Day in the Life of a Truck Driver-Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #2

This is video number # 2 in the series that is all about truck drivers (Road Rage, Brake Check, bad truckers,good truckers,accidents,...),.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive a truck and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
Special thanks to :
Trucker Beetle

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

For more driving tips visit :
Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes

    Hi guys,don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Flippin Random

    Flippin RandomHace un mes

    RRBD always has the good ones. Thanks for pausing the video for clip explanations, It makes it hard to watch and read them at the same time

  3. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace un mes



    SELMA FAGOULIHace un mes

    Daily content,I like it

  5. cj randall

    cj randallHace un día

    HOPE HUNTER actually shouldn't have gone through that yellow. the second post form you you're in the wrong again. we're supposed to wait until it's safe. you seem to jump the red a lot. that car was trying to beat the yellow (he's wrong in that), but in a collision you'd be wrong. as well, learn to get into your own lane. you go around the corner, then pull into the right lane where you belong. your third video shows you at fault...again. you could've slowed down. instead, you concentrated on the horn and moving into opposing traffic (a collision would again be your fault). you need to find a different career. you're giving us a bad name.

  6. MrTheoLater

    MrTheoLaterHace 13 días

    I like how the asshole semi driver was trying to play the victim for how many times he got brake checked and flipped off. He was doing fucking 75 miles an hour no semis are allowed to go that fast anywhere in California or Nevada. More people need to get these assholes to slow down if that's what it takes.

  7. Thelightlightskin

    ThelightlightskinHace 22 días

    You must have to be brain dead if you think that cutting off a semi truck that can weight over 35000 pounds is a good idea.

  8. Steve Foss

    Steve FossHace 24 días

    hey "Driving by Braille" if cars keep brake checking you, maybe you're an as$hole?

  9. Trucker Beetle Bailey

    Trucker Beetle BaileyHace 25 días

    Thanks for putting in the description where you got my video, I was going thru all my violators today!! (Nice Video) Here is another video you should see on my other channel -

  10. Trucker Beetle Bailey

    Trucker Beetle BaileyHace 24 días

    RR&BD Driving School - that video I made back in 2013 and posted it in 2014, that was back whenever are used to tow cars for a living. I attempted to tow that van until all the people came running out of the apartment complex during broad daylight when most people should be at work. But of course I believe this was a section 8 apartment complex where nobody works.

  11. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace 24 días

    @Trucker Beetle Bailey sorry man,I was talking about clip you send me,Going Tow Crazy in Dallas Texas // Halloween Style .

  12. Trucker Beetle Bailey

    Trucker Beetle BaileyHace 24 días

    RR&BD Driving School - It started off as any normal day driving down the highway, it was dry no rain and then out of the blue a downpour. Then there was so much overspray in front of me from the car‘s tires at the last minute I could not see past the overspray until I got really close to the other vehicles and had no chance to stop I didn’t want to hit the cars in front of me so I had to find a way out of this and then cut across the grass, I narrowly missed the bridge pillar on the cars in front of me able to get on the service road and keep on going.

  13. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace 24 días

    Thank you ,do you have any comment on the videos?how did it end?

  14. NAcHO1713

    NAcHO1713Hace 26 días

    People are actually stupid enough to break check giant ass semi trucks... really

  15. Eric Anderson

    Eric AndersonHace 27 días

    Brake checking semi trucks is about as safe and intelligent as mooning a rhino. Just go on safari, hop out the truck near a rhino, yank off your clothes, bend over and spread em

  16. AzhariDsmaroo Dsmaroo

    AzhariDsmaroo DsmarooHace 28 días

    Everyone think everyone correct

  17. Darrren Betker

    Darrren BetkerHace 28 días

    Stop break checking transports?how bout stopping transports from riding the ass of motorists and pissing em off to the point of retaliation

  18. Sam Kaur

    Sam KaurHace 28 días

    Why are people so stupid and brake check anyway?It will back fire on them one day.Also how can you not see a truck?I would not for the life of me like to have the job of being a truck driver with all the stupid fools on the road they have to contend with.My hat goes off to all the guys and gals that drive trucks.You are legends.

  19. G4laxyPlay3r

    G4laxyPlay3rHace 28 días

    i dont know the driving rules in the USA. But the stupid drivers are still the same like in germany

  20. CharlesA24

    CharlesA24Hace 29 días

    Mark Jordan, the problem started when you couldn't let him throught... Just take your foot off the gas... I know he had a tried but still you were way back when he was coming on... At this point just run him off the road.

  21. Drifters Ink Tattoo

    Drifters Ink TattooHace un mes

    London Ontario has the worst fucking drivers anywhere!

  22. Gary Fuiten

    Gary FuitenHace un mes

    I think, as a rule, two fingers from the same car can only be counted as one. 🤓

  23. Tony Stone

    Tony StoneHace un mes

    I drive for Uber every day in. Fl. Would never even imagine brake checking a Semi. Insane!!

  24. hazeleyezluv

    hazeleyezluvHace un mes

    Yo the van @ 0:48 pissed me off. I know they seen that truck backing. The truck driver was in the wrong too though, but looks like that van driver did that on purpose. 😡

  25. Bradley Selk

    Bradley SelkHace un mes

    Brake checkers and me don't get along. I have a big ass cow guard on my truck as well as a very expensive dash cam set up thats hard wired into the truck so its always on. In the last few years I have hit 3 of them. Two were arrested and another got a very expensive ticket. I never touched the brakes either. If you wanna blay that game just Remember some of us don't put up with that stupid shit.

  26. Khalil G

    Khalil GHace un mes

    "Ah Canada... why do we even allow you to be a country."

  27. Cameron Skaggs

    Cameron SkaggsHace un mes

    Where do all these scumbags come from back when I started driving it was so pleasant now everybody's out for money to crash into you. They don't know what the break is it just outrageously f****** stupid

  28. Brooke S

    Brooke SHace un mes

    People know when merging onto highways, they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT AWAY RIGHT?! Cause clearly looks like they don’t!... wtf people are so dumb! That shit with fucking with people in front of them just causes more traffic and accidents!!

  29. Jess Zidle

    Jess ZidleHace un mes

    1:28 I love you

  30. Eduardo Uribe

    Eduardo UribeHace un mes

    ok but why isn't anyone commenting about 4:37 ?? HAHAHAHAH

  31. Hans

    HansHace un mes

    8:33 Beatty, NV... love this town!

  32. surfpub2001

    surfpub2001Hace un mes

    Looks like both idiot car drivers and idiot truck drivers.... you see a car turning in to your lane as a truck driver the normal thing to do is slow down. Not maintain speed and blare the horn.

  33. Jackson Benbrook

    Jackson BenbrookHace un mes

    2:46 I live just down the road from there, place is full of drunks and dumb asses pulling out of there at all times of the day, but the intersection just ahead is a bad spot in wet weather like that

  34. Andrea Sanders

    Andrea SandersHace un mes

    No wonder that nobody loves Truck Drivers

  35. Tel Smith

    Tel SmithHace un mes

    I used to drive trucks. Loved driving the trucks but ended up disliking the day to day hassle of other people. Like on here, people often regarding you as a second class citizen and often pull out, cut you up etc.

  36. TraustiGeir

    TraustiGeirHace un mes

    4:30 Wow...classy...

  37. Whipple Fish

    Whipple FishHace un mes

    Semi drivers are all a bunch of dicks. Semis need to be confined to the right lane of the freeway. All trucks need governors that keep them at 65 mph. CALL YOU PERSON IN CONGRESS! Semi drivers are killers!

  38. LA LA Snead

    LA LA SneadHace un mes

    This one happened in Detroit Michigan

  39. Mike

    MikeHace un mes

    @08:57 These bell ends on slip roads (UK) really boil my piss!! They seem to think it's up to the cars on the motorway / dual carriageway to make way for them! I'll always move over when possible but just like i do, they need to adjust their speed and find a gap.

  40. minnesota kid

    minnesota kidHace un mes

    That Canada driver sucks...

  41. CapitalNick

    CapitalNickHace un mes

    1:35 there are clearly brake lights on the SUV. And who exactly was supposed to indicate to you that traffic was stopping?

  42. Timbo

    TimboHace un mes

    @5:02 Why is the driver in the Red Mack truck, Driving by Braille videos, whining about getting slowed down and flipped off driving upwards and up to 76mph? Aren't trucks supposed to be limited to 65mph... SMH

  43. Donald Holmes

    Donald HolmesHace un mes

    Mad respect for the guy peeing out his door.

  44. o k

    o kHace un mes

    Exelente video

  45. Jason Langmead

    Jason LangmeadHace un mes

    Looks like alot of these semi's are hanging out in the far left lane . Hence the reason for many of the pissed off drivers .

  46. Pavel Kochba

    Pavel KochbaHace un mes

    1:51 ...typical Murican ... some lifes of people in front are not so important ... important are MONEY, which I would have to pay to their related

  47. Hassan Chop!

    Hassan Chop!Hace un mes

    Driving By Braille: So many one finger salutes, maybe it's you. Why are driving like an asshole in the left lane?

  48. Timbo

    TimboHace un mes

    Yeah, and at 72-76mph? Asshole for sure.

  49. krista marsh

    krista marshHace un mes

    To all the truckers out there: After watching too many videos like this, I make sure when I want to pull in front of a semi, I can see their grill and make sure there is at least a car’s length before I go. Seen too many videos where the truck driver can’t see the car and spins it sideways.

  50. sernani99

    sernani99Hace un mes

    The one at 1.44 was like no problem is my exit anyway. I wish we could have more protection and hit a few 4 wheelers here and there.

  51. Bob Saget

    Bob SagetHace un mes

    I just wanna say to all you people who wait last min to proceed to a ramp from the fast lane. Go fuck your self and re take your test

  52. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace un mes

    1:30 nice save man

  53. Don Upton

    Don UptonHace un mes

    Whatever happened to Common Sense?

  54. Rinsick

    RinsickHace un mes

    Ontario needs to learn how to drive, it seems..

  55. Azure Folf

    Azure FolfHace un mes

    Holy shit, that clip at 1:30 made me pucker. Beautiful save!

  56. John Sweeney

    John SweeneyHace un mes

    I have the utmost respect for truckers there the ones that bring the bread milk n beer

  57. Mike M

    Mike MHace un mes

    In all these video ur speeding u pos

  58. Dana Tyler

    Dana TylerHace un mes

    Tesla model 3

  59. Artem J Ford

    Artem J FordHace un mes

    Yo i have no clue whwt is wrong with these semi drovers. Theysay these drivers are brake checking when really they are only flashong the brake light. Brake checking is when you actually slow down on purpose. Idiots

  60. - Popcycle -

    - Popcycle -Hace un mes

    Drivers are the most self entitled bigoted morons on our roads

  61. maroxa101

    maroxa101Hace un mes

    5:09 I would have laid on my trucker air horn! Fugheeeeaaaah! AHOOGA

  62. maroxa101

    maroxa101Hace un mes

    Do these people actually think a semi can" stop on a dime" especially in rainy weather? I just shake my head, it's a wonder there are not more accidents!

  63. maroxa101

    maroxa101Hace un mes

    1:02 Is it just me or does that look and sound like on one of those old fashioned silent movies? LOL

  64. Keelorlen Vlog

    Keelorlen VlogHace un mes

    So just for the record I feel that if you brake check a semi or cause them to wreck for any reason you should lose your license because then there would be less idiots on the road

  65. gero F

    gero FHace un mes

    2:04 yeah I-91 in Hartford is full of crazy people.

  66. Tony Valdez

    Tony ValdezHace un mes

    0:54 How is this possible cant see huge truck reversing:):) 1:29 Me in ETS2:) 4:38 rly???

  67. MissSmudge78

    MissSmudge78Hace un mes

    Trucker Beetle Bailey @1:35 ... Good fuckin save mate!!!

  68. objBobby

    objBobbyHace un mes

    Kenya Vagabond is that cammers porn name

  69. potroast

    potroastHace un mes

    lots of east indians driving in london ontario

  70. Hunts By Chainsaw

    Hunts By ChainsawHace un mes

    This video just reminds me of all the SHIT I don't miss about being on the road.

  71. Wilson Combatgirl

    Wilson CombatgirlHace un mes

    Anyone who brake checks a truck is definitely from Dumbfukistan.

  72. Tall Trucker

    Tall TruckerHace un mes

    Oh The WWOT.... the idiots we deal with day by day. If they could only ride with us for three hours and see the hazards 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  73. Karl Ploss

    Karl PlossHace un mes

    At the 4:00 minute mark..... I almost died in that exact exchange when I was rearended and crushed between two loaded18 wheeler.

  74. Danielle Johnson

    Danielle JohnsonHace un mes

    Stupid drivers out

  75. d w

    d wHace un mes

    1.06 in that was a set up with dark and light car both in on it crash for cash..!!!

  76. Uncle Bozo

    Uncle BozoHace un mes

    Maybe if trucks didn't constantly drive at 10-15mph under the speed limit less cars would get pissed at them? Just a thought.

  77. A Starrlyfe

    A StarrlyfeHace un mes

    Subscribe to me, and I'll subscribe 2 you. 😊 I'm quick

  78. Will4May

    Will4MayHace un mes

    8:24 Sorry Braille, but calling someone for not knowing how to use a stop sign when you didn't stop either.

  79. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace un mes

    1:15 "No damage to truck" ... Well, not entirely. Looks like the hub cover and some lug covers were blasted off in the contact. No biggie. Good thing the hit took place on the outside of the rim where the lug nuts are. Those covers are plastic and I'd estimate the damage to be barely $50.

  80. Tragic Toy

    Tragic ToyHace un mes

    I generally assume anyone that brake checks a semi has a death wish.

  81. Julio Gonzo

    Julio GonzoHace un mes

    1:30 don't drive faster then you can see to stop in time. Got really lucky once, learned my lesson, hope this guy did too.

  82. William Kay

    William KayHace un mes

    The one filmed by KMdaddy that says "Rt 86" was actually I-87 on the NY Thruway in Greenburgh, NY

  83. BuiltforSin

    BuiltforSinHace un mes

    5:00 , 6:00 , and 8:50 "I'm in a tractor trailer cruising in the left lane, why do people keep cutting me off and brake checking me?" Probably because you're holding up traffic in the fast lane in your tractor trailer. I see this shit everyday on I-95. Some tractor trailer is in the left lane holding up traffic, or driving 1mph faster than the other tractor trailer in the center lane so it takes 3 miles to pass them. Meanwhile traffic behind them is backed up as far as the eye can see. I can't stand tractor trailers on the road.

  84. tok kot

    tok kotHace un mes

    truck beetle bailey great save

  85. Joru Garushia

    Joru GarushiaHace un mes

    The fact that some of these “truck” drivers have a license is pretty f-ing scary. These morons like to harp about “we can’t slow down as fast as you guys” but you dipsh*ts sure as hell like moving as fast as a sedan.

  86. Dashcam Riprock

    Dashcam RiprockHace un mes

    7:15're the one at fault here, not that car.

  87. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace un mes

    @Dashcam Riprock Yeah. No one was really in the right here. I'd say they are 50/50. The trucker should seriously know better though.

  88. Dashcam Riprock

    Dashcam RiprockHace un mes

    @Rhsims The trucker also started pulling out before the light turned green, when the car apparently had no intention of slowing down.

  89. Rhsims

    RhsimsHace un mes

    The car ran a red light, but yeah the trucker should have been driving more defensively. If someone looks like they aren't going to slowdown, then why would you continue through the light? lol

  90. Dashcam Confessions

    Dashcam ConfessionsHace un mes

    Quit drivin left lane fucktard

  91. Tom Tom

    Tom TomHace un mes

    0:52 Lmao at the guy that drove right into the back of the semi.

  92. Tom Prosser

    Tom ProsserHace un mes

    Blast horn right behind car, make man piss himself.

  93. Dopey NightlifeTV

    Dopey NightlifeTVHace un mes

    10:03 Jesus Christ!!!! 🥶🥶

  94. Chris Sugg

    Chris SuggHace un mes

    4:50 it took me a while to remember the driver sits on the left in the US. I was like, "that's some pissing/driving skills right there".

  95. Pheurbel VLS

    Pheurbel VLSHace un mes

    That clip with the racers is painful to see, poor innocent. Don’t brake check semis unless you want the truck up your ass! 💚💚

  96. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace un mes

    9:00 People that hover around big trucks like this truly piss me off. You can't get away from them, you hang back and they slow down. You speed up and hit a governor and they won't get out of the way. If they're next to you they sit where you can't change lanes. Sometimes when they do this I wish I'd blow a tire and send it right through their window.

  97. SpunkySouthernGirl

    SpunkySouthernGirlHace un mes

    OMG!!! 4:48 combined with the music = me LOL!!!!

  98. Roman Zamora

    Roman ZamoraHace un mes

    0:57 who’s at fault here?

  99. Roman Zamora

    Roman ZamoraHace un mes

    @smalltownguy22 got it, thought maybe semi was supposed to yield.

  100. smalltownguy22

    smalltownguy22Hace un mes

    Box truck. Semi was reversing very slowly and box truck didn't even try to avoid/slow. He was clearly distracted.

  101. Adam Bryant

    Adam BryantHace un mes

    Most UK motorway users have never been taught how to drive on a motorway! Most think that motorway users are required to give way to those entering dispite the give way marking at the end of the sliproad.

  102. Jasmine F.

    Jasmine F.Hace un mes

    “Few on the car.” 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  103. john todd

    john toddHace un mes

    This guy should not have a driver's license

  104. Khias Draconis

    Khias DraconisHace un mes

    I love how alot of these fucktards just pull out in front of or cut off a semi thinking it can stop on a dime just to convenience them when shit goes wrong.

  105. Zoltan Ruschak-Kelemen

    Zoltan Ruschak-KelemenHace un mes

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  106. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace un mes

    Fuck off with your god shit, it isn't the place.

  107. rascally rabbit

    rascally rabbitHace un mes

    Are you sure aboot that last crash cuz it looked like that vehicle exploded as it went by

  108. paramedic1210

    paramedic1210Hace un mes

    Driving by Braille. Do you see the writing on the wall. You’re one of those jack asses that drive in the passing lane

  109. Eric Larson

    Eric LarsonHace un mes

    4:27 who the hell does that idiot!!

  110. Ocean Lover

    Ocean LoverHace un mes

    You keep getting flipped off because you are blocking the passing lane AND speeding in the truck you complain about taking so long to stop. Morons

  111. Bob Lalonde

    Bob LalondeHace un mes

    You got a dashcam in your truck or car and you have a brake checker in front of you, don't be shy ..... HIT HIM or HER !!! your in control, They'll never do it again. You'll have to pull over to the side to call the cops, DON'T let the piece of shit know you have a dashcam untill the person you rear ended tells his side of the story to the cops. THEN you tell the cop you have it on video. I was hit by a piece of shit once and he was blaming me and giving me the 3rd degree. I let him tell his side of the story to the cops, then I told the cop that I have it on video. That shut the piece of shit up. He was 100% at fault. the best investment I've made in the last 5 years since I've had a dashcam FRONT AND REAR. I'm going to purchase 2 more for the left and right sides too. Lots of stupid drivers on the roads today that are mentally unstable who don't take their medication in the morning before leaving home to be able to cope with normal people.

  112. dante stellato

    dante stellatoHace un mes

    Lol the last one is what happens when you text n drive

  113. Brian's Thought

    Brian's ThoughtHace un mes

    I don't need anymore my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  114. Flatbed Trucker

    Flatbed TruckerHace un mes

    Lmfao... only the best work at western express. Ha,ha,,ha. ,