Day in the Life of a Truck Driver-Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #4

This is video number #4 in the series that is all about truck drivers (Road Rage, Brake Check, bad truckers,good truckers,accidents,...),.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive a truck and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
Special thanks to :
Trucker Beetle
Trucker Beetle
Trucker Beetle

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

For more driving tips visit :
Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace 27 días

    Hi guys,new day new clip. Don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. Lexie marie

    Lexie marieHace 27 días

    You should do some karma videos! Now them are fun to watch. People getting karma for driving like idiots

  3. Dee

    DeeHace 14 horas

    You’re a special kind of stupid to mess around with a semi. The odds are not in your favor.

  4. Paebak Ellison

    Paebak EllisonHace 8 días

    Saw an 18-wheeler once with a sign on his grill that said "20-20 Road Killer, Don't Be Stupid". He had that right. People remember just because the tanker slowed down doesn't mean the liquid did. Inertia is a real thing.

  5. Ezra Potter

    Ezra PotterHace 11 días

    6:06 not sure what went wrong

  6. ghost script

    ghost scriptHace 13 días

    that car at 5:20 -- I think I have the pedestrian vehicle video that goes with that one!

  7. ja4nice

    ja4niceHace 17 días

    ATTENTION TRUCKERS : It's the same, as we are both different driving policies, for motorcycles. They are that stupid, and verbal complaints Should Be Made Public !!!

  8. DustinTheBruce

    DustinTheBruceHace 20 días

    7:04 - 7:30, pointless to ask that question, they really are, every day, but then a lot of truckers are far from being the exception to the rule.

  9. Sam Aguirre

    Sam AguirreHace 21 un día

    My biggest fear back when I was driving a big rig was when I was hauling two 40 ton spools of steel cables up the Rocky Mountain/central mountain divide range and down, you’re slow, heavy, cannot brake for anything, and then you had these stupid brake checkers and irate/self entitled M_F’s who think you they own the whole road and you have to brake for them without thinking if you can even stop ! I once had a guy completely brake check me to a spot and come at me with a shotgun, he peppered the windshield driver side door and fuel tank before trying to get in no explanation just stop me got out and started shooting (found out later he was an disgruntled ex-employee trying to get revenge now serving time behind bars) . Another time I had to brake for a Dodge Caravan minivan (although I was traveling at 45 mph) I didn’t think nothing had moved but after getting to a rest stop to check both spools had broken loose braking their chains tie downs and moving more than a foot towards the driver’s edge as well as forward the lady driver told the NM state police I was speeding and very nearly killed her, her boyfriend, and her three children however I explained that couldn’t be at the speed she said and that by pulling up in front of me with the load I had I could’ve killed not just her family but myself . These loads are extremely dangerous and add the environmental dangers ( steep uphill/downhill drive) and idiots/irate/self entitled drivers trying brake checking you got a disaster waiting to happen. I’ve already lost a friend when a passenger car with a family of five pulled up in front and brake checked him the video shows he slammed on the brakes, the load (two spools of steel cable weighing 70 tons instantly broke loose shooting through the cab killing him and crushing the passenger car killing all five occupants almost instantly near Pine Springs Tx. in route to El Paso Tx. from Carlsbad NM steel plant when he was killed he also to the life of a seven month baby and his family all because the father (driver) became irate, still get scared when someone does this (brake check or worse try fighting) .

  10. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace 22 días

    Haha, Martin Huot, your compilation music choice is too upbeat and incongruous to the idiots in your vid. Good job messing with my head.

  11. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace 22 días

    Althought, there is a part in the video where I didn't seen any idiots. The guy hauling the 'wide load' up that mountain hill? I felt bad for him. What did i miss in that one?

  12. Love2Rewind

    Love2RewindHace 22 días

    Fun fact: The average person will spend six months of their life waiting for red lights to turn green

  13. JoeyLovesTrains

    JoeyLovesTrainsHace 22 días

    2:40 how. How did nobody die. That’s insane

  14. Victoria Hanke

    Victoria HankeHace 23 días

    I worry every day and minute for my Husband out there driving a Big Rig - not for his inability to drive but those who can't. I end every telephone conversation with him "I am in love with you".

  15. god

    godHace 24 días

    and we wonder why the death toll on the highway is so high every yr🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. lo1bo2

    lo1bo2Hace 24 días

    I wonder if any of those cars have passengers who yell at the driver to NEVER do that again.

  17. Joe

    JoeHace 24 días

    Listen they love it, people assume because we start off slow from a stop we are slow no matter what. People love to forget about physics!!

  18. That Creepy Family

    That Creepy FamilyHace 24 días

    what do you call a car that pops betweem semis? an idiot sandwhich!!

  19. K_Nasty FPV

    K_Nasty FPVHace 24 días

    I'm from western NY and I have a buddy who drives between Niagara falls and Twinsburg OH. I go with him sometimes and it blows me away every single time . he actually just got hit by a drunk driver a Few months ago.

  20. Michael C

    Michael CHace 24 días

    I know for a fact the one at 1:15 is port of Tacoma road, Tacoma,WA

  21. Freedom flight

    Freedom flightHace 25 días

    Why do people think they need to speed up to get in front of the vehicle to exit? Thank it would be safer if you hit your breaks a little bit and get behind the vehicle. I see it all the time and I just don’t understand people why they do that.

  22. takingbacksunday54

    takingbacksunday54Hace 25 días

    Keep texting and driving.

  23. Linda Peters

    Linda PetersHace 25 días

    So glad the woman trucker is ok, that scared me, after math...OMgoodness that was bad

  24. Nah

    NahHace 25 días

    0:44 Never cut off a truck! They might be distracted while talking on the phone

  25. Oscar Posada

    Oscar PosadaHace 25 días

    There's a bunch of truck drivers on the road that think they own the road. They will ride side by side on a 2 lane highway or cut in front of you. They're just as bad as any other dickhead out on the road.

  26. Mike Iltshishin

    Mike IltshishinHace 25 días

    7:46 you deserve whatEVER happens to you (but the other person doesn't)! 😒

  27. Glen Strong

    Glen StrongHace 25 días

    Does anyone remember the good ole days when if you missed your exit, you went to the next one and turned around? Seems so long ago. And without getting into a defund the police debate, in these videos and on my commute I barely ever see a police officer anymore, which is what I think is leading people to drive like jackasses, they've never been cought, and they'll keep driving like asshats til they do.

  28. SuperV8driver

    SuperV8driverHace 25 días

    So at min 1:35 the driver did not correctly strap down the load.....

  29. K What???

    K What???Hace 25 días

    The very first person making a Big ass U turn definitely stained his/her pants! LMAO!

  30. Björn Sorenson

    Björn SorensonHace 25 días

    DJT4jail Just goes to show how retarded Trump haters are

  31. Paul Collyer

    Paul CollyerHace 25 días

    5:35, was that a cop?? Cake fines abound

  32. Hegelian Detective

    Hegelian DetectiveHace 25 días

    All drivers should have to log 100 hours of these clips on youtube, before being allowed on the road.

  33. Paul Schroth

    Paul SchrothHace 26 días

    What is the maximum weight of a semi-truck in Usa?

  34. Shane Jackson

    Shane JacksonHace 26 días

    As I have always stated, most people should not have a drivers licence. To me, driving is a privilege, not a right. Car crashes are caused through stupidity and nothing else.

  35. Karlsruhe's Bad drivers

    Karlsruhe's Bad driversHace 26 días

    You was braking so hard the axle ripped of? Wtf was the truck made of? That's not very safe tbh

  36. Oswald Chong

    Oswald ChongHace 26 días

    Most of the complaints.. I agree... some of them... I think the truckers are just freaking picky... give and take as long as you're safe.

  37. Democrats are paedophiles

    Democrats are paedophilesHace 26 días

    I have seen plenty of asshole truckers taking up both lanes of the I-10 in both directions and refusing to get over, or let the truck over, so traffic can pass. It goes both ways.

  38. meNmeN's Heart

    meNmeN's HeartHace 26 días

    my roommate/cousin drives truck, and gets so spitting mad because of fucktards just like this. humans are stupid!

  39. Ross Jones

    Ross JonesHace 26 días

    Martin Huot you should have your own ESdos channel

  40. Black Poison

    Black PoisonHace 26 días

    See Why their are so many Dead 4 Wheelers

  41. Jeffrey Hueseman

    Jeffrey HuesemanHace 26 días

    3:31, Glad the sleepy driver hit the truck here not 3 miles down the road, The cut in the hill is not to be taken lightly as you go to Cincinnati.

  42. Bradley Selk

    Bradley SelkHace 26 días

    I was there that night with the wrong way driver in Arkansas. I had a dodge pickup passing me and I saw him in time to lay on my horn and use my truck to push the dodge off into the median and the jerk my truck back over into the other lane no sooner did the guy scream past us. Guy in the passenger seat of the dodge was very enthusiastic about the thumbs up he gave me. Had I not done that he would have hit them head on and possibly killed them. It wasn't long afte someone on the radio yelles he had hit a truck.

  43. Lee Peffers

    Lee PeffersHace 26 días

    This is why I can't have super powers, every single one of these cars would be lifted and set on its top on the side of the road to let the driver think about what he did.

  44. John Gizzi

    John GizziHace 26 días

    They should use these videos in drivers ed classes. Instead they wait until a doctor has to pull a semi outta their butt. Always have a working dash cam.

  45. Platt Criceta

    Platt CricetaHace 26 días

    F*ck Movavi. ignore those submissions.

  46. Joe Lockard

    Joe LockardHace 26 días

    I hold just as much value to their lives as they do to themselves...the worst I'll get is maybe a few bruises if I get cut off and can't stop...meh

  47. Zoltan Ruschak-Kelemen

    Zoltan Ruschak-KelemenHace 26 días

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  48. Ken David

    Ken DavidHace 26 días

    Are they insane!I give truckers the ROW!people's brains must be in the toilet

  49. Dave Johnson

    Dave JohnsonHace 26 días

    Quarantine went and relaxed and the non drivers came out of the woodwork, more aggressive than ever. Perhaps they forgot who hauled their toilet paper while they were at home staying safe?

  50. Unit ZER0

    Unit ZER0Hace 26 días

    Very sad what happened to the driver at 1:26. It should be legal to crush the other vehicle in such a scenario. If she had wasted the RV, the damage to her truck would likely have been negligible (they're basically a cardboard box with wheels and an engine), and she wouldn't have lost the load.

  51. Jmaxboom

    JmaxboomHace 26 días

    I treated a young man in ER one evening after he cut off an 18 wheeler. His scan revealed brain matter in his nose. One of the most catastrophic head injuries I had seen. He succumbed to his injuries very quickly. PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD.

  52. Arthur Penfield

    Arthur PenfieldHace 26 días

    7:45, last clip. He lucky he didn't die. I think outside the US, driving is 10x worse than american driving. Judging from the accidents on youtube.

  53. shawn duprii

    shawn dupriiHace 26 días

    Sometimes I wonder if these car drivers know that they are playing with their lives when they encounter a trailer 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


    SPIDERMONKEYMON OfficialHace 26 días

    You’re a motorcycle rider when you go up against a truck you’ll get flattened and the truck might get a dent

  55. WonkyWifi

    WonkyWifiHace 26 días

    You know how many big trucks i see on the road driving worse than these idiots......where are those videos?

  56. Sue B

    Sue BHace 26 días

    Don't forget the ones that drive with her foot on the dash

  57. Darth Hodor

    Darth HodorHace 26 días

    It's should be made mandatory that all big rigs come with a scoop, much like an old steam engine, to push "special" people out of their way. Since most truckers travel in the right hand lane the scoop would be designed to put them in the ditch, or wall, depending. This would save wear and tear not only on the brakes but the air horn as well and ensuring the cargo gets to the destination on time.

  58. Tiny Me

    Tiny MeHace 26 días

    I really don’t understand drivers , cut you of on the last moment to take the exit ramp ! They are suïcidale!!

  59. Mekeda Elliott

    Mekeda ElliottHace 26 días

    0:49 yesss he's jamaciaannnnn!!!!

  60. Driver's Life

    Driver's LifeHace 26 días


  61. Kitty Maxboon

    Kitty MaxboonHace 26 días

    Hope he newer be able to text again. Let alone drive a fucking truck the idiot.

  62. Jonnells24

    Jonnells24Hace 27 días

    Is it just me, or do people just lose all common sense as soon as a semi enters the picture?

  63. Jonnells24

    Jonnells24Hace 24 días

    @Dale Wells True.

  64. Dale Wells

    Dale WellsHace 24 días

    Most of them lose all common sense as soon as they get behind a steering wheel.

  65. CNCmachiningisfun

    CNCmachiningisfunHace 27 días

    There is so way I would ever wanna be a truckist, or a lorryer!

  66. HIFlipSide

    HIFlipSideHace 27 días

    "Stop Texting while Driving" American Drivers: *Impossible.*

  67. Arcamean

    ArcameanHace 27 días

    I've driven those big trucks and it NEVER ceased to amaze me how beyond clueless and downright criminal so many drivers are. If the same rules applied to regular cars as CDL holders you'd see a barren roadway.

  68. e gr

    e grHace 27 días

    I would love to become a truck driver but I’m scared of idiots like this.

  69. zzz

    zzzHace 27 días

    Shout out to Martin Huot for providing a compilation for a compilation video.

  70. Kevin

    KevinHace 27 días

    Lol he didn’t rent that scooter. He was driving it like he stole it .

  71. John Scott

    John ScottHace 27 días

    Over population of asshats.

  72. Clare Ravenwood

    Clare RavenwoodHace 27 días

    I know that stretch of the 401 by the Flying J at Lancaster, Ontario at exit 814. Drivers just have to get in front of you to do the same speed in the construction zone. Some even use the temporary exit lane to race up and get in. Further down the highway where they are replacing the bridge and it narrows down to one lane, saw a guy who just had to be first. He raced up, ran out of room and had to stop. I think there was about 15 or so trucks, maybe more, nose to tail because that is a major truck corridor from Montreal to Toronto. He had to wait for every one of them to pass before he could merge and that wasn't counting the cars either. Sweet.

  73. Slytherin Reviews

    Slytherin ReviewsHace 27 días

    I found a news story from the same area but it's not Highway 550, it looks the same just not the same place, yes I said area as in Colorado, not the I-70. Condolences to those that were involved in the accident

  74. Andrew Wiggin

    Andrew WigginHace 27 días

    00:35 homey we can see you holding your phone in the reflection of your windshield. This guy shouldn't have a CDL

  75. 0xsergy

    0xsergyHace 26 días

    true but its only on a call. hopefully they aren't doing that during rush hour though...

  76. Joe Schlotthauer

    Joe SchlotthauerHace 27 días

    Thumbnail at 8:03...

  77. Joe Schlotthauer

    Joe SchlotthauerHace 27 días

    If I miss my exit, I drive to the next one. It isn't worth it...

  78. Thor B

    Thor BHace 27 días

    Hey can anybody link to the clip in the compilation at 7:55? Looking for the full video

  79. Dr Deuteron

    Dr DeuteronHace 27 días

    8:02 putting your hand up to fend of a big rig.

  80. Just a peace of cake

    Just a peace of cakeHace 27 días

    Happens at 7:53

  81. BriWitDaTree

    BriWitDaTreeHace 27 días

  82. Dead Freight West

    Dead Freight WestHace 27 días

    1:06 - The old SB Port of Tacoma exit off I-5. Gone now. It'll be nice when they get that second overpass installed, but it's taking forever.

  83. Pheurbel VLS

    Pheurbel VLSHace 27 días

    You don’t stop in front of a truck. 💚💚

  84. pyrrhic victory

    pyrrhic victoryHace 27 días

    I wish they'd post what was so damned important on that guy's phone on the last video I guess it's a worldwide problem

  85. Volktales

    VolktalesHace 27 días

    I wouldn't last 5 minutes as a trucker. I would want to run over all of those idiots out there...

  86. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-RayHace 27 días

    "Must pass truck to obey GPS without question!"

  87. Kota Family

    Kota FamilyHace 27 días

    Can watching these videos jinx you? I watch these all the time and got hit by an idiot last week and he totaled my car.

  88. michael douglas

    michael douglasHace 27 días

    @ 45s that guys is a Jamaican

  89. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-RayHace 27 días

    Truckers, if an RV cuts in front of you just remember that because they're so lightly constructed, they have a very large rear crumple-zone!

  90. sam2x13

    sam2x13Hace 27 días

    And it's getting worse every year with fewer people actually learning how to drive a vehicle properly.

  91. Glenn Ruscher

    Glenn RuscherHace 15 días

    At least we are ahead of Russians. So far.

  92. I am the Offender of All

    I am the Offender of AllHace 26 días

    Slowly making Chinese drivers look better.

  93. Artem Lokhovitskiy

    Artem LokhovitskiyHace 27 días

    7:44 aaaahhhh... Blue Ford Focus RS 😍

  94. skills823

    skills823Hace 27 días

    If i was a Trailer driver i would drive right thru those idiots i am not gonna risk my load crushing me to death breaking for an asshole like the russian in Rocky said...

  95. Dead Parroting

    Dead ParrotingHace 27 días

    3:08 I believe that should read, "Hydroplaning security vehicle causes accident." I'm no fan of Amazon at all, let alone their shitty drivers, but let's tell it like it is.

  96. Danodan

    DanodanHace 27 días

    Maybe it's just me, but trucking has an almost romantic fascination for me. I don't even drive and yet I get the feeling that being a trucker must feel like a bird in the air. It's so fascinating to me, and I know that I'm pretty far from educated on trucking, but it seems almost... I guess nomadic, I don't know. But when I see trucking I see a type of freedom I can't easily explain.

  97. Ani Vasion

    Ani VasionHace 27 días

    You will get to say you have been everywhere but never got to see anything if you know what I mean. Well unless it was along the interstates.

  98. Andrew Wiggin

    Andrew WigginHace 27 días

    The novelty wears off pretty quick. It's nice until you get a load going to Los Angeles or Long Island

  99. Entertainment4You Sub4Sub

    Entertainment4You Sub4SubHace 27 días

    To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine 🌈 ☁️ My dream is 15k. I been struggling to get there any help is appreciated😎

  100. Ranaldo Bobsled

    Ranaldo BobsledHace 27 días

    Truck driving in general must be one of the most frustrating jobs.

  101. Andrew Wiggin

    Andrew WigginHace 27 días

    It has its days that's for fuccin sure

  102. Frankie Bleddyn

    Frankie BleddynHace 27 días

    I didn't think so, but then again I only moved the rig about once a month or so between cities and slept in hotels. Or...I just got lucky. Now, driving a 5 ton through Seoul in that was fun.

  103. Carl Bruschnig, Jr

    Carl Bruschnig, JrHace 27 días

    "Are you all that stupid?" It's Chicago, that guy was probably considered a genius.

  104. Nishkid641

    Nishkid641Hace 27 días

    The second last, his face is funny as hell - "didnt know wtf was about to happen."

  105. Exploring Into Cars

    Exploring Into CarsHace 27 días

    Well thats a lot of stupid as usual

  106. Trollstank

    TrollstankHace 27 días

    I never understood why so many drivers have MPTSD (must pass truck syndrome). It just feels like people are going all in for a Darwin award.

  107. MothaFreak

    MothaFreakHace 27 días

    7:01 there is clearly a cop to the left as well.

  108. Nerd Musk

    Nerd MuskHace 27 días

    1:22 -- @Truck Drivers: Are there fancier trailers that understand anti-lock breaking that don't lock up on a hard break? Seems to me that would be helpful. 2:47 -- No engine break? Or is there only so much an engine break can do? Anyway, hope there was one of those giant emergency gravel hills for him/her to use. I see them from time to time on mountain roads.

  109. Andrew Wiggin

    Andrew WigginHace 27 días

    We all have anti lock brakes on our trucks and trailers nowadays but it's an air brake system, not hydraulic, so they don't lock and unlock in rapid succession nearly as fast as a car. And when your load is heavier than your truck it will still put you into an all-wheel skid (jack knife). Engine brakes don't slow you down if you don't have it in the proper gear and once your RPMs get too high going down a steep grade you can't shift.

  110. MothaFreak

    MothaFreakHace 27 días

    there are definetly better breaks for trailers and if the truck is automatic i don't think you can do much downhill (it looks quite steep), unless it has sequential as well.

  111. einyv

    einyvHace 27 días

    The asshole at the end texting and driving, hope it was worth it you selfish piece of crap. Hope the other driver is ok, You, i don't care about and if you lived you should do jail time. You jerks are just as bad an drunk drivers.

  112. allwomn1

    allwomn1Hace 27 días

    When you make a stupid mistake how do you let truckers know your sorry? And don't tell me, by not making a stupid mistake!

  113. Andrew Wiggin

    Andrew WigginHace 27 días

    A simple wave with all five fingers instead of just one usually gets the message across.

  114. Meredith Benjamin

    Meredith BenjaminHace 27 días

    Poor Martin Huot, has to do his driving and everyone else's too. A lot of careless drivers out there

  115. Eric Larson

    Eric LarsonHace 27 días

    You got that right