would love to know what the cash settlement was on that...I've had 3 people rearend me and hit my trailer hitch...all 3 jacked their front end up and i got barely anything on mine. I just let them go

  35. entertainedbyidiots

    entertainedbyidiotsHace 6 meses

    6:19 oh good, i was dying to know what kind of car the cammer was driving...

  36. Pe Ha

    Pe HaHace 6 meses

    At 0:20 you could've actually scratched his/her SUV's painting and you didn't stopped or signaled him/her to talk over the situation that just occured. Not really a nice manner my dude.

  37. Ray B

    Ray BHace 6 meses

    Driver missing fallen tree great driving job and getting straightend up afterwards most folks would have crashed

  38. Peter Muise

    Peter MuiseHace 6 meses

    'I was asleep!' Does that somehow make him not at fault?

  39. R P

    R PHace 6 meses

    2:04 Let me just weave around these cars and trailers while we argue about my Mama being a crackhead.

  40. mauritsvw

    mauritsvwHace 6 meses

    How do you know somebody drives a Tesla? They'll tell you.

  41. 40Cal Reef

    40Cal ReefHace 6 meses

    @ 5:40 cammer is at fault, you can plainly see opposing track is backed up at that light, and the last car is poking out. They are supposed to make way for the second turn lane, that is unless you are a fucking asshole.

  42. oCaliforniaBoy

    oCaliforniaBoyHace 6 meses

    "You didn't hear any information that my momma did crack" 😂🤧

  43. Raul P

    Raul PHace 6 meses

    At 4:00 that is in San Antonio as the vid indicates. In San Antonio there are many wrong way driver incidents for some reason. Unfortunately it's really common. Dont know why.

  44. oCaliforniaBoy

    oCaliforniaBoyHace 6 meses

    If you're reading this I just want to say I hope you have a great day in quarantine, be safe out there 🖤

  45. 40Cal Reef

    40Cal ReefHace 6 meses

    @2:39 driver of Red Acura is a fucking idiot, lol. Not buying his story of "I lost the footage", I am raising the bullshit flag on that one.

  46. lttlgreg

    lttlgregHace 6 meses

    I go through that intersection of 68th and Division most every day. Never seen an accident there all my life.

  47. kaleb Powell

    kaleb PowellHace 6 meses

    0:20 Biker waits till last second to lane split ( which should be a massive fine or license suspension), then takes off from the scene. He'll make a good organ donor one day

  48. Tracy Nation

    Tracy NationHace 6 meses

    Another premium video. ♡ T.E.N.

  49. Butterslap 55

    Butterslap 55Hace 6 meses

    @7:36 bruh a "minor neck injury" it was a love tap😂😂 these people

  50. Wonder Who

    Wonder WhoHace 6 meses

    I like your channel because you offer explanations. Thank you. 😊

  51. Michael S. Ingle

    Michael S. IngleHace 6 meses

    Wow, a cyclist who admits fault!!! Kudos!!!

  52. Erica Schaidt

    Erica SchaidtHace 6 meses

    8:52 First time I’ve seen a compilation from my area. Not only my area, but on a road I travel frequently. I recognized that intersection just before the description popped up. About a year ago my husband totaled his car just past this same intersection.

  53. Boom Box

    Boom BoxHace 6 meses

    5:30 Pretty sure the reason the white car wanted to get in front of the cammer so badly was to not hear that horrific music playing.

  54. Erica Schaidt

    Erica SchaidtHace 6 meses

    2:13 Car spins out in front of the guy filming, and the guy filming isn’t phased at all. He doesn’t react (verbally) at all and continues defending his mom against allegations that she’s a crackhead.

  55. josh heslop

    josh heslopHace 6 meses

    5:20 id say that iths wasnt mostly your fault, if someone does something to make you take an action its on them, they dont know how someone else will react. if somone jumps at you and you fall over and get hurt, its on them

  56. john Dyer

    john DyerHace 6 meses

    Did the horse and buggy have collision insurance ???

  57. amped

    ampedHace 6 meses

    I bet everyone of these dumb drivers would say that they are good drivers .

  58. arbj

    arbjHace 6 meses

    I have driven in the US. California, Oregon, Washington State, Iowa, Idaho, Ohio, New York, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Utah etc

  59. I am The one

    I am The oneHace 6 meses

    Hope that guy said thanks you for getting rid of his hiccups

  60. Visda58

    Visda58Hace 6 meses

    For some people, driving an 18 wheeler through imminent danger while simultaneously defending the honor of your mother on the phone, is second nature.

  61. Alan Moncus

    Alan MoncusHace 6 meses

    She probably the one that taught him how to drive, lmfao

  62. alizonnne giggles

    alizonnne gigglesHace 6 meses

    9:53 no one cares if you were cut off maybe you were driving to slow moron

  63. Nathan Brazil

    Nathan BrazilHace 6 meses

    05:10 Prime example of why you never swerve...

  64. Daniel Eaton

    Daniel EatonHace 6 meses

    4:12 in slow traffic anyone intelligent follows the zipper merge situation. But not an egotistical TRUCK driver who thinks his lane is his right...

  65. Daniel Eaton

    Daniel EatonHace 5 meses

    @L S You're now repeating what I am saying. There is a difference between right and wrong, a distinction you are having trouble making. If someone deliberately crashes into your car it is WRONG...whether or not it's caught on camera. Again, the camera does not matter, and you will see from the other comments with 100s of likes will agree with my stance.

  66. L S

    L SHace 5 meses

    Daniel Eaton Again the video doesn’t matter. The driver had the right of way and can just claim he didn’t see the other truck. The fact of the matter is that the other driver tried to illegally force his way in and got nailed.

  67. Daniel Eaton

    Daniel EatonHace 5 meses

    @L S I understand that. My point is that this was caught on dash cam and if given to the drivers the insurance companies will see that he sped up and deliberately caused the accident. That is wrong weather you are caught doing it or not....

  68. L S

    L SHace 6 meses

    Daniel Eaton It doesn’t matter! It’s his word against the other other drivers; he had the right of the way and will own this dude in court. He can claim he didn’t see the other guy and was keeping up with the flow of traffic, then gets cut off by someone trying to forcefully merge late. That’s the end of your argument and you’re left holding a steamy pile of shit.

  69. Daniel Eaton

    Daniel EatonHace 6 meses

    @L S You miss the part where the guy sped up and hit him....Almost skippy, better luck next time.

  70. Lance Tucker

    Lance TuckerHace 6 meses

    8:33 am I the only one who stops and gets debris out of the street anymore? I mean yeah you're past it but think of the next person.

  71. Mansenmania

    MansenmaniaHace 6 meses

    0:19 clipping the car and drive away ...and take a video of it and put it on the internet. i found the asshole

  72. Kaasmeester

    KaasmeesterHace 6 meses

    2:02: Was that radio or a (hopefully hands-free) phone call? In either case, I would have muted that before posting...

  73. ermz ermz

    ermz ermzHace 6 meses

    8:34 good save👌 could've been ended bad

  74. Stephanie Highland

    Stephanie HighlandHace 6 meses

    0:57 that's my hometown crazy to actually see it on here

  75. Wendy O

    Wendy OHace 6 meses

    sleep with the motor running and in reverse?

  76. BogiYT

    BogiYTHace 6 meses

    2:36 smells like bs. Missing footage, loud ass music, probably was distracted and didn’t see the semi make his turn.

  77. L S

    L SHace 6 meses

    BogiYT Yo stanky ass diarrhea of the mouth smells like bs

  78. SupraManG

    SupraManGHace 6 meses

    @0:19, I give respect and distance to motorcyclists, but you sir, whilst lane-splitting, would have been the cause for your own accident!

  79. Deathbot187

    Deathbot187Hace 6 meses

    @ 1:04 Why are you honking your horn? the accident has already happened and you are now adding to the confusion.

  80. Paul Martin

    Paul MartinHace 6 meses

    0:50 - "I'm blinded by the oncoming sun. I better just keep driving and not make any effort to reduce the risk." That has got to be the most moronic excuse - basically admitting they're driving without any care & attention.

  81. Stephanie Highland

    Stephanie HighlandHace 6 meses

    That took place here... people do that all the time its crazy

  82. robertclark717

    robertclark717Hace 6 meses

    Neck of injury my ass

  83. Илья М.

    Илья М.Hace 6 meses

    Критинов на дороге везде много. Страна не имеет значения.

  84. Wilson Combatgirl

    Wilson CombatgirlHace 6 meses

    BMW drivers are obnoxious ALL around the world 🙄


    SHAPE CSGOHace 6 meses

    ayyye $B

  86. MeMyselfandI UntilDeath

    MeMyselfandI UntilDeathHace 6 meses

    The motorcyclist in the beginning was a prick.

  87. Hsin-Yu Chen

    Hsin-Yu ChenHace 6 meses

    TIL there's Target in Australia.

  88. Albert Smith

    Albert SmithHace 6 meses

    0:18 dude what are you slapping your meat while driving??

  89. Brandon thomas

    Brandon thomasHace 6 meses

    5:00 dude you over reacted to that.

  90. David Krell

    David KrellHace 6 meses

    tommy nation

  91. Nightstroller

    NightstrollerHace 6 meses

    Hey, Dork. 0:26 Just because lane splitting is legal in some states doesn't make it smart.

  92. USCmusic10

    USCmusic10Hace 6 meses

    Nightstroller Yeah it’s ridiculous. I’m not necessarily opposed to lane splitting if it’s like how I described. Caution slowly in slow/still traffic. But this was wreckless and going to get themselves killed and psychologically scar the innocent driver through no fault of their own

  93. Nightstroller

    NightstrollerHace 6 meses

    @USCmusic10 Its possible. Whenever they do this lane splitting garbage they're coming within inches of other motorists! Try getting that close to them and they go into their little hot headed fits!

  94. USCmusic10

    USCmusic10Hace 6 meses

    Nightstroller I thought even where lane splitting is legal it’s only legal under a certain mph on more standstill/slow moving traffic.

  95. Artem Lokhovitskiy

    Artem LokhovitskiyHace 6 meses

    8:30 Paul. You are an example of how drivers should handle their cars. Great job! PS: maybe your car has a wonderful stability control system but anyway correction was done by you.

  96. asepos

    aseposHace 6 meses

    5:21 Props to cammer who called themself out! Glad to see at least one who has and obviously has learned from their own action instead of blaming others. He’s wise beyond his years now. (J/K about that last sentence.)

  97. Josue

    JosueHace 6 meses

    5:26 Never admit to fault! Don’t lie either...

  98. BILL S

    BILL SHace 6 meses

    Tesla owners make me not want to be one.

  99. Rene Paez

    Rene PaezHace 6 meses

    Someone cuts me off, so I speed up. LOGIC?!?!?!?!?!

  100. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace 6 meses

    0:36 So annoying that so many of these people involve cars that aren't even a part of their accident. 1:27 What is the 405? 8:25 Looks like an engineering problem to me. No _fallen tree ahead_ sign. 9:44 Maybe it's a gypsy cab.

  101. eroshiyda

    eroshiydaHace 6 meses

    @shreddder999 Oh, I see. Maybe it was a typo or something.

  102. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace 6 meses

    @eroshiyda In the video. The clip is in Portland Oregon.

  103. eroshiyda

    eroshiydaHace 6 meses

    @shreddder999 I'm confused, where does it say that the 405 is 900 miles long?

  104. shreddder999

    shreddder999Hace 6 meses

    @eroshiyda Perhaps, but it isn't 900 miles long.

  105. eroshiyda

    eroshiydaHace 6 meses

    The 405 is the most congested highway in Los Angeles, California.

  106. no name IDK

    no name IDKHace 6 meses

    Wow 7:30 that sethman guy barely touched his car and said he got a neck injure becaise of that I think its insurance fraud

  107. Calandra

    CalandraHace 6 meses

    2:03 I'm so nosey trying to hear who called who a crackhead I didn't even watch the accident 😂😂😂

  108. alinabina

    alinabinaHace 6 meses

    Lol me too

  109. Emma S

    Emma SHace 6 meses

    It sounds like one of those radio pranks.

  110. Alan Moncus

    Alan MoncusHace 6 meses

    @Ray B what d'you say about my momma, lol, no for real tho

  111. Ray B

    Ray BHace 6 meses

    Dont call my moma a crackhead

  112. Alan Moncus

    Alan MoncusHace 6 meses

    @Raul P naw, now (I promise you) you really don't, oof

  113. Motorsport Dork

    Motorsport DorkHace 6 meses

    Those crazy motorcycles. I think they should be ban from the road all together. #merica

  114. BogiYT

    BogiYTHace 6 meses

    Motorsport Dork Same dude, that Motorsport Dork guy is suchhhhhh an unsafe rider.

  115. Pat McBride

    Pat McBrideHace 6 meses

    3:11 Lock your horse, and take the keys.

  116. blinkvideo

    blinkvideoHace 6 meses

    I enjoy watching these videos because I don't get to holler "YOU FUCKING MORON!" enough.

  117. Bill Came

    Bill CameHace 6 meses

    3:23 I knew it had to be Australia. It was so off the wall that it couldn't be any place else.

  118. Babicka Fantastica

    Babicka FantasticaHace 6 meses

    5:38 - Come on man, surely you could have went a little wide so the BMW SUV could have made the turn also. The Mitsubishi SUV in front of you did it fine.

  119. W P

    W PHace 6 meses

    Cammer: "I saw it coming from a mile away and it was totally reasonable but it was still technically illegal and I wanted to be dramatic and honk/slam on my brakes!!! 😡😡😡"

  120. Kristopher Robinson

    Kristopher RobinsonHace 6 meses

    Did the motorcycle just do a hit and run?!

  121. Ahren Scholz

    Ahren ScholzHace 6 meses

    His momma did crack

  122. Ames Kelis

    Ames KelisHace 6 meses

    2:26 i recognize that voice. breaking news %^&*( @t@tjsotomayorkoc

  123. Poindexter Frink

    Poindexter FrinkHace 6 meses

    That motorcycle was 100% at fault. That's dangerous weaving.