Day in the Life of a Truck Driver-Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #7

This is video number #7 in the series that is all about truck drivers (Road Rage, Brake Check, bad truckers,good truckers,accidents,...),.Here you can learn how to /how not to drive a truck and behave in traffic.There's original commentary and/or storyline at the beginning or at the end of the clips throughout the compilation.Please, read each clip text commentary on the video screen. We tried to give you additional information about so you can better understand what did driver do wrong.
Here you can learn about consequences of bad driving/driving fails so you can educate yourself and be a better driver.

I edit the raw footage (I need a couple of days for every video I make),I add the location of the incident, I add arrows that follow cars to make the situation easier to be seen. I zoom in and out so everyone can see the action and many other things.
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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Stay safe on the road
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  1. phapnui

    phapnuiHace 2 horas

    0:36 "Road Scholar" he can't make a good turn...

  2. donald d day

    donald d dayHace un día

    dad, yes son why do truck have their lights on in the daytime? for safety, dad yes son why is that truck you just passed so close and honking his air horn cause he was just driving the speed limit and im showing you how stupid truck drivers really are

  3. donald d day

    donald d dayHace un día

    ah knight transportation swift of a different color, worked for them 3 months, was told i would get 3 cent raise if i got 30,000 miles my first 3 months got 29,997 mikes no raise went in to the open door policy owner and said 3 Miles he said no raise i handed him his fing keys and walked out

  4. donald d day

    donald d dayHace un día

    would you run out in front to try to beat out 8 Elephants running full speed with your famlily holding each others hand ? of course not but you do in front of a truck with your family in a car

  5. WhosieWhatsum

    WhosieWhatsumHace 3 días

    This one is full of ASSHOLES and MORONS. Where the do these dumb fucks come from?

  6. Xaldin Hunter

    Xaldin HunterHace 3 días

    Honestly alot of these ppl sould have been run over. All these idiots on the roads these days. I have no sympathy for them ever.

  7. Brem

    BremHace 3 días

    2:37 that's because the Swift driver did nothing wrong. At a road construction merge point unless indicated otherwise, the vehicle in front should be given priority to merge. There is no need to merge 2 miles up the road.

  8. Mark Rayes

    Mark RayesHace 3 días

    man want we please make an act or bill ...called the *truckers law* that allows them to ram right into you if you are maliciously brake checking them... if you cut them off within 5 to 10 feet of their bumper in clear traffic and you stomp on the brakes it's kinda hard to justify yourself

  9. Cynical Miscreant

    Cynical MiscreantHace 3 días

    Some of these people should just get hit. Only way for them to learn. Ffs

  10. Joke_Z.F.R

    Joke_Z.F.RHace 3 días

    6:05 I know he is québécois atkeast he said tabernacle its the same guy at 6:57 to

  11. Heber Ribeiro

    Heber RibeiroHace 4 días

    1:04 quando não é a hora, não é a hora kk. Se fosse a hora dela morria escorregando em casca de banana!

  12. No Lives Matter

    No Lives MatterHace 5 días

    Good ol Swift. Sure wish I finished training

  13. R P

    R PHace 5 días

    7:05 - vehicle could be trying to rob you. If he continues to try and stop you call 911 while running him off the road. Self defense, it's a valid defense. The recording takes the wind out of any fuck-tard prosecutor's sails.

  14. Kent Cruse

    Kent CruseHace 6 días

    2:40 I thought everyone knows Swift always has the right of way no matter what! 🤪

  15. Ashe Gaming

    Ashe GamingHace 6 días

    2:50 soon as I saw it was a Swift driver it all made sense

  16. tyler bonser

    tyler bonserHace 6 días

    1:25 im just wondering how long that guy was in left lane. Obviously the driver was an idiot for pulling infront of someone without enough room. But anyone who sits in the left lane for 5 miles to pass someone is a idiot and ass hole as well.

  17. Olivia Noe Gonzalez

    Olivia Noe GonzalezHace 8 días

    Hey? ... HEY! .... hey? What the heck . Ahahaha

  18. OpTic The FlashXX

    OpTic The FlashXXHace 8 días

    I like how they tried to erase The 3 seconds later Lol

  19. Ahmet Emin Senyurt

    Ahmet Emin SenyurtHace 8 días

    I also wonder. Where. The. Fuck. Did they get it.

  20. Dave Olson

    Dave OlsonHace 8 días

    5:22 Mad props to the cammer for keeping all 18 facing the right way. Looked like she was about to flop over.

  21. Joanna Lewis

    Joanna LewisHace 10 días

    The person who ran into the Coke truck... the kind of coke you are snorting is a different kind than what the truck is hauling!

  22. zed

    zedHace 10 días

    For some reason, the 3:40 part was satisfying to watch. Damages look like it's been a bad crash but I'm confident the driver of that car got out with nothing due to them both driving in the same direction

  23. Indrid Cold

    Indrid ColdHace 10 días

    We call these, "lorries." Most of our's are cab over engine and drive train configuration and do not have the long bonnet in the front. The very rare lorries with the long bonnet are referred to as, "sniffers." The cab over engine and drive train configurations are referred to as, "cabbies," or, "cab-overs." But since most of our lorries are, "cabbies," they are usually just called, "lorry." The, "sniffers," are always, "sniffers," because there are so few of them around. It seems where most of the videos were taken, sniffers are the majority of lorry.

  24. Indrid Cold

    Indrid ColdHace 10 días

    Swift- Sorry We Indeed Failed Trucking

  25. Trevor Morgan

    Trevor MorganHace 10 días

    There must be a podcast related to these videos... Let us know! Me and my wife are curious, for the sake of truck driving safety.

  26. Edward Castillo

    Edward CastilloHace 10 días

    Road sholar, I don’t even drive a big rig but come on. Look at the size of the entrance and you had to be tight on the right side?!?! Learn how to drive for gods sake

  27. Porsche Man

    Porsche ManHace 11 días

    The driving school of stupid failed Students, how fudjing stupid can you get?

  28. John Woods

    John WoodsHace 11 días

    1:00 I have RIGHTS as a pedestrian, how dare you.

  29. Caleb Erickson

    Caleb EricksonHace 12 días

    Stupid fucking retarded fucks. Think the left lane is for cruising so they pass in whatever lane and fuck over people obeying the law. I hope more of these dumb fucks crash and burn

  30. problemchild1976

    problemchild1976Hace 12 días

    @2:40 - let the guy zipper merge! It’s not a dick waving comp!!!!

  31. Crow Dog

    Crow DogHace 12 días

    Truck drivers are scum.

  32. Reggie C

    Reggie CHace 13 días

    Your videos are just how other people's videos should be. All captioned. Some people would post videos but they do not label them most of the time. You are very professional at what you do. Keep up the good work and your work quality. Reggie C

  33. Northern Utah Dashcam

    Northern Utah DashcamHace 13 días

    What was going on with the biker?

  34. jon candelaria

    jon candelariaHace 13 días

    When I lived in El Paso the amount of times that big rigs would change lanes without regard for other vehicles was comical. Glad there was some proof 1:33

  35. Joseph Hodges

    Joseph HodgesHace 13 días

    People seem to cut back in front of semis too quickly. I want until I can see both headlights in my rearview mirror.


    GALIB RAHMANHace 13 días

    3:39 BAMMM

  37. Daniel Thompson

    Daniel ThompsonHace 13 días

    Y'all are some simple minded drivers laying on the horn and instigating road rage rather than taking evasive and preventative action.

  38. Katlyn McGee

    Katlyn McGeeHace 13 días

    I think we have all learned by now to stay clear of swift trucks lol

  39. Dorkchop

    DorkchopHace 13 días

    1:20 get out of the passing lane. You deserved it.

  40. Chris Perrish

    Chris PerrishHace 14 días

    At work got 2 dash cam. 1 on the road, 1 on the speed. Then of course irattic motion sensor

  41. Steve McQ

    Steve McQHace 14 días

    1:30 Don't tell them you have a dashcam, let them say whatever they want to the police, then when the police come to you ask them: "Did he said it was my fault? Does what he said counts as an official police report? Oh look here at this footage"

  42. Nevil

    NevilHace 12 días

    Guy on a bike ran a stop sign at a four way stop intersection just as I started to pull through , after I had stopped, and I ran over his front wheel. He had some injuries but not bad. Cop shows up and he and his five buddies all claimed, to the cop, that I had only slowed down but didn't stop at the intersection. Showed the cop my dash cam video, proving I had stopped. The guy's five bicycle buddies suddenly had someplace else to be and left their friend behind. My insurance company paid for damage to my truck and went after the bike guy for reimbursement.

  43. Jim Hatch

    Jim HatchHace 14 días

    KNIGHT: SWIFT driver wanna be...

  44. Jim Hatch

    Jim HatchHace 14 días

    When did SWIFT ever get a safety department???

  45. Richard Johnson

    Richard JohnsonHace 14 días

    This is my daily commute each way. So many idiot drivers out on the road. It is like each mile you get some idiot doing something like this.

  46. Kurt Erickson

    Kurt EricksonHace 14 días

    The first one is says the windshield was busted. Am I crazy or did that windshield not break?

  47. Jerry Friday

    Jerry FridayHace 14 días

    Come to A!abama and watch people trying t back out of a driveway. Its a laugh a minute

  48. Snow White

    Snow WhiteHace 14 días

    In Colorado there is a Dump Truck Company that has signs on the back of their trucks that say, "Stay Back 50ft. Not Responsible for Broken Windows." One of the TV Stations decided to do a story on it and interviewed a Highway Patrol Officer who promptly said "just because you post a disclaimer sign saying you aren't responsible, doesn't mean you aren't Responsible." So yea, Sue Em' still applies.

  49. Luther Morgan

    Luther MorganHace 14 días

    Most of those truck drivers had no idea what to do in those situations none of them not a single one of those trucks took their foot off the accelerator the instant they noticed something going wrong up the road if they didn't notice it you could clearly see these things in the camera perhaps they should seek another career now I'm not taking up for the four wheelers it's a given they can't drive from the get-go but a lot of these truck drivers in this video are severely lacking in any kind of skills whatsoever regarding the operation of a large commercial vehicle.

  50. Calvin Cooley

    Calvin CooleyHace 14 días

    2:20 Moron biker.


    ROBERT DELAHANTYHace 14 días

    I’m starting to think the 90% depopulation wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

  52. Don Bates

    Don BatesHace 15 días

    4:00 Calls the wreck 1/4 mile ahead still doesn't think to dump speed. Almost kills the traffic slowing for the wreck.

  53. kevin tawney

    kevin tawneyHace 15 días

    SO many drivers if you would just hit you breaks let the car go on it would be so much safer for both cars the brake is just as import as the gas

  54. This Is Not Okie Dokie

    This Is Not Okie DokieHace 15 días

    The semi driver: you are stupid to think you would win

  55. Dwayne Delung

    Dwayne DelungHace 15 días

    6:56 - Near Gaffney SC... that is a nasty stretch of road. Jersey barriers are TOO damn narrow.

  56. john Baldock

    john BaldockHace 15 días

    WTF? According to Homer Simpson Truckers are a Brotherhood So Why so much Shit??

  57. Lakhbir Singh

    Lakhbir SinghHace 15 días

    3:37; it was at this moment; the donkey knew; he fucked up

  58. Steven Keane

    Steven KeaneHace 15 días

    The guy behind the swift truck was in the wrong

  59. Curious Forever

    Curious ForeverHace 15 días

    Some of these truck drivers act like they don't know how to use the brakes on their truck. I am always having to slow down when a truck pulls out right in front of me to pass an even slower truck, especially going up hills. It's very annoying.

  60. you suck

    you suckHace 16 días

    3:59 is he playing street fighter while driving?

  61. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace 16 días

    4:52 Jake dashcam London the bad driving is all on the cammer. Let. Him. In.

  62. Shivur

    ShivurHace 16 días


  63. William Byatt

    William ByattHace 16 días

    7:54 - I almost guarantee this: when semi was passing other big rig he was 5 miles an hour under speed limit and then took two miles to pass other rig. Happens all the time on the interstate in the hill country in NM where the speed limit is 75. Some guy is behaving nicely, in the right lane at 55 with flashers on and the big rig going 55.5 refuses to slow so cuts off all traffic in left lane. Then they act all surprised when retaliation comes after 5 minutes of sitting behind these jackwads who have traffic backed up for a mile!

  64. Scott

    ScottHace 16 días

    @2:41 - Like them or not, the Swift driver maintained his lane until the merge point, which is the proper way to merge lanes instead of some arbitrarily made up merge point some of you feel emotionally connected to. The further back you think everyone should merge, the worse you make the traffic. Use both lanes to the merge point!

  65. Fabian Weber

    Fabian WeberHace 15 días

    Same in germany, you are supposed to drive in the same lane till merge point. Here we have something called the "Reißverschlussverfahren" basically it means 'Zipper technique' where every car from the remaining lane has to let one car from the merge lane pass over like a Zipper.

  66. Captainllama

    CaptainllamaHace 16 días

    3:03 Now THAT is bad driving by the other semi and, unusually, an example where the correct action is NOT brake! or stop braking. As the cab appears in view, had the driver taken foot off brake the trailer would have followed safely back in line -and not smacked a cop car! I'm proud to have scratched the paintwork on a vehicle - left front and right rear - simultaneously. UK, oncoming car flashed out a parked car on my left coz he wanted the space, parked car swung out into my path. 2 weeks hot weather then a brief downpour so all the grease was afloat, my wheels just locked. For a fraction of a moment control was gone and I was sliding freely into a half overlap head-on, which would pivot me into the other car with my driver's door. Foot off I aimed for the gap which turned out to be too small by 2 millimeters, 1 mm each side! I don't remember the oncoming guy but the parked was aggressive and accusatory. Part of his bumper had popped off down the street. I just laughed and said I'm missing a bit of paint that's a result man, I'm happy to take it and he said "thank you very much".

  67. L Shep

    L ShepHace 16 días

    Why are Swift drivers always shitty drivers? Always! Is it a prerequisite?

  68. The Jynxtherat

    The JynxtheratHace 16 días

    Driving schools are failed systems full of failed teachers who just want the money. They don't teach kids any more, they just get them into the training car and say do what you want. "Buckle up and pray for a miracle! Cause I'm stomping on it!"

  69. Ecks Trem

    Ecks TremHace 16 días

  70. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace 16 días

    1:31 You should have gotten a ticket we well for impeding traffic. You were BARELY moving any faster than the truck in the right lane. At the rate you were going it would have taken 5 minutes to pass the other truck. 5:00 If you see the guy to your right weaving why not back off instead of driving right next to him?!?

  71. 3MTA3

    3MTA3Hace 8 días

    @Pleasantly Rusty OOOOHHH! Keyboard Commando!! I'm SOOOO afraid

  72. Pleasantly Rusty

    Pleasantly RustyHace 12 días

    Shut the fuck up

  73. Ezee Posse TV

    Ezee Posse TVHace 16 días

    There was a time long ago where truckers had one another's back and looked out for each other. Nowadays all I see is a cluster-fuq of selfish and nasty attitudes between some truckers. WTF happened?

  74. deepcritik

    deepcritikHace 16 días

    That idiot will not understand when you say: - keep going forward. If he can't figure out how to use a mirror and judge traffic; imagine. He's still alive by the grace of God.

  75. deepcritik

    deepcritikHace 16 días

    I thought big truck drivers were united. Maybe the message is not to drive over the left lane if you're not passing anybody or turning away.

  76. cookiemonster

    cookiemonsterHace 16 días

    Nora 2.50 you selfish idiot merge in turn

  77. Ancestrall

    AncestrallHace 16 días

    1:35 « The other driver was trying to blame me until I told him it’s all in a dashcam » 😐 I would have let him blame me in front of the cops then at the last moment, say « I’ve got a dashcam » for maximum karma

  78. Toots

    TootsHace 16 días

    What amazes me is when other drivers see an accident and think it's fine to stop in the middle of the road. Dont worry, the semi going flat tack won't hit ya 🥴🥴

  79. Gary Sprandel

    Gary SprandelHace 16 días

    Brake check a semi on a motorcycle? Might as well wear a sign that says take me out of the gene pool please.

  80. Mr Dashpuppy

    Mr DashpuppyHace 17 días

    I would have just plowed the white SUV guy in the end ..

  81. Minuteman63

    Minuteman63Hace 17 días

    1:07 talk about a game of Frogger!

  82. Theodore Sell

    Theodore SellHace 17 días

    SWIFTY was right here (at 2:45). You're SUPPOSED to merge at the merge point; that's why its called a MERGE point. BTW - Zipper merging at the MERGE point also helps keep traffic flowing.

  83. PasteteDoeniel

    PasteteDoenielHace 16 días

    exactly. can't believe how few people seem to know this.

  84. security security

    security securityHace 17 días CHECKOUT MY PODCAST PLEASE!!!!

  85. Sleepy Goose

    Sleepy GooseHace 17 días

    No. Advertising in recommended videos shows you're methods suck.

  86. Linda NWFirefighter

    Linda NWFirefighterHace 17 días

    Of course it is a Swift!

  87. 70TruckGuy

    70TruckGuyHace 17 días

    1:17 - why is the cammer in the left lane? It does not appear as though the cammer is trying to pass the other semi in the right lane...

  88. Jake Dash cam London UK Dash cam London Jake UK

    Jake Dash cam London UK Dash cam London Jake UKHace 17 días

    Thanks For using my clit . you’re welcome any time you’ve got lots of good clips thank you 😊

  89. Sleepy Goose

    Sleepy GooseHace 17 días

    Just submit the clip without the fancy effects. Disco lights ruined the clip at 6:38. You can still use them on your channel.

  90. Ocean Lover

    Ocean LoverHace 17 días

    I wonder what the trucker did to trigger the Tahoe driver. He did something. He just edited the rearview camera part out

  91. Ocean Lover

    Ocean LoverHace 17 días

    I love when truckers block the passing lane. They constantly complain about how much more distance they need to stop. YET THEY SPEED EVERYWHERE AND BLOCK THE PASSING LANE.

  92. TruthHurts

    TruthHurtsHace 17 días

    Bikers are some of the biggest self entitled pieces of shit on the road.

  93. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-RayHace 17 días

    6:35 Madness!!!

  94. Allan Manley

    Allan ManleyHace 17 días

    Appears Swift only employs bad drivers. Almost every video has a Stupid Swift driver in it. I hope they have some good drivers (I am sure they do) who can be an example to the others.... If I see a Swift truck I will pull over for a coffee break till I am sure he has gone.

  95. DAVID-19

    DAVID-19Hace 17 días

    2:54 Looks to me that he did more than "try" to run you off the road.

  96. Paige Bronander

    Paige BronanderHace 17 días


  97. CuNi

    CuNiHace 17 días

    Just here to point out in the EU, Norahc would be in the fault. It's called "zipper process" where you alternate between cars from each lane at the, you guessed it, merge point. I feel like the US honestly should make this a law as well, it's just a better and more efficient process.

  98. Cecelia

    CeceliaHace 11 días

    Your supposed to do it, but literally nobody does because they kow litterally nothing about driving

  99. Killer Colby2

    Killer Colby2Hace 16 días

    It is a law technically the swift driver had right away

  100. Peter Greenwald

    Peter GreenwaldHace 17 días

    In MN they put up signs informing you to perform that zipper move occasionally. More people are figuring this out and I have seen the sign used less and less often. It really is the most efficient and safe method, but as James says below, expect the worst from some people. I still tend to merge early as it seems to be the least stressful. Plus I guess getting older and having good insurance rates means something to me as well.

  101. James Patrick

    James PatrickHace 17 días

    Unfortunately, fragile egos, hyper masculinity, and entitlement will keep a lot of Americans from using the much more efficient zipper merge. It’s sad, really.

  102. Vault 154

    Vault 154Hace 17 días

    Why can't Americans use a zipper merge properly?

  103. Vault 154

    Vault 154Hace 17 días

    @James Patrick I fully agree, we have the exact same thing here in the UK. "Merge in turn" seems to be lost on people's egos and self entitlement

  104. James Patrick

    James PatrickHace 17 días

    Entitlement and ignorance. It amazes me how many people lose their mind because some of us know the zipper merge is better, and they feel like people are “cutting” in line. Fragile egos contribute, also.

  105. Nick The Knike

    Nick The KnikeHace 17 días

    When a truck driver can’t see a truck...we are all screwed!

  106. June's Gemini

    June's GeminiHace 17 días

    Vulturubradu sounds like the dude on Despicable Me.

  107. justagirlsd 007

    justagirlsd 007Hace 17 días

    Watching these shitty drivers makes me scared to be sharing the road with them. Smh

  108. Kevin

    KevinHace 17 días

    Two years ago I was on my way to the casino and came up on a TT VS a Mazda 2 seat sport type car . Nobody showed up yet. They went under the trailer and it rolled over them. It shredded them. Parts of them were all over the axles . It almost didn’t look real for some reason. I guess the shock seeing something like that makes your brain respond funny.

  109. Tony Valdez

    Tony ValdezHace 17 días

    1:21 Sppeeedddd!!!:) 5:10 Oh yeah...Famous Polish Drivers. 7:40 Crash that car!!!!!! End:ME in ETS 2:)

  110. jennifer j

    jennifer jHace 17 días

    2:50 of course it's a Swift driver 😂😂

  111. Aiman

    AimanHace 17 días

    4:36 *"Wobble Wobble!"*

  112. Jay Stringer

    Jay StringerHace 17 días

    most of you truckers have my sympathy. if I ever see another car brake-checking a trucker I'll help

  113. Richard Samul

    Richard SamulHace 17 días

    3:15 “Drunk idiot” is redundant.