Day in the Life of a Truck Driver-Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #5

This is video number #5 in the series that is all about truck drivers (Road Rage, Brake Check, bad truckers,good truckers,accidents,...),.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive a truck and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. RR&BD Driving School

    RR&BD Driving SchoolHace 22 días

    Hi guys,new truck only compilation. Don't forget to like and comment. Submit your dashcam video : Thank you for watching

  2. WizardofGOP

    WizardofGOPHace 3 días

    When you get into an accident while using a cell phone (notice I didn't say if, that's not how it works and you are deluding yourself if you believe otherwise) it will be more severe as you will have very little time, if any at all, to respond and reduce the impact. It has caused millions of accidents from statistics going back a number of years so it is even more so now and tens of thousands of deaths. More than COVID, swine flu, avian flu, the flu flu and all those other bs fear-mongering tactics the propaganda guys use to get you to give up your health choices and freedoms. It's not just the distraction but the effects that pulsed microwave radiation has on the human nervous system. They would have told you if that were true, right? Welcome to the corrupt world of corporate-personhood and the resulting corporatocracy we are now in a time where governments no longer (except in token ways) work for the people. Remember that any and every corporate friendly law that is passed will adversely affect the people in one way or another (financial, rights, freedoms, health, etc.) It can't be done without screwing you over. "Well, why would they do when it would ultimately hurt themselves": Delusional effs with narcissistic personality disorders most likely? Either way, it's happening and those are the real pandemics that should concern you.

  3. Penni Gates

    Penni GatesHace 3 días

    most of these the trucker is at fault

  4. fenavarro202

    fenavarro202Hace 6 días

    I’m a driver some of these vids of other trucks dangerously cutting off each other could easily be avoided if just one of them just brakes no need to get into a pissing contest or saying I have the right away when u can just avoid it completely.

  5. _Purge

    _PurgeHace 9 días

    2:08, really shows how much effort they put into their videos....

  6. Paul C

    Paul CHace 12 días

    if you have video proof of some one brake checking you ,you not at fault for rear ending them ,

  7. Mark Cross

    Mark CrossHace 15 días

    8:14 Kevin Kallmeyer: If you are gonna run lights & sirens, you need to get to the left. Utilize the left shoulder if there is a traffic jam. Drivers are taught to pull to the right when there is an emergency vehicle approaching. You are confusing drivers and causing unnecessary vehicle conflicts.

  8. Mark Cross

    Mark CrossHace 15 días

    4:26 FishTheDish: The speed limit was 45mph (72kph). He wasn't brake-checking ... he was slowing down for the construction zone (45mph when workers are present). SLOW DOWN

  9. SPFDRum

    SPFDRumHace 16 días

    Half these are a result of truckers camping in the left lane. Who's the real douche?

  10. Daniel Dean

    Daniel DeanHace 19 días

    I just dont understand why videos like this should even exist. Playing games with big trucks is like a deer trying to play peekaboo with a grizzlie

  11. Dr Powell

    Dr PowellHace 19 días

    What’s the music from 5:14 to 5:32?

  12. . Jason

    . JasonHace 19 días

    Guy with the dashcam @4:30 is a total bozo. Ignorance of the speed limit and laws regarding construction zones doesn't make you right. It's not a break check it's observing the posted speed limit, learn to drive jackass.

  13. Wonder Who

    Wonder WhoHace 19 días

    2:15 -- Vladin, glad you're ok. That semi looked out of control - scary! 😬😧

  14. Kyle Begin

    Kyle BeginHace 19 días

    The video at the 5 min mark was due to the construction zone in my opinion based on the video the trucker was going far far to fast. All others are just morons for doing brake checking to these essential workers. On a side note, a question for truck drivers, does it piss you off when you try to pass another slower truck, but then they match your speed for several miles? Another accident cause. Especially on the 401. The last video shows a big problem as well that puts a bad name on the good hard-working drivers.

  15. Joseph Gutierrez

    Joseph GutierrezHace 19 días

    3:23 I don't blame the dude . Slpw Trailers taking both lanes ? Cmon yall are bitches stay on one lane why block both

  16. David Lacy

    David LacyHace 19 días


  17. Chris L

    Chris LHace 20 días

    1:47 I literally said "ohhh SHIT!"

  18. you suck

    you suckHace 20 días

    9:20 have seen this crash from the inside a few times, but this is the first outside shot ive seen. nice. btw, stupid twat...

  19. Scott Riley

    Scott RileyHace 20 días

    People who drive trucks for a living, should act like professionals. Too many of these Billy Bigriggers act like they’re not paid to act like a professional on the road. When you lay on the horn when a non professional driver makes a mistake, they might get pissed off and stop. I’m not saying that it’s not stupid on their part, but I am saying when we’re being paid, we should act like professionals by driving more passively to reduce the overall rage on the road. I’ve driven about 2,500,000 without any kind of bull shit. No accidents, no fights with other drivers, nothing, all because I act like a professional on the road.

  20. K Kelley

    K KelleyHace 20 días

    Dash cams are great and now a days everyone should have them... but I want sude mount cannons... 🤣🤣🤣.

  21. kondor7070

    kondor7070Hace 20 días

    Last one deserved a one-way ticket to hell.

  22. corsafreaky

    corsafreakyHace 20 días

    @belzaristhename: great reaction and driving skill! 👍👌 Most ppl didnt know whats going on in the other lanes around them. For shure the lady gets hurt badly if u hit her.

  23. A B

    A BHace 20 días

    How dumb do you have to be to not realize that the tow truck trying to get to the front of the traffic jam is doing it so he can CLEAR the jam?

  24. Piddy 3825

    Piddy 3825Hace 21 un día

    Yeah, the trucker on trucker road rage is truly astonishing. I could see a little rival company shenanigans like the FedEx driver brake checking the UPS guy or something like that, but some of y'all are downright nasty the way you drive.

  25. bigosoatx

    bigosoatxHace 21 un día

    @4:31 looks like trucker was on this guys ass because he was doing speed limit. He was slow to 45mph which was posted. Trucker entered construction zone at 65mph. Which is why the speed sign was flashing for speeding by trucker. Brake check incident my culo.

  26. Evan Duncan

    Evan DuncanHace 21 un día

    “This is why you should not pass a truck on the inside lane” No.. it is the truckers responsibility to make sure it is safe to change lanes, period. The same as any other road vehicle. If the truck isn’t moving over back into the right lane where he belongs and he’s holding up other vehicles, the driver of the sedan isn’t in the wrong. The trucker shouldn’t have even continued to be in that lane as he was not passing anybody. I’ve come across several truckers who decide to camp in the left lane and it’s the most irritating thing, and I’ve almost been killed twice by truckers because they neglected to check their surroundings before blatantly moving over.

  27. Robert Parker

    Robert ParkerHace 21 un día

    i simply don't understand the logic behind brake checking much less brake checking a loaded semi... i would put money on it that most of those that do it didn't score well in 6th grade math/science... stay safe and keep recording! to the idiots brake checking "STOP!!!"

  28. Denise g

    Denise gHace 21 un día

    I feel for these truckers that have to go through so much bullship with these people on the road that don't want to slow down and pay attention my brother some guy commit suicide on his front bumper insane people.

  29. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace 21 un día

    8:17 Word of advice: If you see a tow truck in the breakdown lane during a traffic jam, LET HIM THROUGH. He's probably going to go help clean up the mess so we can all start driving at normal speeds again.

  30. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace 20 días

    @Robert Parker Aw, dammit, I forgot. I promise it won't happen again.

  31. Robert Parker

    Robert ParkerHace 21 un día

    hey hey hey!!! common sense is not allowed on the internet...

  32. Mark Meadows

    Mark MeadowsHace 21 un día

    1:47 No way the motorist going into the median survived that. Clip doesn’t even provide information about what happened..

  33. Pedro Conejo

    Pedro ConejoHace 21 un día

    Last clip. Car and van drivers who act dumb around trucks need seriously snapping into line but by the same measure truck drivers who text and drive need to be given a very long time to try out walking again. That is how entire families are wiped out.

  34. Dave M

    Dave MHace 21 un día

    Why is FishTheDish honking at the pickup in front? The limit was 45mph on the semi was going close to 70mph. The semi driver is a jerk

  35. Michael Free

    Michael FreeHace 21 un día

    4:37 Hrmm... 65 in a 45mph construction zone, FishTheDish, with plenty of little hidey holes for bears ahead.... and a radar sign to confuse radar detectors. Ever consider you were storming towards a speed trap?

  36. mrdeath212

    mrdeath212Hace 21 un día

    4:44 that was the most casual brake check if anything. You were driving through a construction zone and the posted speed was 45mph. Slow the F down in a construction zone

  37. M B

    M BHace 21 un día

    I hope the last guy didn’t make it. Dicks who drive on their phones should not be allowed to breath.

  38. Robby T.

    Robby T.Hace 21 un día

    5:37 What - zero to sixty in 5 minutes!!

  39. Michael-andrew ,WATERS

    Michael-andrew ,WATERSHace 21 un día

    Lol Toowoomba collision capital of Australia

  40. RKelly Pullin

    RKelly PullinHace 21 un día

    4:25 entering a 45mph construction zone.... asshat trucker lays on the horn going 60mph... slow down shithead

  41. closetgrower2012

    closetgrower2012Hace 21 un día

    Waiting to see me break checking a dumb fuck trucker that can't stay off someone's ass for going speed limit in a construction zone. Lol

  42. dontrequest

    dontrequestHace 21 un día

    2:08 Someone tried to design a stamp?

  43. JerJerBynx

    JerJerBynxHace 21 un día

    The last clip is fatal

  44. dog3y3

    dog3y3Hace 21 un día

    Fishthedish You're doing 104km/h (65mph) in a construction zone which is calling out 72km/h (45mph) and the dually, yes, is speeding, but didn't cut you off... AND he's attempting to slow down. That was not a brake check. Get off your righteous horse, it's dead.

  45. Wesley Grimoldby

    Wesley GrimoldbyHace 21 un día

    4:30 get off your phone trucker. That pick up did not break check you. He slowed down for the construction zone....... idiot. Speedometer in km as he doing 65mph then construction signs reads 45. Pickup slows down to 70kmph which is right below this.....

  46. Wesley Grimoldby

    Wesley GrimoldbyHace 21 un día

    May be hard to miss when you're stareing at someone you think cut you off. But not the big construction speed signs thats flashing your speed... when this is flashing your are speeding... ffs

  47. Facu Contreras

    Facu ContrerasHace 21 un día

    LMAO the automatic truck, why Americans hate so much manual vehicles?

  48. Emil Schweickerdt

    Emil SchweickerdtHace 21 un día

    9:24 (and onwards) - people don't realize the dangers of texting and driving... they think it's OK just to send a quickie text... it is absolutely NOT OK.

  49. Jo Mott

    Jo MottHace 21 un día

    That first clip... you could see him indicating... why would you not just let him in...???

  50. James Smith

    James SmithHace 21 un día

    The driver of the red truck in the very first clip was a p o s. He or she should know how hard it is to merge when in construction. I'm sure that Sam driver will block a fuel island to get a big mac.

  51. WonkyWifi

    WonkyWifiHace 21 un día

    People wouldnt check semis if big rigs didnt think they own the road and can do whatever they wanted.......yes, semi drivers are generally bad drivers

  52. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace 21 un día

    Well, how about you show them how it's done?

  53. K Mech

    K MechHace 21 un día

    Plow into them once, they'll think twice about brake-checking a semi again....

  54. Brandie Beecher

    Brandie BeecherHace 21 un día

    4:24 looks like Ross's granny

  55. Brandie Beecher

    Brandie BeecherHace 21 un día

    People are crazy. I have been driving for 20 years and I am still scared of death by semi truck. I would never do this

  56. Paul Bartley

    Paul BartleyHace 22 días

    My god, are people.really that bad at keeping the emergency lane accessible and moving out the way of an emergency vehicle. 😐😐. That would have been a lot of automatically printed tickets over here

  57. Harry Forbes

    Harry ForbesHace 22 días

    @4.20 I wanted to see more of the clip. I wanted to see nanna punch piss and pickhandles out of the truckie. I'm sure that she believes it's his fault and not hers. Bahahahahahahaha

  58. Paul Bartley

    Paul BartleyHace 22 días

    Fishthedish. That was all on you. You are doing 60+ in a 45, then you tailgated the heck out of the pickup. You deserve what happens

  59. Underdog Straatbrak

    Underdog StraatbrakHace 22 días

    3:21 I dont see the issue.

  60. Tim K

    Tim KHace 22 días

    I don’t know why truckers even try to slow down for brake checkers! Run the dumb motherfuckers flat!

  61. Dr Chan

    Dr ChanHace 22 días

    1:47 people do this hoping to end their life for some reason, others are screwing around with the radio, GPS or bloody phone.

  62. DanTheCan 6000

    DanTheCan 6000Hace 22 días

    Good luck riding the bike home

  63. Hol' Up Niqqa

    Hol' Up NiqqaHace 22 días

    Nice compilation man!

  64. maximillianMus

    maximillianMusHace 22 días

    3:28 mega_donkey is the perfect fit for the idiot with the camera. Why is he overtaking another semi at 40mph? I swear truckers have 0 brains at times

  65. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace 20 días

    @maximillianMus Yeah, he does. Sorry to break it to you but you aren't any more important than anyone else on the road.

  66. maximillianMus

    maximillianMusHace 21 un día

    @Kevin Lee Down hill at 41mph while the other truck is doing 40mph? No, no he doesn't.

  67. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace 21 un día

    He has just as much right to pass as anyone else. Stop being so impatient.

  68. Colin Forsecs

    Colin ForsecsHace 22 días

    I am a bit surprised. I thought truckies would look after each other a bit more on the road.

  69. No Name

    No NameHace 22 días

    The first clip drives me nuts...seriously? You couldn't stop for 10 seconds to let the other truck driver in? Total dick move.

  70. Oscar Susan

    Oscar SusanHace 22 días

    Funny how NOBODY slows in construction zones

  71. Emily Thomas

    Emily ThomasHace 22 días

    9:08 and on... wow, that is a MASSIVE backup from the scene

  72. Eric Lebowski

    Eric LebowskiHace 22 días

    Every dash cam channel has their thing, i think this may be yours. These videos are excellent and truckers are literally on roads 24/7 365. Great content boys.

  73. Excitable101

    Excitable101Hace 22 días

    the first guy in the red truck is a ass hat, you can see the other truck needs to get over..hell, slow down a bit and let him over.....not like traffic is moving that quickly.

  74. Excitable101

    Excitable101Hace 22 días

    @Waseph Wastar are you sure it was just exit only? look close you see a few on ramps.

  75. Waseph Wastar

    Waseph WastarHace 22 días

    well don't go in the exit only lane if you don't want to exit.... or are you too dumb to know that?

  76. Mike Joyce

    Mike JoyceHace 22 días

    3:55 RT Podcast!

  77. Belzaristhename

    BelzaristhenameHace 22 días

    Thanks for posting my video!

  78. piratexxxking

    piratexxxkingHace 22 días

    Tow trunk was fun

  79. Mike M

    Mike MHace 22 días

    Look to me that most of these trucker are asshole motherfucker pos keep on brake checking them!!

  80. Tired old mechanic

    Tired old mechanicHace 22 días

    The second one where the car makes a right turn in front of the truck was partly caused by the truck that pulled up well past the stop line so the driver couldn't see.

  81. Sean Lo

    Sean LoHace 22 días

    The video in thumbnail is kinda clickbait. The trucker was speeding when limit changed to 45mph and the pickup was doing that speed. He brake checked cause the semi never slowed down

  82. Tearsa Salvador

    Tearsa SalvadorHace 22 días

    You know. Growing up with my grandpa driving truck and now my cousin, I actually know how far ahead of a truck I should be when I get over after passing one. Wheres the respect ?

  83. One of a kind Kev

    One of a kind KevHace 22 días

    2nd clip person in that black car almost died

  84. ryan

    ryanHace 22 días

    Very first clip, "I recognize that place! Oh yeah... I lived there for 28 shitty years..." Fuck ohio.

  85. Michael Dickens

    Michael DickensHace 22 días

    I feel so bad for truck drivers the majority are such good guys and what would we do without them people need to get their heads out of their ass and pay attention and realize they can't stop like a car

  86. Creative- Name

    Creative- NameHace 22 días

    I hope that Kevin Kallmeyer guy lost his license for that shit. Super illegal.

  87. Lora Lee

    Lora LeeHace 22 días

    That last one was WHOA! Dumbshit.

  88. Comfy Chair

    Comfy ChairHace 22 días

    Fish the dish is a very bad boy running into that construction zone going 20MPH over

  89. charonda Rice

    charonda RiceHace 22 días

    I got distracted by the name “ThisMotherTruckingJob” @6:45 lmao hilarious

  90. James Collins

    James CollinsHace 22 días

    6:10 "Why you should not start passing a truck on the inside" should have read: *Why drivers shouldn't camp in the left lane obstructing all other traffic.*

  91. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace 21 un día

    @John Rees Oh, another truck hater who clearly is more important than everyone else shows his ugly face.

  92. John Rees

    John ReesHace 21 un día

    @Sweet Gracie It could be because the trucker had no business trying to pass in the first place. Get in the slow lane and stay there with your 40 tons.

  93. Taylor Libby

    Taylor LibbyHace 22 días

    Still very good advice. Be as "right" as you want, big truck is gonna smoosh your little car when he comes over and you'll be "right" in the hospital or the grave. Tonnage rules.

  94. James Collins

    James CollinsHace 22 días

    @Sweet Gracie That's certainly a possibility, but conversely, I've seen trucks (& cars) sit in the fast lane for miles on end without making any progress on the vehicles they're apparently trying to pass, sometimes the only way to get around them is to 'undertake'.

  95. Sweet Gracie

    Sweet GracieHace 22 días

    It could be because, he was cruising and was going to pass those people at a point, but then they started to speed up. I have had that happen to me several times. I am just cruising at 75 and I see that I am getting close to a car, so I get into the next lane and the idiots decided to finally start speeding up or to match me. So I am next to them for about a minute before they speed up enough I can get back over safely.

  96. Matti Luopajärvi

    Matti LuopajärviHace 22 días

    4:43 I don't think people realize how honking antagonizes and can escalate the situation. Especially the A type folks.

  97. Donald Gitschier

    Donald GitschierHace 22 días

    The guy driving this rig is a crybaby.

  98. Donald Gitschier

    Donald GitschierHace 22 días

    Brake checkers don't like me when I return the favor. Get out of that passing lane you LOSERS.

  99. J. D

    J. DHace 22 días

    I'm looking into becoming a A and B driver would appreciate any help or guidance. Thank you

  100. MTB

    MTBHace 22 días

    9:00 I hope you had your horn blaring the whole time Kevin

  101. Michael Ford

    Michael FordHace 22 días

    5:32 - A fellow driver after my own heart. I love the 13/18 manual, my favorite transmissions. I have been a commercial driver for 35 years and my professional opinion is that autoshifts have no business in a truck. I had an autoshift on a temporary basis and the thing was a piece. It also had the dreaded throttle delay syndrome. Push the throttle and have time to eat lunch before the truck started moving. Trying to reverse had two modes, full throttle or nothing, absolutely no feathering the throttle. Made getting backed into a dock entertaining. I have also heard through the grapevine that the mega carriers disable the manual mode on the autoshifts. I can see where that makes sense. NOT !

  102. Juergun Magerkinsquirter

    Juergun MagerkinsquirterHace 22 días

    That last video should be used by the cops to warn people of the dangers of being on your phone while driving

  103. LexingtonDelta

    LexingtonDeltaHace 22 días

    3:57 Rooster Teeth Podcast

  104. notconvincedgranny

    notconvincedgrannyHace 22 días

    6:12 - passing on the inside? Why was the truck parked in the fast lane (or passing lane, depending on where you live) then very conveniently decide to move over when the car was ready to pass?

  105. jim bob

    jim bobHace 17 días

    It's the passing lane everywhere. Fast lane isnt a thing and never will be.

  106. Lexie marie

    Lexie marieHace 22 días

    Because the semi was passing another semi and he had to make sure he could get over, it's not like a car where we can get over easy, dumb people in here.

  107. Sweet Gracie

    Sweet GracieHace 22 días

    It could be because, he was cruising and was going to pass those people at a point, but then they started to speed up. I have had that happen to me several times. I am just cruising at 75 and I see that I am getting close to a car, so I get into the next lane and the idiots decided to finally start speeding up or to match me. So I am next to them for about a minute before they speed up enough I can get back over safely.

  108. Kitty Boone

    Kitty BooneHace 22 días

    As for the guy in 5:00 the speed limit was reduced to 45 he was going 65... The truck did the correct thing in slowing down to the speed limit, nothing to complain about there...

  109. Chris Kendall

    Chris KendallHace 22 días

    half these idiots deserve to be hit

  110. J H

    J HHace 22 días

    You guys with the slow ass FULL trucks really need to let people pass that are obviously going faster than you... lots of idiots in every type of vehicle, I know I know... the guy that call the other trucker a chicken shyt, is an idiot.. let off the gas for half a second and everything is fine, go about your business...

  111. Luthiers Daughter

    Luthiers DaughterHace 22 días

    All these cars deserve to be run over! How friggin stupid are you to cut off a semi truck and expect him/her to be able to stop!! And then when you end up dead the poor trucker is going to have to live with that! Asshole!

  112. HellKitty 101

    HellKitty 101Hace 22 días

    @ 3:50: That was some good truckin' there by that driver to stop on a dime in slick conditions. The driver of that Chevy Cruze has no idea how fortunate they are that he was that aware.

  113. Ranaldo Bobsled

    Ranaldo BobsledHace 22 días

    When ya get wrecked by a semi ya probably deserved it.

  114. Don S

    Don SHace 22 días

    ALL cars and trucks and buses should be fitted with a cell phone jammer. That would prevent 80% of the accidents on the road today.

  115. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHace 21 un día

    Yeah, nothing like having your phone jammed when you need the police.

  116. Marc M

    Marc MHace 22 días

    No they shouldn't and no it wouldn't.

  117. Don S

    Don SHace 22 días

    They all want one of those big paydays they hear about on the TV.

  118. Stella Zhou

    Stella ZhouHace 22 días

    I got a question do heavy tow trucks meant for emergency's carry a siren?

  119. ShadowAngel

    ShadowAngelHace 22 días

    Usually no. Just lights

  120. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-RayHace 22 días

    Should've just called this the "Must Pass Truck" video compilation!