Best of the month (AUGUST)-Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive

This is video about bad drivers.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
Special thanks to :
The 4K Guy - Fire &
johnny five

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Jace Render

    Jace RenderHace un mes

    @a4bcaboose aaaà1@q

  3. Deadcats Rgoodcats

    Deadcats RgoodcatsHace un mes

    @digitalnuke I agree with what you said, but maybe it's because he is young and doesn't have very much driving experience yet. Maybe he learned something from this crash. If he had more experience, he could have easily avoided causing this to be a crash, instead of hurt feelings because he was cut off by another driver. As you said, technically he was in the right, but still, with more years behind the wheel he would have easily gotten through this with no bent metal.

  4. Deadcats Rgoodcats

    Deadcats RgoodcatsHace un mes

    @a4bcaboose Age might have something to do with this crash. You obviously don't have very much driving experience and therefore weren't a good enough driver to avoid causing this crash. If you had more driving experience, you would have easily avoided causing this to be a crash instead of just being butt hurt because some guy cut you off. I'm glad you got your money out of this. Maybe you learned something from it too. Good luck in the future. Please drive more careful.

  5. a4bcaboose

    a4bcabooseHace un mes

    @digitalnuke bold of you to assume that i didnt see him. I was going to change lanes into the left lane before the impact but looked and seen i had somebody in MY blindspot. By the time i did the shoulder check he was already in my lane. How did i arrogantly cause an accident?

  6. digitalnuke

    digitalnukeHace un mes

    @a4bcaboose while technically they are responsible... you honestly didn't see them and move to avoid hitting them? Tapping the brakes would have left everyone in good shape. Your arrogantly forcing an accident is much worse than the people who were changing lanes without checking their blind spot.

  7. Madison Link

    Madison LinkHace 6 días

    50:50: Everyone's driving badly, but the 3rd car is actually at fault. You: In the future, please stop for yellow when you can.

  8. Madison Link

    Madison LinkHace 7 días

    15:43: "Distance keeping accident": What a pleasant way of saying, "I was following way too close for the speed."

  9. Erika Barragan

    Erika BarraganHace 8 días

    Noticed that a lot of these are from my area in California.. Santa Ana, Long Beach ( the bike accident).. Hemet , Anaheim etc... and people wonder why I’d rather stay home lol

  10. Logan Cheney

    Logan CheneyHace 9 días

    fancythinkingbox is lying lmao, she swerved to block/ hit the jeep when it went to pass, and then clearly accelerated to try and pass and not "pull over"

  11. Jeff E

    Jeff EHace 14 días

    43:12 Is the crashed white truck at fault here? He didn't use a signal. When I come across this it's usually the back-most car that slows to make room (specifically when the cars have all maintained their positions like this), though I know the rule is the merging lane must yield, right? I don't know why the front truck slowed when there was nothing in front of it, and the black one seemed to want to block out the white truck.

  12. Advent Cliff

    Advent CliffHace 15 días

    Question ? Time 10.31 In the message to top is says this idiot was excluded from there insurance. Does it mean he was not insured to drive.

  13. Advent Cliff

    Advent CliffHace 15 días

    Time 7.42. Truck with car on back is clearly signeling to move right in plenty of time.. What do you do. Keep going till there is contact. Your fault it happened.

  14. Advent Cliff

    Advent CliffHace 15 días

    Time 5.25. You say she tailgate you then starts to over take. What do you do. You excelerated and moved left to force her across road. Then you go and do what she was doing and tail gate her. Both as bad as one another. People that do this should have there vehicles converscated and if the vehicle are on finance then you are force to pay it off. I hope the police see this video and see through your lies to.

  15. Advent Cliff

    Advent CliffHace 15 días

    Time 3.48. This was a deliberate read end crash. Not I know why my insurance keeps going up with idiots like you on road.

  16. Ferol Halo

    Ferol HaloHace 20 días

    @14:20 where did that car come from

  17. KwakHru

    KwakHruHace 21 un día

    Why are the cammers keep going when there are people in front of them? (9:45 etc.)

  18. Mind Hunter

    Mind HunterHace 24 días

    Some of these could be avoided if the people would just let others over. You can see the people’s turn light on, but instead they speed up and make a point that they have the right of way. If possible just let the people over. I’m not talking about the lane changes where another car is already next to them. Just if the other car is ahead of you. I do love these videos

  19. Randell Darky

    Randell DarkyHace 24 días

    I have noticed that mini vans are some of the worst drivers. And how about some cars with baby on board decals, they drive 10-20mph over the limit

  20. J.E.T.

    J.E.T.Hace 25 días

    The Olivia J. incident at 50:48. I believe the person going straight had the right of way because the light had not yet turned red. the other cars are supposed to yield. the second turning car was blatantly running a red light and not paying attention.

  21. musiclvr1able

    musiclvr1ableHace 26 días

    22:33 That is why I NEVER beckon anybody out into the street. Just because traffic is stopped and I may be leavin space in front of me(tryin to be courteous)doesn’t always mean it’s safe for that person to come out yet. I let them make up their own mind. Traffic in the other lanes may still be moving and neither person(the oncoming vehicles and the one comin out)can see each other.

  22. Michael Block

    Michael BlockHace 26 días

    19:23 lol

  23. Metabrowser

    MetabrowserHace 27 días

    5:45 If the cammer would have stayed in his lane, the Jeep would not have been in incoming traffic. Jeep was doing wrong, don't try to block. After, that cause the break checking. Then cammer says the he wanted to pull over to call the cops and that she thought that he was trying to pass her. Well, I also think that's what he was trying to do. Why else would he accelerate on the right lane? If he really had his kid in the back, then he's a heartless and dangerous father.

  24. sergiu bducoci

    sergiu bducociHace 27 días

    25:27 He went over 2 lanes. Fuck him

  25. sergiu bducoci

    sergiu bducociHace 27 días

    8:44 That happened to me. I braked and avoided it. You got dicky and thought it was going to avoid you. Smart good

  26. PreVayl Music

    PreVayl MusicHace 28 días

    Yo these cammers are shifty humans. I cannot just see a bad crash and not try to help. fuck all those fucking selfish fucks. they will take the time to submit a video but not check on other humans. smffh

  27. helookalikaman79

    helookalikaman79Hace un mes

    12:20 Hell no you take the idiot and the idiots brother to court... They chose to exclude the driver then the brother should NOT have allowed him to drive, if he didn't give permission, the truck should be considered stolen.... Had the idiot driver had been pulled over, would/could a cop write a "No insurance" ticket? Hell go to the dmv to report a vehicle without coverage on the road... the truck has to have valid liability coverage and during the accident apparently no coverage...

  28. Ali Swanson

    Ali SwansonHace un mes

    2:30-- Oh this person is having some problems and is trying to back up, let's pull forward a little more. 6:00-- Jeep one-- Ya know, if someone is being this much of an asshat. Turn off, let them get down the road a little then resume. No use in annoying yourself over this type of jackass.

  29. Vince Ferrer

    Vince FerrerHace un mes

    Too much to read... figure it out!

  30. K Aytay

    K AytayHace un mes

    the la palma ave. anaheim california crash was fatal. driver was under the influence of alcohol

  31. Michael Montgomery

    Michael MontgomeryHace un mes

    50:48 IMO it's always the fault of the person who rear ends another person. It's simple... follow at a safe distance anticipating an complete bonehead move by the driver in front of you. People don't think about the fact that they're operating heavy machinery every time they get behind the wheel. You have to watch out for all possible hazards and a big one is the vehicle traveling in front of you. That being said if cammer and the other car had collided I believe cammer insurance would have accepted partial responsibility as cammer was traveling at a low rate of speed and had plenty of time to stop at the light.

  32. Michael Montgomery

    Michael MontgomeryHace un mes

    Was the nice guy with the trailer at fault? lol Are you serious? In the state of Texas it is the responsibility of the person making the turn across traffic to make sure that they have the all clear. It doesn't matter if the guy in the truck was urgently waving the car on and telling them they had the all clear. It is ALWAYS on the other car to verify before pulling out. Lesson... Don't trust other drivers or passengers when they tell you it's all clear.

  33. Reggie C

    Reggie CHace un mes

    I appreciate the remarks that you put for each scene. It really helps viewers (like me) to understand what happened. I hope more posts on ESdos can be done the same way.

  34. Omar Morales

    Omar MoralesHace un mes

    The crash 18min in with the red suv looks on the dashcam as though it was the red suv's fault but if you look real good you will see the guy with the dash cam was more at fault. There are 3 left turn lanes. If u notice the car infront of dashcam car look to see the lane he ends up in. Thats where he should have went but instead did make a hard swerve to the middle lane thus causing the accident. The younger kid, although hot-headed, was right when he said the guy swerved into him

  35. Waffleking20080

    Waffleking20080Hace un mes

    Yo it’s crazy this woman going like almost 70 on like road with a speed limit of 45 and there is a fire truck coming omg 🤦‍♂️4:08

  36. J H

    J HHace un mes

    If only these cammers could use the brakes as well as the horn

  37. Jérémie Planqua

    Jérémie PlanquaHace un mes

    Sometimes cammers are very stupid, as this one at 1:44 : the trucker did advertise his lane change and exit by turn on his blinkers, and the cammer didn't understood at the time. He should decelerate, and maybe use his brakes lightly. You could think the truck should change lane long before try to exit, but the video is too short : perhaps the cammer stay at the right of the truck for too long. Anyway, always remeber the road is made to be shared, so respect the security distances between vehicles, and don't drive like a moron (intoxicated or not) ;)

  38. Bee Bop

    Bee BopHace un mes

    No sympathy for people doing the slippy slide down the wet roads. Buy some tires with tread on them.

  39. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy SmithHace un mes

    If you pass a semi on the right, don't be surprised when it moves over on you.

  40. xq39

    xq39Hace un mes

    6:00 the cammer is engaging the road rager he is an idiot you need to let them do whatever dumb thing and then pull over.

  41. jeffrey keyes

    jeffrey keyesHace un mes

    seems to be a big practice these days letting someone not on insurance drive your car and get out of accident cost see more laws coming damn it, worst part is half of these scammers will send first payment on a 6 month policy for insurance and never pay anymore making them of course uninsured and as of today still no way to stop this form of crap, u get hit you get stuck for damages they get a ticket and fine whoopeee!!!

  42. Mudando o Plano

    Mudando o PlanoHace un mes

    Tem muito bração no vídeo hehehhe

  43. Sam Davis

    Sam DavisHace un mes

    1232 yes he was in the wrong going the wrong way on a one way but not letting him get a chance to get out of your way is on you, that’s just common sense dumbass if I was him and you kept moving up as I was trying to get out of ur way I would just put my car in park recline my seat and take a nap until your triggered ass left

  44. theCVN7

    theCVN7Hace un mes

    9:10 that little kid is a daredevil

  45. Donnie Robertson

    Donnie RobertsonHace un mes


  46. Hisoka

    HisokaHace un mes

    I am getting the impression , that in the US, it's better to not have insurance for your seem to get away with everything, except maybe the police..? :'D

  47. Hisoka

    HisokaHace un mes

    Compilation of selfish and passive aggressive Idiots.. :D But it's entertaining x)

  48. nucha2fb

    nucha2fbHace un mes

    Not familiar with new Zealand law but Chen Frank was completely at fault, trailer was blinking he was already moving into the right lane and driver just ran right into it

  49. b1orogue

    b1orogueHace un mes

    Why the hell are these an hour long and why did I watch it all?


    AMANDA MAEHace un mes

    How to avoid wrecks: patience and pay attention. Giving other drivers especially truck drivers the road is a lot better than a damaged vehicle.

  51. lakerskid2013

    lakerskid2013Hace 25 días

    Something I have been screaming at my TV for is these people to pay attention. So many accidents in all of these compilations, I’d guess about 90% of them, could easily be prevented. Even if I have the right of way or would legally be in the right in the case of an accident, I’m not taking my chances. I’m a very cautious and defensive driver, which in my videos you would be able to tell just by looking. It doesn’t hurt either for some people just to slow down a bit and looking to see if someone’s wheels are rolling. Details matter

  52. Will Stephens

    Will StephensHace un mes

    Dashcammer at 5:28 is just as much of a douche as the driver in the wrangler. Swerved to the left when the Jeep passes and does not attempt to pull over near the end but instead speeds up

  53. Will Stephens

    Will StephensHace un mes

    The red car at 1:21 is a late model GTO (nice car, stupid driver). Not a Tesla or bmw.

  54. Bass Hunter

    Bass HunterHace un mes

    why do people stop for these idiots

  55. Just Another Aviator

    Just Another AviatorHace un mes

    33:50 must've taken care of the transformer

  56. Matthew The Truth

    Matthew The TruthHace un mes

    The cammer at 6:30 is at fault just as much as the jeep. she definitely tried to cut off the jeep and later was trying to pass on the right. Total BS that she was pulling over to call the police. She needs to learn to drive just like the jeep.

  57. Jack Burt

    Jack BurtHace un mes

    1:07 never knew a Holden Monaro was a Tesla

  58. Corey B

    Corey BHace un mes

    Sorry but the guy who didn't let the tree truck in is a dick. Maybe something came up and he needed to get off in an emergency. All he had to do was slow down the tiniest amount and be courteous but instead threw a little fit but by speeding up because he saw a blinker and then not slowing down at all as the truck got over and claiming he got run off the road. There was room for the truck to get over until he sped up. I bet the cammer gets mad when people don't let him in either but acts like that.

  59. drellis1978

    drellis1978Hace un mes

    I really hate when people intentionally ram into other just because they are at fault. If you're using your eyeballs you can see the asshat is going to run the yellow/red, so just give him a few seconds and avoid damage and injury.

  60. Coyote Daf

    Coyote DafHace un mes

    35m20 fucking cowardly. for a flick on a bumper? flee .... make everyone take all these risks, and seeing that he was caught, stop ... I hope he called the police and showed them the video of his flight ... in the state he is not laughing, prison and hefty fines ... I would have seen his head and see how he reacted ????

  61. Roddy MacChlerich

    Roddy MacChlerichHace un mes

    Cop open the door and stepped into oncoming traffic driver has right away there was nowhere for them to go cops are always right even when they do stupid shit & NEDLESSLY, risk their own lifes

  62. Dadsview

    DadsviewHace un mes

    Having driven for more than 30 years without an accident I am amazed at how many of these accidents could have been avoided by simply yielding to the errant driver! Sure you can say "i wasn't at fault" but you still end up with a damaged car.

  63. lakerskid2013

    lakerskid2013Hace 25 días

    Not to mention the aftermath you got to put up with from repair costs to putting yourself in a position being out of a car. Most accidents are quite preventable. Defensive driving is a very underrated tool and I’ve always been the cautious driver ever since I got my license 4 years ago.

  64. Kymmberliestarr

    KymmberliestarrHace un mes

    4:45 I just knew the car listening to Ozzy was going to wreck but nope, I was wrong. I got into a really bad wreck many years ago in high school ( not my fault) but I was listening to the Doors break on through to the other side. I almost did and to this day I still can’t listen to that song.

  65. Skeleton Man

    Skeleton ManHace un mes

    46:06 Cop.exe has stopped working Pants.exe has been corrupted

  66. Orestes Travieso

    Orestes TraviesoHace un mes

    Half of these people literally see people going into their lane and tries to speed up 🤦🏽‍♂️ shit is so stupid

  67. Andrew Chang

    Andrew ChangHace un mes

    there needs to be harsher penalties for being a bad driver other than high insurance rates. If you cause an accident at 100 mph you should have your license revoked permanently and face criminal charges. Driving with a revoked license should be a felony

  68. Franklin Durant

    Franklin DurantHace un mes

    Hay algunos videos que se ven muy obvio

  69. Zodiac

    ZodiacHace un mes

    3:39 I dont know what this was but the rock likely didnt give consent....

  70. KKHAGY Hagy

    KKHAGY HagyHace un mes

    Are not gonna talk about 45:40 when he kicks the dog 😳

  71. Northfieldgunn

    NorthfieldgunnHace un mes

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people that don't realize a yellow traffic light means: caution, slow down, prepare to stop. Not: quick, go fast, you can make it.

  72. Dawn Sunrise

    Dawn SunriseHace un mes

    Sounded like Warren Jeffries on the vehicle recorded tape. Half way through!! Creepy , she is not flashy she is content she doesn’t argue she is kind she is simple ect. CREEPY STUFF!!

  73. Garreth Cherry

    Garreth CherryHace un mes

    In america when you go to the dmv and say i belive trump is a great president. You get a license. For fuck sakes. Learn how to drive in america and f trump.

  74. Aaron Lisco

    Aaron LiscoHace un mes

    Michael Haines your a dill weed...You can see the drive of the truck has their signal on as the car next to him starts to pass they are making their intentions clear and instead YOU decide to Speed up to make sure he doesn't get in..your dash cam recorded your speed increase..the truck driver didn't force you off the road you put your self in that position by well just be who you are you could of done the kind thing and been a human about it but NO you had to be a Trump ...stop being a Donald Trump Don't blame others Take responsibility for your actions

  75. ThePyrotechnic23

    ThePyrotechnic23Hace un mes

    15:26 at least the police got to the accident fast!

  76. Tomsouz17

    Tomsouz17Hace un mes

    4:01 this is 100% drivers fault here tho... who speeds thru a yellow light with a fire rescue on the other side...

  77. FireReaper 333

    FireReaper 333Hace un mes

    44:34 no offense mate but if i was you the wife would be walking home. I never honk my horn at people when getting close to a accident cause ot encourages road rage and if my passenger honks my horn for me, ima kick they ass out. Made my sister walk home from school when she flipped off a mustang for speeding by me and he brake checked me for it


    6FOOTMEDIAHace un mes

    37:41 the guy was listening to ready player one on an audio book nice

  79. James Marquis

    James MarquisHace un mes

    Lane splitting Idiot motorcycle rider warning at 3:13!!!

  80. FireReaper 333

    FireReaper 333Hace un mes

    90% of the accidents in this video were cause by the cammera not avoiding the accidents they could have

  81. Andrew Cran

    Andrew CranHace un mes

    19:53 "got clipped after i had changed lanes". No, you moron, you failed to give way to a car in the lane you were moving into. Half the incidents in this video are the fault of the driver with the camera...

  82. Andrew Cran

    Andrew CranHace un mes

    6:54 -"My wife got hit the guard rail". No, she ran into the guard rail, she didn't 'got hit' the guard rail.

  83. Andrew Cran

    Andrew CranHace un mes

    camera car at 5:51 - tries to run overtaking car off the road, then complains about the brake check...

  84. K D

    K DHace un mes

    The “nail biter” at 4:00 was mainly your fault. Speed limit was 45. You look like you were doing over that. And you clearly were not paying attention to the traffic ahead of you; otherwise, you would’ve seen that car and truck stopped, and you would’ve slowed down.

  85. PCDYYD

    PCDYYDHace un mes

    2:25 ; MR Bean moment!

  86. Cyn Dee

    Cyn DeeHace un mes

    Dude at :18 was a car had blinker on.

  87. 1unsung

    1unsungHace un mes

    9.55 stupid COW

  88. 1unsung

    1unsungHace un mes

    1.30 a sensible/experienced driver would never draw alongside a big rig like that. Might is right on the highway. The truck driver is never going to hear your pesky horn blaring. No need for this driver to get all aggro on his/her "daily commute."

  89. XxJ-3CxX 08

    XxJ-3CxX 08Hace un mes

    Wish i had a cam... Seen a 10 year old get knock off his bike by a truck, a charger make a turn and hit and break the curve, a guy cut off the guy in front of me almost making us crash, a truck blocking the view of the street lights for me and me running the red light apparently.

  90. XxJ-3CxX 08

    XxJ-3CxX 08Hace un mes

    I wish some of this drivers didn't use a seatbelt.

  91. kamite 1

    kamite 1Hace un mes

    A nation of idiots!

  92. Evilwave and Metamorph

    Evilwave and MetamorphHace un mes

    31:54 there is no way they survived is that blood?

  93. safedriver1979

    safedriver1979Hace un mes

    Applying the brake could save a bunch of money. But we wouldn't have these great videos!!! 😄

  94. Anthony P

    Anthony PHace un mes

    25:32 - INCORRECT! There was NO contact with the scooter or the van. The scooter is at fault for reckless driving and not yeilding to vehicl in next lane over. The scooter driver, most likely was in shock at the proximity of the van, panicked and went down. NOT a hit and run.

  95. StephenB

    StephenBHace un mes

    16:50 OMFG they need to be caught. For real

  96. Night Bleeding

    Night BleedingHace un mes

    31:38 brooo is that blood or something from car?

  97. Jonny B

    Jonny BHace un mes

    White suv at 31:43. I couldn't tell if that was blood or power steering fluid.

  98. Jon Pollock

    Jon PollockHace un mes

    26:20 Didn't know jesus sold dash cams? Are they reasonably priced?

  99. Jon Pollock

    Jon PollockHace un mes

    19:49 completely the womans fault, " singaled and merged" yea thats not how driving works in any country sorry to be the one to break this news to you, you signaled then moved and didn't check your mirror so just be honest about it. You are 100% at fault here.

  100. Lee Barnes

    Lee BarnesHace un mes

    Cammer concoctions, the only creature that counts the milliseconds to horn the other and always "bad" driver. Karens on the move. The most perverse and dangerous form of Road Rage, most of theeese guys should be doing jail time if only the cops were properly funded in the first place.

  101. WhosieWhatsum

    WhosieWhatsumHace un mes

    Today's group of morons were brought to you by "Dumbfucks Of America, And Around The World"

  102. Neo666233

    Neo666233Hace un mes

    I’ve seen some shitty drivers around the world but the Drumph Nation takes the cake!

  103. yatez_ _345

    yatez_ _345Hace un mes

    0:42 idky but thats looks like it was on purpose cause it was so smooth 😂

  104. Abah anton77

    Abah anton77Hace un mes

    If you see Vedeo here, the accident happened because of high speed and carelessness 😔😞

  105. Ethan

    EthanHace un mes

    31:44 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 White truck : None of my business!!

  106. Faris Al-Kidewi

    Faris Al-KidewiHace un mes

    5:52 “Karen” just close on the other driver to the left and didn’t even wanted to go left ... and started b**ching about how angry they are 🙂🙂🙂

  107. daihatucom

    daihatucomHace un mes

    No explanation needed, it's annoying.